VLC Beta Untuk Android Kini Menguji Sokongan Chromecast – Amanz

VLC merupakan salah satu pemain media popular yang digunakan ramai pada desktop. Selain pada desktop, mereka juga turut mempunyai penawaran untuk peranti mudah-alih.

VLC Android

Terkini, melalui versi beta yang diuji oleh VLC untuk pengguna Android, mereka dilihat telah menambah ciri eksperimental baru, iaitu Chromecast.

Melaluinya, anda boleh menggunakan telefon pintar anda untuk strim sebarang video atau audio ke televisyen atau peranti dengan sokongan Chromecast.

Buat masa ini, ciri ini masih dilabelkan sebagai eksperimental, dan tidak diketahui lagi bilakah akan diperkenalkan secara rasminya pada versi stabil aplikasi berkenaan di Android.

Muat-Turun VLC untuk Android

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Simple Ways Therapists Treat Depression and Anxiety

Name your feelings

A smiley face woman making heart hand sign over her face with feeling loveFarknot Architect/Shutterstock

Science has identified exactly how many emotions you can feel—your job is simply to acknowledge them. “Since depression and anxiety can be the result of suppressing feelings over time, I make a point of naming, acknowledging, and accepting negative emotions as they arise,” says Tina Gilbertson, author of Constructive Wallowing: How to Beat Bad Feelings by Letting Yourself Have Them. The Colorado-based psychotherapist has noticed that many people do not give themselves permission to feel bad, even in private. Unfortunately, policing negative emotions can damage both mental and physical health over time. “When you don’t like how you feel about something, instead of trying to change your thoughts, give the feeling a name. For example, ‘I feel envious right now,’ or ‘I’m ashamed of how I handled that,’” Gilbertson says. “It keeps you from building up a backlog of unexpressed feelings, which can fuel depression.”

Light your way to lighter emotions

Kelsey Torgerson, MSW, LCSW, of Compassionate Counseling in St. Louis, often shares with her clients that she experiences seasonal depression. The child and adolescent therapist combats her winter blues with therapy lights. “During the winter, I regularly use a SAD lamp to help with my seasonal affective depression,” she says. “I find that sitting with it in the morning helps with anxiety as well, perhaps because stress and depression can get so linked.” These are the silent signs you could have seasonal depression.

Namaste yourself happy

Therapists know that yoga is more than a method for increasing flexibility; studies have proven that it can reduce depression and anxiety. Using this age-old practice to elevate mood is easy and powerful. “I practice yoga regularly. It helps me burn off my anxious energy, and lets my body and mind re-focus,” Dr. Torgerson explains. Try joining a yoga studio to get the added benefit of socializing with others, another depression buster.

Accept that you can’t fix everything

Couple talking to a marriage counselor during therapywavebreakmedia/Shutterstock

Your therapist’s job is to remain a neutral source of guidance and support. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t absorb the pain her clients express day in and day out. “Working as a crisis clinician evaluating suicidal and homicidal clients can bring a different perspective to everyday living,” says crisis clinician and life coach Angela Tennyson, MHP, CADC. She regularly sees people in their worst-ever state of mind. “The challenge for me is to know my boundaries and abilities, with the realization that not everything can be fixed,” she explains. “I firmly believe that in order to be an authentic clinician, I must practice what I preach with my own life recommendations to my clients.” Understanding what you can control, and what you are unable to control, can be very freeing. It also provides a pathway to self-forgiveness and understanding. These traits can go a long way toward eliminating depression and alleviating anxiety in the face of adversity.

Nurture yourself first, so you can better give to others

Another of Dr. Tennyson’s tips is to take care of yourself, body and mind, so that you are refreshed and strong enough to take care of those around you. This will help reduce the anxiety you might feel if you think are not “good enough” or the depression that could creep in if you feel overwhelmed or unable to care for those you love. “It is the best thing ever to give yourself and your talents (to others),” Dr. Tennyson says. “However, I have found that if I haven’t given to myself first, I will not have my best to provide.” Her suggestions for self-care include getting enough sleep, spending time with family and pets, having a good laugh, getting a massage, reconnecting with nature, and, of course, lazy pajama days. Another pro-tip: Know when to say no to others.

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Learn the lessons of the day before

We all make mistakes, but we often try to forget them out of embarrassment or shame. Dr. Tennyson suggests making an effort to learn from failures and near-misses and deriving insights for the future. “This helps us be the best we can be the following day,” she says. Moving forward from set-backs and embracing the ups and downs of each day can help manage your depression and anxiety. Make sure you avoid these everyday habits that raise your risk of depression.

Channel the power of meditation

Yoga group concept. Young couple meditating together, sitting back to back on windows background, copy spaceZephyrMedia/Shutterstock

Therapist Kareen Puranda, NCC, LPC, LCAS, calls meditation his depression repellant. “None of us are impervious to life stressors,” he says. His meditative practice consists of prayer, affirmations, and controlled breathing. “These actions help me to reset and bring things back into the perspective that works best for me. I can only control my thoughts and behaviors.” he explains. Meditation can heal your body as well as your mind.

Do those healthy things the doctor ordered

Vishal Anilkumar Gandhi, PhD, fights depression and anxiety with healthy habits geared towards keeping the mind occupied and refreshed and the body rejuvenated and nourished. “I exercise daily for 30 to 40 minutes, eat healthy food, avoid junk food, get enough sleep, and do relaxation exercises,” he says, adding that creative hobbies like writing and painting are also important. Medical professionals across multiple fields back up the claims that lifestyle habits, such as healthy eating and exercise, increase the body’s production of natural antidepressants, according to the pros at Healthline. Try eating these foods that are proven to calm anxiety.

Talk it out with a pro

As you might imagine, therapists think therapy works. Many see therapists themselves to process their feelings and experiences. Some types of therapy include counselling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and group therapy. If you think working with a therapist can benefit you, approach finding a therapist the same way you would any professional. Do your research, seek out recommendations, read reviews online, and treat your first session as you might a job interview, with you as the interviewer. You’re not required to hire the first therapist you meet with. Find one you think you can trust and feel comfortable with.

Go play

Young mother with her 6 years old little son dressed in pajamas are relaxing and playing in the bed at the weekend together, lazy morning, warm and cozy scene.Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

According to child psychiatrist and author Gayani DeSilva, MD, play is the best stress relief. “Adults can take a lesson from children, who use play to work out conflicts, relax, have fun, and reduce worries and stress,” explains Dr. DeSilva, author of A Psychiatrist’s Guide: Helping Parents Reach Their Depressed Tween. She suggests doing something silly to make yourself giggle. “Yodel, make funny faces, do the chicken dance. Act in ways that make you laugh at yourself. This releases endorphins and causes immediate relaxation.” Try getting a wind-up toy for your desk, and wind it up when that feeling of being stressed starts to develop. Getting active by running or playing a game of pick-up basketball can also reduce stress. If you have children, immerse yourself in their make-believe playtime or play with them at a local playground. Check out more simple ways to instantly boost your mood.

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Keep a journal

Journals don’t judge. They don’t interrupt you while you’re writing or make suggestions that aren’t in your best interest. Keeping a daily journal can help you understand your feelings in real time and reduce depression and anxiety, much of which is based on unresolved feelings and patterns of behavior. According to life coach and author Jackee Holder, daily journal writing can help you track behavioral patterns you might not realize you’re stuck in. It can also help you solve your problems and get in touch with your creative side. Boston-based psychotherapist Angela Ficken, LICSW, manages her own stress and anxiety by journaling.

Listen to music

Maybe you remember how you loved to belt out or cry to a favorite song when you were a kid. Your therapist remembers too. According to Psychology Today, music therapy has the power to lift depression and reduce anxiety. Turning on your favorite tunes is more than just a feel-good behavior. Research indicates that music can work directly on the autonomic nervous system, lifting mood and making us feel better. Turning on the tunes is one of Ficken’s favorite hacks for reducing on-the-job stress—she loves to switch on her favorite music or podcast when she needs to shift her focus or relax. Don’t miss these other science-backed ways to overcome depression naturally.

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Anak Malaysia, Chef Faizul ketuai dapur halal Olimpik Musim Sejuk 2018

Buat julung kalinya, anak Malaysia diberi penghormatan mengetuai penyediaan makanan halal sempena Sukan Olimpik Musim Sejuk 2018 yang akan berlangsung 9 hingga 25 Februari di PyongChang, Korea Selatan.


Sepanjang Olimpik Musim Sejuk PyeongChang 2018, Chef Faizul Hazly akan ditugaskan di stesen makanan Sukan Olimpik dan Paralimpik Musim Sejuk, dibantu oleh 15 chef tempatan.

Beliau akan terlibat dalam penyediaan makanan 24 jam, bermula daripada sarapan pagi, makanan tengah hari, makan malam hingga makan tengah malam melalui dapur berasingan khusus untuk penyediaan makanan halal.

Makanan halal yang akan disediakan termasuk sup lentil, kambing panggang, salmon panggang dan nasi beriani kukus.

Bagi Chef Faizul, 39, yang berpengalaman lebih 20 tahun dalam bidang masakan, ia adalah peluang keemasan paling bermakna dalam perkembangan kariernya, dengan membawa nama Malaysia ke persada antarabangsa.

Bapa tiga anak ini menganggap pemilihannya satu tanggungjawab yang perlu digalas sebaiknya dan dipandang serius, terutama melibatkan isu halal dalam pelbagai aspek penyediaan makanan.

“Sebagai warga Malaysia, saya bangga menjadi rakyat Malaysia pertama memasak untuk Sukan Olimpik Musim Sejuk.

“Sebagai seorang duta untuk jenama makanan Malaysia, saya melihat ini sebagai peluang untuk belajar mengenai cita rasa orang daripada latar belakang budaya berbeza terutama Korea.

“Dengan populariti makanan Korea yang semakin meningkat dalam kalangan masyarakat Malaysia, berserta dengan peningkatan populariti Korea sebagai destinasi pelancongan untuk umat Islam, saya berharap mendapat peluang memperjuangkan industri pengilangan makanan halal Korea apabila saya kembali ke Malaysia pada Mac 2018,” katanya.

Bagi memastikan bekalan makanan di dapur halal mencukupi, hampir 6,000 kilogram ayam, ternakan dan makanan laut disediakan daripada pembekal halal dari serata tempat.

Sementara itu, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Shinsegae Mamee, Vuitton Pang Hee Cheah melahirkan rasa bangga terhadap pencapaian Chef Mamee sebagai wakil Malaysia sempena Sukan Olimpik Musim Sejuk 2018.

“Ini kali pertama wakil Malaysia dalam Sukan Olimpik Musim Sejuk. Memang kita rasa bangga, ada wakil Malaysia dan Mamee di Olimpik,” ujarnya. – SINAR HARIAN

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Lelaki nekad bunuh jirannya yang asyik bertanya bila nak kahwin

GARUT: Seorang lelaki nekad membunuh seorang jirannya yang sedang hamil, gara-gara terlalu kerap ditanya tentang dirinya yang masih membujang, lapor portal berita Detik.com.

Pemuda berusia 28 tahun yang hanya dikenali dengan nama Nunur itu membunuh wanita bernama Iis Aisyah pada Jumaat (19 Januari 2018) lalu di Kampung Pasir Jonge, Desa Sukawangi, Singajaya, Garut di Jawa Barat.

Pesuruhjaya Polis Garut, Budi Satria Wiguna berkata, sewaktu kejadian, Nunur sedang duduk termenung di depan rumahnya. lis yang melintas di depannya terus menasihatkan Nunur supaya cepat berkahwin.

“Suspek menyatakan bahawa wanita itu berkata ‘cepatlah kahwin, yang lain semua sudah menikah, kenapa kau tak kahwin-kahwin?’. Ternyata kata-kata itu menyinggung emosi suspek,” kata Budi Satria seperti yang dipetik dalam media tempatan.

Lantaran rasa dirinya terhina, Nunur datang ke rumah mangsa. Nunur lantas dipelawa masuk ke ruang tamu kerana mangsa tidak menyangka sebarang ancaman daripadanya.

Menurut polis, sewaktu mangsa hendak menuju ke salah satu bilik di rumah itu, Nunur mengekori dari belakang lalu menolaknya ke atas katil.

Walaupun cuba melawan dengan menggigit jari suspek, itu tidak berupaya melawan tenaga dan kemarahan suspek. Di situ, mangsa telah dicekik hingga mati.

“Suspek sempat mencuri wang mangsa berjumlah 800,000 Rupiah (RM230) dan sebuah telefon bimbit,” ujar Budi Satria.

Suspek seterusnya melarikan diri ke Kalideres, Jakarta namun pihak berkuasa berjaya mengesannya lalu ditangkap.

Polis turut menyita beberapa barang bukti lain seperti motosikal, bantal, selipar, baju kemeja dan kain.

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Panasonic Melancarkan Toughpad FZ-G1 ATEX Yang Melepasi Piawaian Ketenteraan – Amanz

Majoriti peranti di pasaran direka untuk kegunaan biasa harian. Jika anda mahu memastikan ia tidak mengalami kerosakan, penggunaan kerangka tahan lasak amat digalakkan. Tetapi kami sedari kerangka tahan lasak sukar ditemui untuk tablet bersaiz besar. Bagi mereka yang bekerja di dalam industri pembinaan misalnya, penggunaan peranti yang direka khusus untuk kegunaan lasak amat diperlukan.

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 ATEX ialah tablet Windows 10 Pro yang melepasi piawaian ketenteraan MIL-STD 810 dan kalis air IP65. Ini adalah model yang mensasarkan pekerja di sektor kimia, petroleum dan gas asli. Tablet dengan skrin 10.1″ ini dijana menggunakan pemproses Intel Core i5-6300u vPro yang sudah agak berusia. Keempat-empat bucu tablet ini mempunyai pad penyerap hentakan. Ia akan dijual bermula Februari pada harga €3,028 (~RM 14,700) sebuah.

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What Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s Handwriting Reveals About Their Personalities

The 14 Most Insightful Things We’ve Read About Donald Trump in 2016

Tim Rooke/REX/ShutterstockMeghan Markle and Kate Middleton may share a mutual attraction to British princes, but their similarities pretty much stop there. In fact, experts believe these two royal women have very different personalities, as you can see in the subtle difference between all of their photos. According to handwriting expert Jamie Mason Cohen, Meghan and Kate […]

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Penjenayah ‘Macau Scam’ Mati Terjun Pangsapuri Elak Ditangkap Di Sri Petaling

Seorang penjenayah dikehendaki bertindak nekad terjun dari tingkat tiga pangsapuri didiami di Sri Petaling di sini, selepas menyedari cuba diberkas polis.

Dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 8 pagi semalam, suspek lelaki berusia 34 tahun terbabit bagaimanapun meninggal dunia di lokasi kejadian akibat cedera parah.

 Difahamkan lelaki itu diburu polis Perak selepas dipercayai terbabit dengan sindiket penipuan panggilan atau Macau Scam.

“Ketika kejadian, beberapa anggota polis membuat serbuan di rumah lelaki itu yang terletak di tingkat tiga bangunan pangsapuri berkenaan.

“Mereka mengetuk pintu rumah lelaki terbabit namun tiada jawapan,” katanya.

Sumber berkata, beberapa minit kemudian ada jiran berhampiran memaklumkan seorang lelaki terjatuh di tingkat bawah bangunan pangsapuri itu.

“Pemeriksaan lanjut mendapati individu terbabit adalah lelaki yang dicari pihak polis terbabit.

“Siasatan awal mendapati lelaki itu cuba melarikan diri dengan terjun dari tingkat tiga kediaman. Namun tindakan itu mengundang padah apabila dia disahkan maut di lokasi kejadian akibat cedera parah,” katanya.

Menurutnya, mayat mangsa dihantar ke Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) untuk bedah siasat.

Sementara itu, Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Kuala Lumpur Senior Asisten Komisioner Rusdi Mohd Isa mengesahkan pihaknya menerima laporan berhubung kejadian itu. – HARIAN METRO

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Arab Saudi rampas aset AS100 bilion dalam siasatan kes rasuah

RIYADH: Kerajaan Arab Saudi akan merampas harta bernilai lebih daripada AS$100 bilion daripada golongan putera-putra raja, usahawan dan pegawai rasmi negara yang ditahan dalam kes pembanterasan rasuah, ujar Peguam Negara Sheikh Saud Al-Mujib pada Selasa.

Pengumuman itu disifatkan sebagai kemenangan politik bagi Putera Mahkota Mohammed Salman yang melancarkan kempen membanteras tersebut pada November lalu.

Berpuluh-puluh pegawai tertinggi kerajaan dan usahawan telah ditahan dalam operasi berkenaan, dengan ramai antara mereka ditahan dan disiasat di Hotel Ritz-Carlton.

Lebih daripada 100 yang lain dipercayai sudah dibebaskan.

Putera Alwaleed Talal, iaitu bilionair yang memiliki syarikat pelaburan global Kingdom Holding, dan Waleed al-Ibrahim, yang mengawal syarikat penyiaran MBC, telah dibebaskan minggu lalu.

“Penyelesaian kewangan itu dianggarkan mencecah lebih daripada 400 bilion Riyals yang diperoleh dalam pelbagai bentuk aset termasuk hartanah, entiti komersial, jaminan keselamatan, wang tunai dan aset-aset lain,” ujar Sheikh Saud dalam satu kenyataan.

Jumlah besar itu, jika berjaya didapatkan, akan menjadi suntikan kewangan untuk kerajaan, yang kini terjejas akibat kejatuhan harga minyak.

Defisit negara itu pada tahun ini dijangka sekitar 195 bilion Riyal.

Secara keseluruhan, 381 orang telah disapina dalam siasatan kes rasuah itu, dengan sebahagian telah memberi keterangan dan menyerahkan bukti. Sementara itu, 56 orang telah mencapai penyelesaian dan masih dalam tahanan.

Kerajaan Arab Saudi secara amnya tidak mendedahkan butiran dakwaan ke atas para tahanan dan urusan penyelesaian mereka.

Hal itu mengaburkan lagi tentang nilai rasuah sebenar yang disiasat dalam kes tersebut.

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Spotify Melancarkan Aplikasi Stations Hanya Untuk Menstrim Playlist – Amanz

Kerap kali di waktu pagi ketika memandu ke pejabat kami akan mendengar muzik menggunakan Spotify. Kerana malas berfikir, kami juga kerap menggunakan fungsi Playlist untuk mendengar senarai lagu berdasarkan genre tertentu. Bagi mereka yang gemar menggunakan fungsi playlist, Spotify telah melancarkan aplikasi Stations.

Aplikasi percuma ini hanya memaparkan senarai lagu. Muzik yang didengari tidak boleh ditukar ketika mendengar walaupun anda pelanggan Spotify Premium. Pengguna hanya dibenarkan untuk menyukai lagu dan senarai lagu yang didengari bagi menghasilkan senarai muzik peribadi. Buat masa ini Stations hanya boleh dimuat turun pengguna Android di Australia. Tidak diketahui sama ada ia akan dilancarkan di pasaran lain atau untuk iOS buat masa ini.

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Guttate Psoriasis: What Dermatologist Wish You Knew

Guttate psoriasis is a common skin condition

guttate psoriasisCourtesy American Academy of Dermatology

This type of psoriasis shows up on the torso and limbs and appears as small red spots that look like water drops on the skin. About 10 percent of the people who develop psoriasis develop guttate psoriasis.

It often comes hand in hand with other illnesses

“Guttate psoriasis can commonly be linked to upper respiratory infections (URI), particularly streptococcal (strep) infections,” says Mohiba Tareen, MD, a dermatologist at Tareen Dermatology. “Sixty-six percent of those with an acute guttate psoriasis flare had a clear history of a recent severe URI. The science shows that strep infections can activate immune cells called T lymphocytes that then ‘turn on’ psoriasis in genetically predisposed individuals.” Generally, the rash appears a few weeks after the illness that caused it subsides.

Stress—or simple skin injuries—can also cause a flare-up

“Stress, injury to the skin, sunburn, and rarely, medications may precipitate an attack of guttate psoriasis on susceptible individuals,” says Melanie Palm, MD, MBA, board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon from Art of Skin MD, in San Diego. For quick relief, try these all-natural psoriasis remedies you can make at home.

It can become a chronic issue

“For many cases of guttate psoriasis related to an infection, especially strep, it is likely to clear once the strep has been effectively treated,” says Dr. Palm. “Oftentimes, the guttate psoriasis does not return.” People under 30 years old are most likely to develop guttate psoriasis, according to the Mayo Clinic. However, your age may be a factor in whether it is cured or becomes a chronic condition. Dr. Tareen explains that children with guttate psoriasis may be in remission over a matter of months or even weeks. Unfortunately, the prognosis isn’t as promising for adults. The condition could become chronic or flare up with subsequent strep or viral infections.

It can turn into plaque psoriasis

Some people with guttate psoriasis have a hard time staying in remission, and it can develop into plaque psoriasis. A 2010 study found that people who were older when they developed guttate psoriasis—and those with a family history of plaque psoriasis—were more likely to develop plaque psoriasis.

Medications can help

Medicine pills or capsules in hand, palm or fingers. Drug prescription for treatment medication. Pharmaceutical medicament, cure in container for health. Antibiotic, painkiller closeup.funnyangel/Shutterstock

“Treatment of guttate psoriasis may include topical steroids, calcipotriene, or calcineurin inhibitors,” says Dr. Palm. “In severe cases, light therapy, or systemic medications may be required.”

Lifestyle changes can help reduce recurrence

“Lingering infections, stress, physical injury—a phenomenon called Koebner reaction—alcohol use, and excessive weight may worsen psoriasis,” Dr. Palm says. Improving your overall health can help reduce the risk of a flareup. Take precautions by avoiding these foods that could make your psoriasis worse.

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