Scanda.A – Telefon Pintar Dengan Projektor Terbina Dilancarkan Pada Harga RM2488 – Amanz

Telefon pintar yang berada di pasaran pada masa kini kesemuanya mempunyai ciri-ciri atau keistimewaan mereka tersendiri. Antara ciri-ciri atau keistimewaan popular sekarang ialah telefon pintar dengan kamera dua lensa, skrin dengan nisbah 18:9, kalis air atau juga mempunyai kadar pengecasan yang laju. Scanda.A pula sebuah telefon pintar yang lain daripada yang lain. Ia telah diperkenalkan hari ini dan melalui telefon pintar Scanda.A ini, ia memfokuskan kepada integrasi projektor secara terbina padanya.

Dari segi spesifikasi, Scanda.A hadir dengan skrin bersaiz 5.5-inci TLPS 2.5D, cip pemprosessan MTK6753 dan memori 3GB RAM. Storan dalaman yang ditawarkan adalah 64GB dan ditawarkan dalam empat variasi warna iaitu Merah, Biru, Perak dan Hitam. Kamera hadapan Scanda.A ialah 8-Megapixel dan kamera belakangnya adalah 13-Megapixel dengan sensor daripada Sony.

Scanda.A juga menggunakan port pengecasan Type-C dengan sokongan pengecasan laju untuk mengecas bateri sebesar 4500mAh. Scanda.A mengatakan ianya mampu bertahan untuk penggunaan sepanjang hari. Sekiranya projektor digunakan bersama, maka bateri pada peranti berkenaan dikatakan mampu bertahan selama 6 jam lamanya.

Projektor pada Scanda.A menggunakan teknologi “Micro Projection Intelligent Mobile Terminal” dan mampu memancarkan imej pada resolusi definisi tinggi. Sistem projektor Scanda.A mempunyai cahaya 80 Lumens dan menggunakan German OSRAM LED, serta mempunyai jangka hayat 20000 jam penggunaan.

Scand.A akan dijual di Malaysia pada harga RM2488 tidak lama lagi, dan bagi anda yang berminat boleh menyemak laman pra-tempahan untuknya.

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Clone car syndicates behind torching of RTD vehicles?


MO,7/2/2018, NIBONG TEBAL: The Road Transport Department (RTD) is not ruling out the possibility that the torching of five vehicles, including three belonging to the department yesterday, could be the work of clone car syndicates. RTD deputy director-general (operation) Datuk Wan Ahmad Uzir Wan Sulaiman said this was because the other two cars which also went up in flames were cloned cars, seized by the department recently.

He said the two cloned Volvos were seized by the department on Dec 18 last year and Jan 30 this year. “There is a possibility that this may be the work of clone car syndicates, going by the vehicles seized,” he told a press conference at the department’s Valdor enforcement station today.

He was here to lead the Ops Tanjung operation against heavy vehicles. Wan Ahmad said, as enforcement agencies, they were used to being threatened. “We will not be unfazed by the latest attack.

“However, we will leave it to the police to investigate the incident,” he added. Five vehicles, including three belonging to the department, were torched at its premises in Kuala Kangsar yesterday, in what is believed to be an arson attack. Meanwhile, Wan Ahmad said they had formed a security unit at the headquarters and state level to beef up security within the premises.

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The Meghan Markle Workout You Didn’t Know You Needed


Meghan Markle might be selling out jackets and bags all over the world (and breaking royal fashion rules), but there’s another trend that Prince Harry’s future wife has been setting for years: Living a healthy, well-balanced life.

Often seen toting her yoga mat to and from classes in Toronto, Markle has always been a big advocate of living well. Her lifestyle website, The Tig, was a source of inspiration for many—and editors would often share tips and tricks for living a well-balanced life. She’s since moved to London to be with her fiancé. Here’s the true story of how they met, by the way.

The Meghan Markle workout

Beyond her regular yoga practice, Markle keeps her princess physique (even though she won’t actually be called a princess!) in tip-top shape by attending Megaformer classes. The classes are each an hour long, and have been described as a “fat-burning workout.” They follow Sebastien Lagree’s Lagree Method using his Megaformer 3K machine.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Meghan recently touted the machine’s benefits, saying the classes at Pilates Platinum (a studio in Santa Monica) are “hands down the best thing you can do for your body” and that “the results are incredible.” (Lucky for the new royal, they offer Megaformer classes in London.)

Doubling down on her support, she promised participants would see a difference in “two classes.”

The Markle Megaformer trend

And Markle isn’t the only one who feels this way. Some of the buffest bods in Hollywood have the Megaformer to thank for their physique—we’re talking Kim Kardashian West, Calvin Harris, Sofia Vergara, and Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio.

However, the classes are certainly not for the faint of heart.

An editor at People compared the pain of exercising on the Megaformer to childbirth and, despite being a runner and regularly doing CrossFit, said the workout was “incredibly tough.”

If you’re feeling like a good challenge, follow Markle’s lead and try the Megaformer—but be prepared not to be able to walk for a few days. Or check out this other, less brutal fat-burning workout. For more about Markle and her fitness routine, check out her gorgeous cover shoot with Best Health.

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