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The Most Popular Travel Destinations in Indonesia

The 14 Most Insightful Things We’ve Read About Donald Trump in 2016

Ubud Maks Ershov/Shutterstock Ubud—made famous in the book Eat, Pray, Love—is downright blissful. The upland town is a haven of traditional arts, spirituality, and wellness with yoga centers, holistic spas (the perfect place to indulge in a Balinese massage), organic eateries, and galleries galore. It’s also a treasure trove of tranquil beauty, from terraced rice […]

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Diet Tips: 37 Secrets from Nutritionists

Sorry but there is no such thing as “healthy” sugar

iStock/Elena Elisseeva

“There is a misconception that switching from white sugar to honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar or agave is healthier. Sugar is sugar and eating too much of any of these alternative sweeteners will have the same effect on the body as white sugar. There may be a higher nutrient content in some ‘natural’ alternatives but these occur in very small quantities so in order to glean anything useful you would end up eating a lot of sugar. Natural alternatives tend to be richer in flavor so you may be likely to use less of them, but better to focus on healthier additions to the overall diet and limit all sources of sugar.” —Rob Hobson, nutritionist and head of HealthspanFind out how to tell if you’re eating too much sugar.

You should be adding more foods into your diet, not taking them out


“When it comes to diet, people tend to be much more concerned about which foods or food groups to eliminate since many are perceived as ‘bad.’ However, the focus should be on incorporating more of the foods often missing from the diet, such as fiber-rich fruits, healthy vegetables, and whole grains. Adding more healthy foods into the mix can often displace some of the less desirable choices and leave you feeling more satisfied.” —Andrew James Pierce, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS, inventor of the SugarChecked app. Start by stocking up on the ten healthiest fruits for your body.

Take advantage of your bad memory


“Out of sight, out of mind works for junk food too. If you’re going to purchase tempting treats, don’t keep them visible and you’ll probably forget you even have them! In the meantime, keep good-for-you foods in the front of your fridge so the first thing you see when opening up your refrigerator is fruits, veggies, protein, and healthy snacks.” —Audrey Hasse, MS, RDN for Swiss Farms and owner of A.M. Fit. Check out these other kitchen organization tricks that make you eat healthier without realizing it.

The only thing that pricey juice cleanse will lighten is your wallet


“Don’t over-complicate things. You don’t need an expensive juice cleanse, because basic pantry staples like flaxseed, cans of tuna, oats, and fresh greens from the market can provide more nutrition and make your dollar go farther.” Erinn Gregory, RDN, Phoenix, Arizona. Don’t fall for these other 13 “healthy” food habits that really aren’t good for you.

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It’s fine you gained a little weight


“Don’t look to reach an unrealistic body weight. As they age, women should expect to weigh more than they did in their 20s and 30s. It is totally normal and studies show that it is beneficial for supporting bone strength and may even help you live longer. Trying to lose those last ten pounds is not only extremely frustrating, but the very low calorie diet required to achieve this can lead to poor nutrition and hurt your metabolism. Accept that our bodies change as we age and that’s fine.” Pam Schoenfeld, MS, RD, featured speaker at the International Wise Traditions Conference. Use these 17 tricks to get over a weight-loss plateau instead. 

You’re going to have to tell yourself no—and it will be hard


“It is quite easy for the eyes to be bigger than the stomach. We may seem ravenous but it’s a necessary habit to keep portions in check. Even though we may be completely satisfied and full halfway through a large French fry or large milkshake, we tend to eat the whole thing because we paid for it. That habit will really pack on pounds over the years. You have to learn to be satisfied with less, plain and simple.” Rene Ficek. These genius portion control tricks will keep you in check.

All calories are not created equal


“Unfortunately, people still think of calories first over quality. They live on fat-free ‘foods’ or simple starches, like pretzels. They are not eating real food, which leaves them unsatisfied and causes them to eat more over the course of the day. If you choose foods that are high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats you may be consuming more calories in that serving, but it will help you eat less overall and be healthier.” Beth Warren, MS, RDN, CDN, founder of Beth Warren Nutrition and author of Living a Real Life With Real Food. Use these 35 tricks to eat more protein every day.

Alcoholic drinks don’t count as hydration


“If you drink wine or coffee you actually have to hydrate more. I suggest one six-ounce glass of water for every glass of wine or coffee you drink. Health guidelines for women recommend no more than one eight-ounce glass of wine per day. Use smaller glasses and mugs to limit how much you pour and focus on taking smaller sips.” Melanie Young, certified nutrition coach, author, radio host. Plus, use these 13 tricks to make sure you drink enough water.

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Want to detox? Skip the pills, buy more broccoli


“Detoxing with pills or juices is trendy, but our bodies already have a detoxification system to identify, convert, and process toxins for elimination. However, it needs specific nutrients to work, like glucoraphanin, which is found in greatest concentration in broccoli florets. Broccoli’s glucoraphanin works for about 72 hours, so while you should eat it daily. At a minimum, have some every three days.” Ashley Koff, RD. Learn more about whether you should consider a detox diet.

Carbs are not the devil


“Carbohydrates have gotten such a bad reputation recently with all the low-carb, crash diets out there but carbs are an important part of our daily nutrient intakes—they are what our brains run on! Carbs should provide about half of our daily calorie needs. Many people think that in order to lose weight they need to cut out carbohydrates completely. But if you’re trying to lose weight while you’re working out then you need to maintain a good supply of glycogen for your muscles and brain by eating healthy carbs.” Rachel Zimmerman, RD, CNSC, CD at Indiana University Hospital at IU Health. Just stay away from these high-carb foods that could kill you.

Eat with your fingers


“I’ll often include finger foods in my clients’ meal plans, as it’s not just kids who love to eat with their hands. For instance a plate with in-shell pistachios, lightly salted edamame, hummus, whole-grain crackers, and sliced mushrooms and bell peppers provides lots of nutrients and also takes longer to eat, leading to a more satisfying experience. The summer is perfect timing to take your finger-food meal outside and have a picnic while enjoying the weather, scenery, and good food. Food should be fun, not boring!” Amy Gorin, MS, RDN, owner of Amy Gorin Nutrition in Jersey City, New Jersey. Check out these other 42 tips that can help you lose weight.

Organic milk is not healthier than regular milk


“Often times there are very few real differences between ‘healthy’ foods and their ‘unhealthy’ counterparts. For instance, there is no biologically meaningful difference between organic milk and conventional milk. Worry less about these meaningless differences and focus more on choosing plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, poultry and fish.” Marie Spano, MS, RD, CSCS, CSSD, sports dietitian. Read more about dairy myths you need to stop believing.

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Eat protein in the morning to prevent sugar cravings at night


“Increasing protein intake early in the day can help reduce sugar cravings in the late afternoon. Make sure to have an excellent source of protein with every breakfast such as Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, or two to three eggs. Protein in the morning helps stabilize blood sugar, which helps improve satiety along with mood and concentration.” Sharon Collison, RD, sports dietitian and clinical instructor at the University of Delaware. Just don’t make these “healthy” breakfast mistakes that work against you.

Ignore the infomercials, there is no silver bullet

iStock/Maartje van Caspel

“Getting healthy is about taking tiny steps, sometimes so small that progress is not noticeable at first. Instead, getting healthy is about making the better choice most of the time. This tip is particularly helpful for those who are used to buying into the latest fad diet. They see the latest diet book and think, ‘This worked for X; it must be right for me.’ The truth: We are all unique and the only way to determine what nourishes us is to really pay attention to how we feel.” Liza Baker, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach + Kitchen Coach. Try these 30 healthy eating tips to see what works for you.

Forget BMI, it’s meaningless


“Unfortunately, our society places a value on thinness that is not the norm for most healthy individuals. While a larger midsection can point to a need for lifestyle changes, having a fuller figure or stockier build is not necessarily an indication to lose weight. Don’t rely on BMI (body mass index) alone as an indicator of health.” Pam Schoenfeld. Here are 23 tricks to lose belly fat without even exercising.

You can have too much of a good thing


“Just because snack foods like dark chocolate, nuts, nut butters, and avocado have earned nutritional kudos for being good sources of heart-healthy fats and other nutrients doesn’t mean you should eat a lot of them. People think they can eat as many ‘healthy’ snacks as they want, but they’re still high in calories. When snacking on such foods, portion control is key: Limit dark chocolate to 1 to 1½ ounces; avocado to two tablespoons (mashed into guacamole, say) or an eighth of a whole avocado; nuts to ¼ cup; and nut butter to a couple of tablespoons.” Rachel Zimmerman. Watch out for these subtle signs you’re eating too many fats.

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Sit the heck down already


“Sitting down while eating is a strategy used to learn intuitive and mindful eating. It is listening to the body’s natural hunger signs: Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied. We tend to eat for many other reasons besides hunger, including boredom, celebrations, food cravings, etc. When a person sits down while eating, he or she is more conscious and is better able to pay attention to the whole process. Although life can get busy and sometimes it is necessary to grab something quick, sitting down and mindfully engaging in the meal, such as paying attention to the flavor and texture of the foodas well as putting the fork down between bites and feeling the sensation of satietycan be a helpful tip for anyone to try.” McKenzie Flinchum, RD, LD/N, CPT, Founder of The Flexible Dietitian LLCLearn more things mindful eaters do at every meal.

Throw out your scale

iStock/Okan Metin

“Don’t get too attached to the number on the scale. It offers little or no indication of health status and does not account for fitness level, bone density, or muscle mass. Getting clients to take the blinders off and look around at their overall quality of life is my ultimate goal since it leans toward positive rather than negative reinforcement.”  James Pierce. Don’t miss these other 50 things doctors wish you knew about losing weight.

Ditch diet foods


“Research suggests that when something is labeled as diet food, we just tend to eat more of it (regardless of what it tastes like). I suggest focusing on quality and flavor first. Once you get into the habit of allowing yourself pleasure, guilt-free, you will find yourself becoming satisfied on eating less overall because you will never feel deprived.” Abbey Sharp, RD, food blogger at Abbey’s Kitchen. These are some of the 50 healthiest foods you can find in a supermarket.

Don’t miss the forest for the trees


“Clients trying to lose weight often tell me they are counting ‘macros’—tracking grams of protein, carbohydrate, and fat—or calories, on web or phone applications. Yet when we review all the data generated by these apps, their micronutrient intakes often fall well below the recommended values for important vitamins and minerals. They are often surprised to learn that these shortfalls can compromise their health and stall weight loss in some instances. Animal foods like beef, shellfish, liver, and whole eggs supply zinc and vitamins A and B6, and should not be avoided in the misguided belief that they are ‘fattening’ or somehow bad for you.” Pam Schoenfeld. These are silent signs you’re not getting enough vitamins.

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Bring back brinner (that’s breakfast for dinner)


“There’s no rule stating that breakfast foods must only be eaten at breakfast! If you love eggs, which are a great high-quality protein source, have a couple for dinner. I’ll often make a dinner veggie omelet with a side of whole-grain toast and avocado slices. And if you want chicken breast with grilled veggies and brown rice for breakfast, that works too.” Amy Gorin

So tell me what you want, what you really, really want

iStock/Susan Chiang

“I encourage my clients to really think about what’s important to them because this drives their goals and behaviors and serves as a valuable guide for determining what changes they can commit to in the short-term and beyond. It may look very different than what they initially think they want, especially for clients interested in weight loss. Most realize that what they want is not necessarily a lower number on the scale, but the benefit of more energy to spend time with their family, better physical fitness to do what they enjoy, or overall better health to live a balanced life.” Cara Harbstreet, MS, RD, LD of Street Smart Nutrition

Outsource the boring parts of meal prep


“Convenience foods are great—as long as they’re the right ones. The cornerstone of healthy nutrition is fresh produce. But who has time to do all the prep work in takes to prepare a healthy meal? Not me! If peeling, cutting, and chopping aren’t your thing, let someone else do the work. Grocers offer an ever-expanding selection of chopped, diced, or minced produce. They can cut dinner preparation time in half! Plus, keeping sliced veggies and prepared dips like hummus are great to have on hand at all time.” Rene Ficek, RD, lead nutrition expert at Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating

Swap, don’t restrict, foods

iStock/David Herrmann

“Instead of margarine use butter. Margarine is laden with heart-damaging trans fats. Swap corn oil and soybean oil for palm fruit oil. It’s an excellent source of vitamin E, which supports heart and brain health. Trade out corn-fed proteins for the grass-fed proteins. Smart consumers are choosing grass-fed options because those tend to have more nutrients and fewer added hormones. Lastly, out with the artificial egg whites, in with the fresh eggs. Some brands have naturally higher levels of ALA omega-3 fatty acids due to what the chickens are fed.” Felicia Stoler, RD, exercise physiologist, author of Living Skinny in Fat Genes™: The Healthy Way to Lose Weight and Feel Great, and host of TLC’s series, Honey We’re Killing the Kids!!. Try these healthy food swaps you never thought of.

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Bring back the 3-course meal


“Serve vegetables first, at the beginning of the meal. This not only priorities these nutrient-dense foods and ensures their consumption but it can also take the edge of off hunger and tempers appetite before moving on to the rest of the meal.”  James Pierce

Quit with the multitasking


“How many times have you found yourself multitasking while eating and then reached into that empty bag of chips to find that you’ve eaten the whole thing? Distracted eating accounts for countless extra calories consumed, but no calories enjoyed. How sad is that? I encourage my clients to eat mindfully, to pay attention to the flavors, textures, and sensations while eating food. This allows you to enjoy delicious food, or realize that something just isn’t good and stop eating it.” —Rebecca Clyde MS, RDN, CD, blogger at Be Truly Nourished

Go to bed, sleepyhead


“We’re so rushed that we squeeze in the bare minimum of hours of sleep and exist in a permanently fatigued state. This is challenging when it comes to managing our weight and our health because we’re denying our bodies the chance to recover and repair. I often see clients struggling with plateaus and we talk about how they manage their sleep and stress. I advise at least seven hours per night; preferably eight or more if possible.” Cara Harbstreet

Don’t de-stress with food


“A healthy diet is managing not only what you eat but also managing what is eating at you. A steady diet of stress is counterproductive to good health. Part of eating healthy is making sure your mind is healthy.” Melanie Young. These are silent signs stress is making you sick.

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Make sure your diet gets an “F” (for fiber)


“Consuming a minimum of 25 to 35 grams of fiber a day will help you feel full longer and naturally curb your appetite. Dietary fiber also helps stabilize your blood sugar, protects against colorectal cancer, and reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. Fiber also significantly influences the types of microbes that live in our gut, which in turn exert an enormous influence on our health. So when planning meals, it is critical to include healthy, high-fiber foods such as raspberries, blackberries, avocado, artichokes, broccoli, green peas, lentils, black beans, and whole grains.” Joanne L. Mumola Williams, PhD, holistic nutritionist and author of Health Begins in the Kitchen. Find out what happens to your body when you eat more fiber.

Baby your gut bacteria


“There is impressive research emerging about the gut microbiome, or the trillions of bacteria that live within our gut. We’re learning more about the integral role of these bacteria in our health, and what we eat can shape which kinds of bugs live inside us. I give my patients three to remember in order to help prevent chronic disease and optimize the gut microbiome: Eat fiber, eat fermented foods, and eat unprocessed foods. Adding these foods to your diet probably provides the biggest health return for the investment compared to any dietary change out there.” Shilpa Ravella, MD, gastroenterologist with expertise in nutrition and an assistant professor of medicine at Columbia University Medical Center

Take a page from your preschooler and pack a snack


“I find that people often make poor food choices because they get so hungry they just grab whatever is close. If you have something healthy already tucked in your bag or briefcase, you’ll save yourself the extra calories and eater’s remorse. Pack healthy snacks that are a nice balance of carbs, protein, and healthy fat to keep your energy level up and hunger at bay, but nothing too perishable or fragile. Think a hardboiled egg and some dried fruit, a single serving packet of dry roasted nuts and carrot sticks, or an apple and single serving packet of nut butter.” —Lara Felton, RDN, head of the dietary team at mobile nutrition app ShopWell. Try these 30 healthy snack ideas.

Fill your bowl with… your phone


“Many folks tend to eat while on their electronic devices and don’t pay attention to what and how much they are eating. Create an ‘electronics bowl’ where you place your cell phone and other devices before you eat so you can enjoy your food and the art of conversation during a meal.” —Toby Amidor, MS, RD, author of The Greek Yogurt Kitchen: More Than 130 Delicious, Healthy Recipes for Every Meal of the Day. Check out these other eating mistakes even healthy people make.

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Think beyond the barn

iStock/Iryna Melnyk

“Proteins are not created equally. Your body needs 22 amino acids but can only make 14 of these on its own. This requires you to get the other eight, called essential amino acids, from food. We all know that meats, cheeses, and eggs are complete proteins but so are quinoa, hempseed, chia, buckwheat, and the combo of brown rice and beans.” —Sara Doll, NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist, author of Gluten Free Daily. These are red flags you’re not eating enough protein.

Hunger may not mean you’re hungry


“When you begin a clean eating program, you’re most likely going to have hunger pains or food cravings at the beginning. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not getting enough food. Rather your body is balancing to proper nutrition. As your blood sugar adjusts these food cravings will stop. A need for water can also be disguised as hunger so stay hydrated.” —Sara Doll. Check out these other sneaky reasons you can’t stop eating.

Cook at home


“Cooking at home instead of ordering out is a great way to save calories (and money!). This way you control what is going into your meal, and it allows you to avoid the extra salt and fat we tend to get at restaurant meals. It is also a great way to start introducing new foods into your diet that you might not usually try. Think you can’t cook? There are plenty of videos online, or even a fun local cooking class to get get you started. It is not nearly as intimidating or hard as many people think.” —Jen Flachbart, MS, RDN, owner of Plant Roots Nutrition

Eating fat won’t make you fat


“The traditional mantra of eating a low-fat diet has been questioned as over consuming foods high in processed carbohydrates appears to be a significant factor in weight gain. Opting for foods in their most natural state such as those that are rich in good fats, including extra virgin olive oil, avocados, oily fish and nuts, typical of the Mediterranean way of eating, appears to be a healthier way to approach your diet.” —Rob Hobson

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Don’t go it alone

iStock/Courtney Keating

“Many of my clients are highly successfully because, well, they’re my clients. They have me as a support system to turn to when they feel like giving up or aren’t sure of where they are going. You need to build a support system back at home too. There is no shame in asking your friends for help to keep you more accountable. By making them part of your journey, you encourage them to not only be considerate of your lifestyle change and habits but also help them make better decisions as well. If you live at home with family or your partner, try to get them involved in your goals. Maybe you can share healthy meals or exercise together.” —Elisabeth Almekinder RN, BA, CDE, The Diabetes Council

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Police: Viral video not linked to Adelina Lisao’s case – Nation

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Penang police have denied claims that a video clip, which has gone viral on social media, is related to the abuse of Indonesian maid Adelina Lisao.

The 2.13-min clip, which has been widely shared, shows an elderly woman repeatedly kicking and stepping on a younger woman’s head.

Another woman is later seen walking out from the house and pouring a pail of water close to the younger woman.

The video also shows the older woman hitting the younger woman with a wooden stick several times.

Central Seberang Prai OCPD Asst Comm Nik Ros Azhan Nik Abdul Hamid said police had studied the viral video and confirmed that it was not filmed at the location where Adelina’s alleged abuse took place.

“We have also confirmed that the women in the video are not the accused in the (Adelina’s) case,” he said when contacted on Saturday.

ACP Nik Ros Azhan said no police report had been lodged over the video so far.

“We have no lead on where the video was filmed,” he said.

S. Ambika, 59, Adelina’s employer, has been charged with murdering the Indonesian domestic worker. Ambika’s daughter R. Jayavartiny, 32, has meanwhile been charged with hiring Adelina, knowing that the latter had no valid pass.

Adelina was found sleeping on the porch with wounds on her body when she was rescued from the home of the accused. She died on Feb 11.

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Things Car Dealers Won’t Tell You About Leasing

You need better credit to lease a car than get a loan

Lamp of the blue carnorikko/Shutterstock

Though it may sound like it should be the opposite, getting a good deal on a lease generally requires excellent credit, explains Mike Ouyang, marketing lead for auto loans with LendingTree in Charlotte. “Financing is more readily available for those with less than stellar credit.” Find out the 34 secret car buying tips your car dealer won’t tell you.

It may be hard to get a loan

Headlight of the carnorikko/Shutterstock

Most banks, credit unions, and other finance sources don’t offer credit for leases, says Sonia Steinway, co-founder of auto finance start-up Outside Financial in San Diego. “That means the average customer is restricted to using captive financing (like Toyota Financial Services or GM Financial), at whatever rate that lender is willing to provide,” Steinway says. “For customers with great credit who are eligible for sub-vented financing (i.e., subsidized), that’s not a problem, but those with lower credit scores may find they can get much better interest rates on a purchase loan.”

Leasing is cheaper, up front

Headlight of the dark blue carnorikko/Shutterstock

Typically, you’ll have a lower monthly payment if you lease versus buy, even for the same car. That means you can usually afford a nicer set of (leased) wheels.

You can trade in for a new model hassle-free

red car front lightChris Ulmann/Shutterstock

If you’re the type who likes to upgrade your iPhone the minute a new one comes out, you’ll likely enjoy leasing a car. At the end of your lease, typically three years, you can walk into the dealership, drop off the keys, and pick up a new car that day, without going through the hassle of selling your old one first.

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Someone else will do repairs for you

FRANKFURT - SEPT 10: Rolls Royce Ghost Alpine Trial Luxus Coupe shown at the 65th IAA (Internationale Automobil Ausstellung) on September 10, 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany.Fingerhut/Shutterstock

Because most leases are for three years, they are almost always still under warranty (most new cars have a three-year warranty). Additionally, “Some leases even include basic maintenance, so your only costs will be insurance and fuel,” reports U.S. News and World Report. Don’t miss these other things your car mechanic won’t ever tell you.

You may have to limit how much you drive

Car headlight with shallow depth of fieldPatsapon Borwonputtikun/Shutterstock

If you have a long commute to work, frequently drive to clients, or if you’re a weekend traveler, a lease, which puts a cap on yearly mileage, may not be the best fit. “Mileage restrictions are built into nearly all lease contracts,” clarifies Ouyang. “Driving over the agreed limit will lead to steep excess mileage charges.” If you hit the road frequently, buying may be a better option. Here are more ways you’re completely wasting money on your car.

Your side hustle may be an issue

Car's headlight designSista Vongjintanaruks/Shutterstock

Thinking about making a bit of extra money using a leased vehicle? Check your contract. “Some contracts don’t allow you to use your leased vehicle for ride-sharing programs such as Lyft or Uber, says Ouyang. “Secondly, any miles you use towards a ride-sharing business means fewer miles for your own personal use.” If you need a car for a side business, consider buying.

A lease is effectively a long-term rental

Modern car's headlight designSista Vongjintanaruks/Shutterstock

“If you own your car, even though it’s a depreciating asset, you’ll likely still have some equity in it, once you’ve paid off your loan,” Ouyang says. “At the end of a lease, however, you may even owe money should you have damaged the vehicle or have excess wear. There’s no cash or value you can use to put towards another car.”

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Know your exit-strategy

sports carKurt Kleemann/ Shutterstock

At the end of your lease, you’ll have the option of giving back the car and leasing a new one, or buying it in what’s called a lease buyout, says Ouyang. “To keep the car, you have to pay the residual value or expected worth of the vehicle at the end of your contract,” he says.

Some contracts allow for an early buyout, which allows you to purchase the leased vehicle before the end of the lease contract. Be cautioned that there are sometimes associated fees and, generally, a lease-end buyout is a better deal. With both types of buyouts, you’ll need the funds to do so. “Lease buyout financing is available and the process is similar to a standard auto loan,” Ouyang adds.

In the long run, owning is much cheaper

Hong Kong, China Nov 17, 2015 : Hyundai SantaFe 2015 Head Light on Nov 17 2015 in Hong Kong.Teddy Leung/ Shutterstock

When you purchase a car in cash, the car is yours outright. If it is financed, the lender owns the vehicle but only until your loan is paid off. And when you lease a vehicle, the leasing company always owns the car, says Ouyang. “Leasing may save you on monthly payments, but the money you spend isn’t going towards ownership.” With a lease, you will have a monthly car payment. If you own, you could potentially enjoy years without having to make monthly payments. “And, most cars today have significantly improved reliability so you could go for quite some time without worrying about major maintenance or repair costs,” he adds. “So if you have a six-year loan, and keep the car for ten years, that’s four years of no monthly payments, which makes for a potential of thousands in savings.” You’ll want to take note of these maintenance tips that will extend the life of your car.



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16 Words You Use Every Day You Didn’t Realize Are Trademarked

First, what is a trademark?

A trademark is a word, symbol, device, or any combination used to identify and distinguish someone’s goods or services from others. Simply using a brand name to sell a product makes it a trademark, but most companies register trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This provides exclusive rights to use that mark, publicizes who the owner is, and allows the owner to take legal action in federal court over a dispute concerning the mark. Only registered trademarks can use the ® symbol. Registration expires after 10 years and can be renewed for additional 10-year periods. Unregistered trademarks come with “common law” rights—generally whoever uses the mark first has the right to use it in that way—but they are not governed by statute and only cover the geographical area in which the mark is used. These are followed by a TM. (Check out these other phrases you never knew were trademarked!)

The post 16 Words You Use Every Day You Didn’t Realize Are Trademarked appeared first on Reader's Digest.

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Money Traps You Fall for Every Time You Travel

Not reading online reviews

close up of hands with laptop and smartphoneSyda Productions/Shutterstock

Before you book every last tour, excursion, and experience, Elizabeth Blasi, travel expert and blogger, recommends taking the extra time to comb through reviews on popular travel sites before you click “book.” She explains that while many sites like Expedia and make it super-simple to carve out an itinerary, many charge up to three times more than others that offer the exact service. “Read the reviews on TripAdvisor or Yelp, call the tour company directly, and see what is included in their tour,” she says. And if you want a better deal? Compare the cost of renting a car to see a treasured site or landmark or find out if you can hire a driver for the day instead. “Sometimes this route gives you an interesting local’s perspective, and they may have insights into making your trip more memorable,” she adds.

Not checking the fine print of rental cars

Closeup woman hand holding the remote control car alarm systems.siam.pukkato/Shutterstock

Depending on where your wanderlust takes you, it is sometimes smarter to rent a car than to call an Uber or rely on public transport. If you decide to try driving on the other side of the road or on an infamous highway made for making memories, Ardene Emmelkamp, leisure travel consultant, urges travelers to read—and re-read!—the fine print in your contract before you sign on the dotted line. “On occasion, car companies will add insurance without your knowledge. This unexpected charge can add hundreds of dollars to your travel expenses,” she shares. Remember, since many travel credit cards, like Chase Sapphire, include car rental insurance, there may be no need to add additional coverage.

Not asking for an upgrade in person

Receptionist giving room keys to customer at reception in hotelstockfour/Shutterstock

Ever dream of the day when you randomly show up at a hotel for vacation and somehow, by the powers that be, you’re decked out in a fancy-smancy suite? Though a blockbuster comedy might suggest otherwise, Emmelkamp explains many of the upgrades that happen are based on request. In other words, you have to ask for what you want. “If the upgrade is available, they may give it to you complimentary,” she notes. “It’s much more difficult to say no to request such as that when you are face to face. And it never hurts to ask.” Psst… you’ll also want to check out these savvy secrets for scoring a hotel upgrade.

Not researching your travel to and from the airport

Two business people, man and woman, catching yellow taxi in street of rainy autumn cityPressmaster/Shutterstock

Making cohesive thoughts when you’re in #VacationMode is tough enough. Add in the aftermath of an red-eye flight or a sudden time difference, and thinking critically goes out the window. That’s why so many people make the mistake of not even thinking about airport transfers until they land, instead of securing a reservation in advance or researching the best route. “The majority of travel horror stories I hear is about taxis or airport transfers. Book all of that in advance—it’s cheaper and safer,” says Michelle Weller, vice president of sales at Travel Leaders. “If you use a travel agent, they can roll all of that into a bulk discount package price and you have the peace of mind knowing there is an advocate for you in case anything goes wrong.”

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Not eating before you get to the airport

Granola in packingDee-n/Shutterstock

While you can’t bring more than that infamous 3.4 ounces in your carry-on, travel agent Jennifer McCormack reminds travelers you can BYOS. That is, bring your own snacks! “Purchasing food and beverages at the airport can add up, especially when you are traveling with a family, and food-for-purchase on the airplane can cost you even more,” she explains. “Simple items like whole fruit and sandwiches are easy to pack and bring along.” As for water, bring a refillable canteen and fill it up at the first water fountain you see once you’re past the security point. Don’t miss these other air travel tips to know before your next flight.

You spend too much on international cell service

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Unless you’re on an international plan with your telecom provider, you might end up spending more than you budgeted for when your passport-collecting mission takes you to yet another country. Blasi explains that since Internet is essential for travel, many inexperienced nomads end up paying way more than they need to access Uber, Google Maps, and ya know, Instagram, for those jealousy-inducing posts. If it doesn’t make sense to switch to a plan that provides worldwide access, Blasi suggests purchasing a local SIM card at the airport instead. “With large amounts of data plans for very reasonable costs, it’s easy to see why it’s a preferred method. The rule of thumb, usually the kiosk/storefront furthest away from immigration and closest to the exit will have the cheaper SIMs as they’re paying less in rent for their location,” she shares. You’ll also want to check out these ideas for staying connected while abroad.

Not triple- and double-checking airline fees

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Thanks to a growing curiosity and affordability with travel, more and more people are traveling than ever before. While it’s a great plug for the economy—and for widening worldviews and perspectives—this shift has also made airlines more competitive than ever. To make ends meet since ticket prices are down, McCormack warns many are becoming sneaky with hidden fees. “Many are charging for items that were once included such as seat selection, carry-on, and printing boarding passes, in addition to checked bags. Some will even charge more if you pay at the airport versus paying in advance,” she says. That’s why you should always make the extra effort to research your mile-high provider before booking and always purchase bags or seats online instead of once you arrive. “This is one place where it is wise to read the fine print so that you know exactly what your charges will be and whether or not you need to pay for any of your items in advance,” she says.

Not researching hidden hotel fees

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Much like airlines, a surge in tourism often equates to fierce competition at resorts, too. So while McCormack says you might be able to snag a cheap nightly rate, the small print once you arrive might shock you. “Review the final screen before committing to a rate. You just might be charged a resort fee that makes another property more affordable,” she says. “Even after you check out resort fees, parking may still be an added cost once you arrive.” When in doubt, call the property ahead of time so you know the final cost before you book.

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Not checking ATM fees out of the country

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Even if you do your due diligence and exchange cash before you jet set, there’s a solid chance you’ll need more notes once you’re in a new country. Depending on who you bank with, you might be charged an additional fee to the exchange rate, which can definitely add up with each withdrawal. These fees are called “out-of-network” fees and a common woe from travelers, according to McCormack. “Plan ahead for any cash that you think you might need for tipping or incidental expenses so that you do not end up with $10 or more in ATM and bank fees for a simple $20 withdrawal,” she says.

Eating near tourist attractions

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When you’re adjusting to a new time zone or just out of the comfort of your normal routine, you might find yourself overly hungry at odd times. This makes last-minute meals a common occurrence while you’re traveling, but when you can, Emmelkamp says planning ahead for your three-times-a-day noms can save you big. One of the sneakiest ways destinations make money off of tourists is via restaurants that upcharge in popular areas. “Try to eat at least four blocks away from the tourist spot. Or even better, ask the locals where they like to eat and head there,” she suggests. Read on for more little mistakes that make your vacation unnecessarily stressful.

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Cat Acne Exists! Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Cat from beneathH. Tuller/ShutterstockWhat is cat acne?

Cat acne, also called chin acne, is just that. Acne. Just like the kind people get. It can appear as small blackheads on the chin called comedones or can progress into pimples that may or may not develop a whitehead or rupture. Some cats are unaffected by acne, meaning it doesn’t bother them at all or cause any pain, while others show obvious signs of itchiness or discomfort. There is no one specific cause, but cat acne can be triggered by several things. Stress (kenneling or a move), dirty food bowls, allergies, or oily skin are all known to cause acne flare-ups in cats. Don’t miss these other things your cat wishes you knew.

Does my cat have chin acne?

No particular breed of cat is predisposed to chin acne. It is more visible in hairless cats and those with white or light colored coats, so it may be diagnosed more frequently on these types of felines.

Cat acne should be diagnosed by a veterinarian. Many skin conditions present with similar symptoms, and it’s important that your vet rule out more serious problems before prescribing medication or beginning treatment. Some medications, if used incorrectly, can exacerbate skin conditions, and some skin problems are symptoms of a more serious disease process at work. Veterinarians can perform different tests, looking at both skin cells and blood work, to determine if there is anything more serious to worry about.

How to prevent and treat cat acne

Once your veterinarian has diagnosed your cat’s chin acne, there are a few different things he or she may recommend to control and prevent future breakouts. Changing from plastic food bowls to ceramic or stainless steel is the simplest. Plastic bowls have a porous surface and harbor bacteria and dirt. Every time your cat eats or drinks, she recontaminates her skin. Stainless and ceramic bowls have solid surfaces, so they are much easier to clean and are more sanitary.

Your veterinarian will also recommend daily cleaning of the affected area with mild soap and warm water or an antimicrobial solution like betadine or chlorhexadine. Care must be taken using chlorhexadine near the eyes as it can cause severe ocular damage.
For more serious cases, antibiotics (oral, injectible, or topical) or corticosteroids might be used as an adjunct to other treatments.

If you suspect your pet has cat chin acne, make an appointment for a physical exam with your veterinarian before beginning treatment. Next, read on for 17 more surprising facts you never knew about your cat.

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Things You Should Never Make in an Instant Pot

instant potKen McKayI/TV/REX/ShutterstockIt seems like every home cook has jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon—and for good reason! This multi-tasking appliance is a kitchen all-star. It pressure cooks, slow cooks, sautés, and so much more. With so many settings, it seems like you can make almost anything in this new device. Almost is the key word there. It turns out there are some things that you just shouldn’t make in your Instant Pot, whether they’re dangerous or just a waste of time, here are some don’ts for Instant Pot users.

Fried chicken

The crispy chicken you crave—you know, like the kind you get from KFC—is not going to come from an Instant Pot. That’s because the key to successful frying is getting the oil hot enough, which your new pressure cooker isn’t able to do. The Instant Pot might be good for a quick pan fry or sauté, but it’s not a deep fryer. Here’s how you can make perfect, irresistible fried chicken at home.

Dairy-heavy dishes

Anything that uses milk as a main ingredient (like cream soups or even macaroni and cheese) can be a struggle to make in your pressure cooker. The high heat can make the milk curdle which is not exactly appetizing. So approach these dishes with caution if you choose to proceed.

Jams, jellies, and preserves

To successfully can those fresh raspberries for a delicious spread, you have to be able to closely monitor the temperature as you cook. Which is something that the Instant Pot can’t do (it measures the pressure). So stay away from any canning recipes with your Instant Pot—even pickles.


While you can make bread in an Instant Pot, due to the way the appliance cooks, you won’t get that nice, crispy crust on the outside—and isn’t that one of the best parts? Don’t miss these other baking mistakes you could be making, too.


There’s a reason your favorite beef and broccoli stir-fry is typically made in a wok—the high heat and wide pan are essential to get the right texture and taste. While the Instant Pot can get hot, the pot’s surface area isn’t large enough to get the right sear.

If this list sounds overwhelming, don’t worry! While the Instant Pot shouldn’t be used for these six foods, there’s still plenty this appliance can do. Plus, check out these other reasons you should be cooking with a pressure cooker.

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Enduring Life Lessons of Billy Graham

The 14 Most Insightful Things We’ve Read About Donald Trump in 2016

Anthony Correia/shutterstockAmerica’s foremost evangelist, Billy Graham, passed away on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at the age of 99. Graham dealt with a number of health issues in his time—Parkinson’s disease, prostate cancer, broken bones, hydrocephalus—but still aimed to preach the Gospel daily. In his book, The Journey, Graham shared principles for living—which he expounded on […]

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Best Home Improvements That Will Double the Value of Your Home

What You Need to Know About Your Vintage Pyrex (Including How Much It’s Worth)

Additional bathroom Grekovs/Shutterstock This may be the best home improvement you can make. After all, can we ever have enough bathrooms? According to Steve Frellick, licensed contractor and founder/broker of Yonder Luxury Vacation Rentals, a one-to-one bedroom/bathroom ratio is ideal. “An additional bathroom creates greater functionality of a home, while also increasing resale value.” Not […]

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