Met Dept says it did not advise people to wear thicker clothing – Nation

PETALING JAYA: The Meteorological Department has denied reports that it had advised people to wear thick clothes to avoid getting a fever.

The fake report had cited the Met Department as saying that the drop in temperatures in the west of Peninsular Malaysia was due to incessant rain brought by monsoon winds from the Philippines.

The Met Department had said in a statement that the lowest temperature recorded on Saturday (Jan 13) was 21 degrees Celsius in Mersing and Kuala Pilah.

Other areas recorded a low of 22 degrees Celsius in the early mornings.

It said the phenomenon is linked to overcast skies, non-stop rain

and cold winds from the northeast monsoon.

The cold spell is expected to end on Sunday (Jan 14).

The Met Dept also issued a yellow alert for severe weather conditions in Pahang (Kuantan, Rompin, and Pekan) and Johor (Segamat, Mersing and Kota Tinggi).

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Immigration Dept never issued circular to stop stateless children from attending school: Mustafar


MO,12/1/2018, PUTRAJAYA: The Immigration Department has denied issuing a circular preventing stateless children from being enrolled in schools. Its director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali clarified that the document, which was mistakenly regarded as a circular, was actually a letter responding to questions from the Education Ministry.

“It was not a circular. Only a letter which the department sent to the ministry to answer some questions. “On Nov 28, last year, the ministry’s Daily School Management Division has sent a letter to us to clarify issues related to status of children. “In the letter, the ministry wanted to know the categories or schedule of children who were born in and outside Malaysia after the Malaysia Day, whether they require a passport or valid travel document to enrol in government schools.

“We later replied on Dec 28, explaining that foreigners born here or abroad are required to have passports; Malaysian children don’t need to have passports while children without citizenship but have applied for it are required to have passports,” he told reporters today. Mustafar stressed that the Immigration Department has nothing to do with matters involving the enrolment of students.

“That is under the Education Ministry’s jurisdiction. Whether the child is stateless or not, only the ministry can solve their enrolment issue,” he said. “In short, stateless children can still attend school as long as they have all the documents needed by the ministry,” he said. According to the Education Ministry’s circular, stateless children are allowed to enrol in any government schools with the conditions that one of the parents is Malaysian, and have obtained a confirmation or acknowledgement letter that the child is under the care of Malaysians.

Mustafar was responding to a report on Jan 9 about a seven-year old girl in Seremban, who was stopped from attending school after clearing registration with the Education Ministry. An English daily reported that the girl’s adoptive parents were believed to have been told by the Immigration Department that she required a passport in order to be enrolled at the school.


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Transport Ministry, PM’s Dept to meet cabbies over Grab, Uber grouses

Commuters pass Grab transport booking service app advertisements at a train station in Singapore

MO,11/1/2018, PUTRAJAYA: The Transport Ministry and the Prime Minister’s Department will meet with taxi drivers to address their complaints that their income has been greatly affected by ride-hailing services. Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he would ask Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri to hear the grouses of the cabbies, who were against companies such as Grab and Uber.

“I will ask Liow and also Nancy, who oversees the Land Public Transport Commission, to meet with the taxi drivers to resolve their issues. “The taxi drivers should also stop issuing threats. The government is not intimidated by threats from any parties,” he told reporters after attending the monthly assembly, today. He was responding to calls by Big Blue Taxi Services founder Datuk Shamsubahrin Ismail, who has threatened to withdraw support for Barisan Nasional if the government proceeds to support Uber and Grab.

Shamsubahrin said the taxi drivers would support the opposition if the government failed to address their issues. Meanwhile, at the event, Zahid launched the all-new Malaysian passports with enhanced security features. Zahid said the price of the new passport will remain the same. “The new passport has better and improved features to ensure that the document could not be forged, even with the latest technology. The best part is there will be no extra charge for those who want to make new applications or renew their passports,” he said.

Among the new security features were biometric data, facial recognition capabilities, embedded chip, security stitching thread and the use of ultraviolet light to verify its authenticity.


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True or Not: Tilapia fish safe to eat, assures Fisheries Dept – Nation

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian tilapia fish is safe to eat, assures the Malaysian Fisheries Department.

In a statement here Monday (Dec 18), the department rubbished an allegation in the social media that the tilapia fish should not be eaten as it would cause cancer.

“There is no scientific article inside and outside of the country regarding reports that there are cancer cells in the flesh of the tilapia.

“There is also no scientific report concerning the use of hormone-mixed fish pellets and growth booster agent in the country’s fishing industry,” it said.

According to the statement, the department under the Agriculture Residue Monitoring Programme had conducted a fish quality monitoring programme at farm-level to ensure fish and its products were free from pollution and safe to eat.

It said most tilapia fish breeders currently used tilapia strains which had been improved through selective breeding and hybrid to increase growth rates.

“Therefore, the use of hormones and growth boosting agent is unnecessary and it will increase the operating cost,” said the statement. – Bernama

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