Telefon Pintar Dengan Skrin Berasaskan “Berlian” Dijangka Hadir Pada 2019 – Amanz

Pada hari ini, salah satu perkara yang kurang digemari ramai adalah skrin kaca yang mudah retak atau calar apabila terjatuh dan sebagainya. Ia sedia dikukuhkan dengan kombinasi teknologi seperti Gorilla Glass dan sebagainya – tetapi masih tidak memadai.

Kini, Akhan Semiconductor, salah satu syarikat yang terkenal dalam pembangunan dan pengeluaran berasaskan nanokristal menyasarkan untuk hadir dengan skrin berasaskan berlian-makmal seawal 2019 kelak.

Dengan penggunaan skrin berasaskan berlian ini, ia sekaligus menawarkan ketahanan yang lebih baik berbanding penggunaan kaca biasa. Pembangunnya sedang cuba mengatasi beberapa masalah buat masa ini, termasuk kadar pantulan dan sebagainya ketika menggunakan.

Buat masa ini, ia masih pada peringkat ujian dengan salah satu pengeluar telefon pintar. Akhan tidak mengeluarkan nama pengeluar berkenaan – dan mungkin ia akan terjawab sepenuhnya pada tahun hadapan.

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Customs suspends licenses of 31 forwarders

Customs Subromaniam

MO,5/2/2018, KUCHING: The Customs Department has suspended the licences of 31 forwarding agents for committing various offences, including falsifying documents. Customs director-general Datuk Seri Subromaniam Tholasy said the errant agents were found to have submitted false declaration of goods, presented false Customs official receipts and been involved in smuggling and fly-by-night activities.

“Their licences will be suspended for six months effective from today (Feb 5). “This is part of our new policy on agents, through which we will take tough action on those who fail to comply with regulations,” he told a press conference ahead of the 83rd Malaysia Customs directors meeting here on Monday (Feb 5).

Subromaniam said forwarding agents must carry out due diligence and know who their customers are. “They must also take responsibility for Customs declarations and know what goods are being declared. “This is a pre-emptive step to ensure that our ports are safe and no one makes use of agents to bring in prohibited items,” he added.


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Here’s How to Get a Southwest Companion Pass

Can you imagine the fun—and the savings—if you could always bring one person with you for free on every single flight you take? While several airlines offer one-time companion passes that grant a free flight to the accompanying person of your choosing, there’s one airline who offers a companion pass that’s good for up to two years: Southwest.

What is the Southwest Companion Pass?

Ever heard the term BOGO (Buy One Get One)? “Normally, it means I’m getting an extra jar of spaghetti sauce,” says Scott Lieberman, managing editor of Million Mile Secrets, a website that helps readers save on travel using miles and points. “But incredibly, BOGO also applies to Southwest Airlines.”

With the Southwest Companion Pass, whenever you buy a flight, either with points or cash, your companion gets one free (aside from the mandatory government security fee of $5.60 per person per way). “The Southwest Companion Pass is simply the best deal in travel,” Lieberman says, noting the pass is good from the time you earn it until the end of the following year.

Yep, earn it. The catch is that this pass can’t be bought. To get a coveted Southwest Companion Pass, you’ll need to either fly 100 one-way flights or earn 110,000 qualifying Southwest points, which may be collected in a variety of ways.

But there is a shortcut

The simplest method to earning all those points, Lieberman says, is to sign up for two Southwest credit cards when they have bonus offers of 50,000–60,000 Southwest points after spending at least $2,000–$3,000 within three months. “By signing up for just two cards and meeting the minimum spend with your everyday expenses, you can automatically qualify for a companion pass,” Lieberman says. “Plus, you’ll have 110,000 points that you can use to book free travel for yourself and also bring your companion free.” (Don’t miss these other tips for using credit card rewards to save on your vacation.)

Other ways to earn the points needed for the pass include additional spending on the Southwest cards, online shopping in Southwest’s shopping portal, eating at participating restaurants through their dining program, booking hotels at, or even tying your utility bill to your Southwest loyalty account.

“The real magic of the companion pass comes when you fly often,” says Lieberman. “If you want to fly to Europe, Asia, or somewhere Southwest doesn’t fly, other miles might be more valuable to you. But absolutely nothing beats the Southwest Companion Pass for zipping around the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean with a friend or loved one.”

Even if you don’t fly Southwest, there are still ways to save money on your getaways. Check out these secrets to traveling cheap, according to travel agents.

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