MO,5/2/2018, GUA MUSANG: A total of 61 flood evacuees, currently seeking shelter at Etnobotani National Service Training Camp, will be moved to new permanent houses (RKB) by next month. The victims, from eight families, have been residing at the camp since 2014.

Galas Assemblyman Ab Aziz Yusof said they will be placed at the homes built by Kelantan Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council (MAIK). He said 39 units of the permanent houses in Kampung Tanah Puteh were in the final stage of completion.

Aziz added that 31 families, who were sheltering at their relatives’ homes, will also be placed at the RKB houses. “Various parties, including MAIK, were asked to expedite the transition.” he told reporters when met at the construction of the Kampung Tanah Puteh RKB, today.


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