Police investigation into fake Lee Chong Wei sex video underway


MO,14/2/2018, KUALA LUMPUR: The investigation into the sex video that supposedly depicts national shuttler Datuk Lee Chong Wei is underway. Federal Commercial Crimes Investigation Department (CCID) director Comm Datuk Seri Amar Singh said that his department would be handling the investigation.

“We are investigating the case for defamation under Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 for improper use of network facilities,” he told a press conference at his department’s headquarters here on Wednesday (Feb 14). He added that the police have recorded Lee’s statement.

On Tuesday Lee lodged a report at the CCID headquarters regarding the viral video, and he has vehemently denied being the person in the video. “It’s not me. My movie is coming out and some people are trying to bring my name into disrepute,” he said.


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Chong: No ministry directive barring handphone use in classrooms


MO,12/2/2018, SEREMBAN: There is no Education Ministry directive barring teachers from using handphones in the classroom, said Deputy Education Minister Datuk Chong Sin Woon. Teachers can use handphones in classrooms for personal reasons if there is a pressing need to do so, he added. “There is no directive from the Ministry stating when a teacher can or cannot use their mobile phones or if they can take it to the classroom.

“I am sure teachers know when they should use their mobile phones and that they should not use them unnecessarily during lessons,” he said when met at a pre-Chinese New Year celebration in Ulu Temiang on Tuesday (Feb 13). Chong added that teachers can use their phones during emergencies. On Feb 6, Deputy Education Minister I Datuk P Kamalanathan was quoted as saying that teachers were prohibited from bringing or using their mobile phones while in class.He had said that teachers could bring their handphones to school, but not into the classroom while teaching.

In response, the National Union of the Teaching Profession said that teachers had to use their mobile phones in classrooms to enhance the learning and teaching process.NUTP secretary-general Harry Tan said that teachers used mobile phones to facilitate virtual learning in classrooms following a move by the ministry to give wireless Internet access to more than 10,000 primary and secondary schools nationwide. To this, Chong said Kamalanathan was only stating the obvious that teachers should not use mobile phones when teaching.

“But if a teacher needs to take a call from a sick child at home then he or she can do so. “Teachers certainly cannot use their mobile phones to send WhatsApp messages, to go on Facebook or shop when they are supposed to be teaching,” he said. Chong said the ministry was not too rigid on this. “We can’t be telling teachers that they must lock their mobile phones in their drawers once they get to school,” he said.

Chong also acknowledged that teachers may need to use their handphones for teaching. “Some classrooms are already equipped with interactive boards or projectors and teachers are required to use their handphones during the teaching process,” he added.


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Chong Wei to lodge police report over claims viral sex video is of him


MO,13/2/2018, KUALA LUMPUR: “It is not me.” This was Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s short but simple response to allegations of being caught on camera in a viral sex video with an unknown woman. The national men’s singles star when contacted said this could be the modus operandi of certain quarters who want to see him fail, especially when the shuttler is on the brink of premiering his biopic “Lee Chong Wei: Rise of the Legend” next month.

“This is ridiculous, take one look at the video and you know it’s not me,” said Lee, who first saw the video on Monday. “So many people have been calling to confirm if it was me, and I had to laugh it off. Initially I had no plans of acting on it, because really it’s just a waste of time. “However, it is getting out of hand, and I will be lodging a police report at (Federal police headquarters in) Bukit Aman today.”

Lee added that he is so used to being the subject of such accusations, that it is sometimes not funny. “There will always be people who are not happy with your success, and this is how they try to bring you down. I am not bothered, but sometimes it does get to you.” On a separate note, Lee also commented on the recent match fixing scandal, which allegedly involves two professional shuttlers.

“All I can say is it’s a huge disgrace to our country and the sport. They may not be BAM (BA of Malaysia) players, but they still carry the Jalur Gemilang on their chest when they play. “As a top player, I think I can comment on this, and I am ashamed. I hope the matter will be resolved soon and for BAM to also take stern action against those involved.”


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Schoolgirl’s suicide: Let police do their job, says Chong


MO,1/2/2018, SEREMBAN: Let the police complete their investigation into the death of the 14-year-old schoolgirl who was accused of stealing her teacher’s handphone, said Datuk Chong Sin Woon. The Deputy Education Minister appealed to the public not to speculate on the case. “The truth will prevail once police complete their probe, so let’s not speculate,” he said after giving school aid to pupils at SJKC Pei Hua here Thursday (Feb 1). Chong also reminded teachers to follow all standard operating procedures (SOPs) to prevent similar problems.

“These SOPs are to safeguard teachers and students. “As long as we follow the procedures, we won’t have unnecessary problems in schools,” he added. The girl died at the Seberang Jaya Hospital at about 3.30am on Thursday. She tried to hang herself with a shawl at her house a few hours after being accused of stealing her teacher’s handphone last Wednesday (Jan 24). She left a note to her parents saying that she did not steal the phone.

The teenage girl, the youngest of four siblings, also said she did not want to cause her family any more trouble. She had been clinging on to life at the Seberang Jaya Hospital’s intensive care unit, comatose with brain damage. A relative of the girl, who lodged a report at the Prai police station, told the investigating officer that three teachers had called up the girl to question her over the theft, which she denied.

The relative also claimed that she was confined in a room in the teachers’ office for almost five hours and that the teacher and her husband had threatened to hand over the girl to the police if she failed to admit to the theft. The couple then took her home and the teachers and her parents went out to discuss the matter.

When the girl’s parents returned home, the father called her but the calls were unanswered. He then broke into her daughter’s bedroom and found her unconscious with a shawl around her neck tied to some piping. Those in need of a sympathetic ear can call Befrienders in the Klang Valley (03-7956 8145) and Penang (04-281 5161/281 1108).


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Chong Wei sanggup bayar denda kepada BWF

KUALA LUMPUR: Jaguh perseorangan negara, Datuk Lee Chong Wei sanggup membayar denda kepada Persekutuan Badminton Dunia (BWF) untuk tidak menyertai beberapa kejohanan yang ditetapkan kerana mengambil faktor usia dan ketahanan fizikalnya.

Pemain nombor dua dunia itu berkata tumpuannya adalah kepada kejohanan yang mempunyai standard lebih tinggi termasuk persiapan rapi untuk Kejohanan Dunia, Sukan Komanwel, Piala Thomas, Sukan Asia serta All England pada tahun ini.

Berdasarkan peraturan baharu BWF, semua pemain yang berada dalam kelompok 15 terbaik dunia diwajibkan menyertai 12 kejohanan setahun iaitu tiga kejohanan tahap dua, lima kejohanan tahap tiga dan empat kejohanan tahap empat.

“Saya akan berbincang dengan Persatuan Badminton Malaysia (BAM) jika perlu bayar denda, saya sanggup bayar. Usia saya bukan 25 tetapi 35 tahun ini. Sepatutnya ketika ini saya dan beberapa pemain lain berehat dan membuat persiapan All England pada Mac ini. BWF telah keluarkan peraturan sebegini, kami pemain perlu akur,” katanya selepas perlawanan semalam.

Ekoran peraturan baharu itu, kebanyakan pemain terkemuka dunia tersingkir awal daripada saingan Perodua Masters Malaysia yang sedang berlangsung minggu ini di Arena Axiata, Bandaraya Sukan Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Jalil.

Chong Wei yang turut tewas pada perlawanan pembukaan itu berkata rata-rata pemain tidak dapat memberikan permainan yang baik kerana masing-masing mempunyai jadual kejohanan yang padat.

Dua jaguh badminton dunia, Chen Long dan Lin Dan serta Son Wan Ho dari Korea Selatan antara pemain terkemuka dunia yang turut terkeluar daripada saingan pusingan pertama.

Bekas juara dunia lima kali, Lin Dan turut menyuarakan perkara yang sama berkata semua pemain terkemuka dunia akan memberi tumpuan kepada kejohanan yang lebih tinggi dan secara realistiknya tiada pemain dapat mengekalkan prestasi cemerlang dalam semua kejohanan.

Sementara itu, pemain nombor satu dunia Viktor Axelsen dari Denmark berkata peraturan baharu itu akan mengganggu kecergasan pemain kerana terlalu banyak kejohanan yang perlu disertai pada awal tahun.

Justeru, beliau berkata penting untuk pemain ranking tinggi menjaga keadaan fizikal dan mentalnya untuk menjadi lebih bersaing dalam kejohanan.

“Banyak kejohanan yang perlu kami sertai dan memerlukan masa untuk berlatih, bagaimanapun kami mempunyai banyak perlawanan bulan ini. Ekoran ini, saya percaya banyak pemain hebat tidak dapat melakukannya kerana tidak mempunyai masa yang cukup untuk berlatih.

“Saya percaya para pemain akan memberikan yang terbaik, kami perlu menjaga keadaan fizikal supaya tidak cedera, kami juga perlu mengekalkan kecergasan sebelum menyertai mana-mana kejohanan,” kata Axelsen.


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Manfaatkan latihan di Kota Bharu – Chong Yong – Sukan

KOTA BHARU 9 Jan. – Pengendali skuad futsal lelaki kebangsaan Chew Chong Yong mahu barisan pemainnya memberikan tumpuan sepenuhnya sepanjang menjalani sesi latihan di sini menjelang Kejohanan Futsal Konfederasi Bola Sepak Asia (AFC) 2018 di Taiwan, awal bulan depan.

Chong Yong berkata, latihan selama enam hari di Kota Bharu yang bermula semalam akan digunakan untuk memperkemaskan lagi corak permainan pasukan.

“Saya gunakan latihan ini untuk melihat perkembangan pemain bagi memudahkan perancangan taktikal di lakukan menjelang kejohanan AFC itu nanti.

“Sepanjang di sini, kita akan menjalani dua aksi persahabatan dengan skuad futsal Kelantan FA dan sebuah lagi pasukan yang akan menjalani ujian kelayakan Liga Futsal Kebangsaan (LFK),” katanya.

Chong Yong memberitahu, pemilihan Kota Bharu sebagai destinasi latihan dilihat mampu menyuntik moral dan angin baharu dalam kalangan pemain.

Katanya, beliau berterima kasih kepada Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Futsal dan Bola Sepak Pantai Persatuan Bola Sepak Malaysia (FAM) Datuk Rosmadi Ismail yang telah menguruskan sesi latihan intensif ini dengan jayanya. – UTUSAN ONLINE

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Treler pertama filem biografi Datuk Lee Chong Wei keluar

KUALA LUMPUR : Treler pertama filem biografi juara badminton negara Datuk Lee Chong Wei dikongsi jaguh itu sendiri dalam laman Twitternya pada malam semalam.

First trailer is out. Stay tuned. (Treler pertama keluar. Nantikan.),” kata beliau dalam akaun media sosial @leechongwei.

Berdasarkan laporan sebelum ini, filem ini bakal ditayangkan di pawagam pada suku pertama tahun hadapan.

Antara nama besar yang turut membintangi filem ini termasuk Datuk Rosyam Nor yang melakonkan watak legenda badminton negara Datuk Misbun Sidek yang merupakan jurulatih kepada Chong Wei.


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Chong Wei terlepas gelaran juara Siri Super Akhir Dunia

Harapan jaguh badminton negara, Datuk Lee Chong Wei untuk menundukkan Viktor Axelsen terkubur apabila tewas pada final Siri Super Akhir Dunia sekali gus gagal memburu gelaran kelimanya di kejohanan berprestij itu.

Pada aksi selama 84 minit di Kompleks Sukan Hamdan Dubai, Emiriah Arab Bersatu itu, Chong Wei yang kini berada di kedudukan kedua dunia ditundukkan pemain muda dari Denmark itu 19-21, 21-19 dan 21-15.

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Chong Wei akur kehebatan Axelsen – Badminton

KUALA LUMPUR 17 Dis. – Datuk Lee Chong Wei sudah memberikan yang terbaik sepanjang satu jam, 24 minit, namun ia tidak memadai buatnya untuk menghalang juara dunia, Viktor Axelsen daripada merangkul kejohanan badminton penutup musim 2017, Siri Super Dunia Akhir di Dubai, Emiriah Arab Bersatu (UAE), sebentar tadi.

Chong Wei, 35, juara empat kali terpaksa akur dengan pemain yang 12 tahun lebih muda daripadanya, Axelsen apabila tunduk 21-19, 19-21, 15-21 iaitu kekalahan ketiga berturut-turut kepada jaguh No. 1 dunia dari Denmark itu.

Kekalahan tersebut bermakna Chong Wei menutup tirai 2017 hanya dengan dua kejuaraan iaitu All England dan Terbuka Hong Kong. – UTUSAN ONLINE

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