Tanah Ijok, Azmin tipu peneroka – Noh

SHAH ALAM – Pentadbiran Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali dilihat jauh berbeza daripada zaman pemerintahan mantan Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim sebelum ini.

Menurut Pengerusi Perhubungan UMNO Selangor, Tan Sri Noh Omar, di zaman Mohamed Azmin, tanah di Ijok yang berkeluasan kira-kira 400 hektar pemberian kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) kepada rakyat sebelum ini telah dirampas untuk diperniagakan.

Katanya, ini berbeza ketika Abdul Khalid mengambil ahli kerajaan negeri pada tahun 2008, beliau mengambil semula tanah itu dan diberikan mengikut lot kepada rakyat atau peneroka untuk diusahakan dengan pertanian.

“Inilah bezanya apabila seorang Mohamed Azmin lebih berpolitik berbanding seorang bekas Menteri Besar (Abdul Khalid) yang merupakan tokoh korporat.

“Abdul Khalid dulu tahu, dia nak tolong peneroka. Lot-lot tanah dibahagi sama rata kepada peneroka dan kerajaan negeri ketika itu mendapat hasil daripada perolehan sumber pertanian yang diusahakan,” katanya di sini, semalam.

Noh berkata, beliau tidak menyangka apabila BN Selangor hilang kuasa pada Pilihan Raya Umum ke12 (PRU 12) dan apabila berlaku “Langkah Kajang”, tanah itu cuba diselesaikan di luar mahkamah oleh Mohamed Azmin.

Ujarnya, tindakan Menteri Besar itu jelas menganiayai rakyat dan tidak ada istilah menolong peneroka sebagaimana Mohamed Azmin dakwa, kalau pampasan dibayar sesuka hati tanpa mengikut harga pasaran semasa.

“Saya dimaklumkan, satu ekar atau 0.4 hektar tanah itu sekarang ini nilainya hampir RM400,000 hingga RM500,000.

“Kalau peneroka ada tiga ekar atau 1.2 hektar, berapa peneroka akan dapat jika dibayar dengan nilai semasa. Tapi peneroka dapat antara RM180,000 hingga RM240,000. Ini nilai dahulu semasa tanah pertanian di zaman BN memerintah,” katanya.

Noh kesal dengan mainan Mohamed Azmin kerana ada sesetengah peneroka langsung tidak tahu nilai semasa dan menganggap bayaran pampasan yang dibuat itu cukup besar bagi mereka.

Sedangkan, kata beliau, nilai sebenar jauh lebih tinggi daripada bayaran yang diterima peneroka.

“Kerajaan negeri menjual tanah itu dengan harga kira-kira RM1.1 bilion kepada dua syarikat pemaju, tetapi menggunakan lebih RM300 juta untuk membayar pampasan.

“Di mana baki lebih RM700 juta lagi? Ini yang Menteri Besar sekarang perlu jelaskan kepada rakyat,” katanya. – theRakyat

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The Reasons Women Still Aren’t Equal to Men

Women earn 83 cents for every dollar men earn

Steve Lovegrove/Shutterstock

The pay gap between men and women has long been discussed and has been a sad fact of life ever since women entered the work force. The bad news? Even in 2018, we’re still dealing with it: The most recent data show that women earned 83 percent of what men earn, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of median hourly earnings of both full- and part-time American workers. By this math, it would take an extra 44 days of work for women to earn what men do. There is some good news, however. Among younger workers, ages 25 to 34, the gap is significantly smaller, with women earning 90 percent of what men do. It’s not equal yet but it’s great progress! (Do you know this one job interview question you should only answer if you’re a woman?)

Viagra isn’t taxed but tampons are

The items considered a medical necessity—and therefore tax exempt—isn’t as clear-cut as one might hope. But here’s what’s abundantly clear: Medications and supplies specifically for men often make the list while things many women consider essential don’t. “That women still have to fight for birth control coverage on insurance while men often have access to erectile dysfunction medication is an outrage,” says Kristin Anderson, PhD, a professor of psychology at University of Houston-Downtown and author of Modern Misogyny. Then there are medications that cost more for women, like the popular hair-loss drug, Rogaine, which costs 40 percent more for women than it does for men, even though the medication is exactly the same. This is changing, however, starting with the Obamacare mandate requiring insurers to cover birth control at no cost to women. In addition, many states are looking at getting rid of the “tampon tax” on female items.

Only 1 in 5 members of congress are women

Drop of Light/Shutterstock

As of 2018, 51 percent of Americans are women, yet we make up just 19 percent of our government representatives in congress. Why? “I think it comes down to two things: A lack of modeling, and stereotypes about what women should be,” says Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, psychologist and author of Better Than Perfect. Women are often seen as being too soft or sensitive to be in the tough world of politics but the more women see other women killing it in politics, the more they’ll be inspired to step into leadership roles themselves, she explains. Thankfully, this situation is changing fast: In 2018, more women ran for office than ever before. For more inspiration, check out these 58 trailblazing women who made history.

Men are more likely to receive higher salaries and raises than women in the same position

Ersler Dmitry/Shutterstock

One reason for the gender pay gap may be the difference in willingness to ask for more money. For instance, only 7 percent of women tried to negotiate their salary when applying for a job, in one Harvard study. (Hint: It’s one of the eight mistakes women make when negotiating a raise or salary) Women were also more likely to apply for, and accept, lower-paying jobs than men with the same skill level. “Many women are taught that they will be given what they deserve, and if they just do their best then their boss will notice their hard work and reward them with a raise,” Dr. Lombardo says. “Men? They just ask for it.” This would be a good time to take a page from the men’s playbook, she says. “Don’t let someone else define what you deserve. Do your research, decide for yourself what you are worth, and ask for what you want,” she says.

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Women are less likely to get promoted than men

Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

Thanks to family obligations, a woman’s career arc often looks very different than a man’s, and one of the primary ways this shows up is in promotions. Even though both genders say they want to be promoted in equal amounts, women are 15 percent less likely to actually get promoted, according to a recent study done by LeanIn and Mckinsey & Co. One problem is that women won’t apply for a promotion unless they feel they meet the qualifications 100 percent, while men will apply even if they only partly qualify, Dr. Lombardo says. Another possible reason is that men are seen as more assertive and aggressive in pursuing career opportunities while the same behavior in women is seen as “uncompromising,” she adds. Then there’s the work-life balance issue: 13 percent of women have turned down a promotion in order to better care for their children, according to data gathered by the Pew Research Foundation.

Men’s deodorant is cheaper than women’s

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Women have long known that if you want to save a little cash on personal items or services—such as clothing, hygiene products, dry cleaning, and shoes—you should shop in the men’s section to avoid the “Pink Tax.” A recent study compared products with nearly identical ingredients and found that almost half the time, the woman’s product was more expensive, costing about 13 percent more. Forty percent of the time, the prices were equal, and the remaining 18 percent of the time, men paid more. “The reason for this is the widely held cultural stereotype that women are complicated, and men are simple and straightforward,” Dr. Anderson says. “In reality this just reflects how ludicrous and arbitrary sexism can be.” But, she notes, there is some improvement, with some states passing laws banning practices such as different prices for haircuts and dry cleaning. Or take your money to one of these 23 amazing shopping sites that support women.

Just 19 percent of CEOs are women


The gender gap in leadership increases as the positions do, according to the LeanIn study. At the entry level, 54 percent are men and 46 percent are women. But at the manager level, 63 percent are men and 37 percent are women, at the vice-president level 71 percent are men and 29 percent are women, and by the time you reach the C-suite, the gender gap skyrockets, with over 80 percent of CEOs being men. “This is the perfect example of the ‘old boys club’ mentality; men are more likely to promote other men,” Dr. Lombardo says. It doesn’t have to stay this way, however. One way to start changing this is by using your voice, she says. “Corporate women are often afraid to speak up because they’re afraid to be wrong,” she explains. “It’s OK to be wrong. Failing doesn’t make you a failure.” Check out these female CEOs on their best career advice.

Ladies are always on dish duty

Women of all ages still tend to do more household chores than their male partners, spending more than 50 percent more time on unpaid labor, no matter how many hours they work or how much money they earn in a job outside the home, according to a study published in Sex Roles. A separate U.K. study put the number higher, with women spending 60 percent more time doing things like cooking, cleaning, and caring for children. “I don’t think it’s a matter of men refusing to help out—it’s just that they don’t think about it as much,” Dr. Lombardo says. “Women are natural multitaskers and so will automatically do things they see need doing while a man can walk past a sink full of dishes and not even register it as a thing that needs to be taken care of.” The solution? Talk it out! Don’t be afraid to ask your partner to pitch in, she says.

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Female athletes in every sport earn less

Oranzy Photography/Shutterstock

Take tennis, for example: Roger Federer has made $110.2 million in career prize money while Serena Williams has earned $77.6 million in career prize money. And in the ranking of the top 100 highest paid athletes in the world, Williams is the only woman. It’s hotly debated who is the better athlete, but it’s apparent from their paychecks which one is the more valued athlete. “In U.S. culture, masculinity is tied to sports, and athletic women threaten the masculine hold on sports,” Dr. Anderson says, adding that female athletes are downplayed in other ways too. “In photographs in sports magazines, women are often portrayed off the court or field, in sexualized poses, while men are shown playing their sport. This is a strategy to trivialize their athleticism and make their presence in sports less threatening,” she says. Recent research has shown, however, that sports are making steady, albeit slow, progress in pay equality. For more good vibes, check out all the women in these 13 important moments in Olympics history.

Women do most of the caregiving

279photo Studio/Shutterstock

Nearly 70 percent of unpaid caregivers—mostly to children or elderly relatives—are women, according to a study done by the Urban Institute. And women spend an hour more each day doing household tasks, including caregiving, than men, even when they too work full-time, according to a study done by Indiana University. “We see it as normal when a woman takes care of the kids, but when we see a dad at the park with his child it’s like ‘Whoa, what’s happening here?'” Dr. Lombardo says. These gender roles may be loosening however, as more men take pride in their role of father instead of saying that they’re babysitting. Is this you? Here’s everything you need to know about senior care.

Women outspend men on medical care by almost 2:1

Matt Kay/Shutterstock

Women can expect to spend nearly half a million dollars on medical care over the course of their lifetime while men can expect to spend about $350,000 (adjusted for inflation), according to a study published in Health Services Research. Despite a ruling issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) prohibiting gender discrimination in health care and health insurance, women’s care is far more expensive than men’s. Why? Most insurance companies consider women a higher “risk” because they tend to visit the doctor more often, they live longer, and, of course, they have babies.

Women are more likely to die of a heart attack

Dora Milanovich/Shutterstock

Heart disease is the leading killer of all Americans, regardless of gender, according to the American Heart Association. Yet, even though women and men tend get heart attacks in roughly equal numbers throughout their lifetime, women are slower to get diagnosed, less likely to get treatment, and more likely to die of a heart attack, according to research done by Harvard. One reason may be that heart attack symptoms look different in women, leading both patients and providers to miss crucial warning signs. (Do you know this one surprising sign of a heart attack in women?) The researchers also found that compared with men, women were less likely to receive adequate immediate and follow-up care, including being prescribed medications such as aspirin and cholesterol-lowering drugs, or to receive advice about quitting smoking.

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Women are more likely to live and die in poverty

Matyas Rehak/Shutterstock

Poverty is heartbreaking no matter the gender, but recent data show that women are at a much higher risk. Rates of poverty for males and females are the same throughout childhood, but then increase for women during their childbearing years and again in old age, according to the Center for American Progress. And women of color, single moms, and the elderly are even more vulnerable. Poverty has been linked to poor health outcomes including higher rates of suicide and depression, a greater risk of obesity, and a higher rate of infant and maternal death, so the needs of poor women need to be addressed stat. “Because women start out with less, they end up with less, it’s really a vicious cycle,” Dr Lombardo says.

Mothers fare much worse in the workplace than fathers

Ruslan Grumble/Shutterstock

Two-thirds of working moms said they significantly reduced their hours or quit their job in order to take care of their children, according to the Pew Research survey. This isn’t necessarily a problem on its own, as many women want to make this choice, but the financial repercussions for taking the “mommy track” can be severe and set her back for the rest of her life, Dr. Lombardo says. “Many (but not all) women are naturally more nurturing and emotionally attuned to the needs of others,” she explains. “Unfortunately our society doesn’t inherently value those softer skills. They say, ‘Well that’s nice of you to do that but those skills aren’t worth any money.'” It’s not that mothers should necessarily be paid for taking care of their own kids but rather that we need to make taking leave and returning to work a lot easier, along with a flexible workplace that prioritizes a balanced life for all workers. Do you know these things to never say to a working mom?

STEM industries are still largely dominated by men


Despite efforts over the past few decades to get more girls interested in science, technology, engineering, and math, these industries remain heavily male. For example, more than 90 percent of airline pilots are men—check out this handy chart to see the gender breakdown of jobs. This can turn into a self-reinforcing cycle, Dr. Anderson says. Because men have run these industries for so long, the jobs have become suited to the particular needs of men. “Often this creates a hostile environment for women,” she says. This may be intentional or unintentional but until there is more leadership regarding gender issues and incentive to fix the problem or it will persist, she adds.

Sexual harassment, abuse, and domestic violence hurt more women


Men can be victims of rape and harassment, it’s true, but the statistics show that the vast majority of victims of sex crimes are female. Women are more likely to be catcalled, harassed at work, abused by a partner, molested as children, and sex trafficked according to RAINN. Until men lose status for mistreating women and until these crimes are fully prosecuted, we cannot expect these heartbreaking stats to change, Dr. Anderson says. Don’t miss more everyday things that affect men and women differently.

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Viralkan I pula please – Atilia Haron tayang tatu

PENYANYI Atilia Haron memuat naik fotonya di akaun Instagram (IG) peribadinya yang menunjukkan tatu penuh di bahagian perutnya.

Menerusi foto tersebut, Atilia Haron yang hanya memakai ‘sport bra’ dan seluar itu sedang melakukan gaya senaman yoga di pusat senaman miliknya.

Atilia dalam kapsyennya meminta peminat berhenti berbalah isu pusat hiburan, Zouk.

“Cukuplah dengan isu Zouk… Viralkan I pula please.

“Minta-minta penuh lah kelas kejap lagi,”


Namun difahamkan oleh seorang pengikut IGnya tatu tersebut adalah ‘photoshop’

“Tatoo pakai photoshop…nicely done..hahaha,” tulisnya.

Rata-rata peminat juga terhibur dengan kapsyen yang ditulis Atilia.

Foto: Instagram Atilia Harun

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DUN Manek Urai masih mundur walaupun 28 tahun Pas memerintah

KUALA LUMPUR – “Cukuplah dua penggal beri kepada Pas. Kali ini saya minta penduduk dan pengundi dalam kawasan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Manek Urai memilih calon Barisan Nasional (BN) pula”.

Demikian rayu Pengerusi MyPPP Kelantan, Datuk Nik Sapeia Nik Yusof kepada penduduk Kampung Kongsi Baru dan Kampung Chucuh Puteri, Kuala Krai, semalam.

Beliau yang dalam siri menyampaikan bantuan barangan keperluan kepada penduduk dalam DUN Manek Urai berbuat demikian kerana mendapati Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) kawasan itu dari Pas, Mohd Fauzi Abdullah tidak mempedulikan nasib rakyat.

Nik Sapeia yang turun bersama isterinya, Datin Dr. Suriani Yahaya yang juga Pengerusi Wanita MyPPP Kelantan sudah sinonim dengan penduduk DUN Manek Urai, tetapi tidak dapat meneruskan perjuangannya kerana pucuk pimpinan Barisan Nasional (BN) mencalonkan beliau di kerusi DUN Guchil pada Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13 (PRU 13).

DUN Manek Urai masih mundur walaupun 28 tahun Pas memerintah

Penduduk kampung Kongsi Baru, DUN Manek Urai beratur menunggu giliran menerima sumbangan barangan keperluan dari Nik Sapeia.

“Saya membesar bersama penduduk Manek Urai. Saya kenal mereka dan mereka juga kenal saya. Sebab itu, kalau ada rezeki lebih, saya berkongsi dengan penduduk di sini.

“Kalau pucuk pimpinan tidak mengubah formula calon pada PRU 13, saya percaya penduduk di sini tidak berdepan dengan masalah kehidupan sepanjang berada bawah pentadbiran kerajaan Pas,” katanya kepada wartawan theRakyat.com di sini, baru-baru ini.

Nik Sapeia yang juga bekas Ahli Jawatankuasa UMNO Bahagian Kuala Krai dan juga ahli perniagaan, banyak menghabiskan masa bersama penduduk Manek Urai kerana beliau menganggap mereka semua adalah saudara maranya.

Ujarnya, sejak berumur belasan tahun lagi beliau berulang alik dari rumahnya di Pasir Tumboh, Kubang Kerian, Kota Bharu ke Kuala Krai yang terletak kira-kira 50 kilometer itu.

Menurutnya, beliau memilih Manek Urai kerana menyedari penduduk di situ yang kebanyakannya berada di kawasan luar bandar dan pedalaman memerlukan perhatian daripada wakil rakyat agar dapat membawa masuk pembangunan bagi membolehkan mereka mengubah nasib.

“Bagaimanapun, malang bagi mereka kerana pada pilihan raya tahun 1990 Pas berjaya merampas Kelantan dari BN dan sehingga kini masih memerintah tanpa memikirkan atau mengambil berat permasalahan rakyat.

“Saya sedih melihat tidak ada pembangunan dibawa masuk ke daerah Kuala Krai. Sebagaimana Kuala Krai dahulu yang saya kenali, begitulah keadaannya pada hari ini walaupun hampir 28 tahun memerintah,” katanya.

Beliau berharap rakyat DUN Manek Urai dan Kelantan khususnya dapat membuat perubahan dengan menukar kerajaan dari Pas kepada BN pada PRU 14 ini, demi pembangunan yang seimbang untuk generasi akan datang. – theRakyat

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UUM student wins Perlis state-level Quran recitation competition


MO,2/3/2018, KANGAR: Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) post-graduate student Siti Aishah Md Arif was crowned champion of the Qariah (female reciter) category at the Perlis state-level Quran Recitation Competition which took place at the Warisan Hall near here last night. With the victory, the full-time Master’s student was selected to represent Perlis at the national-level competition to be held in April.

Siti Aishah, 26, told Bernama she had practised for three months prior to participation in the state-level competition. She achieved a score of 82.5% to beat runner-up Selasiah Akob (78.5%) and third-placed Sarina Che Yahya (77.5%). Meanwhile, in the Qari (male reciter) category, Muhammad Anas Abdul Hadi came in first (85.5%), followed by Mohd Mawardi Jamaludin (80.5%) and Khalil Khusairi Zainol (80%) in third place.

The champion in each category received a cash prize of RM5,000 and a certificate while the runner-up received RM4,000 and a certificate, and the third-placed, RM3,000 and a certificate. — Bernama

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Sembilan pelajar universiti pengsan selepas ambil opioid

SANTA BARBARA: Sembilan pelajar dari University of California, Santa Barbara didapati tidak sesdarkan diri selepas menghadiri sebuah majlis tari menari di Santa Barbara pada Jumaat.

Pejabat Sheriff Santa Barbara County berkata penuntut terbabit dipercayai telah mengambil sejenis ubat khayal yang menyamai kesan dadah jenis morfin iaitu opioid.

Polis dan pasukan paramedik dikerah ke majlis itu selepas menerima panggilan kecemasan dari seorang penuntut yang turut berada di majlis berkenaan.

Kesemua penuntut di temui di beberapa tempat berasingan dengan masing-masing tidak sedarkan diri dan sukar bernafas.

Siasatan awal polis mengesahkan pili berwarna biru terbabit diperoleh dari sebuah klinik swasta dan penuntut terbabit telah mengambilnya secara berlebihan.

Sehingga Sabtu, lapan penuntut telah dibenarkan pulang manakala dua lagi masih menerima rawatan di hospital.

Menurut Pusat Kawalan dan Pencegahan Penyakit Amerika Syarikat, 19,410 orang meninggal dunia akibat pengambilan ubat fentanyl dan opioid pada 2016.

Namun pakar perubatan mengatakan bahawa pengambilan berlebihan ubat terbait tidak mendatangkan sebarang bahaya sebaliknya percaya ia ada kaitan dengan campuran minuman beralkohol.

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Snapchat Dilaporkan Sedang Membangunkan Kaca Mata Pintar Spectacles Generasi Baru – Amanz

Snap, syarikat disebalik aplikasi Snapchat kini dilaporkan sedang membangunkan generasi baru untuk kaca mata pintar Spectacles.

Untuk makluman, Spectacles generasi pertama telah diperkenalkan sebelum ini yang hadir dengan kamera terbina bagi memudahkan pengguna merakamkan video dan berkongsi ke Snapchat. Namun, permintaan untuk Spectacles sebelum ini dikatakan tidak begitu tinggi seperti jangkaan awal.

Snap dikatakan sedang membangunkan dua variasi produk Spectacles baru. Dimana variasi pertama memfokuskan kepada peningkatan prestasi dan pilihan warna baru – sementara satu lagi variasi memfokuskan kepada teknologi kamera yang lebih baik dengan dua lensa yang mungkin membawa harga sedikit mahal.

Snap dijangka akan memperkenalkan Spectacles generasi kedua seawal suku kedua atau ketiga tahun ini.

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#MeToo: WWF-Malaysia reviewing sexual harassment allegations by former staff

sexual harassment workplace

MO,2/3/2018, PETALING JAYA: Environmental conservation group World Wide Fund for Nature Malaysia (WWF-Malaysia) has launched a review in light of “troubling allegations” of sexual harassment within the organisation that was raised by a former employee.

Former WWF-Malaysia employee Rahayu Zulkifli, who had worked with the organisation for 10 years, took to social media platform Facebook to allege that sexual harassment complaints against an individual were “swept under the carpet” by people in authority.

Rahayu said that the recent sex scandals that hit film producer Harvey Weinstein, charitable organisation Oxfam, former US gymnastics national team doctor Larry Nassar, and the former coach of Crewe Alexandra football club Barry Bennell, had spurred her to share the alleged sexual harassment that took place in WWF-Malaysia. “Numerous complaints were lodged against an individual who took advantage of junior female staff and was sexually harassing them.

“Numerous complaints were lodged with senior management, but as far as we all knew, no action was taken against the perpetrator,” she posted on Facebook. She said that the alleged perpetrator eventually left WWF-Malaysia of his own accord. Rahayu told  that the victims had came to her with complaints of sexual harassment, and she told them to lodge complaints with the human resources department.

However, she said the victims were “quietly told to drop their cases” on the grounds that there was no evidence and that it would cause them more trauma and embarrassment if the cases were pursued. She said that the alleged perpetrator was good at his job, and considered an “asset” to the organisation. “Basically, the whole thing was swept under the carpet by the people in authority,” said Rahayu. She said that she wanted to share what had transpired at WWF-Malaysia to create awareness on sexual harassment.

“I want everyone to know that we must not let these kinds of cases be swept under the carpet. “No matter how high up in the organisation chart, no matter how valuable an asset the person is, we must not keep quiet about such things,” she said. In a comment on Rahayu’s FB post, Linda (not her real name) said she was sexually harassed by her supervisor when she first joined WWF-Malaysia.

“There were remarks about my body, there were suggestions of room-sharing during a workshop at a neighbouring country, followed by offhand threats about my work performance when I refused to go,” she said. Linda said she reported it to management, who allegedly warned her that everything about the case will become public and that she might be jeopardising her position and tarnishing the organisation’s name. “They said I can proceed with my sexual harassment report if I can accept these consequences. It was my dream job and I was barely two months in, so what did you think I did?

“I did not feel there was any protection on my part as a victim so I dropped the ‘report’,” she said. Linda alleged that she was later called to sit in a meeting with the perpetrator and a few others to listen to his “twisted version” of the incidents and his “insincere apology”. “I felt pressured to accept it. The case was considered ‘resolved’,” she said. “After that, one lady who was in the meeting told me that I was being over-sensitive, that my supervisor was harmless and I shouldn’t take his ‘jokes’ so seriously,” said Linda.

She said that she still had to report to her harasser for the next few years after the incident. “It was painful, but I pretended as if I was okay,” she said. “I was not”. Linda said she was not the only victim, and that she has spoken to women who had experienced similar encounters with the perpetrator. “I am not seeking retribution. I loved my job, I loved my team and I loved the work. I only want my story told so that there are procedures in place to protect victims and not the perpetrator,” she said.

“I was a victim, but it is just now that I have found my voice,” she added. The incidents are believed to have happened over an extended period ten years ago. When contacted,WWF-Malaysia Executive Director and CEO Datuk Dr Dionysius Sharma said that WWF-Malaysia treated any allegation of misconduct by any staff member “extremely seriously”.

“This includes the allegations brought forward by former staff members via Facebook. We have immediately launched a review of these troubling allegations and although the relevant staff left the organisation some time ago, we will investigate this matter and continue to reach out to those who feel victimised,” he said.

“We are committed to listen to them and reassure them that we will do our best to address the grave concerns they have raised,” added Sharma. He said that the organisation has a “zero tolerance approach to harassment” as outlined in its global code of conduct. “We are determined to continually strengthen our policies to safeguard the rights of those who work with us. WWF-Malaysia wishes to state that the respect, security and dignity of all our staff and the people we work with are of paramount concern,” he said.

Sharma said that the conservation group also has whistleblowing policies where staff can raise their grievances.


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Tiga maut 12 jatuh sakit selepas makan tembikai tercemar

SYDNEY: Sekurang-kurangnya tiga maut manakala 12 lagi jatuh sakit selepas dijangkiti wabak listeria yang melanda seluruh Australia.

Pihak berkuasa kesihatan negara itu berkata, wabak itu dikaitkan dengan buah tembikai wangi yang ditanam di New South Wales, dalam satu kenyataan di laman web rasminya.

Identiti syarikat pengeluar masih dirahsiakan identitinya dan difahamkan telah menghentikan operasi pengeluaran bagi membantu siasatan dijalankan.

Berdasarkan laporan NSW Health, kesemua mangsa merupakan warga emas dan wabak itu telah merebak dari Victoria hingga ke Tasmania.

“Kami mengesahkan bahawa 13 daripada 15 kes mengalamai gejala dan jatuh sakit selepas memakan tembikai wangi.

“Orang ramai yang mudah terdedah kepada penyakit listeriosis harus membuang buah tembikai wangi yang dibeli sebelum 1 Mac,” kata Pengarah Penyakit Berjankit NSW Health, Vicky Sheppeard.

Pihaknya juga memberi jaminan bahawa semua tembikai wangi yang tercemar telah ditarik balik dari pasaraya.

Orang ramai yang mengalami simptom seperti selesema, loya, cirit-birit digesa mendapat rawatan di hospital atau klinik secepat mungkin.

Bakteria listeria mudah menjangkiti mereka dengan daya ketahanan badan yang lemah seperti warga emas, bayi baru lahir dan wanita hamil.

Jenis makanan yang terdedah kepada listeriosis termasuk semua jenis tembikai yang dipotong, salad sejuk, makanan laut mentah, ikan salmon salai, produk susu tidak dipastur dan cendawan mentah, menurut laporan Pihak Kesihatan Makanan New South Wales.

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