Police launch Ops Selamat 12 to safeguard Shah Alam neighbourhoods


MO,9/2/2018, SHAH ALAM: Police have given top priority to patrolling accident-prone stretches and crime-prone neighbourhoods throughout this Chinese New Year period. The patrols, part of police’s special Ops Selamat 12, begins today and will end on Feb 23. Shah Alam District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Baharudin Mat Taib said the accident-prone stretches are Persiaran Kuala Selangor, Jalan Jubli Perak, Jalan Subang and the Guthrie Corridor Expressway (GCE).

He said throughout the 15-days, police will focus their patrols on the targeted areas, including Sri Muda and Seksyen 7. “A total of 100 policemen have been deployed during Ops Selamat 12 with the aim of reducing road accidents and burglary cases. “Having identified the targeted sites, the core of Ops Selamat 12 is to minimise accidents and crime statistics,” he said.He was speaking to reporters after the launch of Ops Selamat 12 at the Shah Alam district police headquarters today.

Baharudin said based on the previous year’s statistics, traffic accidents increased by 146 cases to 512 accidents, compared to 2016. However, the number of deaths remained at four over the past two years. Baharudin advised Shah Alam residents who are returning to their respective hometowns to register themselves with the police to enable policemen to patrol their neighbourhoods.

Registration can be done via forms available at the nearest police station or can be downloaded from the police’s official website.


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Things in Your Home That Can Cause Cancer

Your big, comfy couch

Classical style Armchair sofa couch in vintage room khunmee/ShutterstockYour favorite sofa could be killing you, and not just because it lures you away from activity: Many sofas, mattresses, and other cushioned furniture are treated with TDCIPP, a flame retardant known to cause cancer (i.e., a carcinogen). TDCIPP was used so frequently prior to 2013 that a study out of Duke University found it in the blood of everyone they tested. It’s also one of ten chemicals most frequently found in household dust, according to this study.

What can you do?

Consider replacing cushioned furniture you purchased prior to 2013, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council—and check furniture labels on any purchases.

And while you’re at it, make sure you aren’t around any of these other causes of cancer.

Your leather recliner

Retro tan leather chair and side table with flowers interiorJodie Johnson/ShutterstockChromium (VI) is a known carcinogen found in tanned leather, wood furniture, certain dyes and pigments used in textiles, and cement. To give you an idea of the prevalence of chromium VI, one study out of Denmark found that almost half of imported leather shoes and sandals contained some level of the carcinogen.

What can you do?

As with TCIPP, pay attention to labeling. And don’t be shy about asking questions of your furniture salesperson.

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Your old fridge

Old white vintage refrigerator door handle with copy space for text. Refrigerator handle concept.ShutterStockStudio/ShutterstockAccording to cancer.org, carcinogenic PCBs can turn up in old appliances, fluorescent lighting fixtures, and electrical transformers. While no longer commercially produced in the United States, PCBs are still manufactured and used in developing countries, and of all PCBs ever produced, up to 70 percent are still in the environment. Diet is another major source of exposure, according to Gushée.

What can you do?

Get rid of those old appliances and fluorescent light fixtures. Pay attention to advisories regarding PCB-contaminated fish and fish-eating wildlife.

Your cleaning products

House cleaning product on wood tableChutima Chaochaiya/ShutterstockFormaldehyde is a known carcinogen found at home in food, cosmetics, a variety of cleaning products (such as dishwashing liquids, fabric softeners, and carpet cleaners), paint, foam insulation, and on permanent press fabrics. In addition, you can be exposed by breathing smoke from gas cookers and open fireplaces.

What can you do?

Here is a list of household products that contain formaldehyde, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Choose your cleaning products carefully—here are some chemical-free ways to clean your home. Also, be sure to ventilate your cooking areas.

Your closets

clothes hanging on rail in white wardrobe with box and shoesAll About Space/ShutterstockThe dry-cleaning chemical perchloroethylene (tetrachloroethylene or “perc”) is a carcinogen that can build up wherever you store your dry-cleaned clothes. It’s also found in spot removers, shoe polish, and wood cleaners.

What can you do?

Wear gloves when polishing your shoes and cleaning wood. If you dry-clean your clothing, try to find a dry-cleaner who doesn’t use perc. And check out the times you can feel free to ignore the dry-clean only label.

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Your favorite chicken and rice dinner

Kung pao chicken fillets in a bowl and rice. horizontal view from aboveAS Food studio/ShutterstockEveryone knows arsenic is poisonous, but in smaller doses, it’s also carcinogenic. Yet you can find it in foods you probably eat regularly—including chicken, rice, and certain fruit juices, as well as in degreasing products, dyes, furniture wax, glues, lubricants, nylon, and paints.

What can you do?

Serve only organic chicken, and follow these rice-related guidelines issued by Consumer Reports. Check the labels on your household products; people following a gluten-free diet may be at particular risk of arsenic exposure.


Your insulation

Pink Insulation.David Papazian/ShutterstockAsbestos has been out of favor for decades, thankfully, but you can still find it in the insulation of older homes. As the insulation eventually deteriorates, asbestos fibers become airborne. Since asbestos fibers stick to clothing and shoes, workers exposed to asbestos on the job can also bring asbestos into their homes.

What can you do?

Follow these guidelines to reduce asbestos exposure in your home.

Your styrofoam cups

Styrofoam Cups BackgroundPam Walker/ShutterstockStyrene is a known carcinogen widely used in the manufacturing of polystyrene plastics, which can be made into foam and rigid plastic products such as cups, plates, trays, utensils, packaging, and packing peanuts. Styrene may leach into your hot coffee or soup if you’re using styrofoam containers. It’s also present in cigarette smoke and in all of these home maintenance, automotive, and crafting products.

What can you do?

Avoid using styrofoam to hold hot foods and liquids, and read your product labels carefully. Find out the 12 foods you should never microwave.



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Your bug spray

Mosquito repellent. Woman using insect repellent spray outdoors.Albina Glisic/ShutterstockPantry pests and other creepy crawlies can carry disease. But if you eliminate them using chemical pesticides, you’re increasing your risk of cancer. Chemical pesticides include those that you use on your pets, such as flea collars and tick-repellant.

What can you do?

Seek out less-toxic pesticide alternatives—or make your own, like this natural tick repellent that works.

Your granite counter

Kitchen counter tops of granite marble and quartz, granite kitchen countertops, assortment kitchen counters, countertop samples, granite counter colors, kitchen worktops on marble counterStudioDin/ShutterstockRadon is formed naturally from the radioactive decay of uranium in rocks and soil. It raises the risk of lung cancer—especially if you also smoke, says Ashley Sumrall, MD, FACP, a Charlotte-based oncologist. If you live in an area where the amount of uranium and radium in rocks is high, you can be exposed to radon through cracks in your foundation. You can also be exposed to radon if you have a granite countertops.

What can you do?

If you live in an area with high levels of uranium and radium, or if you have granite countertops, consider having your home’s radon levels measured. Here’s what you need to know about radon testing.

Next, find out the causes of cancer that might surprise you.

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Istana Kelantan tarik balik Darjah Kerabat Tun M

indexMO, 9/2/2018, KOTA BHARU: Istana Kelantan menarik balik Darjah Kerabat (DK) Al-Yunusi Kelantan yang diterima Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, berkuatkuasa Selasa lalu.

Penarikan pingat berkenaan dimaklumkan Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri menerusi surat yang diterima Dr Mahathir yang juga Pengerusi Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) semalam.

Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Kelantan, Datuk Faudzi Che Mamat, ketika dihubungi, mengesahkan penarikan pingat berkenaan yang diterima Dr Mahathir pada 2002 dan tidak membawa sebarang gelaran.

Akhbar semalam turut melaporkan, Naib Presiden Parti Amanah Negara (PAN) , Husam Musa dan Pengerusi PAN Kelantan, Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Abdullah mengesahkan Istana Kelantan menarik balik pingat Datuk Paduka daripada mereka.

Wan Abdul Rahim dan Husam menerima surat daripada Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri memaklumkan Sultan Kelantan, Sultan Muhammad V, menarik balik Tauliah Pelantikan Ahli Yang Kedua (Datuk Paduka) bagi Darjah Kebesaran Jiwa Mahkota Kelantan Yang Amat Mulia (DJMK) (Al-Ismaili II).

Darjah yang dianugerahkan kepada dua pemimpin PAN itu ditarik balik mulai 6 Februari.

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Vladimir Putin tidak miliki telefon pintar

PADA abad ke-21 ini, pasti penggunaan telefon pintar menjadi kemestian dalam aktiviti harian kita.

Namun, bagi Presiden Rusia, Vladimir Putin, beliau akui tidak memiliki telefon pintar malah tidak memliki sebarang telefon bimbit sejak tahun 2005.

Putin mendedahkan perkara itu pada Khamis sebagai reaksi kepada ucapan Ketua Institut Penyelidikan Nuklear Kurchatov, Mikhail Kovalchuk, dalam satu pertemuan bersama saintis dan pakar akademik.

“Anda kata semua orang mempunyai telefon pintar. Tetapi saya tidak ada telefon pintar,” kata Putin, disambut gelak ketawa hadirin.

Pemimpin berusia 65 tahun itu berkata demikian sebagai mengulas kenyataan dibuat Kovalchuk, “semua orang ada telefon pintar di dalam poket mereka.”

Sebelum ini pada tahun 2005, Putin pernah mendedahkan yang beliau tidak berminat untuk turut serta dalam mana-mana platform media sosial.

Malah beliau turut akui bahawa dirinya seorang yang buta IT dan setiap perkara berkaitan kerja yang memerlukan penggunaan internet, pekerjanya yang akan lakukan.

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Perjuangan UMNO, BN pastikan kesinambungan kemajuan negara – PM

DVkEi4LVoAAnKipMO, 9/2/2018, MUAR: Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak hari ini mengingatkan rakyat supaya sentiasa menghayati perjuangan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional (BN) demi memastikan kesinambungan kemajuan negara.

Beliau berkata, rakyat perlu bergantung kepada UMNO, parti yang mempunyai kekuatan sendiri, dan bukannya dengan parti yang bergantung dengan parti lain.

“Takkan kita hendak harap parti yang bergantung kepada orang lain. Kita kena letak (harapan) pada parti yang sejati iaitu UMNO.

“Selagi ada UMNO, pembelaan orang Melayu dan kaum lain akan berterusan. Negara kita akan tetap maju ke depan,” katanya semasa berucap pada majlis Pemimpin Bersama Masyarakat Pagoh di Felda Maokil di sini, hari ini.

Turut hadir isteri Perdana Menteri, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Menteri Besar Johor, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin dan isteri Datin Seri Rosni Mansor serta Pengerusi FELDA, Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad. – BERNAMA

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Bual Bola EP21 S03 3/4 – Gol Harry Kane ofsaid atau tidak?

Ian Johan Ariff berdiskusi dengan ahli kelab penyokong kelab Tottenham Hotspur, Malaysia Spurs, Ayani Ismail mengenai keputusan kontroversi perlawanan Liverpool menentang Tottenham baru-baru ini. Selain itu, perbincangan London derby antara Spurs dan Arsenal Sabtu ini dan bolehkah Ayani menang timbang bola melawan Jason Lee?

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GIGABYTE Mengumumkan Papan Induk B250-FinTech Dengan 12 Slot PCIe Untuk Pelombong Kriptowang – Amanz

Nilai kriptowang dilihat menjunam bagai Evil Knievel yang jatuh setelah terlepas lompatannya, tetapi nampaknya masih ada syarikat pembuat komponen komputer yang masih mengeluarkan komponen-komponen untuk tujuan tersebut.

GIGABYTE baru-baru ini mengumumkan kehadiran papan induk tujuan melombong kriptowang yang dinamakan GIGABYTE B250-FinTech yang hadir dengan 12 slot PCIe yang mampu menyokong sehingga 12 kad grafik.

Papan induk ini hadir dengan beberapa ciri yang cukup menarik sekali untuk melombong kriptowang. 12 slot PCIe tersebut semuanya hadir dengan sokongan terus kepada CPU, dan tidak dipisahkan seperti apa yang dilakukan oleh papan induk biasa yang lain. Ini adalah untuk memastikan bahawa semua kad-kad grafik yang digunakan boleh dikesan tanpa sebarang masalah.

Dalam pada itu, ia juga dilengkapi dengan dua sambungan kuasa 12V PCIe yang memastikan kuasa yang dihantar kepada kad-kad grafik ini stabil dan tidak merosakkan kad-kad grafik yang digunakan. Ini juga digabungkan dengan kabel kuasa 24-pin 3-dalam-1 yang mampu menyambungkan tiga bekalan kuasa kepada satu papan induk untuk memastikan bahawa kesemua kad-kad grafik tersebut mendapat kuasa yang mencukupi.

Malah, GIGABYTE juga telah melengkapi papan induk ini dengan ciri baru yang dinamakan Mining Mode untuk mengoptimasikan lombongan kriptowang supaya ia lebih cekap.

Buat masa ini, GIGABYTE masih belum mengumumkan tarikh pengeluaran papan induk ini, dan juga harganya.

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Hayati perjuangan UMNO, BN pastikan kesinambungan kemajuan negara – PM Najib

MUAR – Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hari ini, mengingatkan rakyat supaya sentiasa menghayati perjuangan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional (BN) demi memastikan kesinambungan kemajuan negara.

Beliau berkata, rakyat perlu bergantung kepada UMNO, parti yang mempunyai kekuatan sendiri, bukan dengan parti yang bergantung kepada parti lain.

“Takkan kita hendak harap parti yang bergantung kepada orang lain. Kita kena letak (harapan) pada parti yang sejati iaitu UMNO.

“Selagi ada UMNO, pembelaan orang Melayu dan kaum lain akan berterusan. Negara kita akan tetap maju ke depan,” katanya seperti dilaporkan Bernama semasa berucap pada majlis Pemimpin Bersama Masyarakat Pagoh di Felda Maokil di sini, hari ini.

Turut hadir, isteri Perdana Menteri, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor; Menteri Besar Johor, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin; dan isteri, Datin Seri Rosni Omar serta Pengerusi Felda, Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad.

Najib yang juga Presiden UMNO menegaskan, pemimpin parti itu sememangnya penting, tetapi mereka memerlukan sokongan akar umbi untuk turut membantu membawa perubahan dalam negara.

“Saya sedar walaupun saya Perdana Menteri, tetapi kalau 3.5 juta ahli UMNO tiada di belakang, saya tidak mungkin boleh jadi pemimpin yang boleh bawa perubahan,” katanya.

Beliau berkata, jasa UMNO adalah jauh lebih besar daripada pemimpin kerana ia parti keramat, bukan sembarangan parti.

“UMNO institusi politik tanah air. Parti yang paling berjaya, jadi harapan. Inilah yang kita mesti jaga. Bukan kita jaga pemimpin, tetapi parti,” katanya.

Najib berkata, dua bekas pemimpin UMNO (Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin) sebelum ini pernah mendakwa DAP parti anti-Melayu dan anti-Islam, tetapi kini mereka mengkhianati perjuangan UMNO dan BN yang bersekongkol dengan DAP.

“Ada orang dah lupa, dia (Mahathir) jadi Perdana Menteri selama 22 tahun kerana UMNO di belakang dia, hari ini dia nak musnahkan UMNO, berkawan dengan DAP. Bukan sahaja berkawan, dah tidur dengan DAP,” kata Najib.

“Kerana (mereka) nak capai sesuatu yang tak tercapai, DAP nak gunakan Mahathir, Mahathir nak gunakan Muhyiddin, (manakala) DAP hendak gunakan mereka untuk kurangkan undi Melayu.

“Jadi, mereka nak gunakan DAP kerana Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (tidak mampu). Inilah punca tenggelam timbul, kaki sendiri tak boleh berdiri jadi berpautlah pada DAP,” kata Najib.

Dalam pada itu, Najib berkata, masyarakat Felda perlu mengingati semangat perjuangan dalam pembangunan tanah rancangan tersebut dan jasa pemimpin terdahulu untuk membangunkannya.

Felda berubah kerana jasa pemimpin UMNO dan BN, kata beliau sambil memberitahu bahawa tanah rancangan itu sememangnya sentiasa berada dekat di hatinya.

“Felda tidak dapat dipisahkan dengan Tun Razak (Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak Hussein) kerana lahirnya Felda adalah kerana perjuangan Allahyarham hendak melihat orang kampung yang tidak bertanah, orang miskin yang tidak ada tanah (mempunyai tanah sendiri)…tanah yang subur baik untuk peladang.”

“Bermulalah perjuangan sehingga dia (Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak) sanggup meniti jambatan kayu dengan ‘bush jacket’ untuk melihat anak bangsa mendapat masa depan lebih baik,” kata Najib sambil memberitahu bahawa model rumah peneroka turut ditempatkan di Sri Taman, iaitu kediaman rasmi Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak.

Dalam pada itu, Najib menegaskan UMNO dan BN akan mempertahankan kerusi Parlimen Pagoh pada Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-14 (PRU-14).

Beliau berkata Pagoh akan terus maju selagi UMNO dan BN terus berkuasa.

“Manifesto Pagoh akan terus kita laksanakan. Mail (pemangku Ketua UMNO Bahagian Pagoh Ismail Mohamed) minta apa yang patut ya. Apa pun Pagoh akan tetap kita majukan ke hadapan selagi UMNO berkuasa, BN berkuasa,” kata beliau.

Pada majlis itu, Najib turut menyampaikan geran tanah notis 5A kepada sebahagian daripada 721 peneroka Felda.

Kesemua geran itu meliputi tanah rumah seluas 200 ekar (80.93 hektar) dan 7,823 ekar (3,165.8 hektar) tanah ladang. – theRakyat

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Face ID is reportedly coming to all three 2018 iPhone models

Face ID is reportedly coming to all three 2018 iPhone models

The different components of the TrueDepth camera.

Another two reports surfaced today suggesting that all three iPhone models this year will adopt Face ID. 

While it remains to be seen whether Apple will introduce two OLED iPhones and one LCD iPhone this year, both ETNews and The Investor are confident that the three upcoming iPhone models will come with Face ID. 

Both publications added that Apple will be diversifying the suppliers for the components of the TrueDepth camera system. Although LG Innotek will remain as the main supplier of the module, Apple is said to have dropped Sharp as the supplier “failed to renew the deal”. Two unnamed Chinese suppliers are believed to be included in the supply chain. 

In October 2017, KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo predicted that Touch ID will disappear from all iPhone models in 2018. He also stated that future iPad Pro models would come with Face ID and Bloomberg followed up with a similar report

Source: ETNews, The Investor via 9to5Mac

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Lead the charge for change to spearhead PBB into better future, Abang Jo tells party members


MO,9/2/2018,PETRA JAYA: Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) must embrace change and lead the charge for economic and social transformation in Sarawak, Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Abang Openg said today. He said as the backbone of the ruling coalition in the state, PBB has a huge responsibility to champion the aspiration of the Sarawak people, who have awarded the party with the mandate to lead the state.

Abang Johari, who is also party president, said PBB’s track record spoke volume of its capabilities in driving the state to greater heights with the implementation of policies aimed at changing the economic landscape in Sarawak. “The decision for Sarawak to embrace digital economy was made considering the demand of the current market and to warrant greater future for the people in the state.

“As for PBB, we have no choice but to adopt these changes for the party to remain relevant and garner greater support from the people in the state. “We must continue and intensify efforts in nurturing the younger generations with knowledge and skills in parallel with the advancement in technology,” he said. Abang Johari made the call in his speech during the launching of Youth and Wanita PBB delegates’ conference in conjunction with the party’s 14th Triennial General Assembly at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching here today.

Present were outgoing PBB Youth chief Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof, who is also the Works Minister, and party’s Women division chief Tan Sri Empiang Jabu. It was reported that Fadillah and Empiang would give way to Layar assemblyman Gerald Rentap Jabu and State Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development Minister Datuk Seri Fatimah Abdullah, who will be the new chief of the Youth and Wanita wings respectively.

Fadillah, the Member of Parliament for Petra Jaya, is expected to be announced as the new senior vice-president for the party at the end of the conference.


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