Mustapa to meet Proton dealers, vendors

MO,13/2/2018, KUALA LUMPUR: The government is concerned about the challenges faced by Proton Holdings Bhd’s dealers and vendors, said Minister of International Trade and Industry,  Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed. “The ministry is currently gathering information and I plan to meet them soon for discussions,” he told reporters at the launch of SME Bank Y-Biz Challenge 2018 and MySMEBank Online Application System here today.

Mustapa said this in response to a question whether a special incentive would be provided to help Proton dealers upgrade their businesses.
Yesterday, Proton encouraged its dealers to upgrade their sales-only centres to integrate sales, service and spare parts to, among others, improve the dealership network and increase customer satisfaction via an improved sales and service experience. The Malaysian Association of Malay Vehicle Importers and Traders was recently reported by a local daily as saying Proton, under the new management, has strayed from its original objective to promote the Bumiputera agenda.

Proton said the foreign strategic partner was vital for it to recover to the former leading position in the Malaysian car market and grow the brand both locally and abroad, which was a key thrust for the future business plans of the company. The national carmaker, recognising that a substantial sum of money was needed to be spent by the dealers on the centre upgrading exercise, has introduced a special scheme that offered upfront support to assist them upgrade to brand new premises.

China’a Zhejiang Geely Holdings Group acquired a 49.9% stake in Proton last year in an effort to revive the ailing car company.  Meanwhile, SME Bank today ventured into the digital era by opening up the registration for SME Bank Y-Biz Challenge 2018 via online platform to provide an easier way for students, teachers and schools to participate.

It also embarked on the initiative to improve its service delivery through the Blue Ocean Strategy methodology by introducing the bank’s new online application system called MySMEBank for customers to apply financing. With a tagline ‘Apply Anytime Anywhere’, this online application system is to provide the entrepreneurs with a full digital customer experience end-to-end.

– Bernama

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Car Buying Tips: 34 Secrets Dealers Know But You Don’t

That car we advertised at the unbelievable price?

istock/Bartek Tomczyk

It’s a stripped-down model with a manual transmission, no air-conditioning, and crank windows. But we got you in, didn’t we? (By the way, here are some ways you’re completley wasting money on your car.)

The best time to buy is at the end of the month


and it’s best to negotiate the trade-in separately. Negotiate up from the invoice price (what we paid for the car, easy to find on the Web), not down from the sticker price.

Everybody believes his trade-in is worth more


You’ve got bald tires, chicken bones under the seats, and dust blowing from the vents, but you’re going to tell me your car is in “excellent” condition? Now who’s the pushy salesperson? (Here are some things your car mechanic won’t ever tell you.)

Here’s how to get a great price with minimal haggling


Call and ask for the Internet manager or fleet manager.

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This is what happens once I’m sitting behind the desk


You’ll feel like I’m in control and may be willing to pay a little more. (We learn this during training.) (Before you buy a car online, here are some things you should definitely consider.)

Ever wonder about those ads that promise a minimum $3,000 trade-in value for your clunker?


Those dealerships also pad the sales price to make up for the difference.

Every spring we have guys who show up and say they’re interested in one of our trucks and want to give it a spin

iStock/Serhiy Divin

They think we don’t see the mulch on the floor when they bring it back.

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Notice how many times we go back and forth to our manager?


The loud music, the gongs, and the blaring flat-screen TVs? All are distractions designed to help you lose track of what we’re doing with the deal. (The most important car safety feature might surprise you.)

Be careful during your test drive


Plenty of cars get stolen at gunpoint or knifepoint on test-drives.

We all get our cars from the same place at roughly the same price


So if one dealer is offering to sell it for $2,000 less, there’s probably a catch.

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If your auto credit score is under 600, expect to get an interest rate over 16 percent and to put 20 percent down


If your score is under 550, we may put a tracking device in your car that will shut it off if you don’t make a payment. (You’ll want to take note of these maintenance tips that will extend the life of your car.)

Go in armed and educated.


Study the pricing of the car you like and have your financing lined up. If you walk in with nothing, you’re not a customer, you’re a victim.

Here’s a favorite trick:


Study the pricing of the car you like and have your financing lined up. If you walk in with nothing, you’re not a customer, you’re a victim. (Fun fact: those black dots on car windows aren’t just there for decoration. Here’s why car manufacturers put them there.)

An older woman who walks in without an appointment, alone, is typically someone we can make a lot of money on

iStock/Vesna Andjic

She’s usually uncomfortable with the process and just wants to get it over with.

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When you bring in your friend or your father to negotiate for you, we call him “the quarterback”


Just know that he’s often as clueless about the process as you are.

Don’t believe all the stories you’ve heard about sleazy car dealers


Plenty of us are honest folks frustrated by the guys who give the rest of us a bad name.

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Once you’ve agreed on a price, you think you’re done, but we’re just getting started


Worn out and ready to go home, you sign document after document. Then you wake up the next day, look down, and you signed a contract that had a $1,995 extended warranty that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. And you’re stuck. (This is the most common cause of car crashes in the U.S.)

Forget the overall cost of the car. Let’s talk about what you want to pay each month

iStock/Catherine Lane

Then I can build in profit generators such as extended warranties and credit insurance, and you won’t even notice.

I’ll promise you just about anything to get you to sign on the dotted line


But if I don’t put it in writing, I may not remember the next day.

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Banks almost never require you to buy a particular warranty or a particular add-on to get the loan


If the finance officer tells you otherwise, ask to speak to someone at the bank.

You accuse us of being the biggest liars in the world, but we like to say “buyers are liars”


You tell us you’re looking for a car for a friend, that you’ve got to run to get to daycare, that you’ve got perfect credit. Right.

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Don’t expect retail for your trade in and wholesale for our car


We have to recondition your trade, advertise it, warranty it and pay interest on the amount we have in the car, then sell it for less than we want after it sits on the lot for months.

Seven words I hate:

iStock/Niko Guido

“I have to check with my wife (or husband).”

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Please do the math


You can’t get a $40,000 Tahoe for $250 a month for 72 months! Even at zero percent, $40,000 divided by 72 months is $555 before tax, title, and license fees. If you want a bargain, try to wait until the end of model year, usually in September or October, when we need to move cars off the lot. (Here are some summer car tips every driver should know.)

Sure, I’d be happy to tint your windows, apply rustproofing, or paint a pinstripe on your truck


But I’ll probably charge you two or three times the cost of doing it elsewhere.

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