Tiada lagi masalah kurang zat dan wabak campak di Papua

JAKARTA: Indonesia mengisytiharkan wabak campak dan masalah kekurangan zat yang melanda di Wilayah Papua telah berakhir.

Menurut pegawai tempatan, kira-kira 72 kanak-kanak dan ratusan orang awam yang maut akibat menghidap wabak ‘luar biasa’ itu di daerah Asmat antara September 2017 sehingga 4 Februari.

“Akhirnya masalah wabak luar biasa sudah berakhir,” kata Ketua Daerah Asmat, Elisa Kambu pada Isnin.

Presiden Indonesia, Joko Widodo menghantar pasukan tentera dan perubatan bagi kempen imunisasi dan merawat pesakit wabak di daerah itu.

Berdasarkan laporan AFP, tiada kes baharu dikenal pasti di wilayah terpencil itu berikutan penempatan pasukan tentera dan perubatan di perkampungan itu bulan lepas.

Sejak beberapa dekad, Asmat menjadi tempat pemberontakan terhadap kerajaan Indonesia dan masih merupakan kawasan paling miskin di kepulauan Asia Tenggara.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Edisi Khas Dengan 8GB RAM, 128GB Storan Kini Di Malaysia – Berharga RM2699 – Amanz

Xiaomi Malaysia hari ini turut telah mula menawarkan telefon pintar nirbingkai edisi khas mereka, iaitu Mi Mix 2 SE. Ia menawarkan spesifikasi yang lebih kurang sama seperti versi asal, tetapi hadir dengan pilihan warna putih, memori 8GB RAM, dan storan 128GB.

Mi Mix 2

Spesifikasi lain seperti penggunaan skrin 5.99-inci, cip Snapdragon 835, dan bateri berkapasiti 3400mAh. Untuk rakaman gambar, ia menggunakan kamera belakang 12-megapixel, dan kamera hadapan 5-megapixel.

Mi Mix 2 SE (Edisi Khas) ini ditawarkan di Malaysia pada harga RM2699.

Beli : Mi Mix 2 Special Edition

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Tiket bas, tren KTMB Tahun Baharu Cina habis dijual

12tbs2.transformedMO, 7/2/2018, KUALA LUMPUR – Tiket bas dan kereta api untuk perjalanan ke destinasi utara dan pantai timur menjelang sambutan Tahun Baharu Cina sudah habis dijual.

Tinjauan Bernama di Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) mendapati tiket bas perjalanan dari Lembah Klang ke Kota Bahru dan Kuala Terengganu bermula 13 Feb hingga 15 Feb serta 18 Feb hingga 21 Feb untuk perjalanan kembali ke Lembah Klang, sudah habis dijual.

Kira-kira 60 peratus tiket bas bagi perjalanan ke utara dan pantai timur pada 16 dan 17 Feb pula sudah dijual.

Menurut petugas kaunter jualan tiket bas TBS, tiket bas yang sudah mula dijual pada dua bulan lalu telah habis dijual sejak sebulan yang lepas.

“Kebanyakan warga kota mula menempah secara online sejak bulan November lagi, itulah sebabnya tiket cepat habis dijual,” katanya kepada Bernama.

Bagi penumpang yang mahu mendapatkan tiket perjalanan ke selatan seperti Melaka dan Johor untuk Tahun Baharu Cina, dinasihatkan untuk membeli seawal mungkin bagi mengelakkan kehabisan tiket.

Sementara itu, tinjauan Bernama ke Stesen Sentral Kuala Lumpur turut mendapati tiket perjalanan tren dari Lembah Klang ke utara bermula 13 Feb hingga 15 Feb sudah habis dijual.

Pengurus Kanan Pemasaran KTMB Antara Bandar, Mohd Noordin Kimi berkata warga kota sudah mula menempah tiket sama ada menerusi online atau kaunter sejak tiga bulan lalu dan telah habis dijual pada awal Januari.

“Bagaimanapun, tiket perjalanan ke selatan dan Singapura masih ada dan warga kota dinasihatkan untuk membeli awal sebelum habis dijual,” katanya.

Mahasiswa Institut Pengajian Swasta Zack Ong, 20, berkata beliau memilih pulang ke kampung halamannya di Johor Bahru seminggu lebih awal bagi mengelakkan tiket habis dijual ketika saat akhir.

“Pada hari biasa tiada masalah untuk saya membeli pada saat akhir namun bagi Tahun Baharu Cina, saya akan pulang lebih awal kerana mahu mengelakkan kesesakan dan tiket habis dijual,” katanya.

Suri rumah Peggy Leong, 53, berkata beliau menempah tiket tren sebulan lebih awal pulang ke Ipoh, Perak kerana khuatir tiket habis dijual pada saat-saat akhir.

“Tahun lepas saya sudah terlepas untuk membeli tiket Tahun Baharu Cina dan terpaksa menumpang kereta rakan untuk pulang ke kampung halaman.

“Jadi pada tahun ini saya mengambil langkah lebih awal untuk membeli tiket pergi balik secara online bagi mengelakkan daripada beratur panjang di kaunter,” katanya.


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Things You Didn’t Know About the Common Cold

The term “common cold” is a bit of a misnomer

Young man wearing jacket suffering from cold and holding handkerchief on noseAlenD/Shutterstock

Common implies that there’s a single ordinary pathogen to blame for your runny nose, coughing, and mild fatigue. Actually, there’s a huge array of viruses—­more than 200 of them—that induce colds, each with its own means of evading your body’s defenses. For this reason alone, it’s unlikely that a catchall “cure for the common cold” will ever be found. These are crazy cold symptoms you probably never knew about.

The chilly part is complicated

Sick businesswoman with winter chills and a fever sitting shivering in the office wrapped in a thick woolly winter scarfstockfour/Shutterstock

As for the “cold” part, well, 
it’s complicated. Scientists 
don’t know for sure whether low temperatures ­affect a virus’s pathogenicity, but they do believe that colds are more prevalent in winter in part because we tend to spend more time indoors, in close quarters with infected people and surfaces.

It dries out protective barriers

Young sad woman with cup of coffee or tea. Stress, depression, illness concept.Juta/Shutterstock

On top of this, sucking up dry winter air dries out the protective mucus that lines your nasal cavities. When that happens, your body can’t do its job of catching potentially dangerous microbes before they reach your respiratory system. “The body fights back by secreting more mucus to mechanically flush out the virus,” says ­Evangeline Lausier, MD, an adjunct assistant professor at Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, North Carolina. So don’t blame your runny nose on the cold: That’s your own body telling you it’s fighting back! (You can help your mucus win this fight by drinking lots of fluids.)

Try these tricks to make a cold less miserable.

We get colds more often than 
we might realize

Sick boy with thermometer laying in bed and mother hand taking temperature. Mother checking temperature of her sick son who has thermometer in his mouth. Sick child with fever and illness in bed.Rido/Shutterstock

Adults suffer an average of two to three each year, and some children get eight or more. They’re costly too. In the United States, a 2012 survey found that colds decreased productivity by a mean of 26 percent. Another survey estimated the total cost of lost productivity to be almost $25 billion each year.

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The best cold medicine is free: rest

woman happy on bed smiling and stretching looking at cameraDavid Prado Perucha/Shutterstock

When you get sick, your body doesn’t want to do anything other than tackle the virus. 
If you do ignore the symptoms and go about your normal routine, the cold can have an even more negative impact on your health—and your brain. In a study of nearly 200 people published in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, researchers found that those with colds reported poor alertness, a negative mood, and psycho­motor slowing—their thought processes were muddied, and their reaction times were slower than those of healthy folks. (This is how long a cold lasts.)

Try not to rest while lying 
flat on your back

Top view of handsome young man sleeping with his hand tucked under headbaranq/Shutterstock

That can make things worse because gravity may cause the congestion in your nasal passages to drip down your throat, making it sore and causing a cough. Coughing while lying flat isn’t very comfortable, and it can keep you awake. Instead, prop yourself upright with pillows to “reduce the cough receptor irritation in the back of the throat,” Dr. Lausier says. This can also help move that mucus along and make it easier for you to breathe.

Another cost-free way to get 
better quicker?

Blonde hair woman give pill to mouth of black hair woman. Lovely woman take care her ill friend in the bedroom. Friendship,love and care concept.smile photo/Shutterstock

Find a caring friend or relative to nurse you. A 2009 study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison showed that patients who rated their doctors with a perfect score on an empathy questionnaire were sick one day less than patients with less sensitive doctors. Patients with the most empathetic doctors also showed double the levels of IL‑8, a protein molecule the body releases to fight colds.

Do a bit of light exercise

Image of african woman stretching hands before training yoga and looking aside at homeDean Drobot/Shutterstock

Although your body needs rest, Dr. Lausier says an excellent way to boost your immune system is with a bit of light exercise. It’s not a surprise that regular exercise helps you fight back against germs. One study from the University of Washington 
in Seattle showed that overweight or obese post­menopausal women who exercised got fewer colds than those who didn’t. A 2014 review showed that regular moderate-­intensity 
exercise may help prevent a cold, 
but more research is needed. One explanation, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, may 
be that exercise helps flush germs out of the lungs and airways. (If you’re lonely, having the common cold can feel even worse.)

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Soup helps

Cheese soup with mushrooms, chicken, potatoes and carrots.Chudovska/Shutterstock

Chicken soup might really work­—though your mom’s special recipe isn’t the reason. In fact, most any clear soup helps because the warm liquid may ease congestion and increase mucus flow. “I think chicken soup is great for hydration—hot liquids, salt, and electrolytes,” Dr. Lausier says.

Don’t rely on vitamin C

Fresh orange juice in glass on wooden background.Bon Appetit/Shutterstock

a 2013 review of 29 separate ­trials, regular vitamin C supplements failed to reduce cold incidences across the board. Huge doses to ease symptoms had small effects in some but not all studies.

Try zinc

White pills on the white background.Gita Kulinitch Studio/Shutterstock

Zinc, on the other hand, may reduce symptoms. According 
to a post by Brent A. Bauer, MD, on mayoclinic.org, recent studies have shown that zinc lozenges or syrup can reduce the length of a cold by one day, especially if taken within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms. “Zinc is necessary for the immune system to perform, so yes, you can definitely up the dose during the 
onset of a cold,” says Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS. Of course, you should check with your doctor first to make sure it won’t interfere with any of your medications.

Wash your hands a lot

Woman is washing hands in bathroomSummer Photographer/Shutterstock

The cold virus can survive up to 24 hours or longer outside the human body, so give your hands a good scrubbing after touching that doorknob or kitchen faucet at work. In fact, a small 2011 study showed that people infected with rhinovirus, the most common cause of colds, contaminated 41 percent of the surfaces in their homes—including doorknobs, TV remotes, and faucets. An hour after touching those infected surfaces, the fingertips of nearly 25 percent of people still tested positive for a cold virus. Just make sure you’re not washing your hands wrong.

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Gargle, gargle, gargle

A portrait of an Asian young woman gargle on her mouth after tooth brushingOdua Images/Shutterstock

Grandma was right: Gargling can help, maybe even as a 
preventative. In a single study from Japan, some volunteers were asked to regularly gargle with water while others were not. After 60 days, the gargling group had a nearly 40 percent decrease in colds compared with the control group. To soothe 
a sore throat, the Mayo Clinic 
advises gargling with one quarter to one half of a teaspoon of salt mixed 
with eight ounces of warm water. (The salt will draw out excess fluids from your body.) These are silent signs that stress is making you sick.

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Empat maut dua masih hilang dalam kejadian tanah runtuh di Bogor

JAKARTA: Banjir yang melanda Jakarta sejak Isnin lalu menyaksikan sekurang-kurangnya empat orang terbunuh dalam kejadian tanah runtuh.

Kesemua mangsa ditemui dalam timbunan runtuhan di Kampung Warung Menteng dalam daerah Bogor.

Usaha mencari dan menyelamat yang digerakkan sejak Selasa berjaya membawa keluar dua mayat wanita, masing-masing berumur 24 dan 34 tahun, satu mayat remaja berumur 17 tahun, serta seorang bayi.

Usaha menyelamat mangsa di bawah runtuhan masih diteruskan susulan laporan dua kanak-kanak berusia lapan dan 10 tahun yang dilaporkan hilang.

Dianggarkan lebih 11,000 penduduk di beberapa kawasan pedalaman terjejas akibat banjir tersebut.

Daripada jumlah itu, lebih 6,500 penduduk berjaya dipindahkan.

Menurut laporan pihak berkuasa, masih terdapat penduduk yang terkandas dan tinggal di tingkat dua bangunan susulan paras air banjir setinggi 2 meter.

Sementara itu, menurut Gabenor Jakarta Anies Baswedan, keutamaan kini diberikan kepada misi menyelamat dan menyalurkan bantuan yang diperlukan mangsa banjir.

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Maybank2U Menghadapi Masalah Untuk Pemindahan Segera Antara Bank – Amanz

Perkhidmatan perbankan atas-talian Maybank2U kini dilihat menghadapi masalah melibatkan sejumlah pengguna untuk membuat pemindahan segera antara bank.

Daripada ujian kami sendiri melalui web Maybank2U, pilihan pemindahan segera antara bank dipaparkan, namun apabila ia diteruskan, notifikasi tidak ditawarkan dipaparkan.

Maybank IBT

Pihak Maybank sendiri mengalakkan pengguna membuat pemindahan antara-bank biasa untuk sementara waktu ini, yang mana mungkin mengambil sedikit masa untuk pemindahan sepenuhnya berlaku.

Kami difahamkan masalah ini berlaku melibatkan mungkin disebabkan oleh sistem MEPS. Dengan angka pengguna yang tinggi untuk Maybank2U, kita mungkina akan melihat masalah ini diatasi dalam masa terdekat.

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JB schoolkid confirmed down with influenza A

New virusses

MO,7/2/2018, JOHOR BARU: A Year 2 pupil from SK Taman Dahlia in Pasir Gudang has been confirmed to have been infected with influenza A. “It is confirmed that a child was warded at a private hospital on Feb 4 after being infected with influenza A,” said Johor Health, Environment, Education and Information Committee chairman Datuk Ayub Rahmat.

“The patient was discharged on Feb 6 after receiving treatment, and the child’s health is getting better,” he said in a statement here Wednesday (Feb 7). Ayub said authorities had investigated why a class at the school was closed.

This came after the mother informed the school of her child’s case. “SK Taman Dahlia took the proactive measure of transferring students to another classroom while their original classroom was being cleaned.

“The Health Department also carried out checks to see whether other students showed any similar symptoms, but until now, there is only that one case from the school,” he added. Ayub said his department would continue to monitor the situation with nearby clinics.




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Aortic Aneurysm: The Silent Disease You Should Know About

AneurysmAlila Medical Media/Shutterstock

What is an aortic aneurysm?

The largest artery in the body is your aorta; when it weakens, bulges, and bursts—the definition of an aneurysm—the results are often deadly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 9,863 people died from aortic aneurysms in 2014 (the last year for which data is available). The condition contributed to another 17,215 deaths. (These are the scary signs of a brain aneurysm everyone should know.)

A silent killer

“This is a completely silent disease. It often goes unnoticed until someone looks for it with an X-ray, MRI or ultrasound,” says Neal Sawlani, MD, structural heart cardiologist at the Advocate Heart Institute at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois.

An aortic aneurysm typically occurs when the weakened aorta starts to grow and dilate. In what’s known as dissection, the artery wall can also split due to the force of blood pumping, which causes a tear in the artery.

The two types

An aortic aneurysm can occur anywhere along the aorta, but the two main types of aortic aneurysms are a thoracic aortic aneurysm, which occurs in the chest, and an abdominal aortic aneurysm, which occurs in the abdomen.

Warning signs

Unfortunately, the indications are almost non-existent. According to the Mayo Clinic, an abdominal aortic aneurysm might trigger pain in the back, abdomen, legs or groin, and a pulsing feeling near the navel. With thoracic aortic aneurysm, people report difficulty breathing or swallowing, shortness of breath, coughing, or hoarseness.


Risk factors

Abdominal aortic aneurysms occur more often than thoracic aortic aneurysms and are mostly related to hardening of the arteries—atherosclerosis—although smoking is a big risk factor. According to the CDC, those with a history of smoking are three to five times more likely to develop an abdominal aortic aneurysm. “Abdominal aortic aneurysms are usually caused by high blood pressure and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Smoking is a big risk factor, but not the only one,” says Dr. Sawlani.

For thoracic aortic aneurysms, the risk seems to be genetic: People with a family history or conditions such as Marfan syndrome or Loeys-Dietz syndrome should discuss risk with their doctors. (High blood pressure or cholesterol, atherosclerosis, and smoking can make matters worse.)


Doctors can detect aortic aneurysms by X-ray, echocardiogram, MRI, or ultrasound. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends men between 65-75 years of age who have ever smoked should undergo an ultrasound screening for an abdominal aortic aneurysm, even if they have no symptoms. There is not enough evidence to determine if women need regular screening. However: “Those with a family history of aortic aneurysms should be screened even in the absence of risk factors,” says Alan Brown, MD, director of cardiology and the Lipid Clinic at the Advocate Heart Institute at Lutheran General Hospital.


If an aortic aneurysm is detected, says Dr. Sawlani, doctors can prescribe medications to lower blood pressure or cholesterol, which can help prevent it from enlarging. If the bulge is already large or grows rapidly between screenings, surgery to graft the damaged section may help.

“Both thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurysms have the potential to rupture as they enlarge,” says Dr. Brown. “The enlargement begins to happen faster if they grow to five or five and a half centimeters. That’s when we think about repairing the aorta.”


If you smoke, it’s well past time to quit—here are 23 foolproof ways to stop smoking for good. Uncontrolled blood pressure is another major risk factor, and cholesterol is also a concern. Dr. Sawlani recommends people work with their physician to control cholesterol and blood pressure.

Don’t forget your lifestyle: A healthy diet and regular exercise can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Make sure your diet includes fruit, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and fish, and legumes. Avoid saturated fat, trans fat, and added salt and sugar. (These are the best and worst diets for heart health.)

If you experience any symptoms of an aortic aneurysm, have a family history or genetic disorder that predisposes you to this condition, or have any of the risk factors, talk to your doctor about getting screened.

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Trump mahukan perarakan tentera seperti di Perancis

WASHINGTON: Presiden Amerika Syarikat (AS), Donald Trump mengarahkan Pentagon dan pejabat White House untuk memulakan perancangan perarakan tentera di Washington seperti yang diadakan di Perancis.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika menyaksikan perarakan Hari Bastille di Paris pada Julai lepas, menurut laporan Washington Post pada Selasa lepas.

Trump mengatakan bahawa dia kagum dengan perarakan tentera yang disaksikan di Paris pada 14 Julai tahun lepas. Tentera AS dan Perancis berarak bersama sempena 100 tahun penglibatan AS dalam Perang Dunia Pertama selain merayakan perayaan tahunan Perancis, Hari Bastille.

Kereta kebal, kenderaan berperisai serta perarakan jet pejuang AS dan Perancis juga antara pengisian dalam perarakan itu.

“Seperti apa yang telah saya saksikan di Paris, kita akan mengadakan perarakan tentera pada 4 Julai di Pennsylvania Avenue dan kita menjangkakan seperti perarakan di Perancis,” kata Trump pada September lepas.

Dalam satu mesyuarat di Pentagon pada 18 Januari yang disertai Setiausaha Pertahanan Jim Mattis dan Ketua Pengerusi Bersama Ketua Jeneral Joseph Dunford, Trump berkata, beliau mahu perarakan tentera disambut secara besar-besaran.

“Saya inginkan sususan perbarisan seperti perarakan yang diadakan di Perancis,” kata pegawai tentera itu, menurut laporan Washington Post.

Seorang pegawai White House yang enggan dinamakan berkata, rancangan perarakan itu masih berada di tahap perbincangan dan penilaian serta belum ada sebarang keputusan dibuat.

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Kamera Phantom V2640 Mampu Merakam Video Pada Kadar 25030 FPS – Amanz

Takhta kamera dengan kadar rakaman video tertinggi untuk telefon pintar buat masa dipegang oleh Motion Eye keluaran Sony. Dengan teknologi Montion Eye, rakaman video sehingga 960 FPS pada resolusi 720P. Kemampuan kamera ini masih lagi perlahan jika dibandingkan dengan kemampuan kamera Phantom V2640.

Kamera yang direka khas untuk rakaman adiperlahan ini mampu merakam pada kadar 25030 FPS pada resolusi 1024P tanpa warna. Ia turut mampu merakam video berwarna pada kadar 6600 FPS dengan resolusi 4-Megapixel (2592×1520 pixel) dan 11,750 FPS dengan resolusi 1080P.

Ia dilengkapi storan sehingga 288GB dengan berat 8.1 kilogram. Nyata sekali ini ialah kelengkapan perlu bagi mereka yang menggemari rakaman video gerak perlahan. Tiada maklumat mengenai harga diumumkan setakat ini.

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