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Things You Should Never Ever Pour Down the Drain


eggshellsAvelina/ShutterstockYou might think that a crushed up eggshell will go down the drain smoothly, but it actually is causing blockage. The sharp, hard edges of the shell will collect other things coming down your drain and eventually cause a clog. These are the 25 things your plumber won’t tell you.


greaseolavs/ShutterstockWhen you pour grease down the drain it sticks to the inside of your pipes and the pipes in the street. This can cause the entire pipe to become clogged over time. Other oil-based products are also dangerous to pour down your drain, such as cooking oil, salad dressings, butter, mayonnaise, and fat. If needed, make sure to let the grease cool first, then dispose of it in the trash instead.


flourMaraZe/ShutterstockFlour coagulates when mixed with water. This can clog your pipes by coating the edges and catching other bits of disposables trying to make their way down. Always throw your flour, whether mixed with water or not, in the garbage. Don’t miss these tricks to keep your kitchen clean while you cook.


medicationMangpor nk/ShutterstockIf you flush your unused or expired medication or crush it up and pour it down the drain, those chemicals will be leaked back into your drinking water and the environment. Always make sure to dispose of unwanted medication at your local pharmacy, which will have access to medical waste disposal units.

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Produce stickers

lemonIlya Rabkin/ShutterstockMany times people wash their fruit and forget to take the sticker off; it falls in the sink and you eventually just let it go down the drain. Peel them off before you wash your fruit and dispose of it properly. Those little stickers don’t dissolve in water and can clog your pipes and block screens and filters or pumps at the water treatment plant.

Coffee grounds

coffeegroundsNor Gal/ShutterstockCoffee grounds build up in your pipes and cause blockage. Plumbers say they are the most common cause of drain problems. You should always dispose of coffee grounds in your trashcan or use them for composting (don’t forget the coffee grounds at the bottom of your mug).

Products claiming to be ‘flushable’

wipesYevhen Prozhyrko/ShutterstockProducts claiming to be ‘flushable’ such as certain brands of cat liter and wipes still create a high risk of clogged drains. Cat liter is still highly absorbent after you flush it and toxins from cat feces may get leaked into the ocean and harm marine life. Flushable wipes also don’t break down properly and often get caught on other things creating large clots in pipes. These are the 12 things to never flush down the toilet.


condomsLemon Tree Images/ShutterstockCondoms are made of latex, which doesn’t disintegrate in water, so never, ever flush them. Throw them in the trash or dispose of them at a waste treatment center. If you flush them, they may end up in the ocean and marine life often mistakes them for food and chokes.

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Cleaning products

cleaningproductAfrica Studio/ShutterstockEven though most cleaning products are liquid, they should never be poured down the drain because they contain harmful chemicals. Many contain phosphates, antibacterial agents, and other compounds that aren’t removed at the water treatment plant and can be hazardous to the ecosystem. These are the 8 things to never put in the dishwasher.

Paper products

papertowelArt Photo/ShutterstockThe only paper product that should go down your drain is toilet paper. It has been especially designed to break down and disintegrate in water. Always dispose of other paper products such as paper towels, cotton balls, and feminine hygiene products in the trash. These items are extremely absorbent and will easily clog your pipes.

Expandable food

pastakshphotography/ShutterstockIt okay to let some food run down the drain, but a lot of it expands when mixed with water and can lead to a block. Pasta and rice are two foods to watch out for. Also, pastas are made with flour, which will become sticky and catch other things in your pipes.


painthookmedia/ShutterstockSimilar to cleaning products, paint should never be poured down the drain even though it’s a liquid. It has the potential to pollute the environment and cause your drain to clog. Many towns have hazardous waste facilities where you can safely dispose of your old or unused paint. These are the 15 things to never put down the garbage disposal.



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Why Stephen Hawking Outlived ALS By 55 Years | Reader’s Digest

Dr. Stephen HawkingShutterstock

On March 14, 2018, the world mourned the loss of Cambridge professor Stephen W. Hawking, PhD. Perhaps the most remarkable part of his passing was the fact that he was 76 years old—he wasn’t supposed to live past 23. Surviving the next 55 years took constant care, determination, and—though it seems strange to say it—incredible luck.

In 1963, Dr. Hawking was a promising doctoral student at the University of Cambridge when he developed unusual clumsiness. He fell down a flight of stairs, according to author Kitty Ferguson’s biography, Stephen Hawking: An Unfettered Mind, and his speech began to slur. His doctors diagnosed him with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis—ALS, which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The prognosis: He had two years to live.

How did Dr. Hawking escape this death sentence? This is where chance creeps in: Although within a couple of years his speech was nearly unintelligible and he couldn’t walk without assistance, Dr. Hawking nonetheless had an extremely slow-growing form of the disease. “Two to five years—that is the common prognosis for ALS,” Lucie Bruijn, PhD, MBA, chief scientist for the ALS Association told Reader’s Digest. Only 10 percent of patients survive for more than ten years. “I was just at a big meeting with colleagues, and no one had ever seen such a case,” says Dr. Bruijn, “Only one clinician there had a patient that survived 20 years.” Leo McCluskey, MD, associate professor of Neurology at the University of Pennsylvania, told Scientific American that slow-growing forms of ALS occur in “less than a few percent” of patients.

One of the mysteries of ALS is how it will progress, explains Dr. McCluskey. The condition attacks your muscle control centers—your motor neurons. There are two sets—higher motor neurons in the frontal lobe of your brain and lower motor neurons in the spine. The disease can knock out the higher group, the lower, or both. Dr. Bruijn points out that ALS may also damage other parts of the brain, leading to dementia.

ALS kills by disabling the muscles that help you breathe and swallow, which is why good care is so crucial to a patient’s survival, points out Dr. Bruijn—and it played a key role in Dr. Hawking’s story. On a 1985 trip to the CERN laboratory in Switzerland, Dr. Hawking contracted severe pneumonia (a common risk for ALS patients). He became so ill that doctors recommended stopping life support; his wife refused. Instead, the staff doubled down on his care: After a tracheotomy and around-the-clock nursing, Dr. Hawking recovered.

Dr. Bruijn points to research in Europe demonstrating that patients live longer and fare better when they get medical help tailored to ALS. “The care he received and the technology he was able to take advantage of—the motorized wheelchair, the communication system—helped Dr. Hawking continue his research and engagement in life.” She speculates that his active life may have, in turn, contributed to his longevity.

“Dr. Hawking was a global icon for his intellect, and also because he continued to live a vibrant life with ALS,” she says. Learn more about ALS—and how to help in the fight against it—here.

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Easter Crafts for Kids | Reader’s Digest

10 Sweet and Hilarious Tooth Fairy Stories You Need to Stop and Read Now

Easter egg paper wreath via the resourceful mama This adorable Easter egg paper wreath can be made with pieces of scrapbook paper or construction paper that you have at home. Simply cut out the papers in egg shapes and let your child glue them along a paper plate circle. These are so easy to make, […]

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The One Trait That Makes You More Attractive

14 Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump

Nestor Rizhniak/ShutterstockIn a study between EliteSingles and Babbel (the world’s top-grossing language learning app), over 6,000 singles from 11 countries were asked what trait they found most attractive. Their results were rather surprising—in a resounding win, brains beat brawn hands down, with 93 percent of participants saying that they would prefer dating someone who can […]

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How Life Changed When I Stopped Being a People Pleaser

Young woman at home sitting on modern chair in front of window relaxing in her living room reading book and drinking coffee or teaAlena Ozerova/ShutterstockI knew this woman who was afraid to tell people what she wanted. She didn’t know how to say no. Instead, she got herself tangled in a web of obligations, anxiety, and white lies. She was me.

The worst thing was that I didn’t even realize what I was doing. I thought I knew how to say “no”—but couldn’t remember the last time I had. Like a lot of people, I just wanted to be accepted, appreciated, loved—and that the only way to get those things was to put everyone else’s needs before my own.

But recently, I decided I’d had enough. As an experiment, I began standing up for myself, even at the risk of alienating everyone and having my entire life come crashing down around me. That didn’t happen. Here’s what did:

I stopped making petty excuses

Six months ago, I was asked to volunteer serving guests and taking tickets at a long and boring social event. Rather than saying what I felt (I’d rather eat my own hand), I said “OK.” And then I agonized about how to get out of this obligation.

Eventually, after many waves of anxiety, I told the organizers I had a bad cold. Not only had I wasted hours and days worrying, but I probably left these poor people in the lurch. (And I used one of the most clichéd excuses ever.)

Saying “no” is so much easier. If someone asks me to do something I have zero interest in, I’m polite but honest. The phrase, “I’m sorry, I don’t think that’s really for me,” slips out my mouth faster than some lame excuse.

(Here’s how to set boundaries as a people pleaser.)

My friends and family didn’t mind

Saying no to parties was tough. Worse, I was guilty of judging friends who had the confidence to say they’d rather stay home. I thought they were weird, antisocial, or just plain rude—and I assumed everyone else thought the same thing.

Turns out I was mostly alone in those thoughts. When I stopped people-pleasing, no one cared. A good friend asked me to go for coffee at 5 PM. I was planning to hit the gym and then binge-watch Mad Men for the millionth time. I said, “Sorry, I’ve got things I want to do tonight.” She said, “That’s fine. Maybe another time.” It was all so painfully simple that I wanted to cry.

I have a lot more “me” time

I never seemed to have time for things I really wanted to do. I’d like to learn Spanish, write more fiction, and travel. These aren’t huge, unrealistic goals. And yet, my people-pleasing ways dramatically cut into my free time to pursue these desires.

Learning how to say “no” has added several extra hours to my days, days to my weeks, and what feels like months to my years. I no longer have to back-burner my plans to help a friend with their job search, or set aside a weekend to read a book draft by someone I barely know. Saying “no” has set me free.

Here are some more ways to say “no” to annoying things in your life without feeling like everyone is going to hate you.

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The Best Eyeshadow Palette for Your Eye Color


l'orealvia amazon.comThe key to unlocking the beauty of hazel eyes? A sweep of bright violet shadow across your lids. Guth is a fan of L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Eyeshadow Quads in Violet Amour. “The vibrant purple shades are great for highlighting the green quality in hazel eyes.” Swipe on a soft wash of color or build up the coverage for a bold look. This palette makes it super easy to pull off pro-level makeup looks—and helps you avoid these common beauty blunders.

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Dark brown

loracvia loraccosmetics.comAnything goes for gals with dark brown eyes! “All colors of the spectrum work here. But I especially like chocolates, purples, and golds, like those found in Lorac Pro Palette 2. The hues are super flatting and really highlight the warmth and richness of dark brown eyes,” says makeup artist JoAnn Solomon. Get the look for a fraction of the price with NYX Professional Makeup Dream Catcher Shadow Palette in Dusk til Dawn. Check out these pro tips for making your peepers pop!


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Reader’s Digest editors, who aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting. If you buy them, we may get a small share of revenue from our partners, such as Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. We frequently receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product is featured or recommended. We welcome your feedback. Have something you think we should know about? Email us at [email protected] 

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Healthy Foods That Are Dangerous to Overeat

Reduce Stomach Bloating: 9 Daily Habits That Flatten Your Belly

Broccoli s_derevianko/ShutterstockFirst off, it’s worth highlighting that most people don’t even come close to getting as many vegetables as they should in their daily diet, so don’t use this as an excuse to avoid the greens you need. Think of this warning as inspiration to eat the rainbow when it comes to your vegetables. “Broccoli […]

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This startup wants to upload your consciousness, but with one very small catch

This startup wants to upload your consciousness, but with one very small catch

Netflix's Altered Carbon

The idea of uploading your consciousness to the Internet or a new body has been a staple of science fiction for decades (most recently seen in Netflix’s Altered Carbon) but a new startup co-founded by MIT graduates may finally be making that dream a reality. 

The startup, Nectome, says it has found a way to chemically preserve human brains well enough to keep all memories intact, so that they can eventually be uploaded to a computer (once that technology becomes available).

Nectome has received US$1 million in funding, including a US$960,000 federal grant from the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health for “whole-brain nanoscale preservation and imaging. It is currently accepting US$10,000 deposits to join the waiting list. So far, 25 people have signed up.

“Our mission is to preserve your brain well enough to keep all its memories intact: from that great chapter of your favorite book to the feeling of cold winter air, baking an apple pie, or having dinner with your friends and family,” the company writes. “We believe that within the current century it will be feasible to digitize this information and use it to re-create your consciousness.”

There is, however, one small catch: Nectome says the service is “100 percent fatal.” In other words, you will be killed by Nectome’s brain-preservation system. And you can’t just wait till you die first. According to Nectome, the “high-tech embalming process”, called vitrifixation, also known as aldehyde-stabilized cryopreservation, requires your brain to be as “fresh” as possible.

Currently, the plan is for people with terminal illnesses to be hooked up to a heart-lung machine while Nectome pumps “its mix of scientific embalming chemicals” into their necks, allowing them to be kept alive “for hundreds of years, maybe thousands, as a statue of frozen glass.”

Source: MIT Technology Review

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LG rumored to launch the G7 flagship phone in May

LG rumored to launch the G7 flagship phone in May

A purported render of the LG G7 smartphone. <br>Image source: Benjamin Geskin

LG is said to be announcing its next flagship smartphone in May. 

According to South Korean publication ETNews, LG is going to unveil the G7 and G7 Plus in May. Following in the footsteps of Apple and Samsung, LG is also going to increase the retail prices of its flagship phones. The G7 is rumored to cost US$94 (~S$123) more than its predecessor (S$988).

ETNews added that the G7 will come with an iPhone X-like notch on the OLED display, a vertically mounted dual-camera system on the back, Quad-DAC audio system, a 3,000mAh battery, Snapdragon 845 and at least 4GB RAM. The publication did not have any information on the specs of the Plus variant. 

As for the G and V series of phones, ETNews reported that LG will keep the two lineups at least until next year. Due to the later launch of the G7, LG could also push back the release of the V40 phone to November. 

Source: ETNews via Android Authority

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7 Foot and Toenail Fungus Treatments You Can Make at Home

How do I know if I have toenail fungus?

Toenail fungus, also know as onychomcosis, is characterized by inflammation, thickening, swelling, yellowing, and pain of the toenail and toe. Another symptom is crumbling of the toenail. It’s caused by an abnormal PH of the skin, which can happen because of poor hygiene, a bad immune system, exposure to high levels of moisture, and/or poor circulation. These toenail fungus treatments will prevent or get rid of the problem.

The post 7 Foot and Toenail Fungus Treatments You Can Make at Home appeared first on Reader's Digest.

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