Gaun pengantin Meghan Markle cecah harga RM2 juta

BAJET untuk majlis perkahwinan Putera Harry dan Meghan Markle dilaporkan bertambah sekali ganda.

Penambahan itu dikatakan berpunca daripada gaun pengantin yang akan dikenakan Markle yang berharga  £393,416 (RM2.1 juta).

“Peruntukan untuk gaun pengantin itu merupakan yang terbesar dalam keseluruhan bajet,” kata sumber kepada portal Look UK.

Namun begitu, teka-teki tentang siapa yang akan mereka gaun pengantin berkenaan belum terjawab.

Pereka fesyen British, Alexandra McQueen, disebut-sebut sebagai pilihan Markle, apatah lagi McQueen juga telah mereka gaun pengantin yang dipakai Kate Middleton ketika mengahwini Putera William pada tahun 2011.

Portal Daily Mail bagaimanapun melaporkan, pereka yang dipilih merupakan “rakan baik” Markle.

Markle dan Harry akan berkahwin 19 Mei ini di Gereja St. George, London.

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More than a hundred offenders listed in Child Registry

parlimen isnin

MO,7/3/2018, KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 107 offenders have been listed in the Child Registry after having been found guilty of various offences against children, said Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Azizah Md Dun. She said the offenders’ information, which was retrieved from the police, as well as the action taken against them will remain in the registry for authorities as a reference in case they intend to work or serve in sectors involving children.

“The data will be updated from time to time,” she told Wong Chen (PKR-Kelana Jaya) during Question Time in the Dewan Rakyat on Wednesday. Wong had asked the Ministry to reveal the latest statistics recorded in the Child Registry. Azizah said the offences were not limited to sexual crimes but also include abuse, negligence, and the use of children as beggars and other illegal activities.

She said the names of offenders listed in the Child Registry is currently private and confidential, and will not be made available to the public.  “The information is for the use of relevant authorities, specifically for vetting purposes across various working sectors involving children,” she said. However, she said access to the Child Registry can be given to those involved in research and to certain individuals trying to protect children, on a case-by-case basis pending the approval of her Ministry’s director-general.

Asked if there was any intention to make the information public, she said the registry was only in its initial stage as it had only been implemented about a year ago. “At the moment, it is still confidential and not available to the public, but we can discuss it further when the time comes,” she said.

At a press conference later in Parliament lobby, Wong said he was shocked that the number of offenders registered in the Child Registry was still so low. He said it was important to measure the effectiveness of the Child Registry and urged the Ministry to come up with annual reports on it.


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Pengerusi PAN Kedah dilihat ragu – ragu ketika mengulas tentang spekulasi PAN Pokok Sena yang menolak nama Mahfuz Omar untuk dijadikan calon pada PRU ke 14 yang akan datang.

Sebaliknya dia menyatakan bahawa PAN Kedah ketika ini masih lagi dalam proses menyenarai pendek nama calon untuk dihantar ke Majlis Presiden Pakatan bagi mendapatkan persetujuan mereka.

Malah Pengerusi PAN Kedah itu memberikan alasan bahawa adalah tidak menjadi kesalahan untuk mencalonkan mana – mana individu sekiranya mereka layak bertanding dikawasan tersebut. 

“Pihak Amanah Negeri tidak menolak siapa-siapa untuk menjadi calon. Apatah lagi kalau dia seorang yang berwibawa, orang lama, orang yang telah dikenali di peringkat nasional. Kenapa orang macam ini ditolak? Jadi gambaran saya macam itulah,” ujarnya. 

Namun ketika ditanya sejauh mana kebenaran berhubung kedudukan Mahfuz sama ada dia akan menyertai PAN ataupun tidak, Pengerusi PAN Kedah itu tetap enggan mengulas lanjut.

Mahfuz pada ketika ini menjadi Ahli Parlimen Bebas susulan tiada kenyataan rasmi daripadanya berhubung penyertaan dalam mana – mana parti gabungan Pakatan Haprak itu. 

PAN Pokok Sena didakwa menolak nama Mahfuz jika dipilih sebagai calon pada PRU14. Mengulas isu penolakan tersebut, PAN Kedah menyifatkan berita itu boleh datang daripada pelbagai sumber. 

“(Kawasan) Pokok Sena pun macam-macamlah, ada orang suka Mahfuz, ada yang tidak suka Mahfuz.

“Jadi kalau dipetik daripada sumber yang tak suka Mahfuz, maka macam itula ceritanya, tapi kalau dipetik dari sumber yang lain, mungkin beritanya lain,” katanya.

Sebagai rekod, Mahfuz akhirnya mengambil tindakan keluar dari PAS awal tahun ini setelah berulang kali mengkhianati parti itu dengan mengkritik pucuk pimpinan yang diterajui oleh Hadi Awang secara terbuka diatas pentas ceramah Pakatan yang dianggap Musuh PAS!!!

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The 10-Step Plan to Buying Your First House

Save, save, save

Ewelina Wachala/ShutterstockFirst things first: You need to start a savings fund for your home purchase. “Home buyers should have at least 10 percent of the purchase price of the home in their savings account,” says Randall Yates, CEO, The Lenders Network. “In addition, lenders like to see at least two to three months’ worth of mortgage payments in reserves.”

There are also different types of mortgage programs available for new or low-income buyers that require a lower down payment, so be sure to research your qualifications for these programs while socking away the savings. Check out the 15 questions everyone should ask before buying their first home to make sure you are ready to get your set of keys.

Check your credit score

Lindasj22/ShutterstockDoing so early into your home buying process gives you plenty of time to improve your score and fix any negative marks. A credit score over 740 is considered the ideal range for mortgages. A lower score won’t disqualify you for loan approval, but it can mean a higher annual percentage rate (APR)—and the lower your mortgage rate, the lower your monthly mortgage payment and overall amount of your home loan.

Improve your credit score

a2l/ShutterstockIf your credit score is not at the 740 mark, you can take steps now to dramatically increase it in 6 to 12 months. Together, payment history and the amount of money you owe make up 65 percent of your credit score. Make sure you consistently pay your bills on time and take steps to pay down your credit card debt to gain a healthier credit score.

Next, dispute any false information or negative marks on your report. “Some creditors are willing to, if you are currently up to date [with payments], remove late payment history,” says Deborah Spence, a Pennsylvania-based real estate agent. You can also close accounts that you don’t use anymore, like that Madewell credit card you used in college and have since forgot all about. Note: If you plan on applying for a mortgage within six months, leave the card open, as a recently closed card could ding your score. Here are 11 more ways to improve your credit score.

Find a mortgage broker

A good mortgage broker will help you find the best rate for your loan and also help you sail through the process. Even though picking a good broker is crucial, only one-third of home buyers comparison shop for the best mortgage deal. It’s always smart to check with a national bank, a local one, and a credit union to learn about your different financing options.

Ask friends, family members, and your real estate agent for broker referrals. Be sure to read online reviews as well, and don’t be afraid to ask potential brokers all the questions you have and to see things in writing.

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Pre-qualify for a mortgage

Spike Design/Shutterstock
Getting pre-qualified for a loan will help you understand how much you can afford and even lock in a low-interest rate. “Buyers who have their lender letter in hand to provide to the sellers along with their offer will generally be in a much stronger position to make a successful bid,” explains Keith Hickman, a realtor in Los Angeles. This is especially important if you live in a competitive home market where you might be competing against other buyers for the same home. Pre-qualifications are generally good for 90 days, so you may want to wait until you’re fully ready to house hunt. Here are the 26 real estate terms everyone must know before buying a home.

Keep your financial stats steady

Jayne Chapman/ShutterstockOnce you start the home buying process, you need to keep your financial health in check. Don’t make any major purchases, like thousands of dollars of new furniture, or open up another line of credit, like taking out a car loan.

This is also not the time to change jobs, quit, or switch to part-time hours. “Avoid changing jobs at all costs during the mortgage application process. It makes it so much more difficult and can impact how much you are paying for years,” warns Jordan Linville, the CEO of BrightRates, a website that allows consumers to compare interest rates.

Make a home wish list

mubus7/ShutterstockNow it is time for the fun part—writing down your top desirables in your future home. This list can help save you time in the search process because your realtor can be more selective about which houses he or she shows you.

When making your list, don’t think only about immediate needs and wants. Consider what your life might look like five years into the future. Do you want to grow your household or do you have older children that will be going away to college? Look for homes that fit your current needs as well as your near future ones.

Feel out potential neighborhoods

David Harmantas/ShutterstockAfter you make your home wish list, start window shopping for neighborhoods. A bad area can make even your dream home feel like a nightmare. Thankfully, there are several online resources to help you find out more about potential neighborhoods. allows you to purchase a customized report about potential neighborhoods that includes crime rate, demographics, and public school ratings.

Take time to walk around the neighborhood during different times of the day to get a feel of the area. Is the neighborhood quiet with families walking around or are dogs constantly barking with speeding cars on the street? You’ll only learn the answer if you get out and explore. Check out the nicest towns in America.

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Find the right realtor for you

Susan Law Cain/ShutterstockYou’ll want to research and interview several realtors to find one that meets your unique home buying needs, says Farris Tarazi II, a realtor in Los Angeles. It is essential to find an agent that not only knows the area you’re searching in, but has your best interest in mind.

“Some [realtors] are skilled negotiators and will fight to get you the best deal for your home, while others are desperate for a deal and will try to convince you to purchase high so they can get paid,” Tarazi says. “Finding the right realtor to help you through the process can make all the difference.” Find out the 22 secrets your real estate agent isn’t telling you.

Don’t settle, but don’t over commit financially

Jodie Johnson/ShutterstockSome home shoppers can find their dream home in their desired budget within their first month of looking. Others might need several months to find a home that matches a majority of their wish list, especially in a slower market. While you don’t want to settle for a home you don’t love, you also don’t want to stretch yourself financially.

“A common mistake that first time home buyers make is overextending and starting their search beyond what they can afford,” says Nathan Garrett, a real estate agent in Louisville, Kentucky. Before closing on your first home, you can expect many different costs, he says, like these 12 surprising costs every first-time home buyer needs to know about.

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Orang utan di zoo Indonesia dirakam selamba hisap rokok

BANDUNG: Seekor orang utan di sebuah zoo di Bandung, Indonesia telah dirakam menghisap rokok di kawasan kepungannya, sekali gus mencetuskan pelbagai reaksi orang awam.

AFP melaporkan, video yang dirakam pada Ahad lalu itu menunjukkan haiwan tersebut mengutip sebatang rokok yang sengaja dicampak ke dalam kawasan kepungannya oleh seorang pengunjung, dan kemudian mamalia itu menghisapnya seperti sudah biasa dengan tabiat itu.

Aksi orang utan berusia 22 tahun bernama Ozon itu begitu cepat menjadi tular di republik berkenaan.

Itu bukan kali pertama orang utan dilihat cuba menghisap rokok di Indonesia – iaitu sebuah negara yang mempunyai rekod buruk dalam hal perlindungan haiwan.

Pada 2012, seekor mawas di sebuah zoo lain menjadi ‘penagih’ nikotin selepas sering mengutip puntung rokok yang ditemuinya.

Jurucakap Zoo Bandung, Sulhan, pada Rabu berkata, insiden itu amat dikesali.

Tambahnya, memang terdapat petugas zoo yang mengawasi setiap kawasan kepungan haiwan, namun ketika itu dia terpaksa meninggalkan seketika kerana perlu ke tandas.

“Sebenarnya terdapat papan tanda amaran di zoo yang melarang pengunjung memberi makanan atau rokok kepada haiwan,” ujar Sulhan.

Para aktivis hak haiwan mengutuk tindakan pengunjung berkenaan, serta menegaskan tentang kelemahan sistem pengurusan zoo di Indonesia.

Ini termasuk hal menjaga kebersihan, kawalan keselamatan, pengurusan pemakanan dan penyediaan kawasan yang kondusif.

Tahun lalu, para aktivis mendesak penutupan Zoo Bandung selepas sekumpulan beruang matahari dilihat meminta makanan dari pengunjung selain memakan najis sendiri.

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SAINS hantar air ke Selangor


MO, 7/3/2018, SEREMBAN: Syarikat Air Negeri Sembilan (SAINS) menghantar dua lori tangki air dengan kapasiti masing-masing 3,637 liter dan 9,092 liter dalam Misi Bantuan Bekalan Air ke Gombak, Selangor, hari ini.

Pengarah SAINS, Wan Rasdi Wan Ismail, berkata selain itu seramai empat kakitangannya turut membantu misi itu yang ditugaskan secara bergilir-gilir di kawasan terjejas sehingga bekalan air di kawasan berkenaan kembali pulih.

“Misi bantuan ini sebahagian daripada program tanggungjawab sosial korporat (CSR) SAINS dalam membantu rakan operator air di negeri terjejas.

“Bantuan ini juga operasi biasa yang dilakukan semua syarikat operator air bagi membantu negeri yang mengalami gangguan bekalan air,” katanya ketika dihubungi, hari ini.

NSTP hari ini melaporkan beberapa kawasan sekitar Lembah Klang mengalami gangguan bekalan air disebabkan Sistem Mampatan Udara di Loji Rawatan Air SSP3, Selangor pecah petang semalam.

Antara kawasan terjejas adalah Kuala Lumpur, Petaling, Klang, Shah Alam, Gombak, Hulu Selangor dan Kuala Langat.

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Washington Monument Facts You Never Knew

14 Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump

It wasn’t the first monument built in George Washington’s honor Valerio Berdini/Shutterstock Construction of the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. began on July 4, 1848, but the first Washington Monument was actually built near Boonsboro, Maryland more than 20 years earlier. According to the Maryland Park Service, on July 4, 1827 most of the town’s […]

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Polis UK sahkan bekas perisik Rusia diracun dengan agen saraf

LONDON: Polis Metropolitan UK sahkan wujud penggunaan bahan kimia agen saraf dalam insiden cubaan bunuh bekas perisik Rusia, Sergei Skripal dan anak perempuannya Yulia.

Ketua Bahagian Anti-Keganasan Mark Rowley memaklumkan selain dua beranak itu, seorang lagi mangsa yang merupakan anggota polis yang menemui mereka kini turut kritikal di hospital.

Menurut Rowley, kes melibatkan Skripal kini disiasat sebagai cubaan bunuh.

Agen saraf merupakan bahan kimia yang boleh menghentikan sistem saraf serta fungsi badan.

Ia lazimnya memasuki sistem badan menerusi mulut, hidung dan juga boleh diserap menerusi mata atau kulit.

“Kami percaya Sergei dan anaknya menjadi sasaran insiden ini, berdasarkan keputusan wujudnya penggunaan agen saraf yang disebabkan simptom yang dialami kedua-dua mereka,” dedah Rowley dalam satu sidang media.

Dua orang anggota polis yang berada di lokasi Sergei dan anaknya ditemui sebelum ini turut dimasukkan ke hospital atas simptom gatal mata dan sukar bernafas.

Mereka bagaimanapun dibenarkan keluar hospital selepas pemeriksaan.

Skripal, 66 tahun, dan anaknya, Yulia, 33 tahun, dijumpai tidak sedarkan diri di sebuah pusat membeli-belah di Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom pada Sabtu.

Kedua-duanya dirakam menerusi kamera litar tertutup (CCTV) sedang bersiar-siar di kawasan berkenaan sejurus sebelum kejadian.

BACA: Bekas perisik dan anak diracun, kes mirip Kim Jong-nam

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Bergabung semula Ruffedge sedia terima kecaman

ANGGOTA kumpulan Ruffedge, Cat Farish mengakui sedia menerima kecaman daripada peminat apabila mengambil keputusan untuk membuat kemunculan semula kumpulan itu.

Menurut Cat, mereka yakin kemunculan semula ini akan diterima baik oleh peminat yang menantikan gabung semula setelah hampir 11 tahun mereka membawa haluan masing-masing.

“Kami sebenarnya tidak mahu berfikir mengenai perkara itu dan bersedia untuk menerima kecaman daripada orang ramai.

“Kita tidak akan tahu penerimaan orang kalau kita tidak cuba melakukan sesuatu kelainan dan kemunculan kami ini adalah satu langkah kehadapan untuk menghiburkan peminat.

“Sekarang ini kami ingin fokus hasilkan lagu dan jalankan aktiviti yang sudah dirancang bersama-sama anggota lain.

“Diharapkan dengan kemunculan ini dapat mengubati hati peminat serta kami harap dapat mengembalikan fenomena lagu berkonsepkan RnB Soul dengan suntikan mesej mengenai kasih sayang dan kekeluargaan,” katanya kepada Astro Gempak.

Cat berkata demikian ketika ditemui pada majlis sidang media Raikan Hari Lahir Boboiboy di Pejabat Kemajuan Negeri Perak, Oasis Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, baru-baru ini

Tambah Cat, Ruffedge akan tampil dengan single baharu pada penghujung bulan Mac depan.

Dalam pada itu, Ruffedge akan membuat persembahan pertama secara umum sempena meraikan hari jadi animasi bersiri popular Boboiboy di Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) Ipoh, Perak pada 17 Mac depan.

Sepanjang cuti sekolah bermula dari 17 hingga 25 Mac depan pelbagai aktiviti menarik telah diaturkan oleh MAPS untuk para pengunjung selain persembahan daripada artis terkenal, Ruffedge, Bunkface, Altimet, Joe Flizzow dan Sonaone.

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ARM Memperkenalkan Cip Grafik Mali G52 – Menjanjikan Prestasi 30 Peratus Lebih Tinggi Dari Cip Sebelum Ini – Amanz

Cip pemprosesan grafik bukan sahaja hadir melalui komputer dan laptop, malah telefon-telefon pintar juga menggunakannya untuk tujuan menggerakkan grafik 3D didalam peranti-peranti tersebut.

ARM, syarikat pembuat cip pemprosesan untuk peranti mudah alih telah mengumumkan bahawa mereka baru sahaja memperkenalkan cip pemprosesan terkini mereka, iaitu GPU Mali G52, dimana syarikat tersebut mengatakan bahawa ia 30 peratus lebih pantas berbanding dengan cip Mali G51 sebelum ini.

Rekaan cip grafik G52 ini juga sedikit berbeza berbanding dengan cip sebelum ini. tetapi ARM menyatakan bahawa pembina peranti pintar boleh memilih untuk samada menggunakan cip dengan satu hingga empat teras dengan pilihan dua atau tiga EU (Execution Units) bergantung kepada peranti yang memerlukannya.

Buat masa ini, ARM masih belum mengumumkan lagi bilakah cip grafik ini akan hadir di pasaran, dan peranti manakah yang akan mula menggunakannya, tetapi kami pasti ia akan diumumkan oleh pembuat-pembuat peranti pintar tidak lama lagi.

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