Pendaftaran bermula ini 12 syarat wanita Arab Saudi nak pikul senjata

RIYADH: Buat kali pertama kerajaan Arab Saudi membuka pendaftaran ketenteraan kepada wanita di negara tersebut sehingga Khamis ini.

Negara yang terkenal dengan undang-undang ketat terhadap wanita turut menggariskan 12 syarat layak bagi wanita yang berminat untuk menjadi seorang tentera, lapor Saudi Gazette.

1. Pemohon mesti berasal dari Arab Saudi.

2. Pemohon dibesarkan di Arab Saudi melainkan bapanya menetap di luar negara atas urusan kerajaan.

3. Pemohon mesti berumur di antara 25 sehingga 35 tahun.

4. Pemohon mesti berketinggian 155 sentimeter dengan berat badan yang ideal.

5. Pemohon sekurang-kurangnya mempunyai kelulusan diploma.

6. Pemohon mesti lulus pemeriksaan mandatori kesihatan.

7. Pemohon wajib hadir sesi temuduga bagi memastikan berkelakuan baik.

8. Pemohon yang berkahwin dengan rakyat Saudi sahaja.

9. Pemohon tidak ada rekod jenayah sama ada pernah bekerja dengan kerajaan atau institusi ketenteraan.

10. Pemohon perlu ada kad pengenalan bebas rakyat Saudi.

11. Pemohon perlu tinggal di tempat sama mereka bekerja.

12. Ibu bapa atau penjaga pemohon juga tinggal di tempat yang sama mereka bekerja.

Menurut Kementerian Keselamatan Awam Arab Saudi, bagi calon yang berjaya akan ditempatkan di institusi ketenteraan di Riyadh, Madinah, Qaseem, Aseer, Al-Baha dan wilayah timur.

Baru-baru ini, Dr Tamader Yousef Al-Rammah menjadi wanita pertama dalam sejarah pentadbiran Arab Saudi apabila dilantik menjadi Timbalan Menteri Buruh.

Pada awal tahun ini sahaja kerajaan Saudi telah membenarkan wanita di negara itu untuk memandu dan tidak perlu lagi memakai abaya (jubah) selain kebenaran berniaga tanpa keizinan mahram.

BACA: Wanita Arab Saudi kini boleh memandu trak, menunggang motosikal

BACA: Tak perlu pakai ‘abaya’ untuk gambarkan keislaman – ulama kanan Arab Saudi

BACA: Wanita Arab Saudi kini dibenar berniaga tanpa kebenaran mahram

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Hadir Dengan Sokongan Treble Untuk Kemaskini Android Lebih Pantas – Amanz

Google sebelum ini telah mengumumkan Project Treble – dimana melaluinya mereka ingin mengatasi salah satu masalah besar yang dihadapi oleh peranti Android, iaitu kesukaran penawaran kemaskini.

Kebiasaannya, ia menjadi sukar untuk menawarkan kemaskini untuk sesuatu peranti kerana tidak ditawarkan sokongan oleh pengeluar cip dan sebagainya. Melalui Project Treble, Google mengatasi masalah berkenaan, dan membolehkan kemaskini ditawarkan dengan mengasingkan beberapa komponen sekaligus memastikan versi Android terkini menyokong cip sedia ada.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Sejumlah peranti sebelum ini telah menyatakan sokongan untuk Project Treble, dan kini ia dilihat Samsung Galaxy S9 dan Galaxy S9+ turut menyokongnya.

Langkah ini akan membolehkan pihak Samsung untuk menawarkan kemaskini Android baru dengan lebih pantas berbanding kebiasaan.

Seperti biasa, kita akan mengetahui sama ada implementasinya berjaya atau sebaliknya melalui kemaskini Android akan datang untuk peranti berkenaan.

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MACC to engage consultant to evaluate Penang tunnel project feasibility studies


MO,27/2/2018, KEPALA BATAS: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is in the process of engaging independent consultants to evaluate the feasibility studies of the proposed RM6.3 billion Penang undersea tunnel project. This, said MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations) Datuk Seri Azam Baki, was because there were many technical issues involved.

“As such, it is taking us some time to investigate the matter,” he told newsmen after the launch of Sahabat Cilik at SK Hashim Awang by MACC chief commissioner Tan Sri Dzulkifli Ahmad here today. Azam said, to date, they have recorded statements from 127 witnesses. “There is a possibility that some of them may be called again as the investigation progresses,” he added.

Meanwhile, Azam said there was no need to summon Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to have his statement taken at this juncture. The tunnel project had raised numerous controversies in recent months, especially on the high cost of the RM305 million feasibility studies as well as the 22-month delay in completing it.

So far, four people, including a Datuk Seri, two Datuk and a female engineering consultant had been detained to assist the investigation. Investigation into the matter also suggested that several politicians had received a significant amount of money in the approval process for the project’s studies.


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Things You Do That Secretly Slow Your Metabolism

You eat breakfast closer to brunch time


Mornings in your house are bananas. We get it. Between getting the kids to school on time and yourself to work on time—and the 3,000 things required to make those two feats happen—you’re lucky if you can sneak in a sip of OJ before your first meeting. But when you’re sleeping, you’re not eating, and after all those hours with no nutrients, your metabolism—the process by which your body converts food and drinks into energy—needs a little jump-start. To get your calorie-burning engine going, have breakfast within a hour of waking up—or even better, within 15 minutes, says Joanne Rinker, MS, RD, senior director for community health improvement at Public Health Improvement Partners. Here are some other easy ways to jump-start your metabolism.

You have cereal instead of an omelette


It takes your body more time to digest protein, so eggs will keep you feeling fuller longer than if you pour yourself a bowl of carbs in the morning. Opting for the omelette (or Greek yogurt parfait or overnight oats) may also give your metabolism a little boost. To digest, absorb, transport, and store the food you eat, your body uses calories, and protein needs more energy to metabolize than fat or carbs, says Tammy Lakatos Shames RD, certified fitness trainer and co-author of Fire Up Your Metabolism. Plus, researchers at Purdue University found that diets higher in protein may help preserve lean body mass, which is most directly related to having a fast metabolism. Your best bet: Have a serving of protein with every meal. Try one of these high-protein breakfast ideas.

You stopped drinking coffee


True, java had a bad rep for a while, but more and more research shows that good can come out of consuming moderate amounts of coffee. It may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, certain neurological disorders, and even type 2 diabetes. And drinking caffeinated coffee can cause a temporary—but significant—increase in metabolism, says Kristen Gradney, RDN, director of nutrition and metabolic services at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The caffeine gets absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly, speeding up heart rate and providing that metabolic boost. So if you want a cuppa in the morning, and even in the afternoon, enjoy: Three to five cups a day can be part of a healthy diet, say government guidelines. The catch: Keep your coffee as simple as your taste buds can take. Too many added calories from sugary syrups and fatty cream can outweigh the health benefits.

And you don’t drink enough water

istock/NI QIN

Every cellular process in your body relies on water, so not hydrating properly can decrease metabolism, says Gradney. And when you’re dehydrated, you have less energy to walk, bike, or do what you need to do to burn calories, adds Shames. Here are some medical reasons you might have a slow metabolism.

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You won’t curl a dumbbell

istock/ g-stockstudio

And you have no interest in lifting, pressing, or pumping any other form of iron. Fine. But if you won’t touch a resistance band either, or do a push-up or squat, you’re pretty much pumping the brakes on your metabolism. Here’s why: Muscle tissue is the source of your resting metabolic rate, says Jeffrey I. Mechanick, MD, clinical professor of medicine and director of metabolic support in the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Bone Disease at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, in New York City; that’s the number of calories your body uses to keep your heart beating, lungs pumping, and all the other necessary functions that keep our body healthy. So it stands to reason: the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate and the more calories you burn. As we age, we lose muscle and gain fat. To counteract those sad-but-true effects, include strength training in your regimen. Research published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found adults who did resistance exercises three times a week significantly increased resting metabolic rate by an average of 5 percent over the course of nine months.

Or you curl your dumbbell too fast


You get an A for strength training effort, but take it slow when you lower the weight for maximum metabolism-boosting benefits. Eccentric (or lowering) movements cause muscle tissue to break down more so than the act of lifting; and that’s good because your body will need to burn more calories in order to repair the damage, hence the metabolism boost! Researchers at Wayne State University found focusing on slowing down the eccentric movement pumps up your metabolism for as long as 72 hours after the session. Learn some other tricks to speed up your metabolism at any age.

You’re crash dieting


Cut calories like crazy in an effort to shed pounds fast, and your body will hold on to them even tighter. It’s not being spiteful; it just thinks you’re starving, so it compensates by slowing down the rate at which you burn calories to conserve fuel. “Your body will start to do more with less calories, ultimately cutting down the amount of calories it uses,” says Gradney. Eating small, well-balanced meals throughout the day—every three to four hours—can keep you satisfied and your metabolism humming. These are the foods that mess up your metabolism.

You sit too much


Before you think this one doesn’t apply to you because you work out, keep reading: More than half of our waking hours are spent sitting—at your desk at work, in the car while driving, on the couch watching TV. All that sedentary behavior was linked to significantly higher odds of heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health risks—even if you exercise regularly, according to an analysis of 47 studies published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. When we’re sitting, our metabolism is not as functional, say researchers. But leisurely movements—like walking to your colleague’s office instead of calling—requires muscle activity that seems to trigger processes related to the breakdown of fats and sugars within the body. Even simply standing burns more calories than sitting, so every half hour, take to few minutes to at least get up. These are other scary things that sitting can do to your health.

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You only watch medieval dramas


When you’re in Games of Thrones withdrawal, watch an old Seinfeld or Saturday Night Live. Search for funny baby videos on YouTube, or read some of our favorite jokes. Scientists have found that as little as 10 minutes of genuine laughter can burn up to 10 calories.

You stay for two drinks


Your body can’t store alcohol, so when you sip a martini, your liver focuses on metabolizing your cocktail instead of breaking down fat from food you’ve eaten. “Excessive alcohol intake will disrupt the lipid metabolism process,” says Gradney. In fact, one study showed knocking back the equivalent of two mixed drinks (or glasses of wine or beers) can reduce your body’s fat-burning ability by up to 73 percent. Here are some myths about metabolism you should stop believing now.

You stress a lot


Stress has (give or take) a million negative effects—one of which is causing our bodies to metabolize food more slowly, say scientists at Ohio State University. They found women who reported one or more stressors during the previous 24 hours burned 104 fewer calories than non-stressed women in the seven hours after eating the high-fat meal—a difference that could result in weight gain of almost 11 pounds in one year. And the icing on the slowly-metabolized cake: stress increases hormones that stimulate the appetite center and leads to comfort eating behaviors, says Dr. Mechanick, president elect of American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. The kinds of foods we tend to seek comfort in? More cake, and similar fat- and sugar-filled treats. To boost your metabolism, eat these foods instead.

You sleep too little


Sleep loss can increase insulin resistance, resulting in high blood sugar levels; it can also mess with hormone levels that impact your metabolism. Cortisol levels rise, which is associated with fat storage, explains Shames, and growth hormone—which makes lean muscle tissue—decreases. For your body to do its job, and do it well, it needs seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Here are some more tips for a faster metabolism, straight from nutritionists.

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Ketagih pakaian dalam berenda terpakai pencuri bersiri warga emas kantoi

SINGAPURA: Seorang warga emas berusia 63 tahun ditahan atas kesalahan mencuri pakaian dalam di ampaian dalam beberapa siri kes kecurian di Bukit Batok, Singapura.

Polis menerima laporan kecurian pakaian dalam di Blok 106, Bukit Batok Central pada 22 Februari lalu. 

Hasil siasatan dan rakaman kamera litar tertutup, CCTV, pegawai polis dari Jabatan Polis Jurong megenal pasti suspek dan menahannya pada Isnin (26 Feb 2018) jam 8:05 malam.

Siasatan lanjut mendapati suspek dipercayai terlibat dalam beberapa kes serupa di kejiranan Bukit Batok.

Dalam video yang disiarkan satu saluran YouTube yang memaparkan komplikasi insiden di Singapura dan Asia menunjukkan, suspek secara terangan mencuri pakaian dalam yang disidai di balkoni blok berkenaan.

Menurut mangsa, ini merupakan kali kelima pakaian dalamnya hilang dari ampaian.

“Saya telah membuat laporan polis dan dia tidak pernah ditangkap,” tulisnya.

“Sebab itu saya memuatnaik video ini untuk tigkatkan kesedaran. Dia hanya mengambil pakaian dalam yang berenda,” tambahnya lagi. 

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Perbandingan Nokia 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy A8+ Dan Huawei Nova 2i – Amanz

Nokia 7 Plus dilancarkan dua hari yang lalu dengan rekaan yang lebih premium berbanding Nokia 7 tahun lalu. Kemasan dua tona berwarna emas membuatkannya tampak bergaya. Ia turut hadir dengan rekaan skrin 18:9 serta sistem dwi-kamera utama. Mari lihat perbandingan peranti ini dengan Samsung Galaxy A8+ dan Huawei Nova 2i yang merupakan peranti pesaing di dalam kategori peranti kelas pertengahan dengan rekaan premium.

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Petronas Dagangan jana untung bersih RM1.59 bil

imageMO, 27/2/2018, KUALA LUMPUR  – Keuntungan selepas cukai (PAT) Petronas Dagangan Bhd. (PDB) bagi tahun kewangan berakhir 31 Disember 2017 melonjak kepada RM1.59 bilion berbanding RM944.61 juta dicatatkan tempoh sama tahun lalu.

Pengarah Urusan dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif PDB, Datuk Mohd. Ibrahimnuddin Mohd. Yunus berkata, perolehan naik 24.1 peratus kepada RM26.73 bilion berbanding RM21.53 bilion terutamanya disebabkan oleh peningkatan purata harga jualan sebanyak 25 peratus susulan kenaikan harga Means of Platts (MOPS).

“Jumlah jualan keseluruhan menurun sedikit iaitu hanya satu peratus sejajar dengan pertumbuhan pasaran lebih rendah yang menjejaskan semua peserta industri.

“Bagi tahun kewangan 2018, PDB akan terus agresif memacu pertumbuhan jumlah, sambil memastikan pengurusan inventori yang lebih cekap, bekalan, pengedaran serta operasi pengoptimum perbelanjaan,” katanya.


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10 Bad Habits and the Best Ways to Quit Them | Reader’s Digest

1. Bad Habit: Snacking non-stop, even when not hungry.


Why It’s Dangerous: Losing touch with your body’s natural hunger and satisfaction signals can lead to chronic overeating and unhealthy extra pounds that can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and other serious conditions. If it’s junk foods you snack on, you’re also flooding your body with unhealthy ingredients.

Why You Should Stop
: With determination, anyone can fix bad eating habits, and get to a healthier, more natural weight. By paying attention to your hunger signals and switching to healthy snacks, you can boost nutrition, control cravings, lose weight, and avoid energy slumps. Your weight will fall to a healthier level, and you’ll replace unhealthy trans and saturated fat, sugar, refined carbohydrates, and extra sodium with more nutritious fare.

Reverse the Habit:
– Reacquaint yourself with hunger: Wait to eat until your body is physically craving food.
– Stop eating before you’re stuffed: Finish when you feel just a little bit full, you’ll eat less this way.
– Eat for the right reason: Because you’re hungry—not because you’re stressed, bored, angry, or sad.
– Stop mindless eating: If snacking is an old, bad habit, ban unhealthy food from your home.
– Replace junk food with real food: Once you’ve cleared your pantry, stock your kitchen with fruits, veggies, nuts, and low-fat, whole-grain products.
– Plan snacks like you do meals: Eat your healthy snack on a plate, with a glass of water, and sit down at the table to enjoy it.

2. Bad Habit: Spending too much time on the couch watching TV.


Why It’s Dangerous: The more TV you watch, the less physical activity you’re getting, increasing your odds of being overweight and developing type 2 diabetes. A large-scale study of over 9000 people found that those who watched more than two hours of TV a day ate more, while downing more sugary soft drinks and high-fat, high-calorie, processed snack foods than those who watched less. If television is replacing time you’d spend on an old hobby, visiting friends, or exercising your mind, it can also speed up memory loss.

Why You Should Stop: By turning TV time into active time and committing to a healthy TV/activity balance, you can burn more calories, become more fit, and reduce your odds for related health problems quickly. You’ll have a fitter body and more time for sleep, plus more energy, a better mood, sharper mind, and more social connections, which can even help you increase your self-confidence.

Reverse the Habit:
– Follow the 2/30 rule: That means no more than 2 hours of TV a day—and at least 30 minutes of exercise.
– Don’t channel surf: Only turn the TV on when you have something specific to watch. Get out instead of searching mindlessly.
– Don’t snack in front of the TV: It’s far too easy to eat hundreds of calories’ worth of chips and barely realize it.
– Exercise while you watch: Walk in place, do sit-ups, pushups, or drag your treadmill into the TV room.
– Clean during commercials: Avoid food commercials by emptying wastebaskets, vacuuming a room, or doing a load of laundry. It can add up to 20 minutes’ worth of calorie-burning chore time everyday.
– Resolve to leave home more often: See more friends, do more interesting things, and stimulate your mind every day.

3. Bad Habit: Overspending your way into debt.


Why It’s Dangerous: Money worries can have serious health consequences. In a Rutgers University telephone survey, responders said financial stress contributed to high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, headaches, digestion troubles, aches and pains, ulcers, excessive smoking and drinking, and gaining or losing weight.

Why You Should Stop: You’ll regain a hold on your finances. It’s tough, but getting yourself out of debt is a lot like losing weight. It takes time, can be hard on your ego and your lifestyle, you have to be constantly vigilant, and it’s easy to revert back to old habits. But for those who succeed, and many people do, the results are stunning. You’ll feel more in control of your life with less stress and fewer worries. You’ll be able to sleep better, stop overeating, and have fewer headaches. Finding ways to curb your spending and focus on the simple joys in life will also help improve your relationships.

Reverse the Habit:

– Learn about money management: Educate yourself on the the basic rules and methods of personal finance—for credit cards, mortgages, budgeting, and investing.
– Freeze your credit cards: Literally. Put them in a cup, add water, and relegate them to the back of your freezer so you’ll stop using them.
– Create a budget: How much money is coming in each month? How much are you spending on essentials, and how much frivolously? Keep track, and discover what you need to cut back on.
– Pay at least the monthly minimum on your bills: Prioritize paying more on the highest-interest credit card. Once you’ve paid it off, move on to the next worst.
– Automate good monthly habits: Use online banking to transfer some of your paychecks into a savings account, and set your bills to be paid automatically.
– Change money priorities: Stop shopping as a form of entertainment or distraction. Identify important things you’ll need in the future and start savings programs for each.

4. Bad Habit: Eating too much fast food.


Why It’s Dangerous: A steady diet of double cheeseburgers and fries washed down with an oversize soda or milkshake often leads to a bigger waistline and other related health problems, like heart disease and diabetes. Trans fat, often found in fast food, raises ‘bad’ cholesterol and blood fats that contribute to hardening of the arteries, as well as firing up inflammation, which contributes to the build-up of fatty plaque in artery walls.

Why You Should Stop
: The health benefits of making the switch to healthy food will be immediate and substantial. Making a permanent lifestyle change won’t be easy at first. Fast food is super-convenient, surprisingly inexpensive, and thanks to all its fat, salt, and sugar, undeniably tasty. Healthy eating takes more time and thought, and in some cases, more money. It’s worth it though. In addition to losing extra weight, slimming your waistline, and protecting yourself from heart disease and diabetes, you’ll save money if you prepare your own meals instead of buying fast food.

Reverse the Habit:

– Wean yourself off slowly: Cut back a little per week, and buy a little less each time you go.
– Switch to healthier menu options: Replace soda with coffee or water, burgers with grilled chicken, and fries with a salad.
– End impulse visits: Avoid popping into a fast food joint just because you walked or drove by one, especially if you aren’t hungry or it isn’t meal time.
– Switch to grocery stores: Hungry and need a fast meal? You can usually find healthier prepared meals at your local grocery store.
– Try a local sandwich shop: Walk into one and order a turkey on whole-wheat with a salad on the side.
– Make your own: Eat with confidence in your own kitchen, preparing yourself a healthy meal with last night’s leftovers, adding a side of fruits and vegetables.

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5. Bad Habit: Getting sunburned a few times every summer.

istock/oel Carille

Why It’s Dangerous: If you love sunbathing or make an effort to maintain a golden-bronze tan, you’ve unwittingly contributed to the aging of your skin. Sunbathing destroys the elastic fibers that keep skin looking firm and smooth, leading to earlier wrinkles, blotches, freckles, and discolorations. More importantly, sunburns contribute significantly to cancers of the skin. If you’ve added trips to the tanning salon, it’s even worse. Despite what ads suggest, using tanning beds doesn’t build up a ‘safe’ base tan. It actually raises your risk for skin cancer and wrinkles.

Why You Should Stop
: Sun exposure, especially if your quest for the perfect tan has left you sunburned, damages skin in ways that can never be repaired or reversed. Avoiding additional burns can at least help you prevent further damage. Protecting your skin also results in softer, suppler skin with fewer wrinkles and less discoloration.

6 Tips for Recovery
– Schedule an annual skin check by a dermatologist: Your doctor will inspect your skin for any unusual changes, and take a small sample to determine the nature of the growth.
– Always wear sunscreen: Keep high SPF sunscreens near all your exits. It only takes about 30 seconds to apply.
– Stay safe in the sun: Stick to the shade, wear a hat, sunglasses, long sleeves and pants during peak sunburn hours.
– Get your glow with a self-tanner instead of the sun: You’ll get the bronzed look without the cancer risk.
– Know a danger sign when you see it: Anything new that doesn’t look right to you on your skin deserves to be checked by a doctor.
– Sip green tea: There’s some evidence that green tea may protect your cells against cancer-causing sun damage.

6. Bad Habit: Behavior that leaves you angry, worried, or stressed all of the time.


Why it’s Dangerous: An unhappy lifestyle releases a cascade of stress hormones that increase your blood pressure and blood sugar, lower immunity, slow digestion, and make you feel downright mean. Nature intended stress to be a short-lived fight-or-flight response to a threat, but modern life can lead to chronic stress and to far-reaching impacts on your health, such as increased risk of being overweight and overeating high-fat, sugary foods. Both raise your odds for heart disease and diabetes.

Why You Should Stop
: Stress-reduction techniques have been proven to lower blood sugar, improve immunity, reduce depression, ease chronic pain, lower blood sugar, and possibly protect your heart, too. A regained sense of joy and control is worth its weight in gold, and the physical health benefits will be substantial as well.

Reverse the Habit:
– Learn to stop getting stressed so easily: How you react to triggers determines your stress level. Next time you feel a situation emerging, work hard at managing it and staying cool.
– Learn a formal stress-relief process: Among the most proven are yoga, meditation, and deep breathing.
– Rediscover optimism: Pessimism is a learned behavior. Regaining your sense of hope can go a long way toward stifling stress and regaining a sense of happiness.
– Eat healthy and exercise: A healthy lifestyle does wonders for your ability to manage stressful situations.
– Enjoy a relaxing hobby: Calm down by immersing yourself fully during your down time.
– Rediscover silliness: Remember than in every grown adult resides a young child. You’re older, but you spirits doesn’t have to be. Stop suppressing your sense of fun and silliness and remember to enjoy yourself.

7. Bad Habit: Skipping breakfast.


Why It’s Dangerous: Skipping the first meal of the day can have serious consequences for your weight, your energy levels, and even your blood sugar. Munching a piece of morning toast or crunching a bowl of bran flakes signals to your metabolism that it’s time to kick things up a notch. Skipping the fuel keeps your metabolism running on low, which can lead to weight gain and sluggishness. You’ll also create a starve-now-indulge-later eating pattern, which is why breakfast-skippers tend to overeat later in the day.

Why You Should Stop
: Starting a breakfast routine is easy. The moment you do, you take a major step towards fixing the problems skipping breakfast caused, including excess weight and unhealthy blood sugar swings. Eating breakfast will result in more stable blood sugar, which means fewer food cravings and hunger pangs later in the day. Because you’re re-fueling your body early in the day, you’ll also have more energy in the morning. You may find that you start to control your weight more easily, too.

Reverse the Habit:
– Work with your body: Not hungry first thing in the day? Wait and hour or two until you’re ready to eat.
– Eat foods you like: No need to start the day with breakfast food. Have a sandwich, a bowl of soup, or last night’s leftovers—whatever your pleasure is.
– No time? Make a portable breakfast sandwich: Bring along a piece of fruit, and maybe some milk in a coffee mug.
– Grab an energy bar and a cup of yogurt: Both are instantly ready, and together they are the perfect amount of nutrients and calories to start your day.
– Have a smoothie: Whirl low-fat yogurt, frozen berries, half a banana, a little OJ, and some honey in a blender. It’s the ultimate healthy on-the-go breakfast.
– Set things up in advance: Prep breakfast the night before, so you can eat it at the kitchen table in 10 minutes or less.

8. Bad Habit: Drinking too much alcohol.


Why It’s Dangerous: If you over-drink on a regular basis, alcohol can be a poison. Women who regularly consume two or more drinks a day and men who regularly down three or more are at higher risk for liver damage,  various cancers including those of the liver and mouth, high blood pressure, and depression. Women, who are more sensitive to alcohol, can also develop heart disease, brittle bones, and even memory loss.

Why You Should Stop: Soon after you cut back or quit, your digestion will improve and you’ll sleep more soundly. Your blood sugar will be lower and steadier, your blood pressure may fall toward a healthier range, and even your brain will bounce back. You’ll have a healthier liver and cardiovascular system. Since you’re limiting your alcohol intake, you’ll also be cutting your risk of being in a car accident. On top of feeling more energetic, you’ll probably have better relationships with your family and friends, if drinking has caused problems in the past.

Reverse the Habit:
– Stick to healthy limits: That’s two or less drinks per day for men, one for women.
Reserve alcohol for meals: You’re more likely to sip your drink slowly that way.
Drink for flavor, not to get drunk: As an adult, you shouldn’t drink to escape. Find a healthier coping mechanism.
Can’t stop? Acknowledge the addiction: Talk with your doctor and contact a support group like AA.
Take screenings for bone density and cancers seriously: Check with your doctor if you should be screened more often.
Liver damaged? Get a health plan: Talk to a doctor about a high-calorie diet to help your liver regenerate.

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9. Bad Habit: Smoking cigarettes.

istock/Robert Herhold

Why It’s Dangerous: As far as health goes, no popular habit on Earth is as harmful. It directly causes 30 percent of heart disease deaths, 30 percent of cancer deaths, and a massive 80 to 90 percent of all lung cancers, not to mention increasing the risk of developing mouth, throat, and, bladder cancer. This bad habit also astronomically raises your odds for heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure, on top of possibly triggering or aggravating breathing problems like bronchitis and asthma attacks.

Why You Should Quit
: The health benefits are almost immediate, because your lungs and cardiovascular system begin repairing themselves within minutes of your last cigarette. Within a month, your lungs will work better and you should be coughing less, feel more energetic, and have less shortness of breath. Quitting smoking significantly reduces threat of cancer or heart disease, improves your sense of taste and smell, and gives you better endurance. You’ll also reap confidence-boosting rewards like fresher breath, younger-looking skin, and an end to that unpleasant tobacco smell on your clothes.

Reverse the Habit:
– Treat it like an addiction, not a habit: Before you stop, prepare for the tough road ahead. Prepare a strategy,a support team, and a Plan B if your first methods fail.
– Ask your doctor about a stop-smoking drug: Buprion and varenicline have been shown in studies to increase the chance for success.
– Get support: Enlist your friends and family. Counselors, hotlines, and support groups can also help.
– Time it right: Plan to quit during a calm period – not over the holidays or when you’re under a lot of stress.
– Try ‘nicotine fading’: Use a nicotine patch or gum to help you gradually become accustomed to life without cigarettes and nicotine.
– Remember that a lapse isn’t a failure: Use slip-ups to discover your personal obstacle to quitting and create a plan for dealing with those needs.

10. Bad Habit: Overusing pain killers and sedatives.


Why It’s Dangerous: When they’re not taken properly, long-term habitual use can cause more problems than it solves. Using drugs like ibuprofen or aspirin for arthritis or muscle pain can over time increase your risk for ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. Calming drugs and sleeping pills can leave you feeling confused and prone to stumbling and falling if you take them in higher-than-prescribed doses. Since they make you feel good, you may want to keep on taking them, turning them into a habit or addiction before you you know it.

Why You Should Stop: New pain-relief strategies can ease muscle, joint, and head pain with fewer pills and side effects. Kicking the sedative and prescription pain pill habit is possible with commitment and support, and once the pill-taking has ceased, your body will quickly rebound from their effects. You’ll spend less money on medications. You may cut your risk for heart and high blood pressure problems as well as gastrointestinal ulcers and bleeding. You’ll also be more alert and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve beaten a drug dependency.

Reverse the Habit:
– Switch to acetominophen for chronic pain: It doesn’t cause stomach irritation, and doesn’t raise blood pressure like aspirin and ibuprofen. Save ibupofen for flare-ups of severe, short-term pain. It’s usually safe for up to 10 days, but not more.
– For frequent headaches see your doctor: Migraines can be stopped quickly with the right medication.
– Check out alternate pain-relief strategies: Weight loss, exercise, stress relief and avoiding triggers can help.
– Don’t take habit-forming drugs for over four months: Challenge your doctors when they want to put you on pain, mood, or sleeping medication long-term if you think you’ll be susceptible to addiction—particularly if the drugs work well.
– Watch for hidden signs: Clues you’re taking too much of a tranquilizer include memory loss, excess sleepiness, feeling unresponsive and falling frequently.
– Get help if you can’t stop: There’s no shame in asking for help from family members, friends, or your doctor.

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Filipina terima bantuan senjata dari sahabat baik – Duterte

KUALA LUMPUR: “Di sebalik boikot bantuan oleh Amerika Syarikat kepada Filipina, kami akan mendapat bantuan senjata terbabit daripada negara lain yang bersahabat baik dengan Filipina.”

Demikian ucapan Presiden Rodrigo Duterte berhubung pembelian dan bantuan senjata yang diperlukan Filipina dalam usahanya menentang kegiatan pengganas dan pemberontak di negara itu.

Duterte bagaimanapun tidak menamakan negara yang disifatkan ‘bersahabat baik dengan Filipina’ terbabit.

“Belum tiba masa untuk saya mendedahkannya tetapi dalam beberapa hari akan datang, kami akan mempunyai lebih kurang 5,000 penghantaran senjata dari negara yang bersahabat,” jelasnya.

Rusia sebelum ini mendermakan 5,000 senjata AK-74M Kalashnikov dengan 1 juta kelonsong peluru ke Filipina.

Kalashnikov adalah jenama terkenal senjata Rusia yang dinamakan sempena Mikhail Kalashnikov, yang mencipta Kalashnikov pada tahun 1947.

Ia dianggap sebagai senapang serangan yang paling popular di dunia.

Duterte berkata senapang terbabit akan digunakan dalam usaha berterusan menentang keganasan di negara itu.

Pada Jun 2017, China juga menyumbangkan 3,000 senapang dan peluru untuk membantu kerajaan Filipina dalam memerangi pengganas Maute di Marawi tahun lalu.

Pada November 2016, Duterte mengumumkan Rusia sebagai pembekal utma senjata yang untuk kegunaan Polis Negara Filipina selepas pembatalan jual beli 26,000 senapang dari Amerika Syarikat.

Duterte membatalkan perjanjian jual beli senjata api terbabit berikutan laporan Jabatan Negara Amerika Syarikat yang membatalkan penjualan kerana kebimbangan mengenai situasi hak asasi manusia di Filipina.

Selain Amerika Syarikat, Filipina turut membatalkan perjanjian dengan Kanada atas alasan sama bagi pembelian 16 helikopter pelbagai guna dengan nilai pembelian AS$300 juta.

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Selagi saya masih hidup jangan berani perkosa industri ini – Rizalman bersuara

Pereka fesyen tersohor, Datuk Rizalman Ibrahim menyelar golongan selebriti yang mengeluarkan jenama sendiri tanpa ilmu pengetahuan yang lengkap dalam bidang fesyen.

Kata Rizalman, dia kurang bersetuju dengan individu yang hanya ‘tangkap muat’ terjun ke bidang perniagaan pakaian dan fesyen demi mengaut untung semata-mata.

“Fesyen adalah satu industri yang serius dan dipandang tinggi, jadi bagi segelintir artis yang kurang tawaran berlakon atau jualan album tidak memberangsangkan, kemudian cuba untuk menjual baju.

“Tolonglah jangan! Selagi saya masih hidup dan ada dalam industri ini, jangan pernah berani.

“Jangan perkosa industri fesyen sebab fesyenlah yang boleh membina tamadun, mengubah ekonomi negara, mengubah watak seseorang individu dan memberikan pelbagai jaminan dalam aspek kehidupan manusia.

“Oleh kerana itulah, adanya program seperti Gen F yang akan memaparkan betapa sukar dan ada banyak kriteria untuk menjadi seorang pereka fesyen,” katanya kepada Astro Gempak.

BACA: Bukan roti tisu, itu konsep ‘future classic’ – Rizalman sekolahkan netizen

Rizalman ditemui pada majlis pelancaran rancangan realiti pencarian bakat pelapis pereka fesyen, Gen F di Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur semalam.

Menerusi rancangan Gen F, Rizalman bertindak sebagai juri tetap bersama usahawan fesyen terkenal Vivy Yusof.

Sebanyak 10 jenama fesyen bakal bersaing untuk gelaran Juara Gen F yang akan membawa pulang wang tunai RM100,000 dan berpeluang mengeluarkan koleksi kapsul sendiri.

10 jenama tersebut ialah Kahou, Lolo, HN, Wan & Mary, Calaqisya, Jubahsouq, Ridzuan Alias, Larf, Seth & Luna dan Clothesology.

Gen F akan bersiaran selama lapan minggu setiap hari Ahad, 9 malam bermula 11 Mac 2018 di saluran Astro Ria (104) dan Astro Ria HD (123).

Teks oleh: Amri Hassan
Foto: IG @rizalman71

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