Huawei Mate 10 Pro Kini Boleh Didapati Pada Harga RM2899 – Amanz

RM2899 RM3099 -6%

Huawei Mate 10 Pro merupakan telefon pintar berspesifikasi tinggi daripada Huawei, dan telah ditawarkan di Malaysia sejak beberapa bulan lepas. Ia membawakan tanda harga rasmi RM3099, tetapi kini anda turut boleh mendapatkannya pada harga diskaun RM2899.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei Mate 10 Pro hadir dengan skrin 6-inci AMOLED, dilengkapi cip Kirin 970, memori 6GB RAM, dan ruangan storan 128GB. Ia turut dilengkapi dwi-kamera 20MP+12MP, selain kamera hadapan 8MP. Huawei Mate 10 Pro dijana menggunakan bateri 4000mAh.

Bagi anda yang berminat, boleh mendapatkan Huawei Mate 10 Pro ini pada harga RM2899 hari ini.

Beli : Huawei Mate 10 Pro

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Hotel associations agree to scrap ‘no tudung’ policy


MO,8/2/2018, PUTRAJAYA: Three major associations in the hotel industry have signed a pledge with the Human Resources Ministry to not implement any policies barring Muslim women staff from wearing tudung (headscarves) at the workplace. Deputy Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Muttalib said the associations are the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH), Malaysian Association of Hotel Owners (MAHO) and Malaysia Budget Hotel Association (MyBHA).

He said these three associations represent more than 3,000 hotels operating throughout the country, including in Sabah and Sarawak.  “The ministry is grateful for the associations’ willingness to find an amicable solution to the issue and ensure that workers’ rights are not discriminated against. “Through this pledge, it is hoped that hotels under these associations will comply with the agreement. We hope the ‘no tudung’ issue does not arise again,” he said.

Ismail was speaking at a press conference after witnessing the signing of the pledge between the Labour Department and the three associations. The Labour Department was represented by its director-general Datuk Mohd Jeffrey Joakim MAH was represented by its president Cheah Swee Hee, Shaharuddin M Saaid represented the MAHO while MYBAH was represented by Mohamed Zamri Abd Rashid.

Ismail said the government will not compromise on any issues which discriminate employees and their rights. “The department had previously held meetings with the Union Network International-Malaysia Labour Centre (UNI-MLC) and MAH on Jan 17 on the prohibition of wearing tudung in the hotel industry.

“The meeting had decided that an Implementation and Monitoring Action Committee will established at the ministry level to deal with issues of discrimination at the workplace. “This proves the government’s commitment to ensure industrial harmony continues to be preserved in the country,” he added. Since Dec last year, the ministry had conducted checks on more than 600 hotels in the country to ensure workers are not faced with any kind of discrimination.

“Statutory checks on employers in the hotel industry will be further improved from time to time. “This is to make sure the ‘no tudung’ policy is not observed by employers,” he said. Ismail said, in addition, the Labour Department will also conduct dialogue sessions with human resource managers in the hotel industry throughout the country. “This is to explain to them the issue of workers’ rights and secure their commitment to not impose the ‘no tudung’ policy as well as other discriminatory aspects laid out in their standard operating procedure (SOP),” he added.

The banning of the tudung or headscarf was a source a dispute between various parties when the issue came to light following a report made by the Malaysian Employers Federation last year, which had received complaints from hotel workers.


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Signs Your Common Cold Is Something Worse

It’s not the usual symptoms

Sick Woman.Flu.Woman Caught Cold. Sneezing into Tissue. Headache. Virus .MedicinesSubbotina Anna/ShutterstockAnyone who says “it’s just a cold” is forgetting exactly how miserable the virus can be: Runny nose, sore throat, headaches, fatigue, sneezes—and those are just a few of the nasty symptoms, explains Mylynda Massart, MD, PhD, a family medicine physician at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). Every year, one billion colds strike people in the United States—which means some of us are getting three to four a year; and some of those colds can actually be something worse. Read up on the crazy common cold symptoms you probably never knew about.

Your whole body aches

Man suffering from back pain at home in the bedroom.F8 studio/ShutterstockSussing out the difference between a cold and the flu is tricky. A cold hangs out in your head or chest, says Renee Miranda, MD, family medicine doctor at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. If your symptoms include whole body aches and pains, it may be the flu. If you can see a doctor within two days of being infected, she can prescribe an antiviral medication called Tamiflu to help clear the virus, says Dr. Massart, but only if you’re at risk for complications—your immune system is compromised (due to cancer treatment or HIV/AIDS infection, for example), or you’re very young or old. People who are otherwise healthy won’t qualify to take Tamiflu, she adds. (Remember that the flu is a virus, and an antibiotic absolutely will not work.)

Your throat is on fire

Terrible pain in his throat. Frustrated handsome young man touching his neck and holding a glass of water while sitting on the couch at homeg-stockstudio/ShutterstockIt’s normal to have an itchy, scratchy throat when you have a cold, but if you have a higher fever with swollen lymph nodes and severe soreness in your throat that comes on quickly, it may be strep, notes Dr. Miranda. “Your doctor has to do a swab test to identify strep,” she says. Because strep is caused by bacteria, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics if the test is positive. If not, check out these 16 natural sore throat remedies.

Suddenly, one ear is in pain

TinnitusImage Point Fr/ShutterstockPicture this: You assumed you had a cold. (You were right!) And you started to get better only to suddenly feel a throbbing pain in your ear—and it’s hard to hear, too. Your cold could have morphed into an ear infection. “We have all this extra mucus and phlegm in our ears, throat, and lungs, making for a great place for bacteria to jump in and set up camp, causing a secondary infection, like an ear infection,” says Dr. Massart.

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Your cold won’t go away

business Calender Planner meeting on desk office. organization management remind concept.This Is Me/ShutterstockA cold peaks during days three to four. “By days five to seven, the symptoms should start to subside,” says Dr. Miranda. By seven to ten days, you should feel better. If you feel the same or worse, you may have something different, like sinusitis. This condition begins as a cold, but then can turn into a bacterial infection that inflames your sinuses. However, Dr. Massart points out that symptoms have to stick around for more than 14 days to be a true sinus infection, and only at that point will docs consider antibiotics. These are the clear signs you have a sinus infection.

Your cough can’t quit you

Woman cough at outdoorleungchopan/ShutterstockThe hacking just won’t stop: You might have bronchitis, an inflammation of the lungs that can set you up with a cough that lasts five to six weeks, says Dr. Massart. In this case, rest and hydration are necessary. “Most of the time bronchitis is viral. You won’t need antibiotics, and it’ll take time to fight off the infection,” she says.

You’re throwing up

sick woman on bed concept of stomachache, headache, hangover, sleeplessness or insomnia9nong/ShutterstockThis one may seem obvious, but if you have a cold, you shouldn’t be running to the bathroom to vomit (or because of diarrhea). What many people describe as the “stomach flu” is more accurately called gastroenteritis. “The real flu doesn’t affect the stomach at all,” says Dr. Massart. The most important step is staying adequately hydrated. You should start to feel better after 24 hours.

You have bloody diarrhea

Toilet paper on wood backgrounddersigne/ShutterstockAgain, this would seem like a clear indication that you don’t have a run-of-the-mill cold, but being sick isn’t always so cut-and-dry. If you’ve been ill and have had diarrhea to go along with it, watch out for bloody diarrhea, says Dr. Massart. That’s a sign that you may have food poisoning rather than a viral infection, such as gastroenteritis. “Most of the time your body will fight off food poisoning, but once in a while you’ll need more help,” she says. In this case, call your doctor. Learn more about the difference between the stomach flu and food poisoning.

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You’re wheezing and short of breath

Senior chilled man covered in plaid coughs while sitting sofa in room with medications on tableLightField Studios/ShutterstockPeople diagnosed with an inflammatory lung condition called COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) need to be especially wary of catching a cold because this can become a more serious upper respiratory infection—especially in the elderly. “If grandma has COPD and catches a cold, it can land her in the hospital,” says Dr. Massart. For everyone, it’s important to be aware of friends and loved ones with COPD and limit contact with them when you’re sick. Find out these sneaky signs of COPD.

You always get sick right about now

Sick businesswoman with winter chills and a fever sitting shivering in the office wrapped in a thick woolly winter scarfstockfour/ShutterstockSome patients will tell Dr. Massart that they get a cold that lasts two to three months every winter. “That’s actually chronic bronchitis, which is a precursor to COPD,” she says. If that sounds like you, especially if you have risk factors for COPD (are a long-term smoker, for instance), talk to your doctor.

You’re having a heck of a time breathing

Medical equipment and drugs for treatment of asthma. Nebulizer, inhaler, spacer, nebula, anti-inflammatory drugs to manage asthma. Bronchi asthma, allergy conceptOnlyZoia/ShutterstockDo you have asthma? A cold can trigger an asthma attack. One sign that your breathing difficulties are related to asthma and not a cold is that your asthma meds are no help, says the Mayo Clinic. If you can’t control your symptoms, it’s important to talk to your doctor to determine what treatment plan is right for you during cold season. (These are the asthma symptoms you should never ignore.)

The cough is deep in your chest

Woman In Pain. Beautiful Young Female Feeling Sharp Strong Pain In Chest. Girl Suffering From Painful Lung Feeling Or Having Heart Attack, Holding Hand On Chest. Health Care Concept. High Resolutionpuhhha/ShutterstockA bad cough sounds bad, but there are degrees of bad: “A cold is in your nasal and throat area, not deep in your lungs,” says Dr. Miranda. If the cough is in your chest, there’s a chance it can be pneumonia. Signs include chest pain with breathing or coughing, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Your doctor will need to listen to your lungs to make the right diagnosis.

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Your colds are predictable

Woman sneezing in Hong Kong cityleungchopan/ShutterstockAnother possibility: You have allergies. Symptoms can be very similar, such as sneezing and a nose that runs like a faucet. But if you can predict almost to moment when you’re going to feel under the weather, that’s more of an indication of allergies. “Patients will say ‘it seems like when I go to so-and-so’s house, I cough, get itchy eyes, and a runny nose’,” explains Dr. Miranda. Over-the-counter antihistamines may do the trick. Otherwise, follow these tricks allergists use to control their allergies. If the meds don’t work and you’re miserable for more than ten days, call your doctor.

Think cold first

healthcare, medicine, flu and treatment concept - cup of tea, paper wipes and thermometer with pillsSyda Productions/ShutterstockIt’s called the common cold for a reason. “Most of the time, it is just a cold,” says Dr. Massart. Don’t assume that a sore throat is strep or a headache means you have a sinus infection. “The risk is thinking that you automatically need antibiotics, when that’s not the case,” she says. You also can’t take antivirals for a cold.

Next, find out what doctors and nurses do to stop a cold in its tracks.

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Sisi botak rambut Trump terdedah ramai pertikai keaslian rambutnya

SAN ANTONIO: Isu keaslian rambut Presiden Amerika Syarikat, Donald Trump kembali viral apabila sebuah video yang dimuat naik baru-baru ini jelas menunjukkan kulit kepala beliau.

Ia menyebabkan orang ramai kembali tertanya-tanya sama ada rambut Trump semula jadi atau sebaliknya.

Dalam satu video yang dimuat naik pada Isnin di Youtube, keaslian rambut Trump menjadi tanda tanya apabila rambutnya ‘terselak’ akibat angin kuat ketika meniti tangga menuju masuk ke pesawat Air Force One.

Ekoran itu sebahagian besar kulit kepalanya terdedah.

Video itu sebenarnya dirakamkan pada Jumaat, tetapi ditweet semula oleh seorang penulis dari Huffington Post, Ashley Fienberg pada Selasa.

Ini pula tweet yang menunjukkan beberapa foto yang dirakam Reuters yang mungkin boleh memberikan sisi pandangan lain rambut Trump.
Begitupun, menerusi satu artikel yang diterbitkan Rolling Stone pada Mei 2011 Trump menegaskan rambutnya adalah semula jadi, malah beliau mengamalkan regim penjagaan rambut yang khusus.

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Twitter Kini Mempunyai Lebih 330 Juta Pengguna Aktif Bulanan – Amanz

Twitter hari ini telah mengumumkan penyata kewangan tahunan mereka, dan turut berkongsi beberapa data semasa. Menurut Twitter, kini mereka mempunyai sekitar 330 juta pengguna aktif bulanan pada peringkat global.

Twitter Bulanan

Angka ini adalah sama seperti suku tahun ketiga 2017, dan tiada sebarang perubahan daripada jumlah pengguna keseluruhan. Pada masa yang sama, Twitter turut mengumumkan yang mana mereka akhirnya telah menjana keuntungan pada suku tahun lepas.

Twitter pada tahun lepas sahaja telah memperkenalkan beberapa perubahan pada perkhidmatan mereka, termasuk penawaran Twitter Lite, dan juga yang paling drastik adalah menawarkan kebolehan perkongsian sehingga 280-aksara melalui perkhidmatan mereka.

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Students from Semporna invent origami metal frame to prevent people being trapped in fires


MO,8/2/2018, SEMPORNA: A flexible and easy-to-remove origami-like metal frame that can help prevent people from getting trapped in fires – this life-saving invention won an international award recently. It is, however, not the creation of scientists but a group of students and a teacher from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Bugaya II, here. Their invention won an award at the 2018 International Intellectual Property Contest, Innovation and Technology Exhibition held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Accompanying teacher, Azlinah Ispal, said the idea for their innovation came from the tahfiz fire in Kuala Lumpur on Sept 14 last year which killed 23 students and two teachers. “At the early stage, we used paper and food tongs. Then we tried different materials and found that R5 iron was suitable for use,”she said, adding they also faced hurdles especially in coming up with a design that is strong and solid but can be removed within seconds.

Azlinah said the team comprised Form Five students Nurul Shafiqah Abdullah, Erna Ermirah Amil Hasan, Nur Zahirah Zainal Abidin and Nurlinda Mad Sail. They worked hard and sometimes even stayed at school until night time. “This framework obtained approval from the Fire and Rescue department and Universiti Malaysia Sabah for its structure and usage before it was brought to the competition,”she said.

The prototype, with an optical illusion feature, has an area of 0.4 square metres with hidden key holes. SMK Bugaya II is a Transformation School TS25 1.0 which practices the Project-based learning concept where students are guided to produce prototypes for specific situations. The origami metal framework is the pioneer project for the school.

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Pada asasnya, Rafizi telah melanggar Akta BAFIA dengan mendedahkan penyata bank persendirian syarikat NFC untuk membuat tuduhan yang kemudiannya dibuktikan di mahkamah sebagai palsu.

Undang-undang BAFIA sangat jelas di sini. Sekiranya anda mendedahkan penyata bank orang lain, maka anda telah melanggar undang-undang. Rafizi sendiri tahu mengenai perkara ini.

Mengapakah dia harus dikasihankan apabila dia secara sukarela dan sengaja melanggar undang – undang hanya semata – mata untuk menabur fitnah terhadap orang lain?

Rafizi membuat tuduhan secara umum bahawa NFC Corp telah menyalahgunakan pinjaman mudah (soft loan) RM250 juta untuk membeli kondominium mewah dan bukannya untuk membiak lembu.

Bagaimanapun, syarikat NFC mempertikaikannya dan menyaman Rafizi kerana fitnah – kes yang dimenangi NFC di mahkamah tinggi. Rafizi kemudian terpaksa membayar ganti rugi RM300,000 kepada NFC.

Disebabkan ini, Rafizi menjadi popular dan sebutan orang ramai. Dia kemudian diberikan kerusi Parlimen Pandan untuk bertanding dalam PRU13, yang dia menang dan telah meraih gaji bebas cukai bulanan sebanyak RM29,000 sejak itu.

Malangnya, fitnah Si Rafizi itu tidak hanya berakhir disitu sahaja. Malah tabiat suka menabur fitnah itu mula berkembang biak dan diamalkan secara harian sejak dia menjadi Ahli Parlimen.

Pelbagai pihak dan agensi mula menjadi sasaran amalan fitnah Si Rafizi sejak dari itu. Termasuk Tabung Haji yang didakwa menghadapi kesulitan kewangan dan bakal bankrap.

Tindakan Si Rafizi itu membawa kepada ramai jemaah dikalangan pengikut Pakatan mengeluarkan simpanan mereka dan kehilangan tempat dalam giliran mengerjakan ibadah haji.

Tambah memburukkan keadaan, amalan fitnah Si Rafizi ini juga melibatkan pemimpin dikalangan puak Pakatan Haprak tu sendiri. Dia pernah menabur fitnah terhadap Khalid Ibrahim.

Malah, Rafizi juga pernah menuduh pentadbiran Rejim Pakatan Selangor pimpinan Azmin Ali terlibat dalam skandal penyalah-gunaan kuasa yang turut melibatkan Rasuah Betina sebelum ini.

Maka persoalannya tetap sama. Kenapa perlu kita kasihankan seorang Kaki Fitnah seperti Si Rafizi ni dengan memberikan sumbangan kewangan kepadanya? Adakah rakyat Malaysia hari ini menyokong kerja – kerja fitnah yang dilakukan???

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Foods Nutritionists Eat Every Day—and So Should You

Reduce Stomach Bloating: 9 Daily Habits That Flatten Your Belly

Nuts Krzysztof Slusarczyk/shutterstock Nutritionists are nuts about nuts, and for good reason. They provide plant-based protein, heart-healthy fats, and fiber to keep you feeling satisfied. Registered dietitian nutritionist Kristie LeBeau eats nuts every day because “research has shown they have many health benefits including promoting a healthy weight and a reduction in heart disease risk […]

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Netherlands bantah larangan EU ke atas minyak sawit

KUALA LUMPUR: Netherlands menyertai beberapa negara anggota Kesatuan Eropah (EU) lain yang membantah cadangan Parlimen blok itu mengenakan sekatan ke atas minyak sawit.

Malah, tegas Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Pembangunan Kerjasama Netherlands, Sigrid Kaag, negara itu tidak menyokong sebarang langkah diskriminasi atau perbezaan produk.

Sehubungan itu, beliau menggesa satu dialog membabitkan isu minyak sawit itu diadakan.

“Tiada siapa pun yang harus dihukum dan alternatifnya perlu ada. Kita perlu membincangkan perkara ini secara teratur supaya semua pihak dapat memahami sepenuhnya keadaan di peringkat tempatan dan apa yang boleh dilaksanakan oleh pembangunan pasaran global,” katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian kepada pemberita di luar Seminar Pendekatan Belanda Terhadap Inovasi dan Pembangunan Berteknologi Tinggi di sini, hari ini.

Hadir sama, Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri, Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed.

Usul Parlimen EU pada 17 Januari lepas menggesa supaya minyak sawit dikeluarkan daripada program biobahan EU menjelang 2020 atas alasan ia menyebabkan pembasmian hutan.

Setakat ini, Perancis, Sweden dan United Kingdom (Ahli Parlimen Konservatif, sebahagian daripada parti pemerintah Perdana Menteri, Theresa May) telah menyatakan bantahan terhadap usul berkenaan.

Mengulas selanjutnya, Kaag berkata Netherlands turut memuji usaha Malaysia melaksanakan peralihan minyak sawit ke arah lestari tanpa menjejaskan kepentingan para pekebun kecil.

“Pembangunan lestari adalah antara (perkara) yang menguntungkan semua pihak. Tidak boleh wujud pihak yang menang atau kalah dan perlu memutuskannya secara bersama,” katanya.

Sementara itu, Mustapa berkata beliau, Kaag dan Menteri Perusahaan Perladangan dan Komoditi Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong akan bertemu esok bagi membincangkan isu itu dengan lebih lanjut.

“Ini merupakan industri penting kepada kita dan tidak mahu sebarang diskriminasi ke atas minyak sawit.

“(Soal) lestari sememangnya amat penting bagi kita,” katanya.

Sejak setahun lepas, Parlimen Eropah yang menuduh pengeluar minyak sawit sebagai punca pembasmian hutan, telah mengundi sebanyak dua kali bagi menyokong usul itu yang jika dilaksanakan akan mengekang import minyak sawit ke blok ekonomi itu.

Pada bulan lepas, anggota Parlimen Eropah itu mengundi untuk mengharamkan sepenuhnya minyak sawit dalam biobahan api menjelang 2021 manakala pada April, 2017, mereka menggesa EU untuk melarang penggunaan minyak sayuran yang menyebabkan pembasmian hutang menjelang 2020.

Selain itu, Mustapa berkata pertemuannya dengan Kaag juga menyentuh mengenai kemungkinan memulakan semula Perjanjian Perdagangan Bebas (FTA) Malaysia-EU pada tahun ini selain perkembangan baharu pelbagai hala.

Beliau berkata, usaha menghidupkan semula rundingan itu yang terbantut pada 2012, tercetus sewaktu kunjungannya ke Netherlands pada Oktober lepas.

Tanpa menyatakan tarikh atau tempoh bagi memulakan semula rundingan itu, Mustapa berkata dua faktor utama penyebab usaha itu – pemuktamadan FTA antara EU dengan negara-negara lain di rantau ini serta kehadiran banyak syarikat Eropah di Malaysia.

“Ini memberi alasan untuk memulakan semula FTA Malaysia-EU,” katanya.

Mengulas perkara sama, Kaag pula berkata Netherlands menyokong penuh usaha itu bagi memastikan kedua-dua pihak mendapat manfaatnya.

“Dalam dunia yang menyaksikan dasar perlindungan menjejaskan dagangan secara terbuka dan bebas, adalah penting untuk kita terus membincangkan pejanjian perdagangan bebas demi kepentingan EU dan Malaysia,” katanya.

Beliau berkata, perjanjian itu perlu menghasilkan situasi yang menguntungkan semua pihak selain kemampanan untuk negara terbabit.

“Usaha bersama bagi mencapai agenda lebih besar juga sama pentingnya dan kita hanya dapat melakukannya secara bersama atas dasar berkongsi agenda dan hasil yang dipersetujui bersama,” katanya.

Pada 2017, perdagangan Malaysia dengan Netherlands mencecah RM34.8 bilion dengan 77.4 peratus disumbangkan oleh eksport.

Eksport Malaysia ke Netherlands juga meningkat sebanyak 22.7 peratus manakala imports menokok 11.7 peratus.

Dari perspektif pelaburan, Malaysia telah meluluskan sejumlah 337 projek bernilai RM27.3 bilion yang turut disertai syarikat Belanda setakat September 2017, sekali gus menjadikan Netherlands sebagai pelabur kedua terbesar EU selepas Jerman.

Pelaburan itu membabitkan sektor utama seperti elektrikal dan elektronik, produk petroleum, pengeluaran makanan, bahan kimia dan produk berasaskannya.

Selain Pusat Perkhidmatan Perniagaan Global bernilai RM3.18 bilion yang diwujudkan oleh Shell di ibu negara, beberapa syarikat Belanda turut memilih Malaysia sebagai pejabat peringkat rantau mereka termasuk Benchmark Electronics, Mylaps BV dan Kraton Polymers BV.


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Fasha Sandha buat cabaran Panama Dance ini baru betul comel

PELAKON Fasha Sandha tidak ketinggalan mengikuti cabaran tarian viral popular yang diberi nama Panama Dance.
Menerusi akaun Instagram (IG), Fasha telah memuat naik video pendek yang merakamkan wajah gembiranya ketika melakukan cabaran tersebut sebentar tadi.
Selain Fasha, adiknya Elisya Sandha juga turut melakukan tarian itu bersama-sama kakak kesayangannya.

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