20171228-pkr-setuju-mahathir-jadi-pmMO, 13/2/2018 – In the beginning, Pakatan Harapan announced that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad would temporarily become Prime Minister. When PKR advisor, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim receives royal pardon, he will be “crowned” as Prime Minister.

However, analysing the statement of Dr Mahathir on becoming Prime Minister in the past two years, the term “temporary” is debatable. The ex-Prime Minister promises many things now that he is part of the opposition block, as customary of the opposition. Whether or not these promises will be fulfilled is secondary. Some other reason will be presented when this promise is claimed.

Therefore, when Dr. Mahathir proudly announced that he would solve all the problems purportedly created by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak within two years, is this promise then believable?

It cannot be denied that as someone who has assumed the post of Prime Minister before, Dr Mahathir has experience, but the nation’s problems (if there is any) is not as easily solvable as him, in the blink of an eye, altering his political stance on DAP. Apparently, at the age of 92, Dr Mahathir is still eager to become Prime Minister, as if there is no one else more eligible in Pakatan Harapan.

Pity Anwar, whom for all these while has been revered as the ultimate opposition leader. He is no longer seen as the main candidate for the Prime Minister post, but on contrary, Dr Mahathir is. Only Dr Mahathir can solve the nation’s problems, Anwar is incapable – this is the message conveyed by Dr Mahathir.

The President of PPBM, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is also not eligible, perhaps he is suitable as the “skin”, as he himself has declared. Going by Dr Mahathir’s statement, only he can solve all problems, as per the dialogue in the movie “Tiga Abdul”, the Pakatan Harapan version, “more experienced than Anwar, more experienced than Muhyiddin…

Having been Prime Minister for 22 years, unlike Anwar and Muhyiddin who have yet to be Prime Ministers, this is understood. Dr Mahathir fired Anwar as it was thought that he is not worthy of the post, whereas Muhyiddin was dropped from Cabinet when he appeared to be the “thorn in the flesh” of the Najib administration.

Both are incapable of solving the nation’s problems within two years, as Dr. Mahathir himself has said that: “ Indeed for those who is a first-time Prime Minister, the two years isn’t enough, but I have 22-years of experience and I no longer need to learn the ropes of being Prime Minister”.

Therefore, it is not necessary for PKR supporters, nor their leaders to dream of Anwar becoming Prime Minister, and similarly those hardcore Malays of PPBM, just don’t dream of Muhyiddin assuming the post. It is clear that Dr Mahathir is desperate to become one.

Supposedly, Dr Mahathir promises that in the two years he is Prime Minister, he will train his successor on the ropes of becoming one. However, this has not happened. Dr Mahathir is portraying that it is only him that is capable to solve the problems brought about by Najib on the nation.

We too have the right to question – what problems? The problems left by Dr Mahathir to his successors were numerous. We should not debate at length on this, since an experienced leader such as Dr. Mahathir himself should know better what these problems were.

Nevertheless, Dr Mahathir is brilliant at politics, and this is why factions in Pakatan Harapan who previously hated him with a vengeance can now simply accept him as one of the opposition.

Also, Dr. Mahathir is good at garnering sympathy, including through his apology during the Pakatan Harapan convention recently. Among others, he said: “As any other human being, I am not shy of uttering or making mistakes.  Not just today but also throughout my time in the politics of this country. I apologise for all my past wrongdoings,”

And perhaps it is not impossible that after this Dr Mahathir will utter the word “sorry” in another version, should he be appointed as interim Prime Minister. He may say sorry for not letting go of the post within the duration of two years as he has a lot do solve. Supposedly, with all the political “U-turns” he’s committed, Dr Mahathir’s promises are not credible.

Dr Mahathir is back, fighting hard neither for the people nor the nation, but solely to defeat Najib. Aside from this, Dr Mahathir wants to gain power and he can see that only through this would he be able to exact his revenge on the Prime Minister. Moreover, as claimed by others, it is also to safeguard the political career of his beloved son, Datuk Seri Mukhriz.

Furthermore, until this day, Dr Mahathir has never retracted two of his most “classic sayings” regarding Anwar, that is, “ I cannot let someone of that character replace me as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, even I myself will not want him in the Government,” and “Perhaps I have made mistakes, but firing Anwar is not one of them,”

Therefore, the leaders and supporters of PKR must be ready to be blatantly lied to by the leader they have once labelled as “Maha Firaun”. “Congratulations!”

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