Supermarket Tricks You Still Fall For

We’re very aware of the role that the senses play in marketing.

ChickenMichael C. Gray/shutterstock

When you walk in the door, you smell bread baking or rotisserie chicken roasting in the deli area because we know those smells get your salivary glands working. When you’re salivating, you’re a much less disciplined shopper.
—Paco Underhill, consumer expert and author of What Women Want: The Science of Female Shopping

These are things that your grocer won’t tell you.


It’s no accident that shopping carts are getting bigger.

Shopping-cartKzenon/Shutterstock We doubled their size as a test, and customers bought 19 percent more. —Martin Lindstrom, marketing consultant and author of Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use to Manipulate Our Minds and Persuade Us to Buy

The more people buy, the more they consume.


If you used to buy a six-pack of soda and drink six cans a week but now buy a 12-pack because that’s the current standard size, you’re probably going to start drinking 12 cans a week. Be mindful when buying larger sizes to make sure your habits don’t change as a result. —Jeff Weidauer, former supermarket executive and vice president of marketing for Vestcom, a retail services company

Try these surprisingly simple ways to save big at the supermarket.

The average consumer tends to remember the price of only four items:


Milk, bread, bananas, and eggs. Ninety-five percent of shoppers have no idea what all the other items cost and don’t know if they’re getting a good deal when they buy them. —Martin Lindstrom

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The produce department is at the front of the store because…


…its bright colors put you in a good mood and inspire you to buy more. That’s why I recommend that you start shopping in the middle of the store, with its bland boxes and cans. —Phil Lempert, grocery industry expert and editor of

Men and women do grocery shop differently, here’s how.

Over 60 percent of shoppers off-load products as they check out.

Grocery-shoppingPhotobac/Shutterstock So supermarkets started making checkout lanes narrower, with less shelf space, which means it’s harder to ditch goods at the last minute. —Martin Lindstrom

We let you linger … and it’s good for business.

grocery-shoppingMaria Savenko/shutterstock

Customers would tell me as they went through the checkout, “I just stopped in to get eggs,” and they would have $250 worth of stuff. —Jason Swett, former bagger and cashier at a grocery store in Kalamazoo, Michigan 

This is what you need to know before you start grocery shopping online.

To save money, wear headphones and listen to upbeat music as you shop.



Many stores play music with a rhythm that’s much slower than the average heartbeat, which makes you spend more time in the store—and buy 29 percent more. —Martin Lindstrom

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Supermarkets aren’t out to steal from you.

MoneyChampion studio/Shutterstock The average supermarket makes about 1.5 percent net profit a year. To give you some idea of how low that is, the profit margin for clothing stores can be several times that. —Phil Lempert

Kroger uses heat sensors…

CashierLuna Vandoorne/Shutterstock

…to track where people are in the store to determine when there’s likely to be a rush of shoppers to the checkout counters so that they can get cashiers to the front in advance. —Jeff Weidauer

Please have your money or credit card ready at checkout.

CashierMonkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Some stores time each transaction. If you take too long, we get in trouble. —Aimee Brittain, former grocery cashier,

In my experience, food safety is the biggest priority…

Cutting-boardAnetlanda/Shutterstock …especially when it comes to produce. Employees were required to sterilize cutting boards every four hours; they had to fill out a cleaning log each time the boards were washed. Some employees would try to get out of doing the dirty work, so it was my job to pop into the department throughout the day and check the log. —Linda King, former store and department manager for a Connecticut chain

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One thing that shocked me…


…is that prepared food in the deli area, like chicken or potatoes, is thrown away at the end of the day. Stores can’t save it. They won’t even give it to their employees. —Aimee Brittain

These are the unhealthiest foods you can buy at the supermarket.

Grocery stores can’t compete with Walmart on price.


So what are they doing? Bringing in people who are passionate about food. They’re hiring butchers who are skilled at cutting up meat, produce managers who are experts on fruits and vegetables, and a few dietitians who give seminars on healthy eating habits. —Jeff Weidauer

Most grocery stores have a budget for supporting local causes…

BudgetingDragon Images/Shutterstock …and are interested in being a part of the community. So if your school is having a fund-raiser, don’t forget to talk to your nearby store. —Jeff Weidauer

You can’t win when you’re a bagger.

BaggerSean Locke Photography/Shutterstock

If you put a loaf of bread in a bag by itself, some people get mad because they want it with their other groceries. But other customers get mad if you don’t put the bread in a 
separate bag. —Jason Swett

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People believe milk is located in the back of the store…

MilkRon Hilton/shutterstock

…so that they have to walk through the aisles to get to it. But the real reason is simple logistics. Milk needs to be refrigerated right away; the trucks unload in the back, so the fridges are there so that we can fill the cases as quickly and easily as possible. —Jeff Weidauer

About 80 percent of what shoppers buy, they buy every week.

ReceiptStokkete/Shutterstock Keep your receipt, which shows the item and the price you last paid, so you can tell when something is on sale. That’s when you should stock up. —Phil Lempert

If you need a cake, don’t buy it the day you need it.

CakeDeniss Grigorjevs/Shutterstock

We’ll have to give you one from the display case, and those cakes have often been sitting out for a while. If you order in advance, we’ll make the cake for you that day or the night before, and it will be a lot fresher. —Lindsay Smith, former cake decorator and bakery worker at a grocery store near Birmingham, Alabama

Believe it or not…

ApplesDavid Philips/shutterstock

…my years of research have found that the average apple you see in the supermarket is 14 months old…or older. —Martin Lindstrom

These are the healthiest foods you can buy at the supermarket.

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Some of the same cheeses displayed behind the deli counter…

CheeseAdisa/Shutterstock …are available in the dairy case. The packaging isn’t as fancy, but they’re much cheaper. —Phil Lempert

The mist that’s sprayed on your fruits and veggies…

TomatoesSerhii Yushkov/Shutterstock

…may make them look fresh, but it can make them rot faster. The water also adds to an item’s weight, so make sure you shake off leafy greens. —Martin Lindstrom

We recycle the vegetables and fruits that don’t sell in time…

ProduceArina P Habich/Shutterstock

…by using them in our prepared foods. —Bradley McHugh

In a supermarket, a good sale is anything that’s half price.

Couponstrekandshoot/Shutterstock “Buy one, get the second one 50 percent off” discounts are not good sales—that’s only 25 percent off each. Almost everything is reduced to 50 percent at some point. —Teri Gault

You’re better off making these overpriced grocery store items at home.

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The store I worked at would make some of its sales very specific…

SaleOrdinary Citizen/Shutterstock

…and, in my opinion, very deceptive. For example, it would offer 50 percent off a ten-ounce package of deli ham and put the sign right between the ten-ounce packages and the 16-ounce ones. Shoppers would wind up grabbing the wrong one and paying full price. —Jason Swett

Customers think that when they buy in bulk, they end up with a better deal.

PeppersGoncharov Artem/Shutterstock

But that’s not always the case. In the produce department, individual peppers are almost always cheaper than those in the multi-packs, and loose avocados are usually cheaper than the ones grouped in mesh bags. —Teri Gault

The ten-for-$10 promotion is one of the most effective.

Canned-tunaTY Lim/Shutterstock When a store does it, volume takes off, even if the promotion raises the price of something. We’ll take an 89-cent can of tuna and mark it “ten for $10,” 
and instead of buying six cans for 89 cents, people will buy ten for $10. —Jeff Weidauer

Do not assume…


…that if something is displayed at the end of an aisle, it is a good deal. Often, it’s not. Those endcaps are sold specifically to companies trying to promote a product. —Paco Underhill

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Just because something is advertised in your grocery store circular…

grocery-shoppingMonkey Business Images/Shutterstock

…doesn’t mean it’s on sale. There’s a whole lot in there that’s full price. —Teri Gault

This is what nutritionists always do at the grocery store, so you should too.

Grocery stores usually don’t have the best milk prices.

MilkSergey Ryzhov/Shutterstock The milk at drugstores and convenience stores is typically priced 30 to 50 cents less per gallon; it may even be locally produced and hormone-free. —Teri Gault

Do you like the hot pizza from the deli?

PizzaAndrey Burkov/Shutterstock

It’s likely the same store-brand pizza offered over in the freezer section for almost half the price per slice. —Bradley McHugh, meat manager and deli clerk for an independent grocery store in Ohio

At the fresh seafood counter…

SeafoodRoman Pyshchyk/Shutterstock

…most products are labeled previously frozen in small type. Those same products are probably for sale in the frozen-food case for 40 percent less. Not only that, but you won’t have to use them right away, since they haven’t been thawed out. —Phil Lempert

This is the real reason that grocery stores mist their produce.

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I’ve tasted every item in our deli case…

Deli-meatU.J. Alexander/Shutterstock …and there’s very little difference between what’s been prepackaged and what we slice fresh. A lot of times, it’s the exact same product. But you’re paying $1 to $2 more per pound for the same product just to have us slice it for you. —Bradley McHugh

When you buy fresh bread…


…we give it to you in a brown paper bag. Why? Because the bread may go stale faster, sending you back to the store to buy more. A quick fix: Place loaves in airtight plastic bags as soon as you get home. —Lindsay Smith

Our French bread was exactly the same as our Italian bread…

BreadJanna Golovacheva/Shutterstock

…which was the same as our White Mountain bread. They were all made with the same dough and then shaped differently. —Lindsay Smith

You’ll want to shop at this new online grocery store where everything is $3.

If we’re having a sale on a baked item…

BakeryVipavlenkoff/Shutterstock …and you don’t need it until the next month, ask if you can buy it now, during the sale, but not pick it up until your event. We let people do that all the time. They bring back their receipt a month later and get their order. —A cake decorator in an Ohio grocery store

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If you see something in the bakery…


…or meat department that will expire the next day, say, “Hey, this is expiring tomorrow. Are you going to mark it down?” A lot of times, they’ll mark it down for you right then. You’re really doing them a favor, since they have to unload it anyway. —Teri Gault

There’s a lot that grocery store employees will do for you if you just ask.


The butcher will tenderize meat for you, the baker will slice a loaf of bread, and the florist will usually give you free greenery to go with your loose flowers. At some stores owned by Kroger, the seafood department worker will even coat your fish in flour or Cajun seasoning and fry it up for free. I couldn’t believe it the first time they did that for me. —Teri Gault, grocery savings expert and CEO of

Is there a product you want that the store doesn’t carry?

Grocery-store-employeeKzenon/shutterstock Talk to the manager. A lot of today’s supermarkets will special-order things for you. They’ll even arrange to bring something in for you on a regular basis. —Jeff Weidauer

If you can, shop when the store is not busy.

Grocery-shoppingSyda Productions/Shutterstock

Studies show that most consumers buy more when the store is crowded because they 
subconsciously want to be part of the group. Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days to shop. Whatever you do, avoid weekends. —Phil Lempert

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It’s almost always cheaper to buy a large cut and have us trim it for you.

Butcher-meatESB Professional/Shutterstock

We can cut a chuck roast into stew cubes, a whole boneless strip loin into New York strip steaks, or a flank steak into stir-fry strips. We’ve had people buy one big roast and have us remove the bone for soup, run half of it through the grinder for hamburger, and cut the rest into a pot roast. That can save you about 30 percent compared with buying everything cut. —Bradley McHugh

You should never purchase these 9 items in bulk.

Just because a cut of meat is labeled Angus doesn’t mean it’s going to be a great steak.

steakvitahima/Shutterstock What you really want to check is its USDA quality grade. Prime is the best, then choice (usually the highest grade available in grocery stores), followed by select, and finally standard. —Kari Underly, former grocery store meat cutter and author of The Art of Beef Cutting: A Meat Professional’s Guide to Butchering and Merchandising

Find out when your butcher marks down meat.

ButcherTyler Olson/shutterstock

At most stores, it’s between eight and ten in the morning. —Teri Gault

One of our best-kept secrets…

SteakBrent Hofacker/shutterstock

…is that you get filet mignon much cheaper by buying whole T-bone steaks. Every T-bone has a small filet mignon on the bone, and a New York strip on the opposite side. The price difference can be $3 to $5 a pound. —Bradley McHugh

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If you’re worried about what’s in your ground meat…

ground-meathacohob/Shutterstock …buy a piece of roast when it’s on sale and have your butcher grind it up for you in-store. A sirloin roast would be so delicious as a hamburger. —Kari Underly

When I was training as a health inspector…


…the instructors beat into our heads how to inspect restaurants. But there was very little training focused on grocery stores. They took us through a grocery store in one day and then turned us loose, even though the stores have all this processing equipment that’s tough to clean. And I have to admit, I’d look at some of these machines on my inspections and say, “Yep, looks good.” But I didn’t really know what I was looking for. —Grocery store public health consultant

When you buy prepackaged ground meat in one of those tubes or foam containers…


…it may have come from hundreds of cows. If just one of those cows had E. coli on its hide, it’s now in your hamburger. If you ask a grocery store meat cutter to grind your hamburger in the store, it’s coming from just one cow. There’s still a risk of contamination, but it’s a much lower one. —Bill Marler, food-safety advocate and Seattle attorney who has frequently sued food companies

Everyone handles the produce.

ProduceIrina Sokolovskaya/shutterstockI’ve seen customers drop something, pick it up, and put it back on the shelf. I’ve seen kids take a bite and put the item back. It took me a long time to start eating fresh fruits and vegetables again after working in a store. —Aimee Brittain

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In almost every store we walk into…

Moptaviphoto/Shutterstock …the employees tell us they don’t have enough time to clean properly. The result: I’ve seen some mice infestations so bad that they were living in the dairy cooler. —Grocery store public health consultant

The carts never get cleaned.


I’ve seen babies soiling carts and carts with chicken juice leaking on them. That’s why I give them a once-over with my own sanitizing wipes. —Aimee Brittain

This is the gross reason you should stop buying grocery store apples.

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Filem Lee Chong Wei bakal catat sejarah

xPoster-681x1022.jpg.pagespeed.ic.KQVkp7bIELMO, 3/3/2018, KUALA LUMPUR  – Merupakan penaja rasmi filem Lee Chong Wei: Rising of the Legend, syarikat CNI Corporation berusaha untuk membawa rombongan usahawan dari China untuk menghadiri tayangan perdana naskhah berkenaan yang akan diadakan di Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil pada 9 Mac ini.

Bakal menjengah pawagam bermula 15 Mac depan, filem biografi Datuk Lee Chong Wei (LCW) arahan Teng Bee itu dijangka bakal mencatat sejarah selaku filem paling ramai ditonton untuk direkodkan dalam Malaysia Book of Records.

Presiden CNI, Pek Keng Leong berkata, usahawan-usahawan CNI di China difahamkan amat berbangga dan teruja kerana berpeluang mengambil bahagian dalam acara tersebut, sekali gus menghargai keringat pemain badminton nombor satu dunia itu.

“Filem ini diharapkan menjadi motivasi kepada banyak pihak termasuk warga China di samping memahami budaya masyarakat Malaysia yang berbilang kaum.

“Di samping itu, menerusi penghasilan filem ini, kami juga berharap dapat mengukuhkan lagi hubungan diplomatik antara Malaysia dan China.

“Pada masa yang sama, CNI juga mengalu-alukan rakyat Malaysia untuk sama-sama menonton tayangan perdana versi asli filem ini, 20 minit lebih panjang berbanding yang akan ditayangkan di panggung,” katanya.

Tambah Keng Leong, tiket tayangan boleh ditempah dengan melayari laman sesawang atau hubungi terus talian 03-86050195.

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Pantry Organization Ideas You Wish You Knew Before

Divide your pantry into “zones”

Tatiana Ayazo/

Every pantry worth its salt (pun intended) is divvied up into “zones,” or various cooking stations based on your day-to-day needs. Once you settle on the categories—such as weeknight dinners or holiday baking—assign an area in your pantry for each zone and label it. Not only will this trick keep your pantry neat and organized, but it also guarantees you’ll find what you need in a pinch. Need some inspiration? These are the zones every organized pantry should have.

Sort by category

Pantry-Organization-Ideas-You-Wish-You-Knew-BeforeTatiana Ayazo/

Now that you have mellowed out your messy pantry, take your organization to the next level by sorting the pantry foods within each zone, too. We recommend separating items into basic groups, such as grains, sauces, and canned goods. And while you’re at it, try these kitchen organization tips that can help you eat healthier.

Contain clutter

Tatiana Ayazo/

Clear, labeled containers are a cluttered cook’s best friend. Store bulk cereals, rice, and other dry goods in plastic jars or buckets to effortlessly tidy up your pantry. Better yet, keep a small measuring cup on the side of each container with a command hook for convenient scooping. Don’t make these mistakes that make your kitchen look sloppy.

Place onions and garlic in mesh laundry bags

Tatiana Ayazo/

Believe it or not, onions, garlic, and other room-temperature produce belong in mesh laundry bags—not your pantry shelves. But this kitchen organization hack does more than reduce clutter; you can prevent the dry skins from littering the pantry floor and shelves, too. Plus, the mesh bags also boost air circulation, keeping the produce fresh for much longer. Learn more genius tricks to keep your fruits and veggies fresh.

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Tidy up your Tupperware

Tatiana Ayazo/

Thanks to the various sizes of plastic containers and lids, it’s all too easy for your Tupperware collection to run amok. Try grouping the bottoms on one shelf and stacking the lids vertically with a plate rack on another. You’ll never have another runaway lid again.

Use zip ties to hang utensils

Tatiana Ayazo/

If you keep any cooking utensils in your pantry, a few extra dollars can save you tons of time down the road. Loop zip ties through the handles’ holes and hang the cookware on a rack or hook. That way, they will be easier to grab the next time you need to whip up a busy weeknight meal.

Turn shelves into drawers

Tatiana Ayazo/

Deep shelves can often cause food items to disappear. Pull-out drawers, on the other hand, will allow you to stock your pantry to its brim—no frantic searching required. Don’t miss more secrets personal organizers won’t tell you for free.

Store plastic bags the smart way

Tatiana Ayazo/

Let’s be honest: We all have an ever-multiplying pile of plastic grocery bags, and it can be a serious eyesore in our kitchens. To keep the bags tucked away but still easily accessible, roll them up and stuff them in an empty Clorox container.

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Make your dishes do double duty

Tatiana Ayazo/

Dishes that aren’t used every day, such as cake stands, can double as extra storage. Simply place small bowls and ramekins both on top and underneath them on the pantry shelf.

Hang a shoe organizer on the door

Tatiana Ayazo/

Instead of letting random snacks, seasoning packs, and Kool-Aid packets clutter up your pantry (and hog valuable shelf space), hang a shoe organizer on the door and fill the slots with those loose items. You’ll want to steal these habits of clutter-free people, too.

Purchase a pegboard

Tatiana Ayazo/

Home cooks in a hurry might appreciate a pantry pegboard. You can use the hooks to hang everything from heavy pots and pans to random utensils and gadgets. Suddenly, your meal-prepping session just got so much faster (and more organized!). Here are more organization tips for pots and pans.

Use slim bins to store more

Tatiana Ayazo/

Looking to maximize your shelf space? Look no further. Whether you live in a mansion or studio apartment, keeping dry goods in tall (or flat), skinny containers will help you get more bang for buck.

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Invest in wire baskets

Tatiana Ayazo/

Just a few wire baskets can clean up a cluttered pantry. Attach them to the back of the door to display small jars and bottles, or place them on a shelf to store canned and dry goods. Voila! You have magically freed up one shelf’s worth of extra storage in seconds.

Get creative with household items

Tatiana Ayazo/

Magazine holders aren’t just ho-hum accessories for your desk; they can also be nifty fixtures for your pantry. Use them to store your cereal boxes, canned goods, or even tubes of aluminum foil and plastic wrap. If you’re tight on cash, empty soda boxes can do the trick, too. 

Clip and hang bags of food

Tatiana Ayazo/

You can finally put those pesky clip hangers for clothing to good use. Rather than letting bags of chips and other snacks pile up in your pantry, clip and hang them up on a small curtain rod underneath a shelf. Here are more brilliant uses for ordinary kitchen tools you never thought of.

Use a shower organizer to store produce

Tatiana Ayazo/

While a regular bowl is probably your go-to for produce storage, a shower organizer might be a better alternative. Hang it on an empty wall and line up your fruits and veggies accordingly. Doing so can clear the shelves for more important items, like your secret stash of cookies. That’s not the only way to tidy up your space, though. Don’t miss these 50 tips for organizing your entire home.

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Cikgu rekrut kanak-kanak sebagai tentera jihad didakwa

LONDON: Seorang penyokong militan Daish, disabit kesalahan berhubung dakwaan cuba rekrut kanak-kanak sebagai ‘tentera jihad’, bagi melancarkan serangan keganasan di seluruh London.

Umar Haque yang merupakan warga Britain berusia 25 tahun, dilaporkan menunjukkan video dan propaganda militan yang berunsur ganas kepada kanak-kanak dan memaksa mereka melakonkan semula apa yang ditonton.

Ini termasuk video militan memenggal kepala tahanan.

Komander Anti-Keganasan Polis Metropolitan, Dean Haydon memaklumkan Umar, menggunakan kelebihan pengetahuan ilmu agamanya dan bertindak sebagai guru untuk memujuk 110 kanak-kanak berusia antara 11 ke 14 tahun menjadi militan.

Umar turut merancang melancarkan serangan menggunakan ‘tentera jihad’ ini, di beberapa kawasan tumpuan di London termasuk bangunan Big Ben, pusat membeli-belah, bank dan stesen penyiaran.

Kesemua kanak-kanak berkenaan merupakan pelajar sebuah sekolah swasta Islam tempat dia bertugas sebagai kerani.

Mereka dilaporkan diugut oleh Umar supaya tidak mendedahkan apa yang dilalui, atau berdepan kemungkinan dipenggal kepala seperti tahanan militan Daish.

Kira-kira 35 kanak-kanak yang direkrut Umar kini dalam pengawasan jangka panjang oleh pihak berkuasa termasuk diperintahkan menjalani khidmat masyarakat.

Umar didapati bersalah atas beberapa dakwaan, termasuk cubaan melancarkan serangan keganasan.

Dia sebelum ini turut mengaku bersalah atas empat tuduhan lain.

Dua lagi rakannya yang didakwa bertanggungjawab mengumpul dana, turut disabit kesalahan.

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MH370 four years on: Nurlaila focusing on kids’ wellbeing


MO,3/3/2018,SHAH ALAM: “We won’t wait any more… Only pray to Allah that we’d meet again in heaven, insyaAllah,” said Nurlaila Ngah @ Awang, the wife of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 senior steward, Wan Swaid Wan Ismail.

Four years have passed since her husband’s disappearance, and Nurlaila, 44, admitted that she had come to terms with fate.

Now, she is a single mother to their children Wan Amirul Haziq, 16, Wan Aemer Hafiz, 14, and Wan Afrina Sofea, 12.

Bearing the responsibility of a mother and father to her children, she is determined to provide them with the best to have some semblance of stability.

“May my children grow up and live their lives like everyone else. Beginning this year, I have started working at a firm and am managing my own time.

“My main focus is my children’s education and my work as a financial adviser at a company in Shah Alam,” she said when contacted by the New Straits Times Press.

She said to provide for her family, she did not mind travelling back and forth from her home in Nilai, Negri Sembilan, to her office in Shah Alam.

Previously, she also took care of her mother, who was ill for three years.

“My mother was suffering from diabetes and had a stroke. She died in September last year, just three days after Hari Raya Aidiladha.

“Since my mother’s death, I follow my children wherever they go. My father, Ngah @ Awang Mahmud, 76, lives with us in Nilai,” she said.

Nurlaila said she would attend the Flight MH370 commemoration programme organised by crew members and passengers at Publika in Kuala Lumpur.


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15 Ways Technology Can Make You Sick

Panic attacks

01-iStock_86707977_iStock/SolStock.jpgPsychologists say they’ve noticed that a new condition called “nomophobia”—short for “no-mobile-phone phobia”—is affecting more and more young people. Symptoms like anxiety and distraction occur when sufferers are separated from their phones and unable to check for updates. Researchers liken this condition to addictions such as gambling. Here’s how to know if you have nomophobia without even knowing it.

The post 15 Ways Technology Can Make You Sick appeared first on Reader's Digest.

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5 Perkara Menarik Pada Samsung Galaxy S9 Dan S9+ – Amanz

Sudah hampir seminggu Samsung Galaxy S9 dan S9+ dilancarkan di MWC. Peranti ini meneruskan rekaan Infinity Display S8 tahun lalu dengan beberapa penambahbaikan. Pra-tempahan untuk Galaxy S9 dibuka di Malaysia. Persoalannya apakah perbezaannya dengan Galaxy S8 sehingga boleh membuatkannya lebih berbaloi dimiliki? Berikut ialah lima perkara yang menarik pada peranti ini. Tetapi sebelum ini anda boleh membaca senarai 5 perkara yang merisaukan kami mengenai Galaxy S9 dan S9+ terlebih dahulu,

Baca – 5 Perkara Yang Merisaukan Mengenai Samsung Galaxy S9 dan S9+

1.Rekaan Yang Lebih Tahan Lasak

Rekaan yang boleh dikatakan 75% kaca pada peranti ini pastinya menakutkan bagi mereka yang berjari mentega. Kerana panel kaca yang besar, peranti ini amat licin untuk dipegang. Peranti ulasan yang kami terima mengalami retakan pada panel belakang apabila terjatuh dari meja. Semua gara-gara gegaran deringan telefon. Pendek kata panel kaca yang licin dengan permukaan kaca yang besar ialah kombinasi yang menimbulkan rasa seriau jika peranti tidak berkerangka tahan lasak.

Pada Galaxy S9 dan S9+, kerisauan ini sedikit terubat dengan penggunaan kaca Gorilla 5 yang 20% lebih tebal di bahagian hadapan berbanding tahun lalu. Kerangka peranti juga 0.2 mm lebih tebal menggunakan aluminium AL7003 yang lebih tahan lasak. Menurut Samsung kerangka baru ini lebih tahan lentur berbanding yang digunakan pada S8.

Hasilnya ialah Galaxy S9 dan S9+ adalah sekitar 0.5 mm lebih tebal berbanding kedua-dua model S8. Sungguhpun begitu kami masih merasakan anda perlu membeli kerangka apabila menggunakan peranti yang mempunyai permukaan kaca yang luas sebagai insuran keselamatan.

2.Telefon Pintar Dengan Pakej Fungsi-Fungsi Tambahan Yang Hampir Sempurna

Lima tahun yang lalu telefon pintar hanya perlu mempunyai kamera yang baik, pemproses paling berkuasa dan storan serta RAM yang besar untuk layak dikategorikan sebagai peranti utama. Kini untuk melayakkan diri sebagai peranti utama, pelbagai fungsi lain perlu disertakan.

Samsung Galaxy S9 dan S9+ kedua-duanya menawarkan kemampuan kalis air IP68, mod desktop, imbasan anak mata, pengimbas cap jari,m pengesan nadi, sokongan VR, skrin HDR, sokongan kad mikro-SD, dwi SIM, pembesar suara stereo, pengecasan tanpa wayar, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, pengecasan pantas dan bicu audio.

Banyak peranti-peranti utama lain sudah tidak menawarkan bicu audio. Masih ada juga yang masih belum kalis air. Harga jualan Galaxy S9 bermula dari RM 3299. Sekilas pandang nampak mahal tetapi kepelbagaian fungsi-fungsi tambahan yang berjaya disumbat pada peranti ini memastikan ia terasa seperti berbaloi untuk dimiliki.

Tidak melampau untuk mengatakan lebih banyak fungsi boleh dinikmati pengguna S9 dengan setiap ringgit yang dibelanjakan berbanding iPhone X.

3.Kamera Dengan Bukaan Boleh Ubah Dan Zoom Optikal

Tahun demi tahun kemampuan kamera telefon pintar semakin meningkat. Dalam kebanyakan situasi, kamera telefon pintar kelas utama boleh memenuhi 90% keperluan harian kami sebagai wartawan teknologi. Tahun lalu Galaxy S8 mempunyai antara kamera terbaik. Kali ini kemampuan kamera telah dipertingkatkan sehingga dinobatkan kamera terbaik oleh DXOMark.

Sistem kamera boleh ubah mengubah nilai bukaan dari f/1.5 ke f/2.4 mengikut pencahayaan sekeliling secara automatik. Ini menjanjikan kemampuan mengambil gambar yang baik walaupun di dalam situasi yang gelap. Perisian kamera juga dipertingkatkan bagi mengurangkan noise pada gambar.

Pada Galaxy S9+ pula, terdapat sokongan zoom optikal 2X buat pertama kali untuk peranti Galaxy S menerusi penggunaan dwi-kamera. Ini meletakkannya setanding dengan peranti-peranti utama yang yang telah menawarkan fungsi ini sejak dua tahun yang lalu. Fungsi Live Focus juga hadir sekali dengan penggunaan dwi-kamera

4. Perisian Kamera Yang Dipertingkatkan Dengan Rakaman 4K 60 Dan Gerak Perlahan 960FPS

Perkakasan kamera yang baik tidak bermakna tanpa perisian yang baik. Ini ialah masalah yang sering kami temui pada peranti Sony. Pada Galaxy S9 terdapat pelbagai fungsi baru pada perisian yang memudahkan operasi kamera. Sebagai contoh kini terdapat sokongan rakaman video pada tetapan tertinggi 4K 60FPS. Aksi gerak perlahan kini boleh mencecah 720p 960FPS atau 1080P 240FPS.

Menarik mengenai mod gerak perlahan S9 ialah terdapat sistem rakaman gerak perlahan automatik. Apabila subjek memasuki bingkai berbentuk empat segi yang ditetapkan pengguna, rakaman gerak perlahan akan diaktifkan. Ia akan dihentikan apabila subjek keluar dari kotak yang sama.

Pada Galaxy S9+ pula, mod bokeh kini mempunyai fungsi baru Bokeh Filter. Bentuk sumber cahaya di dalam mod bokeh boleh diubah mengikut beberapa penuras yang telah ditetapkan. Bokeh yang terhasil kelihatan lebih artistik menggunakan mod ini.

5. Audio Stereo Dengan Dolby Atmos

Antara kekurangan Galaxy S8 ialah tiada sokongan pembesar suara stereo. Ia kekurangan yang ketara kerana sistem pembesar suara stereo telah diperkenalkan oleh HTC One M7 sejak 2013. Penantian selama lima tahun untuk fungsi ini berakhir dengan Galaxy S9. Pembesar suara yang digunakan ditala oleh AKG untuk kualiti audio terbaik serta mempunyai sokongan Dolby Atmos. Rungutan pengguna selama bertahun lamanya akhirnya didengari Samsung.

Bagaimana pula dengan pembaca Amanz? Adakah kesemua fungsi menarik di atas cukup untuk membuatkan anda mahu membeli Samsung Galaxy S9 dan S9+. Apakah fungsi menarik yang anda rasa lebih layak diletakkan di dalam artikel ini?

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ISO puji kualiti barangan, perkhidmatan Malaysia

imageMO, 2/3/2018, KUALA LUMPUR  – Badan peneraju dunia bagi pembangunan standard antarabangsa, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) memuji kualiti produk dan perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan di Malaysia.

Presiden ISO, John Walter berkata, keluaran tempatan itu bukan sahaja menepati tahap standard antarabangsa malah kualitinya jauh lebih baik berbanding negara-negara membangun yang lain.

“Malaysia sebuah negara yang mempunyai prospek ekonomi yang baik dan mampu bergerak lebih jauh,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas menghadiri Mesyuarat Majlis ISO yang dihadiri kira-kira 80 agensi kerajaan dan swasta.

Mesyuarat Majlis ISO ini merupakan mesyuarat yang pertama kali diadakan di luar Ibu pejabat ISO di Geneva, Switzerland.

Antara fokus mesyuarat itu adalah mengenai status pelan pelaksanaan strategik ISO 2016-2020 dan strategik pemantauan

Majlis itu disempurnakan oleh Timbalan Menteri Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi, Datuk Dr. Abu Bakar Mohammad Diah.

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10 Things Dentists Always Do to Prevent Tooth Decay

Use a fluoride toothpaste

Toothbrush and toothpasteNew York City-based dentist Lana Rozenberg, DDS, recommends giving your toothpaste label a read to make sure it contains fluoride. “Fluoride toothpaste protects from demineralization—which is when bacteria in the mouth combine with sugars to produce acid,” she says. “This acid can erode tooth enamel and damage our teeth.” Just make sure you’re not making these toothbrushing mistakes.

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