Tertekan kerana miliki tiga isteri seorang lelaki nekad gantung diri

AKIBAT tertekan memiliki tiga isteri, seorang lelaki nekad menggantung diri di loteng rumah sewanya, di Banten, Indonesia.

Lelaki itu dipercayai menggantung diri menggunakan selendang dan mayatnya ditemui salah seorang daripada isteri keduanya, Sukiyati, 34 tahun, kata Polis Daerah Ciledug, Supiyanto lapor HarianRiau.co

Menurut Supiyanto, Sukiyati mendakwa, lelaki itu dilihat gelisah sebelum kejadian dan tidak menjangka suaminya nekad membunuh diri.

“Sukiyati dan isteri ketiganya, Lastrini bersama lelaki itu sempat meminum kopi di luar rumah dan suaminya dilihat gelisah selain mundar-mandir di jalan raya,” kata Supiyanto.

Tambahnya, lelaki itu kemudian bertindak masuk ke rumah dan isterinya curiga apabila mangsa tidak menyahut apabila dipanggil.

“Apabila isterinya masuk, wanita itu terkejut sebaik sahaja menemui mangsa tergantung di loteng rumah.

“Malah isteri mangsa juga mendakwa lelaki itu mengalami tekanan kerana tuntutan yang diterima daripada isteri lain,” katanya.

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Laporan Perdagangan Dalam Talian iPrice Menunjukkan Rantau Asia Tenggara Terbuka Untuk Membeli Barangan Melalui Laman Web – Amanz

2017 dilihat sebagai tahun dimana pelbagai kedai-kedai atas-talian, termasuklah Lazada, Shopee, 11street dan sebagainya melihat jumlah jualan yang cukup tinggi di seluruh rantau Asia Tenggara, melalui laman-laman seperti Lazada, Shopee, 11street dan juga Amazon yang baru memasuki Singapura pada tahun lepas.

iPrice, laman perbandingan harga dalam talian baru-baru ini hadir dengan laporan The State of eCommerce 2017 yang menunjukkan butiran-butiran yang cukup menarik sekali mengenai trend penjualan dan pembelian dalam-talian sepanjang tahun 2017 di rantau Asia Tenggara.

Diantaranya termasuklah perbandingan pembelian dalam-talian melalui peranti mudah alih dan komputer, dimana komputer mengalahkan peranti mudah alih dengan nilai conversion (lawatan laman web yang menjadi jualan) yang lebih tinggi, negara yang mempunyai nilai conversion yang tertinggi (Vietnam), dan juga negara-negara yang mempunyai basket (jumlah pembelian pada satu masa) yang tertinggi (Singapura).

Laporan tersebut juga menyatakan bahawa trafik daripada peranti mudah-alih dilihat meningkat sebanyak 19 peratus sepanjang 2017, dan kini bertanggungjawab untuk 78 peratus semua trafik laman web penjual dalam-talian.

2017 juga merupakan tahun dimana banyak kedai dalam talian dilihat hadir dengan jumlah jualan yang cukup tinggi sekali. Terutama sekali Lazada yang mendapat jumlah jualan sebanyak $250 juta (RM1 bilion) sewaktu jualan Lazada Online Revolution Campaign.

Menariknya, laporan iPrice juga menyatakan bahawa hari Rabu merupakan hari dimana laman-laman web ini melihat jumlah pembelian dari para pengguna yang paling tinggi, Di hujung minggu, para pembeli dilihat tidak melayari laman kedai dalam talian ini, dan sekaligus jualan tidak banyak dilakukan pada hujung minggi tersebut.

Penggunaan kad kredit dan debit dilihat semakin meningkat saban tahun, dan ini dapat dilihat untuk pasaran Asia Tenggara, akan tetapi pilihan untuk membayar secara Cash On Delivery masih lagi diberikan bagi mereka yang masih lebih biasa membayar selepas menerima barang yang dipesan.

Laporan perdagangan dalam talian iPrice ini cukup menarik sekali, dan ia menunjukkan pelbagai butiran yang cukup menarik sekali mengenai tabiat perbelanjaan dalam talian rakyat Asia Tenggara.

Baca laporan The State of eCommerce 2017 oleh iPrice.

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King opens Sultan Muhammad V Mosque in Labuan


MO,9/2/2018, LABUAN: The Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Muhammad V, today officially opened a mosque named after His Majesty in Kampung Lajau here. The Sultan Muhammad V Mosque was formerly known as the Al Muhammadiyah Jamek Mosque. It is Labuan’s second largest mosque. The King, clad in a white robe, signed a plaque to symbolise the opening of the mosque. Sultan Muhammad V arrived at the mosque at 12.43pm and was welcomed by Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, Labuan Member of Parliament Datuk Rozman Isli and more than 1,000 people.

His Majesty later joined the worshippers for the Friday prayers led by Imam An-Nur Ustaz Mohd Najeeb Abd Rahim. After the prayers, Sultan Muhammad V attended a reception with the people. The Sultan Muhammad V Mosque, with modern contemporary and Islamic architecture, was constructed in early 2009 at a cost of RM5.1 million provided by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) and Labuan Corporation. Used since 2013, it can cater to about 1,000 worshippers.

The King later attended a briefing on the development of Labuan at the Dorsett Grand Hotel, given by Tengku Adnan. Sultan Muhammad V is on a two-day visit to Labuan from yesterday. This is His Majesty’s maiden visit to Labuan after ascending the throne as the 15th Yang di-Pertuan Agong on Dec 13, 2016. – Bernama

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Things That Happen When Your Heart Stops

You’ve had an SCA

Paper cut of cardiogram of heart rhythm for Valentines Dayjannoon028/ShutterstockSudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is “medicalese” for “your heart stopped.” As the name implies, it can occur suddenly without warning. There are many causes of SCA, including irregular heart rhythms and/or genetic abnormalities; the condition can result in sudden death but doesn’t always.

You are not having a heart attack

Red heart shape in doctor's handsGods_Kings/ShutterstockCheck out the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest: A heart attack may precede or follow SCA, but they are not the same. According to the American Heart Association, a heart attack is a circulation problem—a blockage in the blood flow to the heart—but the heart can continue to pump. With SCA, the problem is an electrical disturbance that disrupts your heart beat.

Your pacemaker is malfunctioning

Human Internal organs dummy on white background. Closed-up.Bangkoker/ShutterstockThe sinus node, located in your heart’s upper right chamber, is a specialized group of cells that generate electrical impulses through the heart, explains Iosif Gulkarov, MD, a cardiothoracic surgeon at the Heart Institute, Staten Island University Hospital in Staten Island, New York. This cluster of cells functions as your heart’s natural pacemaker; when the cells misfire, you get an arrhythmia. There is an impairment in your heart’s rhythm that interferes with the job of pumping blood and maintaining circulation. Make sure you know these things that can mess up your heart’s rhythm.

Your heart may be quivering

Health, medicine, people and cardiology concept. Abstract red heart. Problems with heart. Heart and cardiogram is made of red thread.Giovanni Love/ShutterstockThe most common, and potentially lethal, arrhythmia is ventricular fibrillation, a quick and chaotic rhythm during which the heart’s lower chambers begin quivering, bringing your circulation to a halt.

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Your heart may be racing or slowing

Hands holding rainbow paper hearts, LGBT symbol. Toned pictureYulia Grigoryeva/ShutterstockAside from ventricular fibrillation, other abnormal rhythms that can cause the heart to stop pumping blood include ventricular tachycardia, which is marked by a quickened heartbeat (above 100 beats per minute) that is out of sync with the heart’s upper chambers. Brachycardia is a heart rate that has slowed below 60 beats per minute.

You may feel and remember nothing

Stethoscope with heart on wooden backgroundAfrica Studio/ShutterstockSometimes the heart stops pumping blood and there are no symptoms. “Other people may report that they felt dizzy, tired, cold, or weak right before they passed out,” says Dr. Gulkarov. An onlooker may notice the person’s eyes rolling back and/or witness a seizure. “The heart is tasked with pumping blood to all parts of the body including the brain, and when the brain doesn’t get blood, a person can seize or pass out,” he says. “The first cells to die during cardiac arrest are brain cells.”

SCA is not a death sentence

Red Stethoscope in Shape of Heart Isolated OnHappy Together/ShutterstockAt least not if someone acts quickly: If you witness someone pass out, try to rouse them, and if you can’t, check their pulse. “If there is no pulse, start cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR or chest compressions) immediately and call 911,” says Konstantinos Dean Boudoulas, MD, an interventional cardiologist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus. CPR manually gets the blood moving through the body and is a person’s best shot at survival. Familiarize yourself with this CPR guide so you know what to do if someone experiences a life-threatening emergency. Ninety percent of people who suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrests die, but CPR, if performed in the first few minutes, can triple a person’s odds of survival, according to the American Heart Association. Cardiac arrest can also occur in the hospital. Survival rates are rising for people who have a cardiac arrest while in the hospital, but if it happens at night or on a weekend, you’re more likely to die, according to a study the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

You need a restart STAT

CPR,,External Pacer Analyzer,Using a defibrillator to save lives.Racha Phuangpoo/ShutterstockDefibrillators are everywhere today (schools, airports, hotels, restaurants, gyms—you name it), and they save lives. Defibrillators can instantly analyze heart rhythms to determine if they are “shockable,” which means reversible. Defibrillation should be started as soon after CPR as possible. Further treatment may be needed after an abnormal rhythm is reversed to keep it from coming back. If this doesn’t work, the individual is placed on an automated CPR machine and transferred to their hospital where they are immediately placed on a heart-lung bypass machine for support. This is known as extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ECPR), and it allows interventional cardiologists to look for reversible causes of the arrest. “It’s a game changer,” explains Dr. Boudoulas.

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You need a diagnosis

Woman holds open model heart at white bodyBen Schonewille/ShutterstockAsystole is a cardiac arrest-causing rhythm where there is no electrical activity visible on the electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor, explains Dr. Boudoulas. Pulseless electrical activity (PEA) occurs when the ECG shows a heart rhythm that should produce a pulse but does not. “Essentially, sudden cardiac death results from arrhythmia indirectly or directly,” he says. “Heart disease can cause a heart attack, which can lead to arrhythmia.” Take necessary precaution with these 30 ways to prevent heart disease.

The bottom line

Stethoscope with heart on wooden backgroundAfrica Studio/ShutterstockSurvival depends on the cause of the arrest as well as the timeliness of treatment. Each year, 325,000 adults die from SCA in the United States, according to Cleveland Clinic. Knowing CPR and acting quickly provides the best chance of survival in the face of cardiac arrest. However, you may not even know you’re at risk. Look out for these silent signs of heart trouble you shouldn’t ignore.


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Mozek indah berusia lebih 1800 tahun dibongkar ahli arkeologi

CAESAREA: Sebuah mozek menggambarkan tiga lelaki puak purba Toga yang berusia 1,800 tahun berjaya ditemui oleh ahli kaji purba di Israel yang dipercayai berasal dari zaman era Roman kata seorang ahli arkeologi semalam.

Mozek tersebut ditemui semasa penggalian di sebuah bangunan dari zaman Byzantine yang berusia kira-kira 300 tahun lebih muda daripada mozek yang ditemui atasnya. Bangunan yang dimaksudkan terletak di persisiran bandar Caesarea.

Pengarah bersama, penggalian Pihak Berkuasa Antikuiti Israel, Peter Gendelman memberitahu Reuters tentang bangunan dan mozek tersebut, “ Kejutan sebenar yang kami alami sebenarnya apabila kami menemui dua buah monumen yang sangat indah berasal dari zaman kegemilangan Caesarea.”

Caesara merupakan sebuah bandar yang dibina bagi menghormati Maharaja Augustus Caesar oleh Raja Herod, yang memerintah Yudea bermula dari 37 SM hingga 4 SM  tahun kematiaannya.

Pihak berkuasa tersebut memaklumkan bahawa mozek yang ditemui itu berukuran 3.5 kali lapan meter persegi menggambarkan tiga orang lelaki berpakaian beserta corak geometri dan tulisan dalam bahasa Yunani (Greek) sedikit terjejas atau rosak.

Mozek  berumur 1,800 tahun ditemui ahli arkeologi. - Foto Reuters

Gendelman berkata, jika mozek tersebut berasal dari perumahan, angka yang tertera mungkin bermaksud pemilik rumah, atau jika ia berasal dari bangunan awam, tulisan tersebut mungkin menamakan penderma mozek atau Ahli-ahli Majlis Bandar Raya.

Mozek tersebut mempunyai ciri  artistik yang tinggi dengan mempunyai 12,000 biji batu setiap meter persegi, kata pihak berkuasa zaman purba.

Israel sedang menjalankan projek pemuliharaan dan pembinaan semula terbesar di Taman Negara Caesarea, kata pasukan dari jabatan antik. Projek tersebut bertujuan membina semula sebuah jambatan pada era Tentera Salib.

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Pembantu rumah tinggi suara terhadap ibu Umie Aida suruh berambus

DATIN Seri Umie Aida meluahkan rasa geramnya di laman sosial Instagram (IG) apabila pembantu rumahnya bertindak biadab dengan meninggikan suara terhadap ibunya.

Berkongsi rasa marahnya terhadap perbuatan melampau pembantu rumah tersebut, Umie sempat berpesan agar majikan lain tidak beri muka terhadap golongan tersebut.

Umie berkata, tahap kesabarannya tinggi namun jika terlampau kurang ajar selayaknya dihalau keluar daripada rumah.

Tambah Umie, menjadi kepantangannya pembantu rumah meninggikan suara terhadap ibunya.

“Dia orang ini tak boleh bagi muka, dipijak-pijaknya kepala!,” tulisnya.

Rasa-rasanya jika perkara sama berlaku kepada korang, adakah korang akan buat perkara yang sama?

Foto: Instagram Umie Aida

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Instagram Mula Memaparkan Notifikasi Apabila Anda Rakam Skrin Pada Stories – Amanz

Bermula hari ini, Instagram kini telah mula menambah sebuah ciri baru secara berperingkat, iaitu paparan notifikasi sekiranya seseorang merakamkan gambar skrin ketika menonton Instagram Stories milik anda.

Ciri baru ini diperkenalkan secara berperingkat – maka ia mungkin mengambil masa beberapa hari atau minggu sebelum semua menerimanya.

Instagram Stories

Melalui ciri ini, bagi pengguna yang merakamkan skrin, anda akan diberikan notifikasi amaran untuk kali pertama – mengatakan pemilik Instagram Stories akan diberikan notifikasi sekiranya anda merakamkan gambar paparan skrin pada masa akan datang. Amaran ini hanya dipaparkan sekali sahaja, dan selepas itu, pemilik Instagram Stories boleh melihat sekiranya anda merakamkan gambar Instagram Stories mereka.

Instagram Stories

Untuk pemilik Instagram Stories pula, anda boleh melihat siapa yang merakamkan gambar skrin dengan ke halaman statistik pada sesuatu Stories – dan melihat sebuah ikon khusus bersebelahan nama seseorang pengguna.

Dengan pengenalan ciri baru ini, ia dijangka yang mana pengguna akan kurang merakamkan gambar skrin Instagram Stories milik pengguna lain.

Bagi anda sendiri, adakah anda telah menerima ciri baru ini?

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Traces of fuel elements detected in RTD vehicle fire case


MO,9/2/2018, IPOH: Six samples taken from five scorched vehicles at the Road Transport Department (RTD) station in Kuala Kangsar has found traces of fuel element’s. The incident which took place at 2.30 am, saw three RTD vehicles, two of which were 4WD destroyed 90 per cent while two civilian Volvo’s parked at the department’s designated zone damaged 70 per cent in the incident.

Perak’s Fire and Rescue Department deputy director, Assistant Commissioner of Fire (JBPM), Sayani Saidon said the Perak JBPM Forensics Unit with the assistance of the Dog Unit (K9) from Klang, Selangor managed to retrieve six samples from crime scene. He said the samples were sent to the Fire Investigation Laboratory in Kuala Lumpur and the results received today revealed traces of fuel. “However, we (JBPM) is still considering other factors that could caused the fire.

“The results would be sent to the police for further investigation,” he told New Straits Times Press today. Meanwhile, Perak Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Chief, Senior Assistant Commissioner Yahya Abd Rahman said police are still waiting for more information from RTD on the clone vehicle syndicate which is believed to behind the torching of the five vehicles. “They (RTD) have to provide more evidence on all the issues so that Police can focus on the case, including to rule out any person of interest.

“As of now, there had been no arrest and the CID is currently exploring the case on various aspects, he said when contacted today. At a press conference, yesterday, RTD Deputy Director-General (Operations), Datuk Wan Ahmad Uzir Wan Sulaiman did not rule out the possibility of being targeted by a clone vehicle syndicate.


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The Only Dryer Sheets You Should Be Using

38 Things Your Housecleaner Secretly Wants You to Know

Naama Elitzur/ShutterstockThere’s a rumor going around that fabric-softening dryer sheets contain toxic chemicals that put your health at risk. Snopes has mostly debunked the claim, although the fragrances in dryer sheets may still be questionable. The Federal Trade Commission doesn’t require dryer sheet manufacturers to identify their fragrance ingredients, and there are at least 3,000 […]

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