Bekas CTO Samsung Yang Terlibat Dengan Pelancaran Bixby Dan Samsung Pay Menyertai Google – Amanz

Nama Injong Rhee mungkin tidak dikenali ramai tetapi beliau terlibat dengan pelancaran Bixby, Samsung Pay dan Samsung Knox. Beliau meletakkan jawatan sebagai ketua pegawai teknikal (CTO) Samsung pada Disember lalu selepas bertugas selama enam tahun.

Beliau mengumumkan telah menyertai Google sebagai  ketua bahagian perniagaan peranti berhubung. Jawatan rasmi beliau ialah entrepreneur in residence. Tugas beliau kelak ialah menyelaraskan strategi peranti berhubung Google seperti kenderaan swapandu, pembantu maya dan peralatan rumah pintar.

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Fitbit Pay Dijangka Diperkenalkan Untuk Pengguna Tempatan Tidak Lama Lagi – Amanz

Fitbit Malaysia semalam secara rasminya telah memperkenalkan jam tangan pintar mereka yang pertama secara rasminya, iaitu Fitbit Ionic. Dijual pada harga RM1399, jam tangan pintar ini menyertakan sejumlah ciri-ciri menarik bersama dengannya, dan salah satunya adalah sokongan untuk melakukan pembayaran secara nirtunai.

Pengguna hanya perlu menambah maklumat kad kredit atau debit pada jam tangan pintar Fitbit Ionic, dan seterusnya boleh melakukan transaksi dengan hanya menyentuh jam tangan berkenaan di kedai-kedai yang menyokongnya.

Fitbit Malaysia

Ini sekaligus memudahkan anda membuat pembelian, terutamanya selepas bersenam dan tidak perlu membawa dompet bersama ketika itu. Bercakap mengenai sokongan untuk pasaran Malaysia, pihak Fitbit mengatakan mereka telah mendapat pengesahan pihak berkuasa, dan akan memperkenalkannya tidak lama lagi.

Buat masa ini, tiada sebarang tarikh pasti yang diumumkan oleh pihak Fitbit. Memandangkan mereka mengatakan telah menerima pengesahan pihak berkuasa, maka kita mungkin akan melihatnya diperkenalkan dalam masa beberapa bulan lagi.

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Samsung Pay Menambah Sokongan Kad Kredit Dan Debit Public Bank – Amanz

Samsung Pay merupakan platform pembayaran yang disediakan oleh Samsung untuk memudahkan para pengguna mereka untuk membuat pembayaran di pelbagai kedai terus menggunakan telefon pintar. Ketika pengenalan, ia menyokong sejumlah jenis bank, dan hari ini, Samsung turut menambah sokongan untuk kad kredit dan debit keluaran Public Bank.

Pengguna yang mempunyai akaun Public Bank, boleh menambah kad kredit atau debit ke akaun Samsung Pay, dan menggunakannya untuk tujuan pembayaran. Walaubagaimanapun, Public Bank mengatakan yang mana mereka masih tidak menyokong Visa Electron dan Lifestyle Debit Cards buat masa ini.

Dengan penambahan ini, Samsung Pay menyokong 7 bank melaluinya, iaitu CIMB, CITI, Hong Leong, Maybank, Public Bank, RHB dan juga Standard Chartered.

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300 pay their last respects to teen killed by falling chair


MO,18/1/2018, KUALA LUMPUR: Some 300 people, including friends, schoolmates and re­­latives, crowded the narrow corridor of the Seri Pantai People’s Housing Project to attend the funeral of S. Sathiswaran, who died after a chair hit him. The 15-year-old died after being struck by an office chair, believed to have been hurled from the upper floor of his family’s flat in Pantai Dalam.

During the funeral, which started at around 10am at the family’s unit on the 16th floor, some had turned up crying and wailing. Among the crowd was the victim’s mother, S. Kasthuri Bai, 45, who looked inconsolable as Sathiswaran’s body was taken away in a hearse. Friends and relatives of the SMK La Salle schoolboy looked on as the final rites were performed.

At 2.20pm, the boy’s body was taken away in a coffin borne by his friends and family members, to be laid to rest at the MBPJ Damansara Hindu Cemetery at about 4pm. One of the residents who turned up at the funeral said the management needed to do something about the hazards at the flats.

“There is junk everywhere. People just leave trash and discarded furniture around. “We pay RM48 monthly for maintenance but things like the elevators break down regularly and old people like me are forced to use the stairs,” said the man who only wished to be known as Ganesan. Ganesan is in his 60s. The victim’s brother, S. Yogeswaran, 18, also shared the same sentiment.

“I don’t want this to happen to anyone or their brother. Something needs to be done to make sure this does not recur,” he said.


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Victims pay over RM100,00 to conman for ‘spiritual’ services


MO,11/1/2018, KUALA LUMPUR: A conman pretending to be a spiritual master convinced a group of victims to pay him over RM100,000 for his services. One of the victims, who only wanted to be known as Ng, said she had been using and paying for the services of the so-called master since 2014.

She originally went to him after learning that her former maid had placed 13 pieces of used sanitary pads in the ceiling of her house. Worried of that she was a target of black magic, Ng met the “master”, whom she found online, who told her that she required “cleansing”. Ng underwent a total of six such sessions between 2014 to 2016 and paid him about RM7,000.

She was also told to cleanse her family’s properties, which cost her a further RM9,000 in fees. This went on until around mid-2017 when Ng and a few other victims – whom she got to know during the cleansing sessions – realised that something was amiss and stopped all communication with the scammer.

They approached MCA’s Head of Public Services and Complaints Department Datuk Seri Michael Chong for help late last year. Speaking at a press conference at Wisma MCA Thursday (Jan 11), Chong said a total of six victims, including Ng, had paid an estimated RM100,000 to the conman.

“I have consulted my lawyers and we have found that there are elements of cheating involved. I have also advised the victims to make police reports. “These scammers use scare tactics to keep the victims paying. Don’t fall into their trap,” said Chong.

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Bloomberg includes gender pay trailblazer Natasha Lamb on its 50 Most Influential List

BOSTON : “The Bloomberg 50” list of the most influential people who defined global business in 2017 – unveiled today in a special issue of Bloomberg Businessweek – recognises the work of investor activist and sustainable wealth manager Natasha Lamb, managing partner at Arjuna Capital.

Lamb is one of America’s busiest and most successful organizers of gender pay equity shareholder resolutions.

In recent years, Lamb has convinced 11 major companies including Apple, Ebay, Expedia, Intel, Starbucks, Nike and Costco to produce wage data and commit to closing the gender pay gap. 

Lamb is engaging an additional 12 companies this year from Silicon Valley to Wall Street to Bentonville.  Walmart is up next, as Arjuna Capital prepares to engage the retail giant on gender pay disclosure later this winter.

“With heightened awareness about how women are treated in the workplace, the United States is poised to make historic gains through the shareholder resolution process to close the gender pay gap,” Lamb said. 

“This watershed moment should make 2018 the most productive year yet for resolutions advancing women’s rights.  We can’t rely on politicians to stand up for women. 

So, investors are taking matters into their own hands—not only because it is the right thing to do, but because encouraging more female leadership leads to better business outcomes.”

Lamb added: “I am honored to be singled out by Bloomberg for this incredible list of influencers and thought leaders. 

While my work in shareholder activism and sustainable investing extends beyond gender pay to issues of hate speech, sexual harassment, fake news at online social media giants, and climate change at the likes of ExxonMobil, our most impactful work this year has been focused on closing the gender pay gap.  In such a polarized political environment, it is encouraging to be praised for advancing women’s rights and facilitating more just workplaces across America.”

Arjuna Capital is a national leader in shareholder advocacy on the gender pay equity issue.  Arjuna Capital spearheaded a successful 2015-2017 campaign to get eight out of nine US tech giants, including eBay, Apple, and Intel, to commit to disclose and close the gender pay gap. 

An Arjuna Capital campaign targeting the U.S. financial sector – including leading banks, credit card, and insurance companies–is ongoing.

In 2014, Gap Inc. made history by becoming the first Fortune 500 Company to publicly confirm it pays men and women equally for equal work. Nike, Starbucks, and Costco are making similar strides on gender pay equity, but more work remains to achieve true gender equity at these companies and across the industry.

The median income for women working full time in the United States is reported to be 80 percent of that of their male counterparts.  This $10,470 annual disparity can add up to nearly half a million dollars over a career. The gap for African-America and Latina women is 60 percent and 55 percent, respectively.  At the current rate of progress, women will not reach pay parity until 2059.

In selecting its influential people for “The Bloomberg 50” list, Bloomberg places emphasis on recent accomplishments over lifetime achievements.

More than half the people selected to appear on the list each year have never been on it before.  In an accompanying video featuring Lamb, Bloomberg notes: “all have made massive contributions in the worlds of business, tech, entertainment, politics, and finance … in the world of finance, it isn’t just a list of CEO’s.  It’s the activist investor getting companies to close the gender pay gap …”

The Bloomberg 50 honorees were selected by the Bloomberg Businessweek team after months of input from many of Bloomberg’s 2,700 journalists and analysts around the globe, leveraging the resources of the Bloomberg Terminal, and represent the most influential thought leaders in business, finance, technology and science, politics, and entertainment.

The executives, entrepreneurs, experts, and entertainers on the Bloomberg 50 all have a quantifiable metric underpinning their inclusion.

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Bellew must pay four months salary to MAB

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAB) Chief Executive Officer Peter Bellew must pay four months’ salary to the national carrier for resigning earlier than the notice period.

Second Finance Minister Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani said Bellew failed to comply with the six-month notice period in his contract agreement with MAB, instead he gave only two months’

“The CEO contract was for three years and both parties may give a six-month notice to each other.

“In the case of the CEO, he resigned by giving less than four months’ notice. So, he has to pay us four months’ salary,” he said when winding-up the 2018 Supply Bill for the Ministry of Finance at the Dewan Rakyat today.

Johari however, refused to divulge details as to how much Bellew has repay MAB.

Bellew tendered his resignation on Oct 8 to take up a position at Ireland’s Ryanair and he will be succeeded by MAB Chief Operating Officer Captain Izham Ismail effective Dec 1, 2017. – BERNAMA

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