Solutions to Your Winter Skin Care Problems

Try this crazy trick for cracked heels

dry dehydrated skin on the heels of female feet with callusesTRAIMAK/Shutterstock

Forget the foot scrubs if you’re prone to cracked heels, especially in the winter, Purvisha Patel, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Visha Skincare, says super glue can be applied to relatively minor heel cracks to keep skin together. It’s not a long-term solution, but it will allow your dry, cracked skin enough time to heal while you slather on the ointments and cotton socks to keep the problem at bay. Find out what dermatologists do in the winter that you don’t.

Kick fungus to the curb with this winter favorite

Beautiful woman hands with creamAppleZoomZoom/Shutterstock

You probably already have a tub of Vick’s VapoRub at home, which is good news, because that old favorite is actually just what the doctor ordered to keep gross foot fungus issues away, too. “I use Vick’s on fungus and toenails,” explains Dr. Patel. “It helps clear your toes before sandal season, and all you have to do is put it on every night during the winter.” The product’s main ingredients, menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus oil, all have anti-fungal properties.

Stock up on lip balm for this unexpected reason

natural lip balms from beeswax in tin potsimages72/Shutterstock

Lip balm isn’t just for lips. “Apply lip balm directly to fingertips,” says Anca Tchelebi, MD, of Park Avenue Medical Spa of her favorite genius solution for avoiding chapped, cracked, and sore fingers in dry, winter air. Here are some more tips for healthy and soft winter hands you should know.

Swap out your pre-makeup primer

Young woman making up.chombosan/Shutterstock

There’s a reason fancy primers are some of the beauty products you shouldn’t waste money on, because Hadley King, MD, a New York City dermatologist, says there is a much less expensive option in a different drugstore aisle. “Vagisil makes a great face primer, because of the dimethicone,” she says. “And it’s moisturizing.”

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Make a DIY parsley mask

parsley on a slate backgroundtRufelka Elena/Shutterstock

“One of my favorite at home DIY facials is my parsley mask because it can help reduce redness and deliver hydration,” explains celebrity facialist, Ildi Pekar. “Parsley also contains an impressive amount of vitamin K, which will help promote a plump and healthy glow.” She recommends a throwing a handful of chopped, fresh parsley into a mixing bowl with two tablespoons of organic, raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar and three tablespoons full of organic plain yogurt. Apply to your face, let it dry, and then wash off and moisturize. Voila—the best winter face mask you could ever dream of whipping up in your kitchen. Don’t miss more tips for fighting dry skin.



Ditch the coffee

Latte art on dark grained wood top viewmonte_foto/Shutterstock

We know, we know—cutting out your morning cup of joe sounds like the absolute opposite of what your soul needs when it’s cold out, but caffeine actually has a dehydrating effect. These surprising everyday habits may be causing your dry skin.


Fight winter acne the gently way

honey in a jar on kitchen tableJiri Hera/Shutterstock

“A favorite of mine is 100 percent raw honey,” says Pekar. “It is especially beneficial for healing and maintaining healthy skin of all types, which is why I incorporate it into all of my products. It has amazing soothing effects that hydrate the skin leaving you with a soft and radiant glow. It is also packed with antioxidants to help slow the aging process and plump up your skin leaving you with a youthful appearance.” Better yet, it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial, which means it has the potential to kill sources of fungal acne or other infection-causing microbes.


Scrub your lipstick fears away

Close up of woman's lips covered with sugarY Photo Studio/Shutterstock

If you’re a fan of bold kissers but afraid to wear red lipstick in the winter because of how chapped an uneven your lip skin is, try exfoliating your lips each night as before hitting the hay. Lip beauty expert Sara Happ suggests using one of her signature lip scrubs, but if you’re in a pinch, you can gently massage your pout with a warm, damp washcloth. Find out the other mistakes you may be making on the reg that could cause your lips to dry out.

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Temporarily rid yourself of scalp flakes

young man washing his hair, taking a shower with foam on his head holds fingers in hair in bathroomAlena Pl/Shutterstock

Adding a spoonful of sugar to your shampoo won’t keep recurring dandruff or scalp psoriasis problems from coming back long term, but it’s great for the person suffering from the occasional climate-induced dry scalp. “You’ll exfoliate away dead skin and allow the conditioner to nourish the scalp more effectively,” says Francesca Fusco, MD, a dermatologist based in New York City. Here are some other ways to get rid of dandruff naturally.

Get your hands on some goat butter

dairy products and thyme flowers on white wooden table backgroundimages72/Shutterstock

What on Earth is goat butter, you ask? “All it is is real goat butter with jojoba and urea,” says Dr. Michelle Yagoda, creator of BeautyScoop. That’s right—goat milk is processed to make butter, and jojoba oil and urea are added. Urea has a mild exfoliating effect on skin, while the goat butter’s natural fat and protein content lock in moisture. Slather it on after a shower and avoid these wintertime shower mistakes that could dry out your skin.

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Dua warga Singapura hilang di Gunung Pulai usaha mencari diteruskan

KULAI: Usaha mencari dan menyelamat dua pendaki warga Singapura yang dilaporkan hilang di Kulai, Johor pada Isnin, diteruskan hari ini.

Dua pendaki terbabit, seorang lelaki dan seorang wanita, masing-masing berusia 27 tahun, dilapor memulakan pendakian di Gunung Pulai pada jam 12.40 tengah hari Isnin.

Menurut Ketua Polis Daerah Kulai, Supt Dzulkhairi Mukhtar, 60 anggota Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia (JBPM) dikerah bagi usaha mencari dan menyelamat yang dimulakan pada petang hari sama.

Selain itu, kira-kira 40 anggota sukarelawan yang terdiri dari kumpulan pendaki turut menyertai operasi terbabit.

Laporan kehilangan kedua-dua individu itu dimaklumkan oleh ibu kepada pendaki wanita yang dikenali sebagai Lum Jie.

Selepas menerima laporan pada 5.40 petang Isnin, polis telah menggerakkan usaha mencari dan menyelamat di 10 laluan masuk di gunung terbabit namun gagal menjejaki mangsa.

Polis kemudian menerima panggilan kecemasan dipercayai dari mangsa pada jam 10 malam.

Susulan itu, polis memperluas lokasi pencarian berdasarkan isyarat terakhir dari telefon bimbit terbabit namun usaha tersebut turut tidak membuahkan hasil.

Sementara itu, portal memetik jurucakap Kementerian Luar Singapura berkata, Konsulat Jeneral Singapura di Johor Bharu sentiasa berhubung dengan pihak berkuasa tempatan dalam mengendalikan kes itu.

Tambahnya, beberapa pegawai dari republik itu juga berada di lokasi kejadian bagi membantu keluarga warga Singapura yang terjejas.

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Telegram Ingin Membolehkan Pengguna Log Masuk Web Lain Menggunakan Akaun Telegram – Amanz

Telegram hari ini telah memperkenalkan aplikasi versi baru, iaitu Telegram Messenger 4.8 – sekaligus menawarkan sejumlah ciri-ciri baru bersama-sama dengannya.

Apa yang menariknya, salah satu ciri baru yang disertakan adalah sokongan dinamakan Telegram Login Widget.

Telegram Login

Melaluinya, ia akan membolehkan pengguna log masuk ke mana-mana web atau perkhidmatan lain dengan menggunakan akaun Telegram. Ia boleh dikatakan seumpama Facebook Connect pada pelbagai web pada hari ini.

Untuk tujuan log masuk ini, apabila anda melihat sokongan berkenaan pada sebarang web – anda boleh klik log masuk, dan memasukkan nombor telefon anda. Ia seterusnya akan mengesahkan penggunaan anda melalui aplikasi Telegram, dan log anda masuk ke perkhidmatan pihak ketiga berkenaan. Pihak Telegram turut menekankan yang mana informasi seperti nombor telefon tidak dihantar kepada pemilik web berkaitan, dan hanya informasi asas seperti nama sahaja.

Selain daripada itu, kemaskini baru ini turut membolehkan anda strim kandungan video tanpa perlu memuat-turunnya sehingga habis terlebih dahulu, selain sokongan tema gelap secara automatik.

Muat-Turun Telegram untuk Android

Muat-Turun Telegram untuk iOS

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Kelantan palace revokes titles of two Amanah leaders

husan wan combo

MO,7/2/2018, PETALING JAYA: The Datukships of two Amanah leaders in Kelantan, one of whom is seen as Pakatan Harapan’s mentri besar candidate, have been revoked by the palace.

The two are party vice-president Husam Musa and Kelantan Amanah chief Wan Abd Rahim Wan Abdullah. The duo returned their awards to the palace on Wednesday morning. The pair also confirmed that they had received a letter from the Kelantan state secretary on Tuesday (Feb 6), informing them that Kelantan ruler Sultan Muhammad V had revoked their Dato Paduka titles.

“We take this opportunity to register our gratitude and pledge our undivided loyalty to the Sultan,” they said in a joint statement on Wednesday. Husam is also the Salor assemblyman while Wan Abd Rahim was a former state assembly speaker as well as a former MP and assemblyman.


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Finding Love After 40: How to Find Love in Your 40s

So, how’d ya get here?

Middle-aged man watching through a window with a thoughtful expression as he leans on the sillstockfour/Shutterstock

By the time you reach your 40s, there are many possible paths your life may have taken to get you to where you are. As Brian Bishop*, a recently divorced 40-something Connecticut man told us, “You can’t date in your 40s without considering how you came to be dating in your 40s. Is it that you’ve never been married? Or is it that your marriage has come to an end? Whatever your answer, it affects your perspective.” For example, if you’ve never been married, but still hope to have children, you may approach dating with more of a sense of urgency than someone who has already done the whole family thing. And someone who still has young children at home will invariably have to approach dating differently from an empty nester. “Like it or not, these are factors that will come into play in determining with whom you’re compatible,” Bishop says.

Find out secrets to meeting and attracting new people.

*Some of the names of our singles have been changed for privacy purposes.

There’s no better time than now to find true love

Portrait Of Loving Mature Couple In Back Yard GardenMonkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Maybe you’ve had your fair share of frustration, rejection, and heartache, but while you can’t erase your past, you can certainly learn from it. In fact, “when you’re in our 40s, you can really make use of those life experiences,” notes Jodi J. De Luca, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist in Colorado. It’s not just that you know yourself and what works and doesn’t work in relationships, it’s that by the time you reach your 40s, you’ve probably felt “the magic of love,” as Dr. DeLuca puts it, and “if you’ve felt it before, you can and will feel it again. The emotional brain is seemingly void of chronological age or time. We can and do fall in love at any age.”


Start by owning where you’re at in your life

Shot of an attractive mature businesswoman working on laptop in her workstation.Kinga/Shutterstock

When you’re single in your 40s, some people react to you as if you’re violating some natural order. “People tend to look perplexed. They want to know why,” says Tanya Fruehauf, MA, CSAT, CCC, a Canadian psychotherapist. “The reality is, however, that the timeline of finding love in our youth is an arbitrary and outdated prescription. Own your singleness as a choice you’ve made, whatever your reasons are.” Here’s how to use body language for better relationships.

Embrace being single

Middle age woman sitting on wood boards by the waterMaria Sbytova/Shutterstock

This is important not just as an internal attitude, but as a matter of how you project yourself, says Jennie Lynn, relationship expert and author. “Don’t express a hatred for being alone or single. We need to be comfortable being alone and loving ourselves, and that positive energy will attract a partner who is right for you.”

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Recognize what you bring to the table

Beautiful couple walking on the beach at sunset. They are barefoot and wearing casual clothesJack Frog/Shutterstock

“Allow your wealth of life experiences to make you confident in going for what you want,” suggests Margaret Bell, MA, a Colorado-based mental health counselor. “You’ve lived a few decades, and you probably have a few battle scars. You’ve got history and experience. You’ve learned lessons and you’ve got lots to share. You are ready for give and take and to create a lasting relationship with someone who shares your values and interests.”

But, don’t drag the past into the present

Rear view of couple sitting on a wooden bridge by a lakegoodluz/Shutterstock

It’s one thing to learn from your past on an intellectual level. It’s another to stay mired in it emotionally, says online dating consultant, Stacy Karyn. “It’s essential to move past the past if you want to snatch up someone great,” she says, adding that it’s not just a matter of how you feel, but also a matter of how you project yourself in the early stages of dating. “Try not to talk too much about your past relationships in your first few dates,” Karyn advises. Avoid saying these words on a first date too: Experts agree they’re pretty much off-limits.

Treat everyone as an individual

Only love can warm usOlena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock

One way to get “past the past” is to remind yourself that each new person you meet is exactly that: a new person. “Just because you’ve had some bad experiences, that doesn’t mean that everyone you meet will lead to that same bad experience,” says Kimberly Hershenson, LMSW. It’s not fair to anyone to project your past experiences onto them, and you’re far more likely to really get to know a person if you view them as an individual, rather than as some sort of reincarnation of a relationship past.

Don’t be a cynic

Couple Hiking In Countryside Wearing BackpacksMonkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Owning your past, recognizing mistakes you’ve made, and even working through the pain of having been wronged is not the same as coming at dating with a negative attitude. “Don’t let your life experience turn you into a cynic,” suggests Jonathan Bennett, relationship coach. “Instead, try to connect with the old energy and excitement you had before you had these experiences.” Connecting with those positive feelings doesn’t mean forgetting the lessons you’ve learned, he points out. It just means allowing yourself to enjoy the moment with some of your youthful exuberance.

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Treat each first date as a clean slate

Businessman giving his hand for handshake to partnerPressmaster/Shutterstock

When you have a bad date, says Hershenson, it’s easy to fall into negative thought patterns, especially if you’re a veteran of dating and relationships. But don’t. Come to each date with an open mind, Hershenson suggests. Here are 11 creative date ideas to get a conversation started.

Control your expectations

A man and a woman are looking at each other, close-up. Second before the kiss.Andrii Zastrozhnov/Shutterstock

It’s one thing to hope you find what you’re looking for, but don’t expect anything, says Sara Anderson, a licensed professional counselor in Georgia. “Expectations lead to disappointments,” she says. Instead, Anderson suggests keeping your hopes high and your expectations low. This will help take the pressure off both you and your date. And be sure to always avoid these annoying dating habits.

Date outside your type

Mature Couple On Autumn Walk With LabradorMonkey Business Images/Shutterstock

This is especially true if you tend to focus on appearances. “Don’t be so focused on looks,” points out relationship expert and author Rich Gosse. By the time you’re in your 40s, you should know better! Plus, there’s a chance you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised. Think Charlotte and Harry from Sex and the City—both went against type, and that’s exactly how they found true love.

Date outside your age group

middle-aged couple are walking on the beach, they wear sweaters and jeansJack Frog/Shutterstock

Be open to dating against your notion of what is “age-appropriate.” Try dating people who are younger or older than your knee-jerk reaction tells you, Bennett suggests. Yes, their lives may be in a different place from yours, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be compatible. Whether you are or not requires getting to know one another, which is what dating is about.

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Date outside your city limits

Middle-aged woman and man hugging in the cityOlena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock

In your 20s, it seems like single people are everywhere, so it makes sense to consider proximity as a factor in choosing whom to date. But by the time you reach your 40s, the number of single people has dwindled. That doesn’t mean that the right person isn’t out there. Rather, it means that the right person might be someone who lives 25 miles away—or even 50. The bottom line is, don’t rule someone out just because you have to drive an hour to see them. There is even scientific evidence to suggest that not only do long-distance relationships work, but they’re also downright healthy.

Stop playing games

Loving adult couple hugging in bedroomOlena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock

“Playing games is a terrible strategy,” says Gosse. “Particularly the game of hard to get, because so many men are shy, and you’ll never meet them unless you make the move.” This may be particularly true of men who have been out of the dating scene for a lengthy period of time (because they were married or in a long-term relationship).

Let go of the notion that you can get everything you need from any one person

Mature Female Friends Enjoying Outdoor Meal In BackyardMonkey Business Images/Shutterstock

So, the guy you’re dating is “perfect” except he can’t get into chick flicks the way you can? Make a date to go to the movies with a friend. The guy you’re dating doesn’t have an ear for jazz? Cultivate friends who appreciate your kind of music. In addition, having good friends is healthy. To avoid falling into the trap of either expecting that any one person can meet all your needs or rejecting potential partners because they don’t have “everything” on your list, make sure your social life is on point, suggests Karyn. In other words, maintain your friendships with both men and with women.

Embrace technology that may be new to you

tongcom photographer/Shutterstock

It’s entirely acceptable to make plans via text message these days, so if you insist on a phone call, you’re limiting your options. And social media is a perfectly fine way to meet people. In fact, some of the dating apps won’t allow you to join unless you have a Facebook account, and some make it a practice to show your potential matches a list of those people whom you both “know” in common (or more specifically, people to whom you are both connected via social media). “If you don’t make at least some attempt to use current technology, you’ll miss out on many quality people,” Bennett advises. Find out the online dating opening lines that are sure to land you a date.

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Google with caution

Nuttapol Sn/Shutterstock

“Let’s face it, we know we’re going to Google one another,” Sonier says. And not everything you find on your potential date will be flattering. When this happens, you may want to consider not delving too deeply into the details, at least initially. That said, it could be something to discuss at some point. But you certainly don’t need to go on your first date armed with every piece of information. Sonier’s suggestion is to maintain a cautious but curious mind.

Go ahead, try online dating


“Your 40s are a time for juggling: jobs, kids, older parents, and you don’t end up with a lot of time for dating. Plus a lot of your friends are busy with their own lives and aren’t thinking about who they can set you up with,” says Esme Oliver, relationship expert and author. “If you get online, you can search for your mate from home when you have some downtime.” The key is not to get discouraged too quickly, says psychotherapist and relationship coach, Toni Coleman, LCSW, CMC. “If it’s not working at first, make a change. This could be in how you write about yourself on your profile, who you reach out to or respond to, or what you do to move an online connection to that first meeting.”

But don’t only date online

Close-up portrait of happy mature couple taking selfie in autumn parkLightField Studios/Shutterstock

“Sure, online dating is a great way to expand your reach, but being out and about in your own neighborhood can also broaden your opportunity for meeting great, dateable people,” Anderson says. Dating in your 40s is about creating the opportunity to meet new and interesting people.

Expand your social circles

Attractive, successful and happy middle aged man and woman couple together outside using mobile cell phoneDarren Baker/Shutterstock

You should be as proactive about making new friends as you are about meeting potential mates. “As we get older, our social circles have a tendency to shrink,” points out Shannon, the proprietor of Shannon’s Circle, a matchmaking service based in the San Francisco Bay Area. “We get busy, established in our careers, in our communities, and our old friends tend to be married. The reality is we meet fewer single people as we get older, so it becomes important to expand one’s social circle proactively.” You never know where it might lead. These networking tips for introverts can be useful personally as well as professionally.

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Explore a passion

Happy volunteer family putting their hands together on a sunny dayESB Professional/Shutterstock

Most of our experts agree that as a way of meeting new people, you can’t go wrong by exploring a passion, whether new or old. A few suggestions from Shannon: Volunteer regularly with a local charity, get involved in your alumni club, or go to educational events that attract interesting people.

Or… you can try to pick a new hobby strategically

Group of young friends stretching under a bridge after a morning run. Running club group taking a break from training.Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

On the other hand, all other things being equal, you might want to try an activity that puts you in a favorable man:woman ratio. “There are a lot of men on the golf course,” points out Oliver. “Or try joining a running club. I once trained for a marathon and met a lot of interesting men. If running is too hard on your knees, then try cycling.” Not sure where to start? Here are simple tips for finding a new hobby.

Treat looking for love like you’re looking for a job

Mature Couple Leaning On Back Yard FenceMonkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Just as you’d get the word out that you’re looking for a job, you should get the word out that you’re looking to date. And just as you’d go on short, informational interviews, you should say yes to blind dates, keeping them to a short window (for example, a cup of coffee or a cocktail), says Stacy Kaiser, MA, psychotherapist and relationship expert. “If you get tired or feel defeated, take a short break, but then get back to trying to find a good companion for yourself,” Kaiser says. “Don’t settle. Keep looking until you find someone that is right for you.” Find out the telltale signs you should say yes to a second date.

Or consider “hiring” your partner like a boss

Outdoor portrait of happy smiling couple in love having fun together. Young Caucasian man with tenderness looks at his laughing Latin beloved on the background of garlands of lightsshurkin_son/Shutterstock

Another way of looking at the dating process after 40 is as an “executive search,” suggests relationship expert and author Stefan Deutsch. “Finding love should involve the same sort of due diligence you’d conduct if you were hiring a CEO for your $100 million dollar company,” he explains. That means asking probing questions and knowing how to decipher the answers. For example, Deutsch suggests asking potential mates about their relationships with their exes, their children, and their own parents. “It’s understandable to be afraid to ask these questions for fear it’s going to chase away a potential partner, but if these questions chase someone away, then that person is probably not a good potential partner,” Deutsch says. Speaking of questions to ask, here are 36 questions guaranteed to boost intimacy.

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Don’t badmouth your ex, and don’t date someone who would

Young hipster men with coffee and laptop in cafeAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Badmouthing your ex is not only bad form, it can also reveal any or all of the following: You have terrible taste when it comes to picking a mate; you’re bitter; you’re disloyal, you don’t accept your portion of the blame for a failed relationship. Besides, there are better ways to get over a breakup.

Don’t bring your kids into it until you’re sure (very, very sure)

Affectionate teen daughter kissing her loving motherMartin Novak/Shutterstock

Dating in your 40s often comes with kids, but “your kids don’t need to meet someone who is ultimately not going to remain in your life,” says Lynn Maggio, a 40-something divorced mom of six kids and 2012’s Mrs. Alabama America. From her own experience, she suggests waiting six months before introducing anyone to your children. It may seem like a long time, but it’s really just a drop in the bucket when you’re thinking long-term, she points out.

But do make the effort to learn about your date’s children

Father and pre teen daughter playing on tablet together on couch in room at home. Good parent and child relations.Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

If you’re dating someone with children, you’re safe in assuming that the children are their number one priority and the most important thing in their life. “I expect that any woman I go out with will ask me about my children,” says Albanese. “If I go out with a woman who shows no interest in learning about my kids, then it’s a really strong sign that she and I are not on the same page.” On the other hand, here are the signs that your partner’s a keeper.


Listen closely. Talk half as much.

Cheerful mature women enjoying a funny video on mobile phone. Mature friends reading a funny message over smartphone. Mid woman showing a cellphone to her friend while laughing over breakfast.Rido/Shutterstock

This advice is true no matter how old you are when you’re looking for love, but it’s particularly true for people who are dating in their 40s and beyond. “If you listen carefully, you’ll find that people will tell you exactly who they are, especially when they start talking about their past relationships,” advises relationship coach, Linda F. Williams. Often on dates, while the other person is talking, we’re thinking about how to respond. But it’s a much better idea to not worry so much about what you’re going to say and to listen to what your date is actually revealing about himself or herself. Is listening a challenge for you? Try these tips to improve your listening skills.

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Don’t rush into anything

Middle aged couple relaxing on a jetty by the sea, IbizaMonkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Even if you think you’re in a rush, don’t rush. “As we grow older, we may feel a sense of urgency about settling into a relationship,” points out Dr. DeLuca. But it takes time to get to know another person, however, so that sense of urgency is not doing you any favors.”Would you make the decision to invest in a home, business, car, or expensive piece of jewelry without researching carefully?” she asks rhetorically. “So why do anything different when you’re looking for a lifetime companion?”

How long is long enough to know someone is right for you? That’s going to depend on many factors, including how much time you spend together and how comfortable you are in confiding in one another. But here’s how long it takes the average couple to go from the first date to marriage.

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Berhenti makan ubat sami kantoi curi seluar dalam

SEORANG sami Buddha dibuang dari kuil selepas didapati mencuri enam pasang seluar dalam di Suphaburi, Thailand.

Dalam video yang dirakam pada Isnin, Theeraphap Worradilok, 49, memasukkan seluar dalam yang masih basah ke dalam beg kain yang digalas sebelum meninggalkan lorong tersebut.

Pemilik kediaman, Kittisak Khajornnetikhikhun, 40, mendapati seluar dalam isteri dan anak perempuannya hilang pada sebelah petang.

Selepas memeriksa rakaman CCTV, Kittisak terkejut melihat seluar dalam yang hilang itu dicuri oleh seorang lelaki yang dianggap suci.

“Seluar dalam itu tidak mahal. Isteri saya boleh membelinya lagi, walaupun salah satu yang dicuri adalah kesayangannya.

“Para wanita di luar sana harus diberi amaran tentang ‘tabiat’ sami ini dan sebab itu kami melaporkannya,” kata Kittisak Khajornnetikhikhun.

Ketua kuil memberitahu polis bahawa sami terbabit baru-baru ini didakwa telah berhenti mengambil ubat yang diberikan doktor hingga dipercayai berkelakuan aneh.

Menurut laporan, Polis Kolonel, Phuwadit Khongpet berkata mereka akan meneruskan siasatan mencari sami itu dan akan mengambil tindakan undang-undang.

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Alza crashes into Pekan food court


MO,7/2/2018, PEKAN: A multi-purpose-vehicle (MPV) crashed into a food court along Jalan Sultan Ahmad here this morning, sending patrons running for cover. In the 7.24am incident, the Perodua Alza driver Aini Idris, 56, was said to have accidentally slammed the accelerator, resulting in the vehicle crashing into a car before ending up inside the food court’s seating area. The restaurant patrons, who were having breakfast at the time, ran for cover.

No one was hurt in the mishap. Only a Toyota Camry, which was parked in front of the food court was damaged. District police chief Superintendent Amran Sidek said investigations revealed the Aini, who was trying to get to the other side of the single carriageway, had stopped to make a right turn towards the food court parking area. “When an oncoming car slowed down to give way, the Alza driver turned right but suddenly a motorcycle appeared from the opposite direction.

“She panicked and tried to stop her vehicle but had mistakenly stepped on the accelerator pedal instead. The Alza then hit a Camry before crashing into the food court,” he said in a statement today. He said police have recorded the statement from Aini and so far received two reports on the incident.


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Last-Minute Winter Travel Deals for 2018

Wintergreen Resort in Central Virginia


If you’re looking for some of the best places to ski this winter, consider heading south. President’s Day Weekend is a great time to take advantage of great skiing, riding, and tubing before the season ends, and often, some of the best snow conditions in Central Virginia’s mountainous terrain are in February. Wintergreen Resort in Central Virginia is offering Winter Escape packages starting a $92 per person, including double occupancy accommodations, lift tickets, early slope access, discounted skiing and snowboarding programs through the resort, and the ability to pre-register for equipment rentals.

The Alpina Gstaad in Switzerland


Switzerland is known as one of the safest countries in the world, making it one of those ideal places for women to travel alone. It’s also filled with rich history, vibrant architecture and food, a nearly overwhelming amount of cheese, and some of the most Instagram-worthy scenery on the planet. The Alpina Gstaad is one of the high-end resorts you absolutely need to see, offering five-star accommodations, refined luxury, and Alpine-chic stylings. None of this comes cheap, but as part of Preferred Hotels & Resorts 50th anniversary celebrations, they’re offering a Golden Anniversary package, which rewards travelers with the best available rate plus a $50/£50/€50 hotel credit or a 50-minute activity at more than 200 participating hotels around the world, including Alpina Gstaad.

Wild Dunes Resort in Isle of Palms, South Carolina


Guests can pack their bags for Charleston’s Island Resort this President’s Day, with up to 25 percent off nightly rates at the AAA Four Diamond rated Boardwalk Inn and Village at Wild Dunes and select vacation homes and condos for stays through March 30, 2018. It’s great for a relaxing long weekend, family beach getaway, or an unforgettable Valentine’s escape (here are other luxurious Valentine hotel packages guaranteed to make memories). Wild Dunes Resort is the perfect place to trade in the winter cold for the beauty and warmth of the South Carolina Lowcountry. Discounted rates are for minimum two-night stays, and are only valid January 1 to March 30, 2018.


Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida


Clearwater Beach is already on our list of amazing beaches to add to your bucket list, so taking advantage of this discounted deal from Sandpearl Resort should be extra enticing. The resort is located on the powdery soft Gulf of Mexico sands Clearwater is famous for, and guests are routinely greeted with champagne in the lobby to start their vacations off on the right foot. The hotel also features a luxury spa, beachy decor, and fun activities like to-go picnic baskets, sunset s’mores, and superb beach views. You can save up to 30 percent off the best available rates by using code “ADVPURCHASE” at


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Chinese New Year at The Langham, New York


Are you ready for Chinese New Year celebrations in the middle of Manhattan? You can take advantage of the exciting lunar New Year festivities at The Langham, New York, a high-end hotel on 5th Avenue with all the luxury bells and whistles you could ask for—at a majorly discounted rate. Guests will enjoy luxurious accommodations in one of The Langham’s famously oversized guest rooms, complimentary shuttle for two to Woodbury Commons premium shopping outlet (valued at $50 per person), two VIP packets provided by Woodbury Commons for special deals and discounts throughout; and a $100 hotel credit (presented as hóngbāo in a traditional red envelope), which can be used for Private Kitchen (in-room dining) or at Chuan Body + Soul spa on the hotel’s 4th floor. As a keepsake of the Year of the Dog, guests will also receive an adorable Langham stuffed dog to take home with them as a souvenir. Rates start at $495 plus tax per night, which is actually a steal compared to their regular winter rates.

Singapore is more affordable than ever


Inexpensive travel isn’t what typically what comes to mind when you think of Singapore, but their local tourism board is doing their best to make this exciting destination as accessible as possible to American travelers. This year, you and a loved one can travel from the U.S. to Singapore to fulfill your passions and unleash your inner-foodie. Packages start at $1,199 and are available for purchase from January 5th to March 31st, 2018. Those travel packages include international airfare via United Airlines from LAX, taxes and fees, and four nights at a four-star hotel. They’ll even take you on a gastronomy tour if that’s your thing.

Here are more favorite travel destinations for food lovers.

Le Blanc Spa Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico


This brand-new resort is the most exciting addition to the Los Cabos market so far this year, and one of the best places to visit on Mexico’s west coast. And because it’s part of the Palace Resorts family, it’s offering 45 percent off normal rack rates for Presidents Day Weekend. In addition, kids and teens stay free at all their family-friendly properties during this time (they have other properties around Mexico and the Caribbean), and all stays of at least three nights include up to $1,500 in resort credit to use on spa treatments, exotic tours, golf, and more. Each room also has Bulgari and CHI beauty amenities, making it a top-notch choice for luxury lovers. Visit Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos to book and see additional details. Mexico is on our list of best budget travel destinations for 2018.

Sonesta Gwinnette Place in Atlanta, Georgia


This full-service hotel is located in bustling downtown Atlanta, Georgia (which actually boasts America’s busiest airport), and is ready to serve up full southern hospitality for 20 percent off the best available rates this Presidents’ Day Weekend. You’ll be treated to an indulgent plate of truffles, a bottle of champagne at check-in, and hot breakfast. You’ll enjoy using their indoor pool, Jacuzzi, and fitness center when you’re not exploring the city of Atlanta. Book the Sonesta Gwinnette Place by February 8, 2018 for travel through March 31, 2018.

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Resorts World in Bimini, The Bahamas


Are you ready for crazy cheap travel deals in the Bahamas? We hope so because some Bahamian beaches even have pink sand. Resorts World Bimini is located on one of the quieter islands and is offering a hotel and ferry package, which includes a two-night stay, round-trip transportation from Miami aboard the FRS Caribbean Ferry, and a $50 resort credit—all for $298 per person. The resort itself is set on 750 acres with serene beachfront access and views, on-site water sports, snorkeling, fishing, swim-up suites, and oodles of other dream-vacation goodies for a fraction of the price of other warm-weather destinations. Book at Resorts World Bimini or by calling direct.

Fashion Week-worthy stays in New York City


Start spreading the news and practicing your favorite Broadway musicals; the trendy W New York is extending New York Fashion Week (which ends Feb 16th) with a discounted rate. Friends and families traveling together can book rooms starting at $179 per night for the weekend using promotional code FASHION, which is a major savings off the normal $250 per night rate seen at this time of year. You can find more details about the Werk It package here, and start using these household items to change the way you pack your New York-bound bags.

Omni Bedford Springs in Bedford, Pennsylvania


This Pennsylvania hotel has played host to 13 American presidents, and they’re offering a Presidents’ Day Weekend deal to celebrate their very patriotic heritage with their 100 Reasons to Resort Package, which includes a $100 resort credit when you stay two-nights. This package starts at $285 per night for the weekend. If you really want to stay like a president, book the Polk Suite for the weekend, which is available at $1190 per night and features sweeping views of the golf course and the Cumberland Valley from its large balcony. It offers a king master bedroom with a large pedestal tub and second bedroom with two queen beds. The suite includes a full pantry with a microwave and a half fridge as well as a half bath in the living room. It’s 2,000 square feet of posh, presidential luxury.

Sheraton Times Square in New York


Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, or connected, in-love, or traveling with teens or toddlers, the Sheraton New York Times Square is in the middle of it all and is offering 40 percent off second-night stays this President’s Day weekend when you use booking code ZB4 at The pricing for club rooms with one or two beds starts at $359 per room plus taxes and fees, and includes Club Lounge access with unlimited Starbucks coffee and other refreshments, continental breakfast, and free wifi, because you’ll have a lot of Instagramming to do.

Here are more vacation ideas that will satisfy even the most jaded teens.

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The Essex in Vermont


If you’re eagerly searching for a new culinary resort and spa to experience this winter, let The Essex in the heart of Vermont treat you to an authentic New England feeling, delicious dining, educational cooking experiences, and a luxe wellness center. There’s even a cheese factory nearby. The Escape to The Essex package includes three nights’ accommodations, two seats in a Chef-in-Training Cook Academy Class, $250 spa credit per person and full spa access daily, one spa lunch per person, a $100 credit toward dinner for two in Junction, a private two-hour Vermont Guided Tour for two, and daily breakfast for two in The Tavern. It’s a great escape for those living in New York, Montreal, Boston, Hartford, and even Portland, Maine, as it’s less than a five-hour drive from each, and provides easy access to skiing and winter sports at Bolton Valley, Smuggler’s Notch, and Stowe, making it one of our favorite Northeastern travel deals.

Here are more ideal vacation destinations for people who love winter.


The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado


The Broadmoor is one of Colorado’s top resorts for golfing, spa time, and wilderness experiences like fly fishing camp (seriously, that’s a real thing!). The combination of indoor and outdoor activities means it has something to offer for just about every style of vacationer out there, which is why it’s particularly exciting to know that this hotel is also participating in the Preferred Hotels & Resorts 50th anniversary package, offering $50 off the best available nightly rate. Check out their full list of hotel amenities.

These are the hotel booking secrets you need to know.


Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach in Florida


The Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach is the city’s newest property. It’s a great find for kids and traveling families because there’s even an option to stay in a dolphin-themed bunk bed guestroom (imagine how happy you’d be to find that as a child!). Dolphins are commonly spotted from the property’s many balconies, so the resort teamed up with nearby Clearwater Marine Aquarium to bring guests these special guestrooms to help marine life flourish. Their “Visit Winter” package includes a donation to Clearwater Marine Aquarium to support their mission of preserving marine life through rescue, rehabilitation, and release, plus a Winter the Dolphin toy, a dolphin-themed book, and two general admission tickets to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. The property offers a 20 percent discounted rate for Florida and Georgia residents with valid ID, or a fifth-night free stay when you pay for the first four.

Steal the secrets of cheap travel from these booking companies.

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Hilang kerja ditinggal isteri selepas nodai mayat peserta program realiti

KERANA gagal mengawal nafsu, seorang petugas rumah mayat melakukan perbuatan tidak terduga. Dia melakukan seks dengan mayat.

Akibat perbuatannya itu dia dipecat, gagal dapat kerja lain malah ditinggalkan isteri.

Oksana Aplekaeva peserta program realiti Dom-2 atau Big brother versi Rusia mati dibunuh pada 2008.
Mayatnya ditemui seorang pemandu lori di tepi jalan. Namun sehingga kini siapa pembunuhnya masih jadi misteri.

Ketika polis masih buntu, pasukan forensik meneruskan bedah siasat terhadap mayat Aplekaeva. Apa yang ditemui amat mengejutkan. Ada kesan rogol dan ia masih baharu.

Ujian DNA mendapati ia sepadan dengan Alexander, 37, juruteknik di rumah mayat tempat jasad Aplekaeva disimpan.

Alexander mengaku salah dan dipecat serta merta. Episod malang tidak berakhir di situ. Selama tiga bulan dia mencari pekerjaan namun gagal. Isterinya pula menukar nombor telefon bimbit selepas meninggalkannya.

Pasukan penyiasat menyiasat lebih lanjut namun tidak menemui bukti ada kes lain seumpamanya dilakukan Alexander selama 12 tahun dia berkhidmat di rumah mayat itu.

Alexander bagaimanapun bernasib baik kerana perbuatannya itu tidak termaktub dalam undang-undang yang boleh mengheretnya ke muka pengadilan.

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