Mushroom house to boost Kg Tudan


MO,9/3/2018, KOTA KINABALU: FOLKS in Kampung Tudan, Kota Belud, will soon be able to benefit from a mushroom farming programme, which is aimed at improving livelihood of farmers and lifting them out of poverty. The programme is a tie-up between non-governmental organisation Hopes Malaysia and Sabah Oriental Hotel. Both parties signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) recently.

Under the programme, a mushroom house will be built on a 0.4ha site at the village by November this year. The financing will be done through a fundraising drive. For a start, five families have been identified to do the mushroom farming full-time, with the supply expected to reach Sabah Oriental Hotel the earliest by year-end. One of the farmers, Kipol Surag, who sells oyster mushroom on a small scale, said production could reach 50kg per day once the mushroom house operated on full capacity.

The 62-year-old said he had been farming all his life, including rubber tapping. “I normally sell mushrooms at markets. One kg of oyster mushrooms may fetch between RM11 and RM13.“If everything goes well, we can cultivate the mushrooms and harvest them in a month,” he said at the signing ceremony recently. Hopes Malaysia official adviser Jack Lee said the organisation was glad to be able to commit to the supply and purchase agreement.

“We will proceed with the construction of the facility (mushroom house). To reduce costs, it will be built by Hopes volunteers. Even the mushroom house is designed by our own engineers. “In the long run, we expect more families to join in,” he said. The MoU documents were inked by Hopes Malaysia founder Sam Lee and Sabah Oriental Hotel general manager Vincent Chen.

In July last year, Hopes Malaysia helped to construct a clean water supply project in Kg Tudan. The project has benefited some 200 villagers, who faced a water shortage crisis


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Yong Peng, Ayer Hitam to get RM1mil to boost tourism


MO,2/3/2018, YONG PENG: A sum of RM1mil has been allocated to develop and boost tourism in the Yong Peng and Ayer Hitam new villages, said Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong. The announcement added to the upbeat mood as residents cheered and eagerly whipped out their hand phones to record the fireworks display during the Chinese New Year celebrations at the pedestrian-only Yong Peng Street yesterday.

The fund would be used to improve facilities and put up better signs for visitors. “Definitely we have to increase the numbers by another 20%, to 250,000, which I think is achievable for Yong Peng,” said Dr Wee, the Ayer Hitam MP.He was accompanied by Ayer Hitam MCA chief Ling Tian Soon. The RM1mil, split evenly between the two towns, is part of a RM10mil allocation from the Government for 20 new villages announced last year.

The amount is to be released this year. “Other villages to benefit from the fund include Paloh, which is almost 100 years old, and Bekok which is unique and frequented by Singaporeans,” said Dr Wee. The fund would also be used to develop selected new villages in Pahang, Perak, Negri Sembilan, Kedah and Selangor. Residents also cheered when Dr Wee informed them of the recent statement by China’s ambassador to Malaysia, Bai Tian, that China is willing to buy more palm oil.

“We need to continue working hard to turn Yong Peng into a famous place in its own right, so that we can proudly tell others, that ‘I am from Yong Peng!’ Dr Wee told the crowd. In between, local acts and student bodies staged performances ranging from Chinese orchestra music and lion dances to Mandarin songs.

With today being the last day of Chinese New Year – Chap Goh Mei, which is regarded as Chinese Valentine’s Day – event organisers had put up a pool for the traditional orange-throwing event for singles to look for a match, as well as a “lover’s bridge” for couples to take photos.


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Suspension bridge to boost Terengganu tourism – ECERDC


MO,1/3/2018, KUALA TERENGGANU: The people of Terengganu await yet another success story – the first combined bascule and suspension bridge in the country that is expected to be ready by the end of this year. Taking inspiration from the London Tower Bridge in England, the yet-to-be-named bridge has been under construction since 2014 over Sungai Terengganu in the heart of this coastal town of Kuala Terengganu.

The bridge, comprising the main route of the bridge, four towers, and two ‘sky bridges’, is about 70 per cent complete, and is set to become another landmark and tourist attraction in the city. The good news was shared by East Coast Economic Region Development Council (ECERDC) chief executive officer Datuk Seri Jebasingam Issace John in an exclusive interview with Bernama.

ECERDC is developing the entire Kuala Terengganu City Centre or KTCC project at an estimated cost of RM5 billion, which includes the construction of the bridge. Jebasingam said the bridge would transform the landscape of the city and become the focal point of the tourism sector not only for the state but the entire East Coast region. The strategic location of the bridge in the city centre will also shorten the travel time from the city to the Sultan Mahmud Airport in Kuala Nerus from 30 minutes to just 10.

“From the business perspective, so far the project has attracted RM33 billion in private investment, and is expected to create 40,000 jobs. “KTCC is one of the strategic projects for tourism as Terengganu is poised to become the tourism gateway for the East Coast. KTCC alone is expected to draw some RM5 billion in new investments in the property and real estate sector. He said there would be a gallery at the bridge for the public to enjoy the sights of the city, and restaurants and shops would be located near the sky bridges.

“Visitors will also certainly look forward to seeing the bridge being raised and lowered, and we have plans to do this twice or thrice a day depending on the traffic situation. “Just like the London Tower Bridge, where visitors can see the raising and lowering of the bridge. It will be an exciting phenomenon for visitors,” he said, adding that he was confident the number of tourist arrivals in Terengganu would increase once the bridge went into operation.

Jebasingam said fishermen and shipping companies would also benefit from the project, and their vessels would now be able to pass under the raised bridge. He said there would be no environmental impact from the construction of the bridge, and that a detailed two-year study had been conducted to ensure the protection of the ecosystem at the river mouth.

“Whatever project we do, we do it in a sustainable manner. In the context of the KTCC, we’ve done the EIA (environmental impact assessment), and all the mitigation measures are in place. “We work with the DID (Department of Irrigation and Drainage) for the hydraulic aspects of the project,” he said.

— Bernama

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Malaysia to help local security firms boost R&D


MO,20/2/2018, KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said Malaysia is committed to help local security firms in their Research and Development (R&D) programmes to produce competitive security products internationally. In achieving this vision, he expressed hope that related ministries would be able to finance the initiatives.

Ahmad Zahid, who is also Home Minister, noted that Malaysia was now moving from being an end-user to an active industry player in designing and manufacturing the latest security products. Thus, with the financing, the country would soon be able to produce its own internationally well-known security firms, he said.

“I hope the Defence Minister and his secretary-general, together with my secretary-general … and the Ministry of Finance to fully finance the activity of R&D related to defence and security,” he said in his speech during the soft launch of the 16th Defence Services Asia Exhibition and Conference (DSA) and the inaugural International Exhibition on National Security for Asia 2018 (Natsec), here today. Also present were Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, Royal Malaysian Air Force chief Gen Tan Sri Affendi Buang and deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Noor Rashid Ibrahim.

On Natsec which will be held alongside DSA on April 16 to 19 here, Ahmad Zahid said the exhibition would complement DSA by focusing on sectors and areas under national security, including public order, border control and counter-terrorism. “This makes it a one-of-a-kind event in the region, and creates a favourable networking platform for synergistic business and government collaborations,” he said. Both events, which he described as the biggest security and defence exhibitions of the year, is expected to attract over 1,500 exhibitors, 350 foreign delegations from 45 countries, and some 42,000 trade visitors from 70 countries.

The deputy prime minister said new security technologies will play a very important role in confronting current security challenges and if used responsibly, could make a difference in making the world a better and safer place. Thus, he said, security conferences and exhibitions were the perfect stage to promote market interactions and induce greater commitments which in turn, benefits both parties demanding and supplying the security technologies.

“Malaysia is committed to see the development of Natsec Asia in providing not just market solutions to end-users of security technologies, but also the intellectual solutions to policy makers,” he said. Ahmad Zahid also expressed his hope that Natsec Asia 2018 would have spill-over effects on Malaysia’s economy.


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Malaysia ready to boost foreign cooperation to tackle terrorism


MO,14/2/2018, PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia is ready to further boost cooperation with countries in counter terrorism efforts including by developing counter-narratives and other programmes. Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman said Malaysia gave its resolute support behind the Global Coalition against Daesh (Islamic State) and welcomed the coalition’s guiding principles in countering the scourge brought on by terrorism, violent terrorism and radicalisation.

“Malaysia undertakes a proactive stance by implementing preventive measures, premised on the country’s comprehensive legal framework and international law, as well as the United Nations Security Council resolutions. “Such a legal framework, followed by strong enforcements through their soft and hard approaches, has shown tangible results. “These efforts have undermined the various terrorist attempts against the security of the country and the safety of the people,” said Anifah in his speech at the Ministerial meeting of the Global Coalition against Daesh in Kuwait on Tuesday.

At the same time, Anifah said, the record shows that Malaysia’s integrated deradicalisation programme had achieved a tremendously high success rate with the majority of terrorists and extremists now fully rehabilitated and reintegrated into society. After its defeat in the newly-liberated areas of Iraq and Syria, IS had moved their focus and initiative as well as plotted several terrorist attacks, perhaps with new methods and might have shifted their focus to other parts of the world, including Southeast Asia.

“The loss of territory would certainly make digital and virtual communications more important for them in order to spread their false ideology and distorted narratives globally. “We must stand together in condemning the heinous and abhorrent acts of violence and terrorism in all their forms and manifestations.

“Therefore it is prevalent for us to take the concerted efforts to obliterate their threats, and to counter their deviated and delusional narratives,” he said. Malaysia, Anifah added, held the values of moderation or wasatiyyah. “It is one of the fundamentally crucial approaches in the deradicalisation efforts and countering Daesh distorted narratives.”


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Vitamins and Herbs That Boost Libido

Boost your vitamin B

Vitamin-bLisovskaya Natalia/Shutterstock

“Loss of libido can be associated with B vitamin deficiency, which affects energy in general,” says Taz Bhatia, MD, an integrative medical expert in Atlanta, who goes by Dr. Taz. Supplements can help, or consider foods that are high in B vitamins, including poultry, beef, eggs, and green leafy vegetables. This is how your body tells you that you’re running low on vitamins.

Add more antioxidants

NutsPawel Michalowski/Shutterstock

“The best supplements are those that support your body’s natural production of energy and hormones,” says Shannon Chavez, PsyD, CST, a sex therapist. She recommends vitamins A and E—the antioxidants that can help boost energy, circulation, and cell growth. “Many healthy foods, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains, include the vitamin supplementation that you need to maintain a healthy libido.” Find out all the antioxidant-rich foods you should include in your diet.

Increase your zinc

OystersLisovskaya Natalia/Shutterstock

Deficiencies of this essential mineral have been known to result in low libido, according to Dr. Taz. That may explain why one particular food is often considered an aphrodisiac: “Oysters are high in zinc and can help boost libido,” she says. These 19 natural aphrodisiacs are proven to spark romance.

Stock up on selenium

SteakLisovskaya Natalia/Shutterstock

Dr. Chavez recommends selenium, a vitamin found naturally in nuts, beef, tuna, and grains. Just be cautious about going crazy with it—at high levels (over 400 mcg), you could risk side effects, including problems with your heart, kidneys, and liver—and with a higher risk of prostate cancer in men. Learn how to prevent prostate cancer.


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Eat more omega-3 fatty acids

SalmonLisovskaya Natalia/Shutterstock

Dr. Taz recommends getting plenty of this compound, found in abundance in “oily” fish including salmon. It has been linked with improving circulation and reducing depression symptoms—both of which are key components of sexual health. “Vitamins are the key to better blood flow and organ functioning,” Dr. Taz says. Find out more about these 21 natural libidos for an even better sex life.

Be wary of special supplements


“Be careful with supplements that make extraordinary claims of boosting libido—there is no magic pill,” Dr. Chavez says. “The best medicine and wellness advice is to eat healthy, exercise, meditate, stretch, relax, laugh, play, and do any version of therapy that helps you clear your mind and process your emotions.”

Grab the apple-pie spices

Cinnamon-sticksGayvoronskaya Yana/Shutterstock

Could the answer to spicing up your love life be in your spice cabinet? A 2013 study found that nutmeg improved sexual performance—at least in mice—while Dr. Taz claims that the smell of cinnamon could put you in the mood. “Studies have shown that scents that are more musky, like cinnamon, bergamot, cedarwood, and patchouli, appeal to your carnal desires and trigger arousal,” Dr. Taz says.

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UiTM Mula Menggunakan Boost Untuk Transaksi Nirtunai – Amanz

Dengan beberapa universiti yang telah mengumumkan perkhidmatan transaksi nirtunai, kini Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) turut tidak ketinggalan, dan mengumumkan kerjasama bersama Boost untuk tujuan berkenaan.

UiTM Boost

Buat masa ini, transaksi nirtunai telah mula diperkenalkan di kampus UiTM Shah Alam, Dengkil, Puncak Alam dan juga Sungai Buloh. Mereka dijangka memperluaskan penawaran transaksi nirtunai ini ke kampus UiTM yang lain seluruh negara menjelang penghujung tahun 2018 ini.

Dengan menggunakan Boost, pengguna boleh menggunakan aplikasi berkenaan untuk menambah kredit, dan seterusnya mengimbas kod QR pada penjual untuk membayar dengan pantas dan mudah.

Kita akan dapat melihat lebih banyak universiti melaksanakan transaksi nirtunai ini dengan meluas menjelang penghujung 2018 ini.

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Persija Jakarta muncul juara Piala Super Boost Sportsfix

KUALA LUMPUR: Kelab dari Indonesia, Persija Jakarta mencipta sejarah selepas muncul juara Kejohanan Bola Sepak Jemputan Piala Super Boost Sportsfix yang melabuhkan tirai, hari ini.

Kejayaan tersebut dibantu oleh kegagalan kelab Liga Super, Kelantan yang tewas mengejut 3-4 kepada kelab Thailand, Ratchaburi Mitr Phol FC di Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil, malam ini.

Persija muncul juara kejohanan yang julung kali diadakan itu menerusi kelebihan jaringan berbanding pasukan Kelantan dan Ratchaburi FC walaupun ketiga-tiga pasukan berkenaan mengutip tiga mata.

Pada aksi malam ini, Ratchaburi FC terlebih dahulu berada di depan menerusi pemain import dari Korea Selatan, Kang Soo-il yang menyudahkan hantaran silang Phillip Roller pada minit ke-10 sebelum Do Dong Hyun menyamakan kedudukan untuk Kelantan pada minit ke-20.

Kelalaian benteng pertahanan Kelantan dihukum oleh Narakorn Noomchansakul yang menyudahkan hantaran Phillip Roller pada minit ke-36 dan keputusan 2-1 itu kekal sehingga berakhir babak pertama perlawanan.

Sebaik sahaja perlawanan bersambung, kedua-dua pasukan saling bertukar asakan namun tuah lebih memihak pasukan Ratchaburi yang meraih gol ketiga menerusi Roller yang melepaskan rembatan daripada luar kotak penalti bagi menewaskan penjaga gol Kelantan, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat pada minit ke-55.

Kelantan bangkit menyusun kembali corak permainan dan berjaya mengurangkan defisit jaringan menerusi pemain import baharu dari Brazil, Bruno Lopes pada minit ke-74, sebelum pemain import dari Indonesia, Ferdinand Alfred Sinaga menjadikan kedudukan terikat 3-3, selang empat minit kemudian.

Kesilapan Khairul Fahmi yang tertampan percubaan pemain gantian Ratchaburi FC, Sila Srikampang ke dalam gawang sendiri pada minit ke-89 memberikan kemenangan kepada pasukan dari Thailand itu.

Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Belia dan Sukan (KBS) Datuk Lokman Hakim Ali menyampaikan piala kejohanan kepada Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Kumpulan Total Sports Asia, Marcus Luer yang mewakili pasukan Persija Jakarta yang telah pulang ke Indonesia pada Rabu lepas.


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RTS link will further boost cross-border economy between Johor Baru and Singapore


MO,20/1/2018, PASIR GUDANG: Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin chastised the opposition for undermining the vibrant cross-border economy between Johor Baru and Singapore. He said it is among the most vibrant cross-border economy in the world and has all these years benefitted both ends.

Khaled said the recent bilateral agreement signed on the Rapid Transit System (RTS) link between Malaysia and Singapore for instance will further boost the economy. “Bear in mind, that trans-border economic activities does not happen in other city states like Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan or Terengganu, but here in Johor Baru as the people here will benefit from the spills of the trans-border growth between Johor and Singapore once RTS is fully operation in 2024,” he said.

Khaled said this during his visit to the Pasir Gudang Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) complex yesterday. He said with the RTS development, it will create more employment opportunities and it was bewildering if the opposition sees it as an economic failure. “We must not be left out and should move together with our neighbour to prosper through opportunities that will soon be derived from the RTS development,” he said.

Khaled said the RTS development will also resolve the longtstanding congestion problem along the Causeway as the train system is capable to ferry passenger accross in a short distance of time. “In just about 30 minutes one can reach Singapore and vice versa without the traffic jam hassle,” Khaled said. He said it is anticipated over 300,000 travellers from Johor to Singapore will be able to shuttle comfortable daily.

“Same goes for the Singaporeans as they get to enjoy a seamless ride to Johor Baru without the headache of having to queue for hours on the road,” he said. He said RTS will tremendously cut down the travelling time as the frequncy of the trips along the 4km RTS track line will be running for both destinations at an interval of 4 minutes during peak hours and 6 minutes on non-peak hours.


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