Vivo Malaysia Turut Hadir Dengan Gambar Acah Untuk Vivo V9 – Amanz

Beberapa hari lepas, kita telah melihat Vivo telah mula memasang papan iklan Vivo V9 di Indonesia. Kini, pengeluar peranti mudah-alih popular dari China tersebut juga telah memulakan promosi peranti Vivo V9 akan datang berkenaan di Malaysia.

Buat masa ini, Vivo sedang menjalankan sebuah pertandingan swafoto melalui Facebook, dan dilihat memfokuskan kepada angka “9”. Pada poster pertandingan berkenaan juga, mereka menyatakan nama Vivo V9 dengan kamera hadapan 24-megapixel.

Vivo V9 Malaysia

Malah, gambar peranti yang digunakan pada poster berkenaan turut memperlihatkan penggunaan takuk – salah satu trend yang semakin popular akhir-akhir ini.

Buat masa ini, ia tidak diketahui lagi bilakah Vivo akan melancarkan telefon pintar Vivo V9 ini secara rasminya – dan apakah spesifikasi penuh yang akan dibawakan olehnya.

Vivo V9 Malaysia

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Draf akta berkaitan berita palsu sedang diperhalusi

KUALA LUMPUR 05 MAC 2018. Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Muhammad V menyampaikan Titah Diraja pada majlis Pembukaan Penggal Keenam Majlis Parlimen Ketiga Belas di Bangunan Parlimen, Kuala Lumpur. NSTP/ MOHD YUSNI ARIFFIN

MO, 5/3/2018, KUALA LUMPUR: Draf akhir akta baharu bagi menangani penularan berita palsu masih diteliti di peringkat kementerian berkaitan.

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said, berkata draf akhir itu dijangka dibentangkan ke Kabinet dalam tempoh terdekat.

“Mungkin dalam masa seminggu dua ini kita akan bawa dan bentangkan ke Kabinet bagi membuat penentuan kepada akta berkenaan,” katanya ketika ditemui di lobi Parlimen, hari ini.

Azalina berkata, titah Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Muhammad V, yang berkenan menzahirkan sokongan terhadap usaha kerajaan menggubal undang-undang menangani berita palsu menunjukkan isu terbabit menyentuh soal keselamatan negara.

Sehubungan itu, katanya, Ahli Parlimen perlu membahaskan penggubalan akta berkenaan secara berhemah serta berteraskan kepentingan mempertahankan kedaulatan Malaysia.

“Sebagai Ahli Parlimen, isu keselamatan negara adalah antara keutamaan yang perlu diambil kira, tanpa mengira ancaman itu hadir daripada dalam atau luar negara.

“Penggubalan akta baharu ini penting kerana istilah ‘berita palsu’ tidak wujud dalam mana-mana undang-undang Malaysia, sekali gus mengundang risiko ancaman meliputi pelbagai kepentingan negara.

“Setakat ini, saya tidak boleh mengulas inti pati akta menangani berita palsu kerana ia pramatang berbuat demikian,” katanya.

Azalina menjelaskan, pelbagai faktor perlu dipertimbangkan sebelum memasukkan akta baharu itu untuk bacaan kali pertama di Parlimen dan dibahaskan.

Katanya, faktor itu termasuk tempoh persidangan Parlimen penggal keenam yang hanya akan berlangsung selama 20 hari, mulai hari ini hingga 5 April depan.

“Hanya ada satu akta lengkap setakat ini yang sedia untuk disenaraikan (dalam peraturan mesyuarat Parlimen… lain masih menunggu kelulusan Kabinet untuk disenaraikan bagi bacaan pertama, kedua dan ketiga,” katanya.

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Debit vs. Credit: When a Debit Card Has More Risks

What’s wrong with debit?

debit-cardsMarie C Fields/ShutterstockDebit might seem great because there’s no chance of spending more than you have or risking steep overdraft fees, but the stakes are also higher when it comes to fraud. That’s why debit cards are one of the things you should never, ever keep in your purse. For one thing, debit cards take cash straight from your bank account, while credit cards give you time to look at your charges. “A credit card is more like a loan,” says Mason Wilder, research specialist at the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. “You have more time to dispute charges before any actual funds of yours go out.” Plus, the Fair Credit Billing Act only leaves you legally liable to up to $50 on a credit card, and the four major credit card companies all have zero liability, says credit expert John Ulzheimer, president of The Ulzheimer Group. If you are a victim of debit card fraud, though, you could be out up to $500—especially if you swipe at these risky places.

At independent ATMs use all sorts of tricks to steal your identity. Sometimes, they sneak devices called skimmers into ATMs to steal your information when you stick your card in. If you do need to get cash, your best bet is to go inside a bank instead of finding one on the street or in a convenience store, says Wilder. Officers and security cameras keep a watchful eye at banks, but there’s no guarantee an ATM with less security is a prime spot for thieves. “Even if it’s not your bank, you’re at a lower risk for fraud,” says Wilder. “If you have to pay a fee anyway, it’s safer to use a bank’s.” Here’s how hackers steal information from ATMs without skimmers.

At gas stations

gas-stationDejanns/ShutterstockYou swipe your card before filling your tank at pay-at-the-pump stations, so the gas station doesn’t know what your final bill will be. Because gas stations don’t have anyone watching the card reader, they’re a prime spot for fraudsters to plant a skimmer, says Wilder. To protect themselves, gas stations pre-authorize the maximum they’d expect customers to pay for gas—up to $100, says Ulzheimer. That cash doesn’t leave your account, but it is put on hold so you can’t use the money to pay until the station deals with your bill. “The final transaction has to clear, and that might take a day or two,” says Ulzheimer. It’s true that in some situations, you should never pay with a credit card. Yet without all the same protections as credit cards, debit is an even riskier way to pay with card.

At hotels

debit-cardKamil Macniak/ShutterstockWhen you book a few days at a hotel, you aren’t just paying for that night. The hotel will pre-authorize enough money to cover your whole stay, plus an extra deposit in case there are any damages. That money is put on hold, so even though it’s still in your account, you can’t use it to pay. It’s a trade secret that hotels won’t tell you. Depending on how much money is in the account hooked to your debit card, you might not have enough money to keep swiping during your trip, says Ulzheimer. “On a credit card, it’s less of an issue because you have a high enough credit card limit that you can still use it,” he says. If you tend to overspend when you’re out of town, these tips to save money on vacation can help regardless of your method of payment.

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For rental cars

carMarjan Apostolovic/ShutterstockLike hotels, rental car companies put enough money on hold to cover however long you plan to borrow. So while that might not make a difference on a credit card, that means your funds are basically frozen even before you return the card and pay for it, says Ulzheimer. And don’t even think about buying rental car insurance; here’s why that’s a waste of money.

In self-checkout lines

self-checkoutAndrey Burkov/ShutterstockLike gas stations, self-checkout lines don’t have an employee by each card reader. A thief hoping to steal information from grocery store customers would install skimmers in a line far away from the manned register, for instance, in the self-checkout lane, a vending machine, or another unmanned spot. If you can, pay cash in these instances. There are more convincing reasons to pay with cash than just outsmarting a scammer. Otherwise, go through the regular checkout lanes with a credit card. “A criminal won’t try to install a skimmer a foot away from a person,” says Wilder. Even if a thief does capture your information, at least you will have better fraud protection.

At restaurants

debit-card279photo Studio/ShutterstockWhen you pay the bill at a restaurant, you leave the server alone with your card for a bit. “Any…transaction where somebody takes your card and goes somewhere else, that creates more potential for them stealing your information,” says Wilder. If you don’t carry enough cash to pay for a nice dinner out, pay with credit instead, but definitely pay cash at this fast food restaurant that recently had credit card information stolen. On the off chance an employee is out to steal customers’ information, he or she can’t do too much damage if you ask the bank for your credit back.

For big-ticket items

debit-cardDragon Images/ShutterstockEspecially if you’re getting an expensive item like furniture or a large appliance delivered, stick with credit—and definitely don’t swipe your debit card as credit. For all you know, there might be a problem with the item or it will never arrive, says Wilder. “If it’s on a debit card, you have a big chunk of money tied up in the dispute,” he says. A credit card will be more likely to refund you and might even offer a warranty on big-ticket items. As a bonus, Ulzheimer says a major purchase on your credit card means more rewards like cash back or air miles.

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For automatic payments

debit-cardWAYHOME studio/ShutterstockStick with credit over debit for recurring payments like a phone bill or gym membership. If your normal bill skyrockets because the company ended a promotion or upped its prices, you’ll have time to work it out before losing money from your account, says Wilder. Plus, mistakes happen and companies sometimes double-bill you, so it’s best to have that on credit than from your bank account, says Ulzheimer. Paying with credit also means you can rack up the rewards. “At least I’m getting something out of it,” he says. “I have to make the purchase anyway.”


debit-cardMaxFrost/ShutterstockThough there are some things you should never buy online, large online retailers are generally trustworthy with your payment information. But that doesn’t mean your card info is always safe online. “There is no system that’s hack-proof,” says Ulzheimer. If the company does become a victim of online theft, a credit card is a safer bet than leaving your debit card online.

For travel plans

airplane06photo/ShutterstockIf you’re getting eager about a future trip and are starting to book activities, pay with credit when you can. Small, independent tour groups and other mom and pop businesses might go under before you get there if your trip is still months away, says Wilder. Plus, you can use your credit card rewards to upgrade your vacation. And if something happens and you can’t make your trip, you’ll have an easier time getting a refund if you pay with a credit card. “The merchant might not be willing to refund you all your money,” says Wilder. “With a credit card, the company will side with the consumer on that one and help you out.”

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Neelofa kekal ikon Tahun Memperkasa Wanita 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: Selebriti dan ahli perniagaan, Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor atau Neelofa masih kekal sebagai ikon Tahun Memperkasa Wanita 2018 (TMW18) yang diterima Januari lepas, menurut Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat.

Ia sekali gus menafikan dakwaan yang tular di blog media sosial yang mendakwa Neelofa digugurkan sebagai ikon wanita negara, kata kementerian itu.

“Pihak kementerian melihat segala sumbangan dan kejayaan yang telah diraih Neelofa sebelum ini dan percaya ia dapat memberi inspirasi kepada para wanita untuk terus bergerak lebih jauh dan berdaya saing bagi mendepani cabaran Revolusi Industri 4.0.

“Kementerian melihat daripada sudut yang positif apa yang akan disumbangkan beliau untuk memperkasa wanita,” katanya dalam kenyataan pada Isnin.

Menurut kementerian, perbincangan antara pihak kementerian dan Neelofa telah dibuat sebelum beliau diumumkan sebagai Ikon TMW18 dan kedua-dua pihak bersetuju memberikan yang terbaik bagi memastikan setiap agenda dan program yang dirancang akan dapat dilaksanakan untuk terus memajukan wanita.

Selain Neelofa, Puteri Diraja Selangor Datin Paduka Setia Tengku Zatashah Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah dan pemilik butik dalam talian Fashion Valet, Datin Vivy Yusof, turut dilantik sebagai ikon TMW18 sebagai penghargaan terhadap kecemerlangan mereka dalam bidang masing-masing.

Dalam pembentangan Bajet 2018, Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak mengumumkan 2018 sebagai Tahun Memperkasa Wanita yang akan merangkumi empat program iaitu literasi pelaburan, Malaysia Women Made, Impact 4 Humanity dan Revolusi Industri 4.0.


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Sindiket dadah RM14.1 juta tumpas

MELAKA 05 MAC 2018. Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Narkotik PDRM, Datuk Seri Mohmad Salleh (tengah) menunjukkan bungkusan teh dari China yang mengandungi dadah dipercayai syabu sambil diperhatikan oleh Ketua Polis Negeri, Datuk Abdul Jalil Hassan (dua dari kiri) pada sidang media rampasan dadah seberat 201.3 kilogram bernilai RM14.1 juta di Ibu Pejabat Polis (IPK) Melaka, Bukit Beruang. NSTP/KHAIRUNISAH LOKMAN

MO, 5/3/2018, MELAKA: Polis menumpaskan sindiket pengedaran dadah terbesar di negeri ini selepas menahan tiga lelaki dan merampas 201.3 kilogram (kg) dadah disyaki syabu bernilai RM14.1 juta, dalam serbuan di sebuah rumah di Ayer Keroh, di sini, Sabtu lalu.

Semua dadah yang dibungkus menggunakan pembalut teh Cina itu ditemui sepasukan anggota Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Narkotik (JSJN) dan Pasukan Khas Taktikal Perisikan Narkotik (STING) Bukit Aman di kediaman dalam kawasan perumahan elit itu.

Pengarah JSJN Bukit Aman, Datuk Seri Mohmad Salleh, berkata siasatan awal mendapati, sindiket didalangi warga tempatan berusia antara 32 hingga 47 tahun itu memasarkan bahan terlarang berkenaan untuk pasaran tempatan dan negara jiran.

Katanya, siasatan juga mendapati sindiket terbabit sudah lama bergiat aktif, bagaimanapun lokasi terbaru serbuan itu dijadikan stor simpanan sejak dua bulan lalu.

“Semua dadah ini dirampas di lokasi pertama bersama dua suspek, sebelum polis menahan seorang lagi lelaki di kawasan berhampiran.

“Pemeriksaan di lokasi serbuan menemui lebih 190 paket dadah disyaki syabu yang dibungkus menggunakan pembalut teh Cina dengan berat setiap satunya melebihi satu kg.

“Polis turut merampas tiga kenderaan iaitu Toyota Hilux, Toyota Vios dan PROTON Waja bernilai kira-kira RM150,000 serta wang tunai RM450,” katanya pada sidang media di Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen (IPK) negeri, Bukit Beruang, hari ini.

Yang turut hadir, Ketua Polis negeri, Datuk Abd Jalil Hassan.

Mohmad berkata, bekalan dadah yang dirampas itu boleh digunakan oleh kira-kira sejuta penagih, selain ia turut dipercayai dibawa masuk dari negara jiran yang terletak di utara tanah air.

“Pemeriksaan juga mendapati, dua suspek yang ditahan di lokasi pertama positif dadah dipercayai methamphetamine. Ketiga-tiga mereka yang tiada rekod jenayah lalu direman sehingga Sabtu ini,” katanya.

Pada 17 Februari lalu, JSJN Melaka menumpaskan sindiket pengedaran dadah apabila dadah yang juga dibungkus menggunakan pembalut teh Cina bernilai RM3.7 juta dirampas di sebuah rumah di Malim di sini.

Selain dadah disorokkan dalam tong ais itu, polis turut menahan lapan suspek warga tempatan, termasuk tiga wanita berusia antara 20 hingga 31 tahun dalam dua serbuan di dua rumah, antara jam 2.30 pagi hingga 6.30 petang, hasil maklumat dan risikan.

Antara dadah yang dirampas adalah 52.82kg syabu, 33 gram ketamin dan sebiji pil ecstacy.

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Mahkamah Majistret hari ini menyambung reman lima hari lagi terhadap ahli perniagaan bergelar Datuk Seri yang dipercayai menerima RM19 juta bagi menutup kes projek mega terowong dasar laut bernilai RM6.3 bilion di Pulau Pinang.

Majistret Nik Muizzuddin Nik Muhammad membenarkan permohonan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) untuk melanjutkan tempoh reman suspek itu sehingga Sabtu ini.

Lelaki berusia 37 tahun itu sebelum ini direman selama enam hari sejak 28 Februari lalu. Terdahulu, suspek tiba di Mahkamah Majistret di sini hari ini pada pukul 9.20 pagi dengan tangan bergari dan berpakaian lokap SPRM.

Menurut sumber Utusan Malaysia, suspek yang merupakan suami kepada seorang pemimpin pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) dipercayai menerima wang suapan RM19 juta daripada syarikat pembinaan utama projek selepas dikatakan mampu menyelesaikan siasatan dilakukan SPRM.

Dakwa sumber lagi, pihak syarikat berkenaan membayar wang berjumlah RM19 juta itu secara berperingkat antara Julai dan Ogos tahun lalu. 

Lim Guan Eng dalam kenyataannya hari ini tampil mendesak agar pihak Zenith Construction Sdn Bhd memberikan penjelasan berhubung bayaran RM22 juta untuk kerja-kerja “rundingan” bagi projek tersebut.

“Memandangkan pihak Datuk adalah kontraktor yang dilatik untuk melaksanakan projek kerajaan negeri tersebut, MMK telah telah memutuskan bahawa pihak Datuk perlu mengemukakan penjelasan berhubung pembayaran tersebut pada kadar segera,” kata Guan Eng.

Sehingga kini, SPRM telah menahan dua individu iaitu Datuk Seri berusia 37 tahun dan Datuk berusia 64 tahun yang masing-masing didakwa menerima RM19 juta dan RM3 juta berhubung projek itu.

Kenyataan itu dilihat agak berbeza dengan apa yang dinyatakan sebelum ini dimana Si Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang tu dengan sombong dan angkuh cuba memberikan gambaran kononnya Rejim DAPigs yang dipimpin menjalankan tugas secara telus!!!

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27 Things Your Pizza Guy Won’t Tell You

It’s a pizza, not a lifetime commitment

iStock/Miodrag Gajic

My other line is ringing, so choose the toppings before you call. Just make sure it’s not the worst pizza topping of all time.

We know when kids are prank-calling us


They can’t mask their voices very well. The smart ones block the phone number. The dumb ones don’t.

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Why won’t we deliver to some neighborhoods?

iStock/sergio kumer

In some neighborhoods, a kid getting out of a car with a pizza in his hands is like screaming, “Rob me! I have cash!”

I’m a human being


When you see me drenched and shivering in the rain, it’s not nice to close the door in my face while you search for some quarters in the sofa cushions.

Use your manners

iStock/Pablo Calvo

When you open the door, please hang up your cell phone or put it down. It’s basic cell phone etiquette that most people forget to follow.

Before you open the door,


I’d prefer that you have a shirt on (and definitely some pants).

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The more gated the community, the more guarded the wallet


The best tips actually come from middle- and lower-class people who know what we go through. In fact, a recent study revealed how Americans really tip.

I remember every customer who doesn’t tip

iStock/Evren Ata Deniz

I won’t do anything to jeopardize my job, but shaking the soda on the next delivery would not be out of the question.

I can’t wait forever


I’ll knock on your door three times and call you on the phone twice. If you don’t answer, don’t call later to complain that you didn’t get your food.

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Some people want more than just pizza

iStock/Petrea Alexandru

A guy once ordered pizza from me just so he’d have some help moving his sofa up a flight of stairs. I agreed to help him. He gave me a few extra bucks. I took it. It was definitely cheaper for him than hiring someone to move it.

Telling me your address is just the first step

iStock/Erin Castillo

Making sure the number is on your house or mailbox is kind of important too.

I can’t afford to be choosy


We have some fantastic customers and some who are just terrible. But I’ll deliver to them all—this is what I do.

I’m just a kid


Many delivery drivers are teenage boys, and most parents don’t like their teenage boys driving around at night in downpours or blizzards. Yet these same people have no qualms about having other teenage kids deliver their pizza in these conditions. Come on, we’re not obligated to follow the postal carriers’ motto about making deliveries in all sorts of weather.

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There are always special customers

iStock/David Sucsy

Like the little old lady who wants to pay her bill with a $5 check. I’ll take it because none of us want to be mean to a grandmother. But if she hasn’t ordered from us before, I won’t take it.

Keep it short and sweet


We act like we really want to have a conversation with you at your door, but we don’t, unless we know you. Basically, we just want to get the delivery over with, even if you throw out an interesting conversation starter. I will try to be as nice to you as possible, but if you complain that I’m late, or if you have a problem with your order, I won’t be so nice.

The majority of our employees work 12-14 hours a day

iStock/Danin Tulic

At the end of the day, we just want to go home. So please don’t call for a delivery at closing time and then complain that we can’t accommodate you.

At our shop, we use our own cars to deliver pizza


Last week, one of our guys smashed his car into a pole on an icy road. Now he’s using a rental car. (Everyone, especially delivery drivers, should follow these maintenance tips that extend the life of your car.)

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I can’t wait much longer than a few minutes


Don’t jump in the shower right after you order pizza and then not the answer the door.

If you live across the street, please don’t call for a delivery

iStock/Linda Steward

Get off your rear end and pick up the pizza yourself. Newsflash: If you think you’re as lazy as we think you are, your risk of this goes WAY up.

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Time is money

iStock/Miodrag Gajic

The majority of customers who stand there chatting about the weather are just trying to make up for not giving us tips.

You ordered the pizza

iStock/&#169 Dennis Hoyne

You know how much it costs. Please have your money (and tip) ready when you answer the door.

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Kanada Mexico tidak terlepas tarif baharu import besi aluminium – Trump

KUALA LUMPUR: Amerika Syarikat menegaskan Kanada dan Mexico tidak akan dikecualikan dari tarif baharu import besi dan aluminium yang diumumkan kelmarin.

Presiden Donald Trump berkata terdapat beberapa syarat yang perlu dipatuhi negara jirannya itu jika mahu pengecualian tersebut.

Menurutnya pengecualian tersebut boleh dilakukan jika Perjanjian Perdagangan Bebas Amerika Utara NAFTA digubal dan ditandatangani semula.

Perkara itu dijelaskan Trump dalam tweet terkininya pada Isnin.

“Tarif pada Keluli dan Aluminium hanya akan dikeluarkan jika perjanjian NAFTA baru dan adil ditandatangani,” katanya.

Tambah Trump, Mexico juga perlu memastikan agar tiada lagi kemasukan dadah dari negara itu ke Amerika Syarikat, manakala Kanada pula digesa memberi layanan yang baik kepada golongan petani.

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Netflix Kelak Akan Membolehkan Ibu Bapa Lebih Mengawal Kandungan Yang Ditonton Anak Mereka – Amanz

Netflix merupakan salah satu perkhidmatan penstriman video popular, dan menyertakan sejumlah besar kandungan melaluinya. Dengan koleksi yang besar, ia mungkin agak sukar untuk mengawal apakah kandungan yang mungkin diakses anak-anak anda.

Kini, dalam usaha untuk mengelak kanak-kanak daripada menonton kandungan yang tidak bersesuaian dengan mereka, Netflix memperkenalkan ciri kawalan ibu bapa yang ditambah-baik lagi.

Netflix Kawalan Ibu Bapa

Pada hari ini, ibu bapa akan diperlukan menambah pin 4 angka – yang mana akan ditanya oleh Netflix ketika ingin menonton rancangan atau filem yang dilabelkan tidak sesuai untuk mereka yang bawah umur. Ciri ini telah diperkenalkan sebelum ini, tetapi apa yang barunya adalah dimana kelak Netflix akan turut membolehkan ibu bapa menambah sesuatu filem atau rancangan TV dalam senarai untuk dihalang aksesnya.

Disamping itu, label untuk sesuatu filem akan dipaparkan dengan lebih jelas selepas ini untuk memudahkan anak-anak anda memilih rancangan yang ingin ditonton.

Kemaskini ini dijangka akan diperkenalkan oleh Netflix dalam bulan-bulan akan datang.

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