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Insider Tips Career Coaches Won’t Tell You for Free

Limit yourself

limit yourselfNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock Life coach Meiyoko Taylor believes that giving ourselves boundaries can unlock productivity and creativity. He writes on his blog, “When we set a time limit, we actually improve our ability to focus. It almost becomes a competition of ‘beat the clock.’ Ideally, you should try using a timer and limit your work periods to around 25 or 55 minutes—with a five- to ten-minute break in between tasks. If a task is going to take longer than 55 minutes, break it down into smaller chunks. This has helped me tremendously.”

Here are 12 other ways to improve your productivity in five seconds flat!


relaxNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock Writing for O, The Oprah Magazine, life coach Martha Beck remarked, “There is not one useful thing we can do that we don’t do better when we’re relaxed. The harder, scarier, and more important the task you’re undertaking, the more you’ll benefit from relaxation. Are you speaking before a crowd of thousands? Relax! Sitting in a job interview? Relax! Being physically attacked? Any black belt will tell you that the first thing you should do, against all instinct, is to relax, relax, relax!”

Find a mentor

find a mentorNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock In an interview with Bustle, life coach John Moore encouraged the practice of reaching out to people whose path you hope to approximate. “Follow them on social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter and pay attention to their background and how they communicate. Introduce yourself as someone who is following a similar path and ask for 20 minutes of their time for an informational interview. If you get the interview, respect the person’s time—keep the meeting to the exact times you promised. Be prepared—have thoughtful and specific questions ready like, ‘I noticed on LinkedIn you went to a big business school, how important has that been to your career?’ Thank them for their time and follow up with a hand-written thank-you card.”

Don’t make these LinkedIn mistakes that could cost you a connection—or a job.

Sharpen your focus

sharpen your focusNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock Former Navy SEAL sniper Brandon Webb took the valuable lessons he learned while serving in the military and applied them starting a successful business, Hurricane Media. The ability to maintain focus is vitally important to survival on the battlefield, he says, and it is just as important in the boardroom. In his book, Total Focus: Make Better Decisions Under Pressure, Webb writes, “If I had to pick a single core principle for success in business, it would be this: Choose one thing, focus on that one thing, and execute it to the absolute limit of your abilities. Focus on your business, invest in yourself and learn how to say no to everything else.”

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Be mindful

be mindfulNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock On her site, Big Heart Coach, life coach Elaine Beth Cohen writes, “becoming mindful enables us to deal with our lives in a way that is profoundly real and possibly more gentle. It enables us to hear our (rational and irrational) thoughts but not necessarily believe them or accept them as ‘correct.’ Mindfulness helps us take a pause and choose what we want to say or do. What I find most powerful is mindfulness reminds me that my life, the very present moment of it, is a privilege and ultimately a fleeting one.”

Check out these mindfulness tips that can help you fall asleep easier.

Don’t ignore your nagging thoughts

don't ignore your nagging thoughtsNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock Listen to that pesky voice in your head that just won’t shut up, wrote life coach Shannon Kaiser, author of Adventures for Your Soul, in an article for “It’s important to take action by exploring the nudges of inspiration that come to you. For example, you may have the idea to start a sales funnel, go to a new network event, or invest in more education. If these ideas keep coming back to you, it’s because they are part of your bigger plan. Making a profit from your passion is a lot like discovering breadcrumbs in the forest. You have to follow each crumb, inkling, inspirational drop that is revealed to you.”

Pick up and move

pick up and moveNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock International best-seller and motivational speaker Tony Robbins writes in his book Money Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom, “Generations of Americans have looked at retirement as a time to pick up and move to a warmer climate, a less-expensive city or a beautiful, low-key place like Boise, ID, or Greenville, SC—to breathe clean air and enjoy the outdoors. But why wait till then? Why not change your zip code today? Why not find a place to raise your family that lets you reduce your cost of living and elevate your quality of life at the same time, while you’re young enough for you and your children to reap the rewards?”

Try these morning mindfulness exercises.

Think about your legacy sooner than later

think about your legacyNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock Women’s life and success coach Alionka Polanco, quoted in The Ladders, speaks about a line of thinking that she believes is doing people a disservice: “Just do something that pays a lot of money, you can have fun on the weekends and when you retire.” Polanco believes that this sidelines your dreams. She says you should ask yourself these questions: “What are you known for? What was your career about? What does your income look like? What does your home life look like? What’s the impact you’ve had in the world?” These questions will help you focus on what you really want out of life, not what you’re hoping to squeeze in some time to do on the weekend.

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Take risks one toe at a time

take risksNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock Business coach and author Susie Moore, writing on, says, “Side hustles allow you to achieve a solid proof of concept for your business idea in your own time, sans the risk of taking a full-time leap and losing your income and benefits overnight. You put your toe in the water, then a foot, a leg, your torso—over months. As a side hustler, you generate an income stream that not only boosts your bank balance but also your confidence in being an entrepreneur. It shows you your business idea has legs before you take an unnecessary jump into the unknown. It’s practical. And fun. And empowering.”

Learn these nine science-backed tricks to boost your confidence.

Make work your play

make work your playNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock In his book, Crush It!: Why Now Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion, speaker, entrepreneur, and force of nature Gary Vaynerchuk says you don’t need a vacation if you love what you do. “Live your passion. What does that mean, anyway? It means that when you get up for work every morning, every single morning, you are pumped because you get to talk about or work with or do the thing that interests you the most in the world. You don’t live for vacations because you don’t need a break from what you’re doing—working, playing, and relaxing are one and the same. You don’t even pay attention to how many hours you’re working because to you, it’s not really work. You’re making money, but you’d do whatever it is you’re doing for free.”

Cut yourself some slack

cut yourself some slackNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock A self-described “life coach for anxious/depressed nerds,” Gabrielle Loehr writes on her blog: “Sometimes, no matter how much you prepare and plan, life will throw something at you that you couldn’t possibly control, like a natural disaster, a serious illness, a car accident, or company-wide layoffs. So if you believe life is completely within your control, you are bound to be disappointed and unduly hard on yourself.” She continues, “However, how you respond to life-changing events like a natural disaster or serious illnesses is completely within your control. So what really matters is finding a balance between recognizing when you can do things versus when you should cut yourself some slack.”

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Find discipline within

find discipline withinNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock In Jocko Willink’s book, Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual, the former Navy SEAL and co-founder of Echelon Front leadership and management consulting company, writes, “If you don’t think you are disciplined, it is because you haven’t decided to be disciplined. YET. It is because you haven’t created it. YET. You haven’t become it. YET. So where does it come from? It comes from you. So make the decision. Make the commitment. Become the discipline—embrace its cold and relentless power. And it will make you better and stronger and smarter and faster and healthier than anything else. And most important: It will make you free.”

Check out how to discover your inner passion with these tips from a Navy SEAL.

Value your time!

value your timeNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock Professional speaker and life coach Shawn Doyle said in a recent article for, “By far the biggest challenge [to productivity] is getting interrupted constantly, but to be very frank we allow it! Someone comes into your workspace and says, ‘Do you have a minute?’ Because you are a nice person you say, ‘Sure come on in.’ Bad move. Now you have given away your time. What you can say is, ‘I am in the middle of something—can you come back in an hour?’ Now you are doing something brilliant—negotiating for time.”

Be the leader you want to follow

be the leader you want to followNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock Author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek writes in his book Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, “Leading is not the same as being the leader. Being the leader means you hold the highest rank, either by earning it, good fortune, or navigating internal politics. Leading, however, means that others willingly follow you—not because they have to, not because they are paid to, but because they want to.”

Read these inspiring quotes to get you through the day.

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Things You Should Never Buy at Garage Sales



Helmets are designed to protect you from one accident, and one accident only. Sometimes the damage isn’t visible, so buy a new helmet to make sure you’re getting full protection.

On the flip side, if you see any of these things at a garage sale, make sure to snap it up!

Child car seats


Like helmets, car seats are really only meant to protect in one accident. But damaged car seats are common; a survey found that one in ten have been in an accident. Plus, car seat technology improves each year.


Bart Sadowski

If they’ve been in an accident, tires are likely to be unstable and unreliable. Make sure you can get an accurate history.

Wet suits and swimsuits


Personal products that hug your body are technically safe if you wash them in hot water… and still we’re cautious. But constant changes in water pressure also wear out swimwear faster than regular clothing, so it’s likely a used wetsuit or swimsuit will tear.

Are you the one hosting a garage sale? Make sure to check out these tips for making money at a yard sale.

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Bed bugs could lurk in any used mattress. You might also end up sleeping with other people’s mold, mites, bacteria, and bodily fluids (yuck!).

Laptops or other devices


Laptops, e-readers, tablets, or mp3 players are more likely to be dropped, knocked around, and spilled on, simply because they’re out in the world. A desktop computer sits (mostly) safe at home, but even that would likely cost more to upgrade than buy new.



It’s hard to determine how well TVs, DVD players, and other electronic devices have been cared for by their previous owners. Plus, technology changes so quickly that you can often get a better quality device. If you’re buying refurbished devices directly from a manufacturer, you’ll be covered by a warranty—but a random TV at a garage sale could be hit or miss.

Don’t miss this story about the strange people that garage sales tend to attract.

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Used shoes have been molded to their previous owner’s feet—and poorly fitting shoes will make you miserable, or you’ll just never want to wear them.

Sheets and Pillowcases


Sure, you can wash them in hot water, but that might not protect against bed bugs.

Baby bottles


While sanitation and cracks can be an issue, the real culprit is the chemical BPA that’s present in most older bottles—and as of June 2012, the FDA no longer accepts that as safe. Go with new bottles to make sure you’re getting the safest, most up-to-date bottles.

Worn plates, pots, and other cookware


Rust, flaky non-stick coatings, and chemicals that leach out are just a few of the safety problems you can run into with older cookware. But if you see any of these vintage kitchen items for sale, they might be worth grabbing!

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DVDs, CDs, and VHS tapes


If you’re still using this technology and looking to scoop up a bargain, know that scratches have ruined many a DVD or CD—and VHS tapes lessen in quality the more times they’re played, not to mention disintegrate over the years.

Upholstered furniture


Just like mattresses and sheets, any upholstered furniture can be home to bed bugs, fleas, and spiders, as well as unknown odors and stains. Unless you’re going to reupholster the piece, steer clear.

Clothes that require a tailored fit

iStock/Armin Staudt

It might look like it fits—until you put it on. Unless you can try something on, it’s often not worth the money you’ll spend on alterations. Don’t miss these things thrift and consignment shop owners aren’t telling you.

Video Games

iStock/Robert Herhold

You might want to quickly google the video game—manufacturers are now including codes for one-user only play, either for the whole game or special bonus sections.

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Fragrance or makeup (new or old!)


The quality of both can lessen over the years (and yes, they do expire!). Even if makeup is brand new in the box, skip it unless you can tell that it was recently manufactured.

Stuffed animals


Stuffed animals can be hard to send through the extra-hot cycle on a washing machine, and like mattresses and upholstered furniture, they can be full of creepy crawlies and other unsavory finds.

Of course, if you spot one of these valuable childhood toys, you might want to snap it quickly.

Blenders and other kitchen electronics


Your go-to smoothie maker’s blades and mechanisms can become dull and wear down over time, even if the machine looks fine on the surface.

Running shoes


Used running shoes are often devoid of the cushioning that runners need; stick with new shoes for the cushioning and fit that will protect knees, feet, and legs.

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Things You Always Forget to Clean| Reader’s Digest


01_fridge_little_things_you_istock/Anna_OmYour fridge could make you sick if you don’t clean it every once in a while. NSF International swabbed 20 Michigan kitchens as part of its 2013 Household Germ Study, and two of the germiest places were the vegetable and meat compartments in refrigerators. First, unplug the fridge and empty it out. Toss old containers and expired food, and wipe everything down with multipurpose spray. Soak drawers in warm water and scrub them clean with dish soap. These are the foods you should never keep in a fridge.


02_pillow_little_things_youistock/eugenesergeevYes, you can put down and fiberfill pillows in the washing machine. Wash two at a time following the instructions on the care label. Otherwise, warm water on a gentle cycle will do the trick. The same settings work for your comforter (which can also use a washing). Here are some other surprising things you can clean in your washing machine.

Windowsills and window tracks

03_windowsill_little_things_you_istock/MaximkostenkoIt’s easy to tell when your windows are dirty, but windowsills and tracks often go unnoticed. Dust away any loose dirt and dead bugs (or use a vacuum with a brush attachment). Use a spray bottle of white vinegar to spray the area and let it sit for a minute. Wipe with paper towels and use Q-Tips for those hard-to-reach areas.

Kitchen drawers and cabinets

04_Cabinet_little_things_you_istock/TerryJIt’s probably a good idea to keep the places you store all your food and dishes clean, right? Empty them out (preferably one at a time to avoid unnecessary clutter), toss expired food, and wipe everything down. Before returning everything to its rightful place, see if there’s any dishware you haven’t used all year. It would probably be better off donated. Don’t miss these ways you might be cleaning your kitchen wrong.

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Patio furniture

05_Patio_little_things_youistock/TimAbramowitzAs the weather warms up, why not make sure your patio furniture looks good as new before you actually start using it? The best part: You only have to clean it once a year.


06_Garage_little_things_youistock/JodiJacobsonOrganizing your garage is just as important as actually cleaning it. You’d be amazed how much stuff accumulates in there over time—and how much you actually don’t need.

All the cards in your wallet

08_Wallet_little_things_youistock/cveltriYou use them almost every day, probably without thinking of how many times you touch them and how few times you’ve actually cleaned them (the answer: zero). A 2012 study found that one in 10 bank cards were contaminated with fecal matter. Wipe the card with a damp cloth or anti-bacterial wipe, then gently scrub the magnetic strip with an eraser.

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09_Keys_little_things_you_istock/akinshinKeys are another item you use daily, so they can definitely use a wash. To keep them clean and prevent rust, scrub with lemon and salt and rinse with dish soap. If they’re already rusty, soak them in a vinegar and water mixture for 20 minutes, rinse, then put them back in for another 30 minutes. This ensures the rust comes out completely.

Garbage bins

010_Garbage_little_things_youistock/RyanJLaneTheir name implies that garbage bins are supposed to be dirty, but washing them out with a hose every once in a while will make taking out the trash a slightly less painful chore. Check out what professional housecleaners do every day in their own homes.


011_Doorknobs_little_things_you_istock/silverlining56They may not have as many germs as once thought, but think: Have you ever cleaned a doorknob or a drawer handle? Ever? Take a few minutes and wipe down the most touched knobs in your house.

Area rugs

012_arearugs_little_things_youistock/irina88wVacuuming rugs is easy enough to remember, but lift them up and you’ll find a whole lot of dirt and dust hiding in plain sight. Just make sure it’s not one of these things you should never vacuum before you do.

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Small appliances

013_smallappliances_little_things_youistock/BrianAJacksonThis includes microwaves, toasters, blenders, coffee pots, and any other small cooking appliances in the kitchen. Give each one a thorough cleaning, then be sure to clean underneath them as well. Here are some tricks to use to clean your kitchen in just five minutes.


014_Toys_little_things_youistock/FatCameraYour child’s rubber ducky is a sneakily perfect location for mold. Take necessary precautions to prevent and remove mold on any bath toys. For that large bin of dolls and plastic trains, enlist your kids to help. Spend an afternoon going through toy bins, separating ones they want to keep and ones to donate, and clean each toy before putting it back.

Computer and TV screens

015_Computer_little_things_youistock/RawpixelFirst things first: Make sure your devices are turned off and cooled off before you start cleaning. Wipe away dust and loose dirt with a soft cloth. Dip that cloth into a solution equal parts water and isopropyl alcohol and wring it out (it should be damp, but not wet). Gently wipe the screen and dry with a second cloth.

Reusable grocery and laundry bags

016_re_little_things_youistock/RawpixelThink of all the places these bags have been: the floor, the trunk of your car, the kitchen counter, the table at the Laundromat. It’s time to give them a good cleaning. Throw them in the washing machine on a hot water regular cycle with the rest of your clothes. They can go in the dryer too.

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Reusable water bottles

017_water_little_things_youistock/tezzstockYou’re helping the environment. You’re staying hydrated. Now use your reusable water bottle to stay healthy and add it to your next load of dirty dishes. Don’t miss these other surprising things you can put in your dishwasher.

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The Bravia A8F and X9000F are Sony’s flagship 4K OLED and LCD TVs this year

The Bravia A8F and X9000F are Sony’s flagship 4K OLED and LCD TVs this year

Sony Bravia A8F 4K HDR OLED TV. (Image source: Sony.)

Update, March 15, 2018: Sony Singapore has informed us that its new 2018 4K TVs will be available in 2Q 2018.

Originally published on Jan 9, 2018:

At expected, Sony has launched new Bravia OLED and LCD 4K TVs at CES 2018. And leading the pack are these two flagships: the A8F OLED TV and X9000F LCD TV.

The A8F series – available in 65 and 55-inch screen sizes – is Sony’s effort to bring OLED TVs to a wider audience. It inherits the 2017 Bravia A1’s X1 Extreme processor (so Sony’s object-based HDR remaster, Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR, dual database processing tech are all present) and the Acoustic Surface technology, which enables the sound to come from the screen instead of side speakers.

Sony’s 4K X-Reality Pro, that is Sony’s unique algorithm of reality creation database for any content, is also onboard. In terms of HDR support, the A8F continues to play nice with HDR10, Hybrid Log-Gamma, and Dolby Vision. (Note: Dolby Vision will only be activated after a future firmware update.) And last but not least, the A8F is still an Android TV, so you can use Voice Search to find content, ask questions and control your TV; use the built-in Chromecast feature to easily send content from your smartphone or tablet to the TV; and of course, access Google Play for your favorite movies, TV shows, and games.

Unlike the laid back angled screen design of the Bravia A1, the new A8F model adopts a conventional non-angled display using a conventional TV stand. And while the Bravia A1 still represents the top OLED entry from Sony, interestingly, the newer A8F adopts dual woofers for slightly better audio performance than the A1.

The A8F will be available in Singapore from 2Q 2018. Pricing is still unavailable at the moment.

The new Sony Bravia A8F in the flesh at CES 2018. We estimate this to be available locally by the second quarter of 2018.

The rear view of the Bravia A8F reveals a more conventional TV design, but it comes with dual woofers, one more than the A1.


Next up is the X9000F, a premium 4K HDR LCD TV. Unlike most other flagships that are only sold in a couple of large screen sizes, the X9000F will be available in 85, 75, 65, 55, and 49 inches.

Like the A8F, the X9000F is equipped with Sony’s X1 Extreme processor. There’s also a new X-Motion Clarity tech that uses Sony’s proprietary direct LED local dimming and backlight boosting algorithm to control luminance level and its duration, which should result in less motion blur in fast-moving scenes.

The X9000F also supports HDR10, HLG, and (after a firmware update) Dolby Vision. To enjoy Dolby Atmos, Sony recommends getting the new HT-X9000F Dolby Atmos-compatible soundbar to go with the Android TV.

The X9000F series will also be available in Singapore from 2Q 2018. Pricing is unavailable at the moment.

Sony Bravia X9000F 4K HDR LCD TV. (Image source: Sony.)

Below is a quick summary of the other TVs Sony announced:


  • 4K HDR TV
  • Available in 75, 65, 55, 49, and 43 inches
  • 4K HDR Processor X1
  • 4K X-Reality Pro
  • Triluminos Display
  • Android TV
  • Ultra slim design comes with narrow aluminum frame and clean cable management
  • Available 2Q 2018; pricing TBA



  • 4K HDR TV
  • Available in 70 and 60 inches
  • 4K HDR Processor X1
  • 4K X-Reality Pro
  • Triluminos Display
  • Android TV
  • Available 2Q 2018; pricing TBA


X80F (Note: This series isn’t available for SEA.)

  • 4K HDR TV
  • Available in 55, 49, and 43 inches
  • 4K X-Reality Pro
  • Android TV
  • Ultra slim design comes with narrow aluminum frame and clean cable management



  • 4K HDR TV
  • Available in 65, 55, 49, and 43 inches
  • 4K X-Reality Pro
  • ClearAudio+ automatically adjusts sound settings
  • Android TV
  • Available 2Q 2018; pricing TBA


X72F (Note: This series isn’t available for SEA.)

  • 4K HDR TV
  • Available in 55, 49, and 43 inches
  • 4K X-Reality Pro
  • ClearAudio+ automatically adjusts sound settings
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Supports major Internet video services (e.g., YouTube, Netflix)
  • Ultra slim design comes with narrow aluminum frame and clean cable management



  • 4K HDR TV
  • Available in 65, 55, 49, and 43 inches
  • 4K X-Reality Pro
  • ClearAudio+ automatically adjusts sound settings
  • Supports major Internet video services (e.g., YouTube, Netflix)
  • Available 2Q 2018; pricing TBA



  • 1080p HDR TV
  • Available in 49 and 43 inches
  • 4K X-Reality Pro
  • Android TV
  • ClearAudio+ automatically adjust sound settings
  • X-Protection Pro enhances TV’s durability with four protection features to guard against dust, lightning, surge, and humidity
  • 49-inch: $1,649 (intro price of $1,399 in March 2018); 43-inch: $1,199 (intro price of $1,049 in March 2018)

We’ll update this news again when we hear more from Sony Singapore regarding these new TVs’ pricing and availability.

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Anker unveils two 7.5W iPhone-compatible Qi wireless charging pads

Anker unveils two 7.5W iPhone-compatible Qi wireless charging pads

Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand. <br>Image source: Anker

Anker just unveiled two wireless charging pads under the new PowerWave series which are optimized for Apple’s 7.5W standard. The two wireless charging pads are the PowerWave 7.5 Pad and PowerWave 7.5 Stand. 

Both PowerWave wireless charging pads feature a built-in cooling system which allows them to charge an iPhone up to one hour faster than other wireless chargers in the market. 

“After testing most of the chargers on the market, we discovered that they shared a major flaw: the wireless coils gradually heat up and this prevents the chargers from dispensing 7.5W for long periods of time,” explained Steven Yang, CEO of Anker Innovations. “By adding a fan underneath the coil, we manage to regulate temperature and therefore allow the device to output consistent 7.5W power, resulting in the fastest wireless charge for the new iPhones.”

Aside from the iPhone, the PowerWave series is also compatible with the 5W and 10W wireless standards already in use on many Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy flagship series. 

Anker PowerWave 7.5 Pad. <br> Image source: Anker

To take advantage of the 7.5W output of the PowerWave wireless charging pad/stand, you have to use the bundled Quick Charge 3.0 wall adapter, microUSB cable and ensure that the iPhone is updated to iOS 11.2.  It is also important to note that the PowerWave wireless charging pads are incompatible with the wall chargers provided by Apple and Samsung. 

Anker is currently offering promotional prices for the PowerWave series; the PowerWave 7.5W Pad and Stand can be purchased at US$39.09 (U.P US$45.99) and US$42.49 (U.P US$49.99) respectively when you apply the code POWER752 during checkout. If you buy the two PowerWave wireless chargers, you can enjoy 20% discount with the code POWER753. 

Source: Anker (1) (2) via 9to5Toys 

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Samsung working with Israeli firm on 3D camera solutions for the Galaxy S10

Samsung working with Israeli firm on 3D camera solutions for the Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus use a low-security 2D face recognition system.

Samsung is said to be adopting 3D sensing camera technologies for the Galaxy S10 phones next year. 

Korean publication The Bell claims that Israeli startup Mantis Vision is working with camera module firm Namuga to integrate 3D sensing software in a camera module. Samsung is expected to bring the 3D sensing software to the Galaxy S10 next year when it celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S series. 

Mantis Vision’s 3D mapping technology was previously used in Google’s AR platform for smartphones (Project Tango). It also attracted US$10 million investment from Samsung and Flextronics in 2014. Namuga supplies camera modules for Samsung’s mid-range and entry-level smartphones, and provides 3D sensing camera modules for Intel’s RealSense AR cameras. 

The debut of Face ID on the iPhone X reportedly caused a spike in the interest of 3D sensing technology from Android phone makers according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Kuo also singled out Mantis Vision as one of the three solutions which Android phone makers are looking at. However, Kuo believes it will take up to two and a half years for Apple’s competitors to replicate the functionality and user experience offered by Face ID. 

Source: The Investor

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Things a High School Sports Coach Won’t Tell You

10 Sweet and Hilarious Tooth Fairy Stories You Need to Stop and Read Now

Every coach says “I don’t have favorites” iStock/monkeybusinessimages But we do. They’re the ones who show up to practice on time and work hard. Here are some ways to encourage your kid every day. Your child doesn’t want you to be an expert in his sport iStock/Michael Krinke I believe a big reason lacrosse has […]

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If You Have Left-Side Abdominal Pain, Here’s What It Could Mean

Identify the type of pain

Huge morning pain of stomach “Abdominal pain is a common symptom that leads to millions of outpatient visits, and is, in fact, one of the most common reasons for people to see a doctor,” says Rosario Ligresti, MD, Chief, Division of Gastroenterology at Hackensack University Medical Center. If the pain came on suddenly and is so severe that the patient goes to the emergency room, says Dr. Ligresti, then a doctor may run specialized diagnostic x-ray tests, including a CT scan. While serious conditions such as ruptured aortic aneurysm, an aortic tear, perforated or twisted bowel, and low blood flow conditions to the bowel (ischemia) may require emergency surgery to correct, many other conditions can be safely evaluated in the doctor’s office.

Check out the 10 types of pain you should never ignore.

The post If You Have Left-Side Abdominal Pain, Here’s What It Could Mean appeared first on Reader's Digest.

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Urinary Incontinence: A Common Health Problem in Men

Bladder leakage is a big problem

still dripping tapstreetprince/ShutterstockBladder leakage—urinary incontinence (UI)—is an unfortunate reality for over 25 million Americans; that’s nearly one in ten people. Most experts believe the actual number is even higher since many sufferers won’t talk about it or seek medical help. Check out the 13 things your bladder secretly wishes it could tell you.

Men have bladder leakage too

Water to drink in a vintage fountain, extreme closeup. Defocused blurry background.KYNA STUDIO/ShutterstockDespite the fact that many men experience incontinence issues, it’s still seen as a “women’s issue.” That only adds embarrassment to an already difficult situation, says Jennifer Berman, MD, a urologist, sexual health expert, and co-host of the TV show, The Doctors. And despite UI’s reputation as an “old person’s” disease, it can affect men of any age. (Here’s what you need to know about bladder health in every decade.) One in four men who’ve experienced bladder leakage say they are too embarrassed to even talk about it with immediate family members, according to a survey done by Continex. This means only one in 12 people seek help for their symptoms, according to the National Association for Continence.

Not all UI problems are the same

Water Fountain Joseph Thomas Photography/ShutterstockYou’ll need to figure out what’s causing your leakage before trying to treat it, Dr. Berman says. Bladder leakage can range from the mildly annoying to majorly disrupting your life, but you can’t figure out the cause if you don’t talk to your doctor about it, she adds. (Do you know your personal risk factors for incontinence?) The first thing to know is that there are three main types of incontinence…

Stress incontinence

Glass of water spilled on wooden backgroundAfrica Studio/ShutterstockThis is the jumping-jack, swinging-a-golf-club, lifting-a-kid, sneeze-induced variety of bladder leakage. It comes on suddenly in response to some physical stimuli and stems from pelvic floor weakness or a weak urinary sphincter (or both), Dr. Berman says. Because men have a longer urethra than women, they are more prone to sphincter-related problems, she adds. This type is usually a “spurt” of urine and not a complete emptying of the bladder. Use these 10 tips to manage stress incontinence.

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Urge incontinence

sink, drain and flowing water for backgroundphoto one/ShutterstockDo you feel like you have to go all the time? Even if you just went to the bathroom? With this type of urinary incontinence, the bladder has involuntary contractions or spasms, causing the urethra to open at random times to let urine leak out, Dr. Berman says. It can range from a little dribble that you barely notice in your boxer shorts to a full-on flood.

Check out these 10 clear signs you have an overactive bladder.

Overflow incontinence

Female hands pouring water in glass cup from a kitchen faucet. Woman hand's filling the glass of water. Filling glass of water from stainless steel kitchen faucetpecaphoto77/ShutterstockThis is the opposite of urge incontinence: Instead of feeling like you need to go all the time, you never feel the need to pee. Imagine your bladder like a water balloon connected to an open tap. It just keeps filling and getting bigger until it eventually overflows (your urethra being the opening), Dr. Berman explains. The urine comes out randomly—sometimes leaking constantly or sometimes coming out in big gushes, she says.

What your prostate has to do with your pee

Back Umbrella in the rain in vintage tonedonatphotography/ShutterstockProstate problems are usually the first thought men have when experiencing urinary incontinence. The prostate can be a cause of UI, though not in the way most men think, according to Dr. Berman. An enlarged prostate gland is more likely to make it more difficult to urinate than it is to cause incontinence; however, prostate surgery nearly always causes incontinence, she explains. “Any method of prostate surgery can cause injury to the bladder nerves and urethral sphincter, which will cause leakage,” she says. It’s normally just temporary, but men and their doctors need to be aware of this side effect and have a plan for how to deal with it while they heal, she adds.

Get the right meds

shower headharmpeti/ShutterstockDr. Berman warns that some of the drugs used to treat male incontinence can actually make the problem worse: For instance, if doctors treat a man with bladder spasm medication, but his leakage is due to kidney stones, the patient could end up worse than before. Other medical causes include back surgery and some blood pressure medications, Dr. Berman adds. Read up on the nine medical reasons you have to go all the time.

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Diseases that can cause incontinence

Overflowing water from the washbasinmadeaw_ec/ShutterstockDiabetes is top of the list for conditions linked to bladder leakage; it damages the nerves in the body, including those that lead to the bladder, Dr. Berman explains. Incontinence can also be caused by bladder cancer, constipation, a stroke, a urinary tract infection, kidney or bladder stones, STDs, or a neurological disorder like Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis. Make sure you’re up on the silent signs of bladder cancer.

Lifestyle factors that cause incontinence

Brass water tap in nature background.Chayatorn Laorattanavech/ShutterstockAdd incontinence to the list of health problems triggered by obesity. The extra weight can put pressure on the bladder, causing it to leak, Dr. Berman says. Another factor can be the excruciating-sounding “straddle injuries” people can suffer in car accidents and sports. Any injury to the urethra or groin area, or to the spinal cord, has the potential to cause leakage, she adds.

Preventing and managing bladder leakage

Faucet and water dropsArtSvetlana/Shutterstock“Men need to accept that this isn’t something that’s going to get better on its own,” Dr. Berman says. “Because it’s not usually painful and is often infrequent, men will try to brush it off.” Don’t do that. If you are waking up more than once a night to pee, if you’re experiencing any leakage during the day, if you’re urinating more often than every four hours, or if leakage is cramping your lifestyle in any way—see your doctor right away. You can start with your general practitioner, Dr. Berman says, but it’s best to see a urologist who can check you for everything from injuries to cancer (and, yes, your prostate).

Kegels are now a group activity

Splashing water forming a mist against a green background.Water jets leaving the tip from the garden hose.Watering the plants with a garden hose with a tip. Water jets fly out of the tip.Tomasz Majchrowicz/ShutterstockWhen it comes to preventing and managing stress incontinence, Kegels are now a boy’s best friend, Dr. Berman says. While women have been aware of the pelvic-floor-strengthening exercises forever, men may be new to the “squeeze and lift” method. So enlist your female significant other for help and you can practice your Kegels together. Bonus: Kegels can also help prevent premature ejaculation.

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No more coffee and spicy breakfast burritos

Espresso pouring into a cupAdrian Baras/ShutterstockSurprisingly, your diet can trigger or worsen your bladder leakage, Dr. Berman says. “Caffeine is the worst offender,” she says, “but also avoid carbonated beverages, spicy foods, and anything else that you notice that irritates your bladder.” You can learn a lot from your urine, including these ten things your pee says about your health.

Pull out your walking shoes

Rain drops rippling in a puddle on a dark, rainy daySundry Photography/ShutterstockLiving a healthy lifestyle will go a long way in preventing and managing bladder leakage, according to Dr. Berman. Do all the things you know you should be doing—eat a balanced diet, get regular exercise, reduce stress, limit alcohol, and maintain a healthy weight—and your bladder will thank you. If you’re concerned that exercise will bring on leakage, don’t be: Check out these nine ways to stop incontinence during exercise.

Don’t be afraid to use adult you-know-whats

Defective faucet. Cause wastage of waterPhotoonlife/ShutterstockWhile you’re figuring out what’s causing your urinary incontinence, you’ll need to take measures, and adult diapers have come a long way. The new products on the market are nothing like the diapers of old, Dr. Berman says. One example she recommends is Confitex, real underwear designed with special fabric that wicks and absorbs moisture without getting bulky. They look just like normal briefs: They have a little extra padding up front while laying flat everywhere else. And keep practicing those Kegels—check out this man’s guide to doing Kegels.

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