Pengguna HTC 10 Mula Menerima Kemaskini Android 8.0 Oreo – Amanz

Pengenalan kemaskini Android 8.0 Oreo oleh para pengeluar boleh dikatakan agak perlahan, dan masih terdapat pelbagai peranti yang masih belum menerimanya. Kebanyakkan pengeluar peranti Android generasi lama sering melupakan versi lama peranti mereka dalam penawaran sesuatu kemaskini – tetapi tidak untuk HTC.

HTC 10 sebelum ini telah dlancarkan pada 2016 yang lepas, dan kini selang dua tahun sejak dilancarkan, HTC hari ini telah mula menawarkan kemaskini Android 8.0 Oreo.

Bersama-sama kemaskini baru ini, ia menawarkan sedikit perubahan pada antaramuka, sokongan Picture-in-Picture, penambah-baikkan pada sistem, dan sejumlah ciri-ciri baru yang lain.

Bagi anda yang menggunakan HTC 10, anda boleh menyemak peranti anda untuk melihat sama ada ia boleh dinaik-taraf atau tidak. Kebiasaannya, ia akan ditawarkan secara berperingkat, dan mungkin akan mengambil masa beberapa hari sebelum semua menerimanya.

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Little Things Everyone is Guilty of Stealing

The 14 Most Insightful Things We’ve Read About Donald Trump in 2016

Sticky fingers KELSEY MCARDLE/RD.COM, shutterstockWhy is it that many of us can’t help nabbing extra Equal when we’re at Starbucks or grabbing a few extra pens at the bank? Turns out those acts of light thievery are mostly innocent—and maybe it’s just human nature to want to snag items that seem like they should be […]

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Dua bot bersama 20 nelayan Vietnam ditahan – Jenayah

KEMAMAN 26 Jan. – Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia (Maritim Malaysia) menahan dua buah bot bersama 20 nelayan asing di perairan negeri ini semalam yang disyaki menjalankan kegiatan membawa keluar hasil tangkapan ikan ke Vietnam.

Timbalan Pengarah Maritim Wilayah Timur (Operasi), Kapten Maritim V. Pannir Selvan A/L Veloo berkata, pihaknya merampas hasil tangkapan seberat 4,500 kilogram menjadikan nilai rampasan termasuk bot berjumlah hampir RM1.5 juta.

Penahanan itu turut mendedahkan kemungkinan penglibatan pengusaha bot tempatan yang berkomplot dengan nelayan asing dalam urusan menjual hasil tangkapan di tengah laut.

“Bot pertama ditahan pada kedudukan 62 batu nautika dari Kemaman kira-kira pukul 3.50 petang.

“Ketika ditahan, seramai 15 awak-awak warga Vietnam berumur antara 16 hingga 48 tahun gagal mengemukakan dokumen pengenalan diri dan permit menangkap ikan di perairan negara.

“Kira-kira 15 minit kemudian, kapal ronda memeriksa pula sebuah bot nelayan tempatan kira-kira 63 batu nautika dari Kemaman dengan kesemua awak-awak terdiri daripada warga Vietnam,” katanya, di sini hari ini.

Tambah beliau, pemeriksaan mendapati dua daripada lima awak-awak dan tekong tidak mempunyai dokumen pengenalan diri yang sah manakala lesen bot mencurigakan.

Ekoran itu katanya, bot bersama awak-awak dan tekong bot berkenaan yang berusia antara 21 hingga 36 tahun turut ditahan untuk siasatan lanjut.

Beliau berkata, pihaknya percaya pengusaha bot nelayan tempatan yang menggaji kru Vietnam itu bersubahat dengan nelayan Vietnam.

“Kita banyak menerima laporan kononnya banyak bot nelayan asing menceroboh perairan negara ini namun selepas melakukan pemeriksaan, didapati bot yang didakwa bot asing itu adalah bot tempatan dengan pekerja asing,” ujarnya.

Menurut beliau, sepanjang tahun lalu, Maritim Wilayah Timur menahan 70 bot nelayan asing dan 59 bot nelayan tempatan yang melakukan pelbagai kesalahan. – UTUSAN ONLINE

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Oppo A83 Kini Boleh Didapati Pada Harga RM899 – Amanz

Oppo A83 telah mula ditawarkan sejak awal minggu ini, dimana ketika pengenalan ia telah ditawarkan pada harga rasmi RM999. Kini, selang beberapa hari, Oppo Malaysia dilihat melakukan perubahan, dan kini menawarkan ia pada potongan RM100, iaitu RM899.

Oppo A83 RM899

Oppo A83 merupakan telefon pintar berspesifikasi pertengahan daripada Oppo, hadir dengan skrin 5.7-inci pada nisbah skrin 18:9, dilengkapi cip MediaTek P23, memori 3GB RAM, dan ruangan storan 32GB. Melengkapkan ia juga adalah kamera belakang 13-megapixel dan kamera hadapan 8-megapixel.

Telefon pintar ini hadir dengan fokus terhadap selfie, selain menyertakan ciri nyah-kunci menggunakan kamera hadapan.

Bagi anda yang berminat, mungkin boleh menyemak penawaran Oppo A83 ini, dan mendapatkan ia pada harga RM899.

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Dreamiest Valentine’s Day Adventures for Couples

Bathe under the stars in Botswana

Dreamiest-Valentines-Day-Adventures-for-CouplesCourtesy Sanctuary Baines Camp

On Abercrombie & Kent’s Tailor Made Botswana safari, couples can take advantage of the ultimate romantic experience: bathing under the stars. Intimate camp, Sanctuary Retreats Baines’ Camp, has only five luxury suites with private decks where the staff will create a candlelit bathtub for you to enjoy after an exciting day of game drives. Check out 50 hotel rooms with the dreamiest views.

Live like James Bond in Monaco

Dreamiest-Valentines-Day-Adventures-for-CouplesCourtesy Jérémy Jakubowicz/Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo

Is there anything sexier than pretending to be secret spies? Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo doesn’t think so, which is why they created the extravagant Golden Eye Experience. Reserved exclusively for guests staying in the hotel’s Suite Carré d’Or penthouse, lovebirds will get a private tour of the famed Monte-Carlo Casino, picked up in an Aston Martin (with Bond music playing) for a helicopter ride, and return to the hotel for an intimate lunch. And that’s just the daytime adventure. In the evening, you will depart again for a romantic driving tour of the French Riviera, followed by an in-room duo massage, vodka martini aperitif at the lobby bar, and an exclusive dinner on the outdoor terrace of your suite.

Participate in an ancient Peruvian ceremony

Dreamiest-Valentines-Day-Adventures-for-CouplesCourtesy Inkaterra

For those couples looking to connect on a deeper level, there’s no better place than the Sacred Valley in Peru. There you’ll find the Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba, a contemporary hotel with colonial inspiration, situated on 100 acres. Couples can take part in romantic activities like private dining and cooking classes, but also authentic Andean experiences, such as a Payment to the Earth ceremony. You will participate in an ancient ritual for giving thanks to the Andean gods, performed by a local shaman followed by a special Pachamanca dining experience, where this traditional Peruvian dish is cooked underneath the ground. Find out even more cooking school vacations foodies will love.

Sit in an igloo after skiing in Japan


Skiing is awesome. Igloos are awesome. Why not do both in one of the coolest locations: Japan? Hoshino Resorts’ KAI Alps hotel features a courtyard decorated with traditional snow domes known as “Kamakuras” in the winter. Here you can sip on some tea after hitting the nearby Hakua ski area. Then to warm up, take a dip in the hot springs surrounded by forest and filled with local Shinshu apples floating in the water. If you’re staying stateside, here are the best places to ski in the U.S.

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Trek through a private reserve in Chile

Dreamiest-Valentines-Day-Adventures-for-CouplesCourtesy The Singular Patagonia

The Singular Patagonia sits on nearly 30 acres of breathtaking land overlooking the Fjord of Last Hope. Here couples can feel like true pioneers as they explore private reserves accessible only to hotel guests. You can go for a hike in the mountains and kayak the fjords before retreating back the luxury hotel to be pampered in the spa. Oh, and your room has 18-foot floor-to-ceiling windows with stunning views. Don’t miss the world’s most outrageous luxury hotels and resorts.

Make wine in Argentina

Dreamiest-Valentines-Day-Adventures-for-CouplesCourtesy Casa de Uco

At Casa de Uco, you and your significant other can enjoy all things wine during their harvest season (February to May). During your three-night stay, you can experience a one-of-a-kind wine parcel tasting with the sommelier and chef, try a harvest vinotherapy treatment at Uco Spa, horseback ride through the vineyards, mountain bike in the Andes, and make your own wine blend, from the beginning stages of picking grapes and working alongside expert winemakers, to designing personal wine labels via the Wine Barrel Program. Brush up on all the wine terms you should know by now.

Explore the jungle canopy in Ecuador

Dreamiest-Valentines-Day-Adventures-for-CouplesCourtesy Mashpi Lodge

It can take hours to get to the 22-room Mashpi Lodge, but it’s worth it. Perched high in the cloud forest, guests will wake up each morning to a serenade of chirping cicadas, chattering monkeys, and chirruping birds. You will then venture out with expert local naturalist guides to explore the rainforest during the day and at night if you choose. For daring couples, the property’s unique tandem Sky Bike lets you explore the canopy, dangling in total safety from a 656-foot cable stretched between two points of the forest. These are the 20 secrets hotel clerks don’t want you to know.

Watch the Northern Lights in Alberta, Canada

Dreamiest-Valentines-Day-Adventures-for-CouplesCourtesy Alberta Canmore

The province is home to the world’s two largest dark sky preserves: Wood Buffalo and Jasper National Parks, making for some of the clearest viewing locations to see the Aurora Borealis. There you can head up the massive Jasper Gondola, dubbed “Sky Tram,” with an astronomy for a dining and stargazing. Or, plan a date with the Dark Sky Campfires for an evening of storytelling while you sip on a hot beverage and wait for the dancing lights to appear. After nature’s show is over, retire back to The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, situated in the heart of Jasper National Park. Check out these destinations that are even better in the winter.

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Become a beekeeper in California

Dreamiest-Valentines-Day-Adventures-for-CouplesCourtesy CarmelValleyRanch

Get a little buzzed this Valentine’s Day. No, not with wine, but with actual bees. Carmel Valley Ranch in Carmel-By-The-Sea, California, offers their Bee Experience where couples can don beekeepers’ suits, and step into the hives to partake in beekeeper duties. As a token of your bravery, you will walk away with honey directly from the hive and a travel-size lavender beeswax balm to take home. Another travel must-see: the most beautiful natural pools in the world.

Get helicoptered to a picnic in Aspen

Dreamiest-Valentines-Day-Adventures-for-CouplesCourtesy Hal Williams

Picnics are usually a low-key romantic date. Well, the St. Regis Aspen Resort kicked that idea up a notch by adding in a helicopter ride. They partnered with Aspen Heli Charter to create the Elevated Snow Picnic Package where couples get a privately chartered scenic helicopter ride to the remote base of Anthracite Mountain. There, the St. Regis Butler will set up a two-hour stay complete with waterproof blankets, heated accessories, snowshoes, and gourmet bites and drinks. If you want to make it even more special, a commissioned snow artist and drone pilot can create and capture the moment. Here are more vacations perfect for couples who love winter.

Sleep outside in the middle of a safari

Dreamiest-Valentines-Day-Adventures-for-CouplesCourtesy Abu Camp

If you really want to test your bravery as a couple, try sleeping outdoors surrounded by wild animals. At the Wilderness Safaris Abu Camp in Botswana, guests can spend a night in a Star Bed overlooking the camp’s resident elephant herd. You will be escorted to the large king-size bed perched on a raised platform and literally fall asleep under the stars and to the sound of the elephants snoring. Here are 14 more unusual hotels you’ll want to go out of your way to visit.

Go fishing for piranha in the Amazon River

Dreamiest-Valentines-Day-Adventures-for-CouplesCourtesy Delfin Amazon Cruises

A Delfin Amazon Cruise is unlike any cruise you’ve ever taken before. During your journey, you will sail through the Peruvian Amazon on the Delfin III vessel, making multiple stops for a rainforest safari. You will get to go kayaking, swim near pink river dolphins, look for sloths, venture into the forest at night, and, yes, go fishing for piranha. After your daily adventure, you will return to the boat to enjoy authentic Amazonian cuisine and floor-to-ceiling windows in your room. For your next adventure, take one of these little-known cruises that leave the Bahamas in the dust.

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Complete plane acrobatics in London

Dreamiest-Valentines-Day-Adventures-for-CouplesCourtesy BFA/Lanesborough Hotel

The Lanesborough hotel in London may be famous for their refined tea service, but they’re now offering an experience that’s more thrills and fewer crumpets. Available April through November, couples can spend the night at the hotel before taking a limo to the Goodwood Estate for lunch. Here you will get a thorough flight briefing before taking off in two Spitfires from the grass runway. The plane will loop and roll over the stunning Sussex coast at 300 mph, all while being recorded by a 360-degree video. Brush up on these etiquette rules about tipping before you go.

Go on an aphrodisiac journey in The Maldives

Dreamiest-Valentines-Day-Adventures-for-CouplesCourtesy Gili Lankanfushi

As if the Maldives weren’t romance-inducing enough, the eco-resort Gili Lankanfushi created an aphrodisiac culinary adventure. Couples sit by the beach at sunset where they are served Japanese canapés and sakes. As the last flickers of daylight start to fade, you will wander through the jungle-lined paths to the west side of the island, where a spread of French delicacies awaits, including fois gras and macarons with glasses of chilled champagne. Then you munch on cheeses and charcuterie in the property’s underground wine cellar before heading to the treetops for panoramic ocean views accompanied by fresh local fish and booze before ending the night with fruit sorbet and an aphrodisiac-infused cocktail. Get a look at gorgeous beaches with the clearest water in the world.

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Finalis AJL32 di Sogo esok – Hiburan

KUALA LUMPUR 26 Jan.- Sempena final Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-32 (AJL32) yang akan berlansung pada 11 Februari depan, satu sesi ramah mesra dengan finalis akan diadakan esok di Tapak Busking Sogo.

Antara finalis AJL 32 yang akan menyertai aktiviti busking itu adalah Azmi Caliph Buskers, Haqiem Rusli dan Hazama. 

Tentunya selain meluangkan masa dengan peminat, tiga penyanyi popular ini juga akan menghiburkan mereka dengan lagu popular masing-masing.

Antara lagu yang akan diperdengarkan secara lansung esok adalah Buta, Sejati, Roman Cinta, Aku Yang Sebenar, Di Amaran Mama, Jatuh Bangun dan Tergantung Sepi.

Sementara itu bagi mereka yang mahu menyaksikan acara kemuncak AJL32 secara lansung, mereka diminta untuk mengambil tiket pada Jumaat depan di Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil.

Bagi mengelakkan kesesakan dan kehabisan tiket, peminat diminta untuk berada di kaunter tiket seawal pukul 3 petang. – UTUSAN ONLINE

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Trump jadi bahan kutukan pemimpin dunia di WEF

KETIKA Forum Ekonomi Dunia (WEF) 2018 sedang berlansung di Davos, Switzerland, pemimpin dunia mengambil kesempatan menggunakan pentas global tersebut untuk membidas polisi ekonomi Presiden Amerika Syarikat Donald Trump.

Tanpa menyebut secara spesifik, mereka mendakwa polisi yang diperkenalkan Trump hanya mementingkan negaranya sendiri dan langkah itu tidak sesuai dalam era globalisasi ini.

Antara yang lantang membidas dasar perlindungan Trump itu ialah Canselor Jerman Angela Merkel yang jelas tidak bersetuju dengan dasar berkenaan.

Beliau percaya, pendekatan pelbagai hala perlu dilaksanakan bagi menyelesaikan masalah semasa dan akan datang.

Sementara itu, Perdana Menteri India Narendra Modi pula mendedahkan kebimbangannya terhadap polisi ekonomi Trump yang berkonsepkan ‘perlindungan perdagangan’ yang boleh memberi kesan negatif terhadap proses globalisasi.

Pandangan Modi itu turut dipersetujui Presiden Brazil, Michel Temer.

“Apabila kita mengasingkan diri kita, kita mengasingkan diri dari teknologi baharu, idea baharu, kemungkinan baharu termasuk penyelesaian efektif terhadap masalah yang dikongsi bersama,” jelasnya.

Namun demikian, Presiden Perancis Emmanuel Macron mencadangkan pendekatan yang lebih diplomatik digunakan pemimpin dunia untuk mencari penyelesaian terhadap masalah ini.

Macron yang merupakan individu yang berjaya meyakinkan Trump untuk hadir ke WEF itu, meminta pemimpin dunia lain untuk berusaha ke arah membina idea baharu yang berlandaskan kerjasama dan pelbagai hala.

Trump sebelum ini, mendakwa perdagangan pelbagai hala memberi ruang kepada negara lain untuk mengambil kesempatan terhadap Amerika Syarikat.

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Lazada Menawarkan iPhone X Set Rasmi Malaysia Pada Harga Lebih Rendah – Amanz

Apple pada tahun lepas telah melancarkan iPhone X secara rasminya untuk pasaran Malaysia, dimana ia hadir dengan harga jualan bermula RM5149. Menariknya, bagi anda yang berminat, boleh mendapatkan ia pada harga diskaun RM250 untuk model 64GB, sementara model 256GB ditawarkan pada harga diskaun mencapai RM400.

Apple iPhone X

Model iPhone X 64GB yang sepatutnya ditawarkan pada harga RM5149, kini melalui promosi masa terhad Lazada ini, ia ditawarkan pada harga RM4899, sementara model 256GB pada harga RM5899 pula kini ditawarkan pada harga RM5499.

Promosi ini ditawarkan untuk tempoh terhad – selain Lazada turut menyediakan berkas jualan yang turut menambah kerangka, dok, dan kabel tambahan pada harga lebih rendah berbanding harga jualan biasa.

Untuk makluman, Lazada merupakan pengedar rasmi Apple di Malaysia, dan menawarkan sejumlah produk menarik Apple melalui laman e-dagang mereka.

Bagi anda yang berminat, boleh menyemak tawaran tempoh terhad ini hari ini, dan mendapatkannya pada harga diskaun berbanding harga jualan biasa.

Beli : iPhone X 64GB untuk RM4899

Beli : iPhone X 256GB untuk RM5499

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Funny Cartoons Anyone on a Diet Will Appreciate

The first week is always the worst

Mary Nadler for Reader’s Digest

Just powering through those tough days can make any diet worth it.

Journaling about your progress

Dan Reynolds

Dear diary, I spent 15 minutes staring at the vending machine. I think I’ve hit a new low.

Cooking? What’s that?

learn to cookPS mueller for reader’s Digest

Many diets are strict about making your own meals and not ordering out, but this takes “you are what you eat” to an entirely new level.

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Betrayed by your favorite foods

learn-to-eat-betterFelipe Galindo-Feggo for Reader’s Digest

Suddenly, your go-to snacks become the enemy, and you start questioning every choice you’ve ever made.

When “hungry” becomes “hangry”

Mark Heath for Reader’s Digest

You can’t help but be a little—or a lot—sensitive when your tummy is rumbling 24/7.

Searching for the right recipes

Teresa Burns Parkhurst for Reader’s Digest

Usually, the special ingredients your diet is asking for aren’t so “special.”

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The halfway point in every diet

cloud 8Dave Carpenter for Reader’s Digest

You start to see a little bit of progress, but the fact remains: You still can’t eat cheesecake.

When your diet changes your priorities

Joe Dichiarro for Reader’s Digest

Whether those changes are good or bad is up for debate. Whatever you do, don’t give into these shocking diet traps even experts fall for.

When hunger messes with your brain

cat cartoonLeo Ouellette for Reader’s DIgest

Is that a stop sign? Or a giant red lollipop?

Late-night temptations

Dan Reynolds for Reader’s Digest

Remember when you could eat at all hours of the day? Some people get all the luck.

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The inevitable low point

Nick Downes for Reader’s Digest

If craving burgers and fries are wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Your personality changes

John Caldwell for Reader’s Digest

A strict diet can turn anyone into a crank, especially if you basically live off sweets.

Your diet plan < Literally anything else

Gregory Kogan for Reader’s Digest

Eating out while on a diet basically means drooling over everyone else’s food while sadly munching on lettuce.

Is science really on your side?

Harley Schwadron for Reader’s Digest

By the time you finish this diet, you’ll start seeing ads for a new diet “that ACTUALLY works!” Cue eye roll.

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When you FINALLY reach your goal

Gail Bertana for reader’s digest

Revel in your glory, girl!

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3 mahasiswa Perlis terpilih ikuti program pertukaran pelajar ke Jepun – Nasional

KANGAR 26 Jan. – Seramai tiga mahasiswa dari negeri ini bertuah kerana telah terpilih untuk mengikuti Program Pertukaran Pelajar dan Belia Jepun-Asia Timur (Jenesys) 2018 anjuran Pusat Kerjasama Antarabangsa Jepun (JICE).

Ketiga-tiga mereka yang merupakan ahli majlis perwakilan pelajar (MPP) di institusi pengajian tinggi (IPT) masing-masing itu terdiri daripada Noorulayuni Atiqah Yaacob, Nur Syafiqah Iman Khalil dan Nur Basirah Rasid.

Noorulayuni Atiqah yang berasal dari Arau kini berada di tahun tiga jurusan Bioteknologi Industri Universiti Malaysia Perlis (Unimap) manakala Nur Syafiqah Iman dari Kangar (tahun dua, jurusan Perakaunan Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Cawangan Perlis dan Nur Basirah dari Simpang Empat (tahun tiga jurusan Keusahawanan dan Pengurusan Perniagaan Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis-KUIPs).

Raja Perlis, Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail berkenan berangkat bercemar duli menerima kunjungan mengadap hormat oleh ketiga-tiga mereka di pejabat baginda di Wisma Bumita, di sini hari ini.

Berangkat sama Raja Muda Perlis, Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Jamalullail dan anakanda bongsu, Syed Sirajuddin Areeb Putra Jamalullail.

Turut hadir, Setiausaha Yayasan Tuanku Syed Putra (YTSP) Perlis, Datuk Johari Mohd. Darus dan Rektor KUIPs, Dr. Mohd Mizan Mohamad Aslam.

Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin dalam pertemuan itu bertitah menasihatkan agar para mahasiswa tersebut memanfaatkan sepenuhnya pengalaman dengan menghayati dan membawa balik amalan baik hidup masyarakat di negara matahari terbit berkenaan khususnya seperti menepati masa dan bekerja dengan pantas dan tepat.

Tuanku Syed Faizuddin yang juga merangkap Pengerusi YTSP Perlis pula bertitah meminta mereka membuat persiapan berkongsi pengalaman dalam program Titian Kasih yang bakal dianjurkan oleh pihak yayasan dengan kerjasama Jabatan Pendidikan negeri dan Majlis Agama Islam dan Adat Istiadat Melayu Perlis (MAIPs), bermula Mac nanti.

Menurut Johari, program pertukaran pelajar tersebut dianjurkan oleh kerajaan Jepun melalui pihak Kedutaan Besarnya di Kuala Lumpur.

“YTSP Perlis telah diberikan mandat dan kepercayaan pihak kedutaan bagi menyelaraskan pencalonan peserta dari negeri ini,” katanya.

Seramai 22 mahasiswa dari Malaysia termasuk tiga daripada negeri ini bakal menyertai program bermula daripada 29 Januari hingga 6 Februari ini, yang akan melibatkan pelbagai program termasuk tinggal bersama keluarga angkat tempatan, melawat muzium-muzium dan mengunjungi beberapa wilayah di luar Tokyo.

Objektif utama program itu adalah untuk mempromosikan budaya hidup masyarakat di negara berkenaan kepada rakyat negara-negara lain seperti di Asia Pasifik, Eropah dan Amerika Latin. – UTUSAN ONLINE

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