Gadis Trivago Dahlia Shazwan dapat anak perempuan

PENGACARA televisyen (TV) dan juga model iklan Trivago, Dahlia Shazwan selamat melahirkan cahaya mata perempuan di sebuah hospital swasta Kuala Lumpur, awal pagi Khamis.
Bayi comel seberat 2.7 kilogram itu dilahirkan kira-kira jam 3.15 pagi.
Berita gembira itu dikongsi oleh penerbit Syarikat Global Station, Zetty Adila Ramly melalui aplikasi Insta Stories dengan kapsyen:
“Tahniah, Mummy Dahlia! Assalamualaikum baby F,” tulisnya. Kapsyen itu juga disertakan dengan foto merakamkan wajah Dahlia yang sedang tersenyum disamping anak pertamanya.
Bagaimanapun, wajah anaknya tidak didedahkan dan ditutup dengan emoticon berbentuk ‘love’.
Terdahulu, Dahlia atau nama sebenarnya Dahlia Shazwan Mohd Amin, 28, yang lebih dikenali menerusi iklan Trivago ini berkahwin dengan Shafiq Ismet pada 23 Julai 2016.
Foto: Instagram @adilaramly

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Local contractors get to bid at least 30pct civil works for ECRL in April


MO,22/2/2018, BENTONG: Up to 30 per cent of the civil works contracts for the RM55 billion East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) project will be offered to local contractors to bid in April. Malaysia Rail Link Sdn Bhd head of construction Noor Azlan Salleh said the contracts, valued at ‘a few billion ringgit’, will see two sets of tenders to be dished out this year, one in April and the next possibly in October.

It was reportered that Gamuda Bhd, IJM Corp Bhd, Gabungan AQRS Bhd, WCT Holdings Bhd, WZ Satu Bhd and Fajarbaru Builder Group Bhd being the serious contenders and will see a boost their orderbook if they clince the deal. “What we are trying to do this year is to start infrastructure works, specifically the permanent works. Advanced works are currently being handled by the main contractor, China Communications Construction Company.

“To start the permanent work, 30 per cent of civil works will be awarded to local contractors in April. But works for the local contractors are not just limited to that. They get to bid for other works like system works and so on,” he told a media briefing here. “We have no exact value for the first tender to be awarded to the local contractors as we are still formulating the whole thing but it is estimated to be a few billion ringgit,” he added.

Azlan said 60 per cent of the total construction works for the ECRL project consists of infrastructure works and the remaining 40 per cent make up the system works.


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Work Stress: 36 Tricks to Reduce Stress at Work

Work on one thing at a time


Today’s office worker changes tasks an average of every three minutes. Such a lightning-speed day of interruptions is helped along by the multi-tasking made possible by computers. Working on eight things at once might seem impressive, but it isn’t. Rather, it is exhausting, inefficient, and highly stressful. So, instead of constantly checking e-mails, having two or three documents open on your screen, or returning e-mails as they come in, structure your day to focus on one thing at a time. In particular, start your day by blocking out two hours for uninterrupted hands-on work. During this time, do not answer your phone or check e-mails. Then check e-mails and respond all at once. Go to lunch. Structure your afternoon in the same way. Designate a time immediately after lunch and an hour before you leave for returning calls. These are silent signs that stress is making you sick.

Work in short bursts


The flip side to multi-tasking is that it is hard to sustain creativity or intensity on one task for long stretches. Rather, our brains work in cycles of creativity, then take a rest. So try this: after an hour or so of concentrated work, get up for five minutes, walk around, do some stretches. Not only will this help the quality of your work, but by the time you finish your day, you’ll have fitted in 30 minutes of stress-reducing exercise.

Deal directly, but constructively, with difficult workplace ­relationships


“Toxic people” are those whose negativity or demeanour seems to drain or annoy you. This might be your boss, your assistant, your colleaguein other words, they are people with whom you frequently interact. After a negative encounter with a toxic person, the temptation is to be angry and accusatory. But that leads nowhere. Instead, try this direct, honest, and disarming approach: “I am finding our interactions stressful because of [blank] and am feeling bad about [blank]. I would like our working relationship to improve. What suggestions do you have for me?” Even if you feel that the other person is the one who should change, by asking for his or her suggestions, you avoid putting that person on the defensive. If your colleague is even a little bit reasonable, this might make him or her admit, “Well, I suppose there are some changes I could make too.” Use these tips to make stress management way easier.

Praise yourself at least once a day


Most of us don’t take enough time to praise ourselves for doing things well. So when you’ve completed an interim or long-term goal, tell yourselfout loudwhat a good job you’ve done. You’ll get a burst of confidence that will go a long way toward helping you to maintain your cool amid the workplace madness.

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Be creative in motivating yourself


Here’s a good one: write a check to an organization you loathe, put it in a stamped, addressed envelope and tell a trusted friend to post it if you fail to meet an important deadline or complete a vital task. Or take the positive route: give the friend something you really cherish or desire and let your friend give it back to you only if you achieve your goal. This is the difference between stress and anxiety.

Forego the coffee during team meetings or group work


A study sponsored by the British Economic and Social Research Council found that when men drank coffee while working together in a group, it tended to make the group less effective. The study also found that just the perception that the drink contained caffeine (whether or not it actually did) also increased the men’s feelings of stress and their heart rates.

Try this stress buster


Stand against the wall and slide down it as if you were sitting in a chair. Stay there for a few minutes without looking down, just feeling your spine against the wall. Breathe deeply (in through your nose, out through your mouth) and focus on one peaceful thought (waves crashing on the shore, a glass of wine by a roaring fire). Press your feet into the ground as you hold this position and picture the stress oozing out of your body. When you stand up, shake out your arms and legs and return to work refreshed. These mini meditations can also banish stress from your brain.

Keep a vacation file on your desk

iStock/Borut Trdina

Fill it with brochures of places you’d like to visit. When you’re feeling stressed, daydream your way through it. It will remind you of one reason you’re working, and provide a little virtual vacation.

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Read a poem out loud twice a day


The cadence, words, and images will soothe your soul. Not into poetry? If you’re religious, try reading a psalm or other sacred writings. If you love music, listen to a few of your favorite songs.

Keep an inspiration wall


Make an altar or display in your office to remind you of your life outside the office. Include pictures of your spouse, children and/or pet, a photograph of yourself doing something fun, plus a memento that reminds you of a special occasion. When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed and stressed out, take five minutes and simply stare at the display. Recall the day each picture was taken. Hold the memento and return in your mind to the place where you got it. Now you’re ready to return to work.

Keep a work journal


This is a journal you keep in your desk drawer (preferably locked). Write in it whenever you feel your temper rising, your frustration growing, or your despair increasing. In it, you can write all the things you’d like to say to the boss/client/colleague so you get it out of your system without losing your job. It will also help you to understand what it is about your job and your day that really drives you crazyand what you actually enjoy. Do not, however, keep said journal on your computer, and always, always keep it out of sight. Try these 15 second strategies for shutting down stress fast.

Take an impromptu vacation


If you’re experiencing an unusual number of headaches, a sore neck, sore back, or other aches and pains; find you have trouble falling or staying asleep; or are snapping at your colleagues for no reason, your stress levels may be making you sick, and it’s time for a day off. Check your calendar for the coming week and find the first available day you can take. If you really are feeling unwell, take it as a sick day rather than a vacation day. There’s no shame in admitting that you are unwell. Whether you do something special or simply rest, make sure you take days off when you need them. If you don’t you can bet you’ll be really sick before long.

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Schedule 10 minutes of ‘worry time’


Close your office door or go to an empty conference room and focus on what stresses you. You can bring your journal or just a sheet of paper. Divide the paper into three columns: My Worry; Why It Worries Me; Worst Thing That Could Happen. Once you confront the worst thing that could possibly happenand realize that it’s highly unlikely it ever will happenyou can get back to work with your worry load lightened.

Manage your e-mail


With the increasingly massive number of e-mails sent each year, this electronic form of communication has become a major source of stress. A study by the University of Western Ontario found that managers spend more than an hour a day on e-mail, extending their working week by an average of five hours. The study also found that only 17 percent of ­e-mail users can answer their e-mails in the same day. To cope, read e-mails once, answer immediately, delete if possible or move them to folders. Overflowing inboxes are depressing and take too long to read and sort. Insert e-mail responses in the subject line whenever possible rather than composing a new message each time; reply only when you have something to say.
Use the “rule of three”: if you’ve gone back and forth three times on a topic and you’re still confused or have questions, pick up the phone. Finally, never send an e-mail if you’re angry. You can write it (either as a draft, or preferably in your word-processing program) then save it and look over it when you feel calmer.

When things feel as if they’re falling apart all around you, take five minutes and draw


Seriously. Grab a pencil and some blank paper and sketch the chaos around you, or something funny, something peaceful, or a caricature of the office villain. Or reap the stress-busting benefits of an adult coloring book. Using another part of your brain and focusing on something outside the chaos will provide a much-needed break.

Listen to music in your office


A study by Sheffield University found that listening to music in an office-based working environment led to workers having a more positive mood, which they believe improved their overall work performance. One thing: it was important that the workers were able to choose the music themselves.

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Talk to your best friend at work

iStock/Izabela Habur

Studies find that social support at work is associated with lower blood pressure during the working day and smaller blood pressure surges even during work-related stressful moments. These are surprising ways that stress is good for your body.

Rub a drop of lavender oil on your inner wrist


The aroma of lavender (or cucumber oil) is a known relaxant. Close your eyes, hold your wrist up to your nose and sniff deeply, picturing as you do a field of lavender in Provence, the purple stalks waving in the breeze.

Leave the office for lunch every day


Getting out of the office, away from the stress, and into a totally different environment clears your mind and helps you to put some perspective on whatever hassles are dogging your day.

Build rewards into your working week

iStock/Izabela Habur

Having something to look forward to makes every difficult task more bearable. It might be a special dinner, a film, a game of tennis, or a massage. Put it in your schedule wherever it will help the most and think of working hard in advance to get to that reward.

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Munch on a handful of pumpkin seeds

iStock/john shepherd

A useful source of iron and micronutrients, these taste delicious and are a healthy way of providing a distraction from stressful moments in the working day.

Eat peppermint chocolates


Treat yourself now and again to some peppermint chocolateparticularly good if it’s dark chocolate. The chocolate itself is stress relieving, the peppermint provides a burst of minty energy, and the tiny sugar rush might be just enough to get you over the hump. At the very least, it’s better than slamming your office door or reacting in otherwise self-defeating ways to a madness-filled workplace.

Make a cup of tea


Pour a cup of boiling water over a handful of chamomile leaves or a chamomile tea bag. The herbal mix, long known for its gentle, soothing properties, will help to de-stress and center you. These are the scary things that happen to your brain when you’re stressed.

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Do some deep breathing


Hold one nostril closed with a finger and blow strongly out through the other (blow your nose first!). This is a yoga movement believed to reduce stress.

Walk and talk slower


This tricks your body into thinking that things are calmer than they actually are.

Examine your real feelings


If you love what you do, the stress related to your job will be far less damaging than if you don’t. But if you hate your job, it’s time to explore other options. Spending a few minutes each evening rewriting your resume and researching other job options or employers can help you to handle the stress at your current job. These prebiotics can help with stress relief.

Offer feedback


As they say, it’s better to give than to receive. Provide praise and recognition to others at work whenever it is appropriate. You will feel good by making others feel good, and the good feeling will tend to spread.

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Have a ‘perspective reminder’ handy

iStock/Mehmet Hilmi Barcin

Work may seem overwhelmingly stressful at times, but your troubles are likely to be smaller than they seem. Keep a picture in your officethe earth taken from space, a starry night, or the oceanand look at it whenever you feel overwhelmed. Amid countless stars and the timeless crashing of waves against the shore, how important is that deadline, really?

Plan ahead

iStock/Rawpixel Ltd

When work is challenging, devote some of your down timeweekends and eveningsto delineating a sequence of tasks. Make a list, place boxes next to each item and tick off the boxes as you move through the list (which is in itself very satisfying). You’ll avoid forgetting anything, you’ll stay focused on the job, you’ll be more efficient and it’s very satisfying to tick off those boxes.

Socialize your work


Suggest a once-a-week lunch with colleagues where you can talk about a particular work issue. Use the collective brain to figure out how to do something better, improve your work facilities, enhance productivity, or improve relationships.

Give your colleagues a grade


A ‘D’ is for people who drain your energy, and an ‘F’ is for people who fill you up with energy. Now make sure that you avoid the D’s as much as possible throughout the day. Conversely, when you’re feeling drained, take a few minutes to connect with an F, suggests James Campbell Quick, PhD, professor of organizational behavior at the University of Texas, in Arlington.

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Keep a Nerf gun in your office


And try to get some of your coworkers to do the same. When the stress feels overwhelming, hit the halls shooting. It is a completely fun, cathartic, and non-destructive way to let off steam.

Fill your office with plants


Make sure you cluster them and keep them within eyesight, near your computer. Studies find that plants significantly lower workplace stress and enhance productivity.

Drink Bach Rescue Remedy


Put four drops of this flower essence into a glass of water and drink it down. This natural remedy is believed to soothe stress, relieve impatience, and reduce worry.

Try some beverage leverage

iStock/john shepherd

Increase your productivity and decrease your stress by keeping an invigorating beverage handy at your workstation: hot tea or coffee in cold weather; iced tea, iced coffee, or perhaps just fruit-flavored mineral water in the heat. Choose something that feels just a bit indulgent, but doesn’t contain a lot of unwanted sugar or calories. Sip frequently. These ways to reduce stress can actually backfire.

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Macam saya ni kayu hina sangat – Aliff Syukri

JUTAWAN kosmetik popular, Datuk Seri Aliff Syukri memohon maaf kepada semua pelakon-pelakon hebat Malaysia yang berasa tidak senang dengan kehadirannya dalam bidang seni lakon.

Menurut Aliff, dia menerima tawaran berlakon dalam filem Badang setelah ditawarkan oleh pengarah.

“Untuk pengetahuan semua, saya tidak keluarkan duit sesen pun untuk filem ini. Malah saya menerima bayaran sebagai pelakon seperti pelakon yang lain. Itu sahaja.

“Saya bukan penerbit, saya bukan pengarah, saya tak bayar apa pun untuk filem ini.  Saya hanya pelakon sahaja.  Jadi tidak wajar jika saya seorang yang kena,” tegasnya.

Pembawa watak utama filem Badang ini turut bertanya jika dia tidak mempunyai bakat kenapa dia diberikan tawaran berlakon filem?

“Setakat ini saya sudah berlakon enam buah drama, malah cerita Ooops! Terlajak Nikah, Toyol Ke London antara drama lakonan saya yang capai rating tertinggi di Astro.

“Kemudian saya juga dicalonkan untuk Artis Lawak MeleTOP, Realiti Show MeleTOP.Jadi, adakah itu bermakna saya tidak punya bakat?

“Kenapa juga sebelum ini tak ada pula orang mempertikaikan bakat lakonan saya.  Tiba-tiba dengan filem Badang ini saya pula dipersalahkan seorang,” luahnya lagi pada Sinar Harian.

Aliff turut memberitahu dia boleh menerima kecaman tetapi janganlah melampau seolah-olah filem Badang kerana semuanya salah dia seorang.

“Seolah-olah saya ini kayu, macam saya ini hina sangat.Penghinaan itu melampau-lampau,” katanya.

Ditanya sama ada adakah dia akan terus berlakon lagi?

“Jika ada orang yang menawarkan kepada saya berlakon, apa salahnya jika saya terima cuma kali ini saya akan lebih hati-hati,” jawab Aliff positif, penuh yakin.

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Uber Sekali Lagi Menyangkal Laporan Grab Akan Mengambil-Alih Operasinya Di Asia Tenggara – Amanz

Pada hari Sabtu yang lalu sekali lagi kedengaran berita Uber dalam persediaan untuk menjual bahagian operasi Asia Tenggara mereka kepada Grab. Mereka dipercayai akan mengambil alih sejumlah pegangan besar pada syarikat Grab. Selepas hampir seminggu, Uber akhirnya mengeluarkan kenyataan menyangkal laporan yang muncul di laman CNBC.

Uber TunaiDi dalam laporan Reuters hari ini Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO Uber menegaskan pihak Uber akan terus meneruskan pelaburan di Asia Tenggara secara agresif dalam pemasaran, subsidi dan sebagainya walaupun menjangka akan mengalami kerugian. Rantau Asia mempunyai potensi yang besar bagi Uber kerana jumlah penduduk serta peningkatan pengguna Internet yang besar.

Bagi pengguna perkhidmatan perkongsian kenderaan, kewujudan Uber di Malaysia dapat mengelakkan monopoli oleh Uber. Persaingan adalah perlu bagi memastikan mereka akan berusaha sebaik mungkin untuk memberikan perkhidmatan yang terbaik.

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Teacher goes viral after ‘vandalising’ school wall

teacher doodle art

MO,22/2/22018, PETALING JAYA: Vandalism is usually associated with the damage of public property, but it is a different story for one teacher in Johor who was showered with praise for doodling on the walls of her schools. Sarah Muhammad Fauzi’s doodles, which are drawn with a whiteboard marker on the walls of SK Sri Pulai Perdana, Johor Baru, are not her first but she is undaunted in repeating the act of “vandalism”.

The English language teacher said she purposely likened the action to a form of vandalism, but that there is meaning between the lines.”It is not a form of vandalism with an intention to damage school property – it’s more of an outlet for me to express my feelings. That’s the way I calm myself. “I know students will pass by there when I’m busy doodling, so I insert messages in English to attract their attention,” she said

The 30-year-old had aimed to perfect the wall doodle in a month, but due to a lack of time will take longer to complete. The three-metre doodle was scribbled spontaneously with no specific theme, as it was done for fun. The educator, who hails from Penang, often uses unique approaches during learning sessions to stoke interest in her students about the English language subject.

“I’m the type that’s easily bored, so I wanted to create something new for them. I don’t see this as a talent, but more of a hobby,’ said Sarah. She added that she did not expect her post, which was uploaded on Sunday evening (Jan 18), to go viral and receive 3,013 shares and more than 11,000 likes. Netizen Liza Masrina Ibrahim commented: “So beautiful! Congrats, not every teacher would be willing to take on extra responsibilities in addition to their existing work. You are one of them.”


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Outrageous Medical Jargon and Hospital Lingo

Frequent flier

Emma Kapotes/, iStock

A repeat customer to the ER, often a patient with chronic medical problems who can’t afford to go anywhere else.

Weekend syndrome

Emma Kapotes/, iStock

When doctors covering for a colleague on the weekend won’t make important decisions, particularly end-of-life ones.


Emma Kapotes/, iStock

To go downhill quickly or die. “The patient in 3 crumped last night.”

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Emma Kapotes/, iStock

Short for “get out of my emergency room” (aka a patient you dread). Don’t miss these other secrets ER doctors won’t tell you.

Acute lead poisoning

Emma Kapotes/, iStock

Gunshot wound


Emma Kapotes/, iStock

Pain in the a$$


Emma Kapotes/, iStock

Funny-looking kid

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Emma Kapotes/, iStock

Felt awful but I’m all right now syndrome


Emma Kapotes/, iStock

Poor miserable soul


Emma Kapotes/, iStock

Divorced & Desperate (middle-age female who visits doctor weekly for male attention)

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Emma Kapotes/, iStock

Hypertensive obese noncompliant diabetic adult

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21 telecommunication towers, worth RM50.4m, to be built in Kudat, Pitas: Salleh


MO,22/2/2018, KUDAT: The Communications and Multimedia Ministry is building 21 communication towers, worth RM50.4 million, in Kudat and Pitas to increase Internet access in the affected areas. Its minister, Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak, said 13 of the towers, costing RM31.2 million, would be built in Pitas, while the remaining eight towers, costing RM19.2 million, would be built in Kudat.

“We will implement it this year. Tender for the project has been called and it will be finalised soon. “With the construction of the communication towers, it will increase Internet coverage in the affected areas,” he said. Salleh, who is also Umno treasurer, told this to reporters after a lunch with Kudat Barisan Nasional (BN) here today.

He said the better Internet access, it would help to increase the socio-economic standard of the residents in the area. “The government will focus on three matters in telecommunication. First, the coverage, second is the speed and third, the cost,” he said. He said since there were still areas in Sabah which did not have Internet facility, it was the government’s responsibility to provide it.

“With the construction of the telecommunication towers, it will ensure Internet facility and higher speed in the areas concerned,” he said. — Bernama

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What Body Odor Reveals About Your Health

If you smell fishy…


…you might have a metabolic disorder call trimethylaminuria. This means the body is unable to break down certain compounds found in some protein-rich foods; a fishy odor is released in the sweat, urine, and breath after eating fish, eggs, and some vegetables and legumes. This is what your sweat reveals about your health.

If you smell like poop…


…you could be extremely constipated. When your digestion is severely impaired, smelly chemicals are produced in the gut that eventually cause stinky bowel movements when you do finally go; these same compounds can also seep out in your sweat, making you smell a bit like a septic tank.

If you smell and excessively sweat for no reason…


…you could have hyperhidrosis. This condition causes excessive and unpredictable sweating outside the normal reasons like exercise or warm temperatures. If you notice an odor after sweating in the cold or when you’re not moving, talk to your doctor. These are sneaky reasons that your body odor is worse than usual.

If you smell bitter…


…you could be suffering from liver damage. Although more common symptoms of liver damage are digestive problems, nausea, and internal markers like abnormal fat metabolism, external signs like a bitter and offensive odor can also be present.

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If you smell after a hot flash…


…you could be pregnant or going through menopause. Both cause hormonal changes that can change your body’s thermostat, making you feel extra hot out of nowhere and triggering your natural cooling response, which is sweating. Pregnancy also sends your sweat glands into overdrive and blood flow increases everywhere in your body, including to your armpits. These foods could secretly be giving you body odor.

If you smell like rotten eggs…


…you might be eating too much red meat. Too much meat (particularly red) plus an inability to digest it well can lead to a sulfurous odor, which smells like rotten eggs, caused by the sulfur-containing amino acids it contains. One small study found that women rated men’s body odors as more attractive, pleasant, and less intense when they ate no meat for two weeks compared to when they consumed red meat, according to the University of California Berkeley.

If you smell like a bar…


…you probably drank too much the night before. When you consume large amounts of alcohol, excess that the liver can’t metabolize can be released into your sweat and out through your pores, making you smell exactly like what you just drank. This is what your bad breath reveals about your health.

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Polis Thailand gagalkan cubaan seludup satu tan ganja

BANGKOK: Polis menggagalkan cubaan menyeludup lebih satu tan ganja apabila menahan sebuah lori yang membawa dadah itu di Trang, selatan Thailand dua hari lepas, sebelum kenderaan itu meneruskan perjalanannya ke wilayah Satun yang terletak berhampiran Perlis, iaitu negeri di utara Malaysia.

Komander Wilayah Polis Lebuh Raya Kawasan 7, Kolonel Pakin Na Ranong berkata lori yang membawa 1.09 tan ganja itu dapat dipintas polis sebelum ia menghantar dadah berkenaan ke Satun untuk diseludup ke ‘sebuah negara jiran yang tidak dikenal pasti’.

Dua lelaki yang menaiki lori berkenaan, yang menggunakan nombor pendaftaran palsu, cuba melarikan diri ketika ditahan polis di pusat pemeriksaan tetapi dapat ditangkap untuk siasatan lanjut.

Anggota polis Thailand bersama hasil rampasan 1.09 tan ganja di Trang pada Selasa lalu. - BERNAMA

“Dua lelaki tempatan itu, yang masing-masing berusia 30 tahun, adalah bekas banduan dan mereka memandu lori berkenaan dari timur laut Thailand sejak 13 Feb.

“Mereka diupah sebanyak 100,000 Baht (RM12,800) untuk mengangkut dadah itu yang diisi di dalam 25 guni ke Satun,” katanya pada Khamis.

Menurutnya, dari Satun, ganja itu dirancang untuk diseludup ke ‘negara jiran’ melalui laut.


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