Anggota TLDM maut, rakan parah – Nasional

PARIT 10 Feb. – Seorang anggota Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM) maut manakala rakan sejawatannya parah setelah kereta jenis Perodua Myvi yang dinaiki terlibat dalam kemalangan membabitkan dua buah kenderaan di Kilometer 28, Jalan Teluk Intan-Sitiawan di sini hari ini.

Nahas pada pukul 6.10 petang itu mengorbankan Laskar Muda Mohd. Naqib Mohd. Nasir, 24, yang menghembuskan nafas terakhir di lokasi kejadian.

Rakannya, Laskar Muda Mohd. Firdaus Zackariah, 24, parah manakala pemandu kereta jenis Nissan Almera berusia 65 tahun tidak cedera.

Ketua Polis Daerah Perak Tengah, Superintenden Mohamad Zainal Abdullah berkata, kejadian berlaku ketika kenderaan dinaiki anggota tentera itu dalam perjalanan dari Teluk Intan menghala ke Sitiawan manakala pemandu Nissan Almera pula dalam perjalanan dari Sitiawan untuk pulang ke rumahnya di Hutan Melintang.

Katanya, kemalangan dipercayai berlaku apabila kereta mangsa masuk ke laluan bertentangan sebelum merempuh kereta Almera.

“Akibat kemalangan itu, pemandu Myvi cedera parah dan maut di tempat kejadian manakala rakannya pula parah. Mayat mangsa dihantar ke Hospital Changkat Melintang untuk bedah siasat,” katanya. – UTUSAN ONLINE


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Obstacles to Healthy Sex—and How to Overcome Them

Putting up with bad sex

couple-in-bedJacob Lund/Shutterstock

Good sex makes you feel good about yourself. Bad sex has the opposite effect. Simple, huh? You’d be surprised.

As a sex therapist, I hear from lots of people who keep having sex even though the sex they’re having isn’t making them feel good about themselves. Most often, they’re just relieved that all the body mechanics are still working. They forget that sex is supposed to make you happy.

Believe it or not, there are ways to turn bad sex into better sex—sex that actually leaves you feeling good. But for now, let’s just say the most important thing you can do to cultivate good sex is to say “no” to sex that’s just not worth your time or energy. (But watch out: Here’s what happens to your body when you stop having sex.)

Having sex when you’re not ready

bedsirtravelalot/Shutterstock Too many people have sex despite not being very turned on. They might be physically aroused, but that’s not the kind of arousal that counts. What counts is psychological arousal.

When you’re psychologically aroused, you become more infantile, more in-the-moment. If all goes well, your IQ drops and you become a bit more immature. Good love-making recalls our attachment to the first people who held us, rocked us, and told us we were wonderful. Hey, who wouldn’t want to go back there? Most adults get to be infantile like that only when they’re having sex. (See how one study found great sex to be a trance-like state.)

So make sure you lose some IQ points in bed. Otherwise, why bother? 

Not being selfish enough during lovemaking

couple-in-bedJacob Lund/Shutterstock

We’re all reminded these days to make sure we pleasure our partners in bed. But some people overdo that part. The result is a lot of very boring sex. Sexual generosity that’s not accompanied by a certain kind of selfishness just isn’t very erotic.

Think about it: No hero in a romance novel ever rips off the heroine’s clothes and says, “Now tell me how you like to be touched.”

No, he just consumes her, like a delicious pastry. There’s a kind of selfishness at the heart of most sexual passion.

Ideally, you want to feel “selfishly connected” to your partner. That frees your partner to feel selfishly connected to you.

Sex feels too much like work

couple-in-bedDean Drobot/Shutterstock

Remember, sex is infantile. To an infant, the word “work” has no meaning.

Some people try too hard to be good lovers. They spend too much time thinking about technique. That’s the source of a lot of boring sex.

Good technique is fine—and certainly better than bad technique.  But technique has very little to do with great lovemaking.

The best sex has no goal in mind. Don’t worry about trying to turn your partner on. Instead, just enjoy your partner. Selfishly, because it feels good. That’s usually the best recipe for great sex.

Don’t miss the secrets sex therapists wish you knew.

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Thinking that sex is all about the climax

couple-in-bedDean Drobot/shutterstock A good sexual climax should be like dessert at the end of a good meal. Memorable, perhaps. But not really the reason you went out to dinner. The couples who have the best sex are the ones who don’t set orgasm as a goal.

It’s usually best to focus on turn-ons instead. Then, after you’ve eaten and enjoyed everything on your plate, suddenly the dessert tray appears and you realize, “OMG, I forgot! There’s gonna be dessert!”

Dessert is a sweet ending but by no means the whole show.

Saving intimacy for the bedroom

feetMIND AND I/Shutterstock

Many couples get aroused together only when they’re going to have sex, as if arousal was an unhappy state of mind that they’d rather avoid. But the happiest couples make a point to enjoy small moments of excitement even when sex isn’t on the menu.

In sex therapy, we call this “simmering”: Taking a moment to enjoy feeling excited together, before leaving for work in the morning —or before falling asleep together at night. In a long-term relationship, it’s often the simmering more than the sex that keeps you erotically bonded.

Tell us your age and we’ll guess how much sex you’re having!

Criticizing yourself in bed


We all have limitations in bed. That’s normal. But it’s impossible to have good sex while feeling bad about your body or your skills.

Most of us tend to be hard on ourselves. Our minds generate so-called “Automatic Negative Thoughts,” a term I like because its initials spell the word “ANTs.” ANTs can spoil lovemaking, just like real ants can spoil a picnic.

The best way to handle negative ANTs is not to take them too seriously. As the Buddhists say, “let your thoughts come into your home, but don’t serve them tea.”

Stop giving your ANTs so much attention, and they’ll often get bored and go away.

And guys, for a quick boost, check out exactly how long women actually want sex to last.

Not standing your ground  

couple-in-bedsirtravelalot/Shutterstock Many people feel that a good relationship is where two people “become one.” But that’s seldom a good idea. It often leads people to deny their differences, to force themselves to be what their partner wants, or to be unable to “stand their ground” when conflicts arise.

That often leads people in relationships to feel anxious and overwhelmed, and to end up avoiding each other.

The happiest relationships are where two people acknowledge one another as fundamentally different. Then each person in the couple can feel comfortable asserting his or her needs, even when those needs are potentially in conflict.

In the short run, that can be challenging. But in the long run, it’s often actually more erotic.

Here are more simple ways to improve your sex life.

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Not taking responsibility for your own needs 


Ultimately you’re the one responsible for your own arousal. Even for your own orgasms. Yes, I know this is different from most sex advice you’ve heard.

Most sex experts suggest that you should take responsibility for each other’s sexual pleasure. The problem with that approach is that ultimately you end up just servicing each other—not so passionate.

It’s a good rule to absolutely avoid doing anything in bed that you don’t like. Don’t just do it because it pleases your partner. Instead, find something else that you like to do, that your partner likes too.

Whatever it is, make sure it makes both of you happy. Otherwise in the long run no one’s going to be happy.

Believing you can program desire  

couple-in-bedsirtravelalot/ShutterstockDesire comes and goes many times over the course of a long-term erotic relationship. During times when you don’t feel desire for your partner, the most important thing to remember is not to freak out.

You can’t control desire any more than you can control the whims of a child. The secret to good sex in a long-lasting relationship is to sanctify the erotic moment by paying attention to it in all its variety, without judgment.

Desire is seldom all-or-none. Sometimes you will feel highly aroused together, and sometimes your arousal may be no more than a faint whisper.

Sometimes it’s a matter of nurturing that whisper until it’s a healthy shout.

Here’s why you should consider having sex tonight, according to science, of course.

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Kadar dividen tinggi KWSP hasil pelaburan, pengurusan baik – Najib

KUALA LUMPUR – Kadar dividen tinggi yang diisytiharkan oleh Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) untuk 2017, merupakan hasil daripada pengurusan dan pelaburan yang baik, kata Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, hari ini.

“Alhamdulillah hasil pengurusan dan pelaburan baik, hari ini KWSP isytihar kadar dividen 6.90 peratus bagi Simpanan Konvensional dan 6.40 peratus bagi Simpanan Syariah,” kata beliau menerusi catatan akaun Twitter dan Facebooknya.

Beliau berkata agihan dividen dan pendapatan pelaburan kasar bagi 2017 adalah lebih tinggi daripada tahun sebelumnya.

“Syabas pasukan KWSP!,”katanya.

Perdana menteri juga berharap agihan dividen itu, dapat menambah simpanan pencarum serta menjadi bekalan mereka pada masa hadapan.

KWSP mengisytiharkan kadar dividen 6.90 peratus bagi Simpanan Konvensional 2017 dengan jumlah agihan dividen sebanyak RM44.15 bilion dan 6.40 peratus bagi Simpanan Syariah, dengan agihan dividen RM3.98 bilion.

Jumlah keseluruhan agihan dividen bagi 2017 adalah sebanyak RM48.13 bilion, peningkatan 29.8 peratus dari 2016.


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7 Honey Benefits for Health and Beauty

Suppress coughs

Honey in jar with honey dipper on blue background healthy foodid-art/ShutterstockOne of the top benefits of honey? It can help you out in a pinch. This natural sweetener has been found to be just as effective as a typical over-the-counter dosage of dextromethorphan in suppressing coughs, possibly because honey acts as a demulcent, forming a film in the throat to provide relief from the irritation that causes coughing. Take 2 teaspoons before bed to ease nighttime coughing and help you sleep. Here are more natural cough remedies to try.

Improve your cholesterol profile

Honey pouring on wooden spoon and dripping from spoon. Dark background. Extreme close upFascinadora/ShutterstockA Dubai study found that compared to participants who took a glucose solution, those consuming 250 milliliters of water with 75 grams of natural honey for 15 days lowered their total and “bad” low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, while raising “good” high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. Check out more drug-free ways to lower your cholesterol.

Treat acne

Honey close-upAnastasia Lyubarskaya/ShutterstockHoney’s antimicrobial properties may reduce inflammation from acne, according to Joey Green, author of Joey Green’s Magic Health Remedies. For a perfect acne home remedy, mix equal parts honey and ground nutmeg, then leave on the pimple for 20 minutes before washing off. Don’t forget these home remedies for acne, too.

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Soothe sore throats

Spoon for honey with female handsLenaSunny/ShutterstockIn addition to quelling coughs, honey can act as a mild antibacterial that can benefit you if you have a sore throat. Pour 1/2 cup of water over 1 teaspoon grated ginger, then add the juice of 1/2 of a lemon and 1 teaspoon of honey. Gargle the mixture for relief. That’s not the only natural gargle that can soothe a sore throat.

Heal burns

Close up photo of golden colored acacia honeyOcskay Bence/ShutterstockOne classic study found that burns treated with honey healed faster and showed less inflammation than silver sulfadiazine, a common burn treatment. Here are more surprising home remedies for burns.

Raise low blood sugar

Healthy drink golden turmeric latte in glass cup.Gold milk with turmeric,ginger root,cinnamon sticks,turmeric powder and honey on black background.Detox turmeric tea and ingredients.Top view flat-lay.Fascinadora/ShutterstockHoney powder increased and maintained glucose levels more effectively than sucrose or maltodextrin, according to a study from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Large amounts of carbs and protein after exercise could cause hypoglycemia in some people, but the researchers concluded that honey could prevent such reactions. Patients with hypoglycemia can use honey’s high sugar content to give low blood glucose levels a boost. You should also know these tricks to treat low blood sugar.

Eliminate dandruff

Golden Organic Honey against a back groundBrent Hofacker/ShutterstockUsing a honey hair wash can soothe your scalp and help fight dandruff. (It’s just one of the scalp conditions you should never ignore.) Researchers studied the use of honey on patients suffering from seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff and found that using a honey wash relieved itching and improved scaling. Even if you only have occasional dandruff, washing with honey can help. Honey has anti-fungal properties and moisturizes the scalp. Dilute honey with a bit of warm water and massage into scalp for 2-3 minutes. These natural treatments can help you get rid of dandruff, too.

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Use as a body wash

Honeycomb filled with honey isolated on whiteBoris15/ShutterstockUsed as a body wash in the shower, honey will moisturize dry skin and kill bacteria that can cause acne or body odor. To make the bodywash, combine two teaspoons of honey with a tablespoon of olive oil. To increase the spa experience, add essential oils such as lavender, almond oil, or vitamin E oil. These oils are soothing and provide a pleasant smell. If you’d like to turn your body wash into a scrub, combine with 1/2 cup of brown sugar.
Make sure that your body wash does not contain water–honey itself has a very long shelf life, but adding water can contribute to mold growth, spoiling the wash quickly. But the benefits of honey don’t stop there. Find out how honey can completely transform your hair.

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Helikopter tentera Turki ditembak jatuh Erdogan berang

ROJU: Sebuah helikopter tentera Turki ditembak jatuh oleh puak pemberontak di Utara Syria pada Sabtu.

Kejadian itu berlaku ketika pasukan tentera Turki mengadakan operasi pembersihan puak pemberontak Kurdis Syria di kawasan itu sekitar kira-kira jam 1 pagi waktu tempatan .

Perkara itu diumumkan sendiri oleh Presiden Turki Recep Tayyip Erdogan yang turut menyatakan bahawa dua tentera Turki turut terbunuh dalam insiden tersebut.

Erdogan memberi amaran bahawa pihak yang bertanggungjawab terhadap insiden tersebut akan membayar harga pengorbanan tentera mereka yang terkorban .

Sementara itu Jurucakap Pasukan Demokrasi Syria (SDF) Mustafa Bali mengakui bahawa pejuang mereka bertanggungjawab terhadap serangan tersebut.

Turki melancarkan serangan ketenteraan di kawasan itu pada 20 Januari untuk mengusir YPG dari Afrin.

Turki menganggap kumpulan itu sebagai lanjutan pemberontakan di dalam sempadannya sendiri.

Dua puluh satu tentera Turki telah maut sepanjang operasi terbabit.

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27 maut, 16 cedera bas terbalik di Subang, Jawa – Luar Negara

JAKARTA 10 Feb. – Sekurang-kurangnya 27 penumpang maut dan 16 lagi cedera selepas bas yang membawa pelancong tempatan terbalik di wilayah Subang, barat Jawa, hari ini.

Menurut polis, bas yang membawa 40 penumpang itu telah melanggar sebuah motosikal semasa menuruni sebuah bukit menyebabkan ia terbalik beberapa kali.

Kebanyakan penumpang yang dalam perjalanan ke kolam air panas adalah dari selatan Tangerang di wilayah Banten.

Polis masih menyiasat punca kemalangan namun dipercayai brek bas terbabit gagal berfungsi.

Kesemua mangsa telah dikeluarkan dari bas berkenaan dan dibawa ke hospital berhampiran.

Menurut jurucakap hospital Subang, Mamat Dudirakhmat, bilik mayat hospital berkenaan kini penuh dan tidak mampu menampung mangsa kemalangan tersebut. – AFP


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Terus pulihara alam sekitar – Tengku Abdullah – Nasional

KUANTAN 10 Feb. – Pemangku Raja Pahang, Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah mahu usaha pemuliharaan alam sekitar perlu berterusan agar khazanah alam itu dapat diwarisi sekali gus menarik lebih ramai kedatangan pelancong ke negeri ini.

Baginda bertitah, dalam usaha menggalakkan pelancong berkunjung ke negeri ini, masyarakat tidak boleh berkompromi dalam usaha menjaga alam sekitar.

“Kita bertuah kerana Pahang memiliki pelbagai khazanah alam yang cukup berharga. Pantai, tanah tinggi, sungai, taman negara dan pelbagai produk pelancongan seperti makanan.

“Pemuliharaan khazanah alam harus dipertingkat dari tahun ke tahun dan diberi keutamaan. Selain itu, usaha mempromosi pelancongan juga boleh melibatkan lebih ramai individu seperti melantik duta dalam kalangan ahli korporat, selebriti dan artis untuk dijadikan ikon,” titah baginda.

Baginda bertitah demikian ketika berangkat mencemar duli pada Malam Penghargaan Tourism Pahang di sini malam ini.

Yang turut hadir Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob; Ketua Pengarah Tourism, Datuk Seri Mirza Mohammad Taiyab dan Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan negeri, Datuk Seri Mohd. Sharkar Shamsuddin. – UTUSAN ONLINE


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Lima ditahan dalam Op Judi Online – Jenayah

KUALA LUMPUR 10 Feb. – Polis Selangor menahan empat warga asing dan seorang lelaki tempatan dalam Op Judi Online di Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

Serbuan ke atas premis tanpa lesen pada pukul 7.50 malam itu dijalankan pasukan pegawai dan anggota Bahagian Anti Maksiat, Perjudian dan Kongsi Gelap (D7) Ibu pejabat Polis Kontinjen Selangor.

Pegawai Turus D7 Selangor, Deputi Superintenden Norhizam Bahaman berkata, dua warga asing yang ditahan adalah penjaga premis manakala tiga lagi pemain judi.

“Selain tangkapan, kita turut merampas lima unit telefon bimbit beserta wang tunai berjumlah RM67,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan di sini hari ini.

Tambah Norhizam, kesemua yang ditahan dibawa ke balai berdekatan dan kes disiasat di bawah Seksyen 4B(a) Akta Rumah Judi Terbuka 1953 dan 6(1) Akta Imigresen. – UTUSAN ONLINE


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Valentine’s Day Ideas from Long-Time Couples

The 14 Most Insightful Things We’ve Read About Donald Trump in 2016

Reader’s Digest Having trouble planning the perfect Valentine’s Day? You’re likely not alone in needing some great Valentine’s Day ideas. Some 62 percent of U.S. adults celebrate the holiday, spending $448 million on candy alone. Have you bought your box of chocolates yet? Or flowers? Have you made dinner reservations or picked out the perfect […]

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Terengganu jinakkan Selangor di laman sendiri – Bola Sepak

KUALA TERENGGANU 10 Feb. – Terengganu mencipta kejutan selepas membelasah teruk pendahulu Liga Super, Selangor 4-1 dalam aksi yang berlangsung di Stadium Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah di sini sebentar tadi.

Tuan rumah terlebih dahulu membuka pada minit ke-32 hasil sudahan Lee Andrew Tuck, disusuli Shahrul Aizad Zulkufli, 26 minit kemudian sebelum kapten skuad Penyu, Tchetche Kipre melebarkan jurang gol (m-65).

Terengganu yang juga pendatang baharu Liga Super musim ini bagaimanapun masih belum puas, dengan kali ini penyerang dari England, Tuck melepaskan rembatan dari tengah padang untuk gol keempat Terengganu.

Begitu pun, Red Giants sekurang-kurangnya tidak pulang dengan tangan kosong apabila penyerangnya, Amri Yahyah menjaringkan gol sagu hati seminit sebelum wisel penamat dibunyikan.

Kekalahan tersebut sekali gus menandakan Selangor terpaksa membuang label ‘tiada padang, tiada masalah’ setelah menang dalam dua perlawanan terawal musim ini.

Sementara itu, saingan melibatkan Kuala Lumpur dengan Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) terpaksa ditunda ekoran hujan lebat yang melanda Stadium Bola Sepak Kuala Lumpur.

Perlawanan tersebut akan diteruskan pada minit ke-56 keesokkan hari pukul 4 petang dengan kedudukan Kuala Lumpur mendahului 1-0 hasil ledakan penyerang dari Brazil, Paulo Josue.

Berikut merupakan keputusan pasukan Liga Super yang bersaing pada hari ini.- UTUSAN ONLINE

Pahang 3 Kelantan 0

Perak 0 PKNS 2

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