Bangkai nahas helikopter di East River dibawa keluar

NEW YORK: Bangkai helikopter yang terhempas di East River, New York pada Ahad yang mengorbankan lima nyawa dibawa keluar dari sungai tersebut.

Menerusi satu entri di Twitter, pihak Lembaga Keselamatan Pengangkutan Kebangsaan (NTSB) melaporkan bangkai berkenaan dibawa ke fasiliti khas untuk pemeriksaan lanjut.

Menurut laporan, juruterbang sempat memaklumkan kepada transmisi radio kecemasan bahawa berlaku kegagalan pada enjin helikopter tersebut.

BACA: Lima maut, juruterbang terselamat nahas helikopter di New York

Juruterbang tersebut berjaya menyelamatkan diri dan diselamatkan oleh kapal tunda.

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Longhouse in danger of collapsing into river due to erosion


MO,30/1/2018, MIRI: A longhouse with about 100 residents in interior Kapit division in central Sarawak is in danger of collapsing into the Rajang River following massive hillslope erosion there.

Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department in its latest report said personnel from Kapit and Song districts visited Rumah Bukit Simpai, located in Nanga Serau, and found that a big chunk of the hillslope had eroded due to heavy rains from Monday.

It said residents have been advised to prepare for evacuation.

The longhouse was built just next to the edge of the cliff overlooking the Rajang River.


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Kelantan integrated river project gets all-round approval


MO,30/1/2018, KOTA BARU: The federal government’s decision to implement the Sungai Kelantan Integrated River Basin Development Project (PLSB) received favourable response from villagers living along the state’s major river. Nearly 100,000 people in Tumpat, Pasir Mas, Kota Baru, Tanah Merah and Machang, who are faced with perennial flooding issue, will benefit from the project, targeted for completion in May 2021.

One of the villagers, Yahya Mohamad said Kelantanese should thank the federal government, especially Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak for implementing the project. “Many of us have been suffering especially after the 2014 major flood and hope that the project will alleviate our problem,” said the 56-year-old father of six from Pintu Geng.

Another villager, Siti Hajar Harun said the project showed that the government was really concerned about the wellbeing of Kelantan and its people who are constantly hit each year by monsoonal floods. “Many villagers are affected each time there is a rainy season and some of them have lost their valuables in such disasters. “Therefore, we hope the incident will not happen again when the project is completed,” said the 32-year-old businesswoman from Kampung Paloh.

The Phase 1 of the PLSB, worth RM572 million, was launched by Najib on Sunday. Costing about RM9.6 billion, PLSB will be implemented in three phases. Phase 2 will be implemented through the 12th Malaysia Plan (RMK-12), involving RM2.16 billion; and Phase 3 (RM6.87 billion) will be implemented under the RMK-13 plan.

Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar was reported to have said that PLSB would spare properties along Sungai Pengkalan Chepa (which is located in the Sungai Kelantan basin) from flood damage. He said infrastructure and public properties along a 10km (stretch of the) riverbanks would be protected from floods.

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