Sebak terima kasih Ya Allah – Elfira Loy

PELAKON Elfira Loy meluahkan rasa gembira kerana berpeluang menjejakkan kaki ke Tanah Suci Mekah untuk menunaikan ibadah umrah.
Elfira menerusi akaun Instagram (IG) peribadinya memberitahu dia berasa begitu sebak selepas menyelesaikan umrah pertamanya.
“Sebak kerana terlalu gembira jarang-jarang ada rasa dihati . Terima kasih Ya Allah kerana menjemputku di sini. I feel more content , Alhamdulillah.
“Done my first Umrah pada khamis malam Jumaat atas izin-Nya. Its Miracle that I am able to do my umrah yesterday because i was not in ‘keadaan suci’.
“Berkat doa, zikir sepanjang jalan & usaha , Allah Maha Besar , dapat jugak umrah pertama diselesaikan. Sebak, terlalu sebak #diaryumrahEL,”

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How Berries at Breakfast Could Help You Lose Weight

Reduce Stomach Bloating: 9 Daily Habits That Flatten Your Belly

asife/Shutterstock If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then you better get it right. Picking a healthy, filling breakfast can set your day up for a chain of good food choices. Best of all, there’s a way to lose weight by adding to your morning meal instead of cutting foods out. Berries […]

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Cops: Drugs found in sachets of ‘durian white coffee’

durian white coffee

MO,2/2/3018, GEORGE TOWN: A substance believed to be drugs has been found in the sachets of “durian white coffee” which were consumed by two Nepalese security guards. George Town OCPD Asst Comm Anuar Omar said samples of the instant coffee mixture were sent to the state food safety and quality lab for tests after a medical officer lodged a police report following the incident.

“The samples were also sent to the Chemistry Department for analysis,” he said in a statement on Friday (Feb 2). ACP Anuar said an officer later confirmed that a substance, believed to be drugs was found in the sachets. The exact type of drug, however, has yet to be identified.

It was reported that Penang Health director Dr Wan Mansor Hamzah said five patients received treatment at Penang Hospital between Jan 27 and 30 after consuming the said beverage. The victims were admitted with severe fatigue after they allegedly drank the “durian white coffee” beverage.


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