MO,13/2/2018, JOHOR BARU: Sisters Wong Liam Moi and Wong Mei Eng have been living in a small wooden shack in Pekan Tampoi for a long time. Their dilapidated home, infested with termites, started falling apart the past few years. Liam Moi, 78, gets worried every time it rains as the zinc roof would start leaking. “It will be a real mess. During strong winds, the roof will be blown off. It has been a nightmare,” she said.

Once, both of them had to move to the back of the house as the front area was too dange­rous to live in. Liam Moi said the single-storey house was built by their father during the Emergency period. Local community leaders and MP Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed chipped in to help rebuild their house. The sisters will now be able to move back to their house after the Chinese New Year. “We are very grateful to the Government and the local leaders for helping us,” she said.

Liam Moi and Mei Eng, 58, who have no steady income, depend on Liam Moi’s children for handouts. Both of them are now looking forward to living in their new three-room home, which has been rebuilt on the existing plot of land. Nur Jazlan, who visited the sisters during his walkabout in Pekan Tampoi here yesterday, said that some RM60,000 was used to rebuild the house. He came to know about the sisters during the general election in 2013.

“We decided to seek government funds to help them rebuild their house by December last year,” he added. Nur Jazlan said the project was part of his programmes to help the poor in the Pulai parliamentary constituency, using a RM1mil government fund. “The money was used for house repairs and to provide public housing units,” he said. Nur Jazlan said he and his team also had been working with local community leaders and NGOs to help identify those who needed help.

On another matter, Nur Jazlan, who is Deputy Home Minister, said the police would investigate claims that fireworks were sold openly, including in a supermarket.


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