MO,16/4/2018, KUALA LUMPUR: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s denial that he never owned a stake in premium bakery, The Loaf, which recently closed down after 12 years in business, is a reflection the former prime minister’s character, says Umno Youth exco member, Rahman Hussin. Rahman said the denial proves that Dr Mahathir cannot be depended on, given that there is already clear evidence linking him to the company.

“This is Dr Mahathir’s true character, where he only takes credit when something goes in his favour but when something goes wrong, he will deny his involvement even despite clear evidence proving otherwise. “What should be answered now also is what happens to the company’s staff? Dr Mahathir needs to offer an explanation to the workers. This isn’t a sundry shop, it’s a bakery which has ties to an international company,” he said.

Dr Mahathir had told reporters in Bukit Tangga, Kedah on Friday that he did not own any shares in The Loaf. He said he only owned 200 units of shares in a tobacco company and Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB), and challenged anyone to provide proof of the allegations. However, Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications Department deputy director, Eric See-To, claimed that Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) records showed that the opposition leader owned 10.062 million shares in M&M Consolidated Resources, the company which owns The Loaf.

See-To had furnished SSM records showing a link between Dr Mahathir and M&M Consolidated Resources, as well as his share ownership on several other companies. Meanwhile, former Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) founder, Kamarul Azman Habibur Rahman, likened Dr Mahathir to someone who is afraid to admit his failures.

“I’m puzzled because from what I can remember, Dr Mahathir once said that he was going to focus his attention on The Loaf once he retired as prime minister. And now he is denying it. “I feel that if Dr Mahathir was still prime minister, The Loaf would not have closed down. But times have changed and I suppose he doesn’t want to be linked to the business as a symbol of his failure,” he said.


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