Apple may support third party watch faces in future watchOS updates

Apple introduced new watch faces in watchOS 4.

While Apple had introduced new watch faces over the past four years for the Apple Watch, there is a lack of third party faces. That could change in future watchOS updates based on a code found in watchOS 4.3.1. 

The NanoTimeKit framework, which is responsible for watch faces, uses a developer tools server which is designed to communicate with Xcode running on the Mac. 9to5Mac discovered an interesting log message in the code:

While there is no indication on where third party faces will be supported, it could come as soon as watchOS 5. In February 2016, Apple was reportedly looking for a software engineer to join the Apple Watch team and the job description states that he or she “will be responsible for building the Clock Faces and Complications”. 

Source: 9to5Mac

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