Police to probe Guan Eng for indoctrinating children with anti-GST song


MO,19/3/2018, GEORGE TOWN: Police have opened an investigation paper on Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng over allegation of him indoctrinating children with hate politics at a recent Penang People’s Tuition Centre launching ceremony. State police chief Datuk A. Thaiveegan told the NSTP that the matter was being investigated under Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 for improper use of network facilities or network services.

Offenders face a maximum RM50,000 fine or one year jail sentence or both. Thaiveegan said Lim will be summoned to have his statement recorded soon. “Yes, we have opened up an investigation paper on the chief minister. “We will record his statement as soon as possible,” he said when asked on police reports lodged by Penang Front Party (PFP) chairman Datuk Patrick Ooi, Penang Surplus Welfare Association chairman Sophian Mohd Zain and 1Malaysia People’s Welfare Association president Mohd Ibrahim A. Siahoo regarding the matter yesterday.

Lim has come under fire for indoctrinating children with hate politics at the event. A 32-second video of Lim dancing while mocking the Goods and Services Tax (GST) policy in an A, B, C song at the launching of the centre at Mutiara Idaman 2 here has gone viral. Meanwhile, netizens, who expressed outrage over the viral video, took to social media to condemn Lim’s “low-class act”, questioning how low could DAP go. They also asked Lim to stop his “nonsense” immediately or face the consequences.

Netizen Kenny Teoh said: “Not cool CM! Children should be left out of politics. Same applies to ruling party who asked school kids to wave their party flags.” Harry Khaw posted: This * tokong (a name given to Lim by his PKR comrade) is getting way out of control, now using kids for his political agenda. Hope police can take action.” As for Max Huan, he said: “LGE this is very sickening of you.”

Netizen Wan Zulkifli also demanded Lim to stop the “nonsense”, noting that “children should be off limits in politics.” Yusop Ibrahim added: “Creating unhealthy hateful culture by instilling this negative feelings into our children. Guan Eng must stop this nonsense immediately. Otherwise police may take action.” Another netizen Tharmendran Sukumaran noted: “Last time they condemn UMNO but now seems they are doing worse.”

His sentiment was echoed by Bunyamin Matnor, who said: “There goes your Putrajaya hope. DAP is getting from bad to worst. Sad.”


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Consequences of Favoritism with Your Children

10 Sweet and Hilarious Tooth Fairy Stories You Need to Stop and Read Now

What favoritism is—and isn’t Yuricazac/ShutterstockFavoring one child over another is a thing, but before you freak out, take a deep breath, and address the elephant in the family room—favoritism does not mean you love one child more than the other. It does, however, mean you’re giving one child more attention than their siblings. As innocent […]

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Silent Signs of Anxiety in Children

10 Sweet and Hilarious Tooth Fairy Stories You Need to Stop and Read Now

Asking for the iPad more often AnnaTamila/shutterstock Many children love playing computer or video games, but those with anxiety may submerge themselves in screens more often. According to Dan Mortenson, PhD, a lead therapist at the Chicago Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Center, “Excessive use of screen-based activities can often be a sign that a child is […]

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Three children dead as schoolbus ploughs into lorry on the way to school


MO,30/1/2018, BINTULU: Three children were among four people killed in an accident involving a school bus and a lorry at KM12 of Jalan Pesisir Bintulu-Miri in Samalaju near here this morning. It is learnt that the school bus, which was ferrying 23 children of oil palm plantation workers, smashed into the rear of the lorry before both vehicles ended up by the roadside. The three primary school pupils, aged between nine and 11 sustained severe head and bodily injuries and died at the Bintulu Hospital here.

Two of the victims were identified as Nur Nabila Syakila, nine, and Aien Laila Aliesha, 11. The identity of the other victims could not be ascertained at press time. The school bus driver, identified as 50-year-old Ramnelan Samat, died on the spot during the 6am mishap. Six other pupils, who were also injured, received outpatient treatment from the same hospital. The assistant driver and the remaining passengers of the school bus escaped with no injuries.

Bintulu district police chief Superintendent Zulkipli Suhaili when contacted confirmed the case and said an investigation is being conducted to identify the cause of the accident. “Initial investigation showed that the two vehicles were coming from the same direction and were headed to town,” he said. A state Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said rescuers were deployed to the scene upon receiving a distress call at 6.12am.

“According to reports from our men on the ground, the impact of the accident was so strong that one of the victims (Ramnelan) was pinned to his seat,” the spokesman said.


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Gantung operasi Save the Children komited terus bantu kanak-kanak Afghanistan

DAVOS: Save the Children akan terus komited membantu kanak-kanak di Afghanistan meskipun operasi organisasi itu digantung susulan serangan pada Rabu, jelas Ketua Eksekutifnya, Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

Menyifatkan serangan itu sangat mengerikan, Thorning-Schmidt menekankan serangan terhadap pekerja sukarelawan amat tidak boleh diterima.

“Mereka ini cuba membantu kanak-kanak yang paling miskin dan dipinggirkan di dunia ini. Mereka cuba memberikan perkhidmatan kesihatan, pendidikan, perlindungan dan pemakanan kepada kanak-kanak.

“Mengapa mereka harus diserang? Kami sangat sedih dan ini tidak sepatutnya berlaku kepada pekerja bantuan,” ujarnya ketika ditemui pada persidangan Forum Ekonomi Dunia (WEF) di Davos.

Thorning-Schmidt, yang merupakan bekas Perdana Menteri Denmark, berada di Davos untuk berucap pada sesi Forum Ekonomi Dunia (WEF), namun terpaksa membatalkan rancangannya susulan serangan itu.

Pejabat Save the Chikdren di Jalalabad diserang militan Daish, menyaksikan lima terbunuh. Foto: AP

Serangan juga mencederakan 25 yang lain, dan turut memaksa pejabat NGO itu digantung operasinya. Foto: AP

Serangan turut menyaksikan pertempuran antara polis dan militan Daish berlangsung selama 10 jam. Foto: AP

Pada Rabu, militan menyerbu masuk pejabat Save the Children di timur Afghanistan, membunuh lima orang dan mencetuskan tembak-menembak dengan polis yang berlangsung hampir 10 jam.

Sementara 25 yang lain dilaporkan mengalami kecederaan.

BACA: Serangan di pejabat Save The Children, lima terbunuh

Militan Daish mengaku bertanggungjawab melancarkan serangan di Jalalabad, ibu kota wilayah Nangarhar.
Antara yang terbunuh ialah tiga pekerja NGO, kata Thorning-Schmidt.

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Serangan di pejabat Save The Children lima terbunuh

JALALABAD: Sekurang-kurangnya lima terbunuh dan 25 cedera susulan satu insiden tembak-menembak di antara pihak berkuasa dan kumpulan militan Daish di pejabat Save The Children di timur Afghanistan.

Menurut laporan awal, serangan tercetus apabila seorang pengebom bunuh diri yang memakai jaket mengandungi bahan letupan bertindak meletupkan dirinya di hadapan pejabat berkenaan pada Rabu.

Mangsa yang terkorban termasuk pekerja pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO), seorang pengawal keselamatan dan seorang tentera.

Sementara itu, 50 orang awam yang lain dipercayai sempat bersembunyi di lokasi selamat.

Susulan itu, kumpulan militan Daish mengaku bertanggungjawab melakukan serangan yang berlangsung kira-kira 10 jam itu.

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NASOM-Gallery Prima art auction to raise fund for autistic children


MO,19/1/2018, KUALA LUMPUR: The National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) together with Gallery Prima are holding an art auction to raise fund for autistic children in the country. NASOM chairman Feilina Feisol said the auction, scheduled from today until Jan 24, will involve 31 canvas paintings.

“We aim to raise at least RM30,000 from this auction where 70 per cent of it will be donated to our society,” she said at a press conference today. Meanwhile, Henry Butcher Art Auctioneer (HBAA) director Sim Polenn said the auction will involve artworks by 18 local artistes.

“We invited them to participate in this auction because of their incredible artworks,” he said. One of them, Aizat Amir, 28, said this was not his first time involved in a charity or fund-raising event. “I decided to participate in this event as part of my contribution to the people and (as a way) to promote local artworks,” he said.


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Immigration Dept never issued circular to stop stateless children from attending school: Mustafar


MO,12/1/2018, PUTRAJAYA: The Immigration Department has denied issuing a circular preventing stateless children from being enrolled in schools. Its director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali clarified that the document, which was mistakenly regarded as a circular, was actually a letter responding to questions from the Education Ministry.

“It was not a circular. Only a letter which the department sent to the ministry to answer some questions. “On Nov 28, last year, the ministry’s Daily School Management Division has sent a letter to us to clarify issues related to status of children. “In the letter, the ministry wanted to know the categories or schedule of children who were born in and outside Malaysia after the Malaysia Day, whether they require a passport or valid travel document to enrol in government schools.

“We later replied on Dec 28, explaining that foreigners born here or abroad are required to have passports; Malaysian children don’t need to have passports while children without citizenship but have applied for it are required to have passports,” he told reporters today. Mustafar stressed that the Immigration Department has nothing to do with matters involving the enrolment of students.

“That is under the Education Ministry’s jurisdiction. Whether the child is stateless or not, only the ministry can solve their enrolment issue,” he said. “In short, stateless children can still attend school as long as they have all the documents needed by the ministry,” he said. According to the Education Ministry’s circular, stateless children are allowed to enrol in any government schools with the conditions that one of the parents is Malaysian, and have obtained a confirmation or acknowledgement letter that the child is under the care of Malaysians.

Mustafar was responding to a report on Jan 9 about a seven-year old girl in Seremban, who was stopped from attending school after clearing registration with the Education Ministry. An English daily reported that the girl’s adoptive parents were believed to have been told by the Immigration Department that she required a passport in order to be enrolled at the school.


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