Ask what DAP has done for Seremban over past 10 years, Chong tells voters


MO,19/3/2018, SEREMBAN: Datuk Chong Sin Woon is unfazed by the prospect of going up against incumbent Anthony Loke in Seremban in the coming polls, saying that voters can judge for themselves what DAP has done for the constituency over the past 10 years. The MCA Youth chief claimed that Loke, who was officially announced as the DAP’s candidate for the Seremban parliamentary seat on Sunday (March 18) night, had not brought any positive changes since he was elected in 2013.

“Most of us can’t even remember who the Seremban MP was when DAP won the seat in 2008. “I certainly don’t know what the current MP has done in the last five years. So, it looks as if a decade has passed without anything to show for it,” said Chong, who is also Deputy Education Minister. DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng had announced that Loke would be defending his seat during a walkabout in Mantin near here.

Chong said he had already outlined his plan for Seremban, which will officially be declared a city soon. Among this is to make Seremban a better place to live and to help with the high cost of living. “The people have given the Opposition 10 years, but ask yourself if it has changed for the better,” Chong said. In the last general election, Loke defeated Barisan Nasional’s Datuk Dr Yeow Chai Tiam with a 12,553-vote majority in a five-cornered fight.

He polled 45,628 votes against Dr Yeow’s 33,075. “The MCA has worked hard with the Mentri Besar (Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan) to get city status for Seremban. “We are going to have a lot more to do once we are a city and it will be easier if you have a representative from the ruling party,” Chong added.


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Plans afoot to build KLIA3 in five years


MO,14/3/2018, SUBANG JAYA: Malaysia plans to build a third airport at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in five years as the existing main terminal and klia2 are nearing their capacity. KLIA and klia2 have a combined capacity of 75 million passengers and handled 59 million passengers last year, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd chief executive officer Datuk Badlisham Ghazali said.

“The government is currently considering the development of a KLIA3 at the borders of Runway 3 and 4 but before that, we have committed to some investments involving baggage handling systems, which could increase passenger capacity of about 5,000 passengers without the need to build a new terminal.”

“We have earmarked 60 per cent of the KLIA land for the airport use and expansion,” he told the media after the Axis REIT Managers Bhd-Senior UPECA groundbreaking ceremony at the Subang Aerotech Park yesterday. Badlisham said the fourth runway is currently in MAHB’s masterplan for KLIA, which is now operating on three runways. He added that the company will be able to operate 110 aircraft movements an hour, with the upgrade based on the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia standards.

MAHB has seen growing passenger traffic at KLIA, klia2 and more than 30 other airports it manages nationwide. On Monday, MAHB reported passenger traffic movement growth of 4.7 per cent to 7.69 million last month at all 39 airports managed by it, the highest volume recorded for February. Including its Istanbul operations in Turkey, the group handled 7.1 per cent more passengers to 10.07 million from 9.4 million in February 2017.

KLIA recorded 58.5 million passengers last year, up 11.2 per cent over 2016. KLIA Main Terminal handled 10.7 per cent more passengers at 28.2 million compared with 2016, while klia2 handled 30.3 million passengers, a growth of 11.6 per cent over 2016. MIDF Research aviation analyst Muhammad Danial Abdul Razak said the demand for air travel would remain sanguine. This will be underpinned by stable job market in major economies such as China, the US and Europe.

“Looking further into the consumer confidence index, China has breached 120 points, a level not seen for 24 years,” he told NST Business.  Danial is bullish about MAHB, saying that among the upswing factors would be the company’s capacity expansion and entries of foreign airlines, catering to long-term structural demand of air travel. “(MAHB’s) catalysts for growth would include the aggressive expansionary strategy by the likes of low cost carriers as we believe the increase in capacity to bode well with the improving consumer confidence across the globe.

”Given these positives, we see the stars are aligned for an upbeat demand for air travel due to improving economic fundamentals along with better consumer spending power. This favourable atmosphere augur well with our optimism on the industry as Chinese tourists represent a notable percentage of international passengers at airports managed by MAHB,” he added.


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The Truth Behind This Year’s Record-Breaking Flu Season

As flu seasons go, this one has been a doozy. While it’s been nowhere near the devastation caused by the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, which killed 675,000 Americans, it’s perhaps a close second.

As of February 2018, 23,324 people have been hospitalized with confirmed flu-related illnesses, and 114 children, including 45 under age 5, have died, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). (Adult flu deaths will be tallied after the season ends.)

And it’s not over anytime soon. “We have six more weeks of flu season left before we get back to baseline,” says Kristen Nordlund, a CDC spokesperson.

Several factors have made this flu season one of the worst on record:

  • A particularly nasty strain. The CDC tracks more than one strain of influenza, and this year’s dominant strain is the virulent H3N2 variety, which usually packs a greater punch than other virus types. “We know from previous years where H3N2 is dominant that it tends to be a more severe season, especially for the elderly and the very young,” says Nordlund. “We’ve been comparing this season to previous years when H3N2 was dominant. One of those seasons was the 2014–15 season.” The same strain dominated this year. But this time around, it’s worse.
  • Unfortunate timing. “The cumulative hospitalization rate for this year has already surpassed the end-of-season hospitalization rate for that year,” Nordlund says. “We tend to see different parts of the country being hit by the flu at different times. What was different this season was that the flu was everywhere all at once, and it stayed that way for three consecutive weeks. That’s just something we have not seen before.” (Final numbers on flu activity, hospitalizations, and deaths won’t be available until after the epidemic ends.) A possible explanation is that the virus was picking up steam just as people were coming inside from the winter’s cold and congregating at end-of-year holiday functions.
  • The limitations of the flu shot. In general, the influenza vaccine, which is engineered to protect against several flu strains, just isn’t that good at protecting against H3N2 strains. “When H3N2 is put into eggs (as part of the manufacturing process), for some reason, it ends up experiencing changes so it looks a little bit different from the virus that is actually circulating,” Nordlund says. As a result, there’s usually lower vaccine efficacy with H3N2 flu, even when the vaccine is well-matched to what’s circulating at first. The vaccine effectiveness is estimated to be around 25 percent against H3N2, far lower than what public health officials would like to see, which is closer to 60 percent and up.

If there’s any good news, it’s that H3N2 flu is finally starting to lose steam. And although other strains of the flu, including H1N1 and influenza B, are still surging, this year’s vaccine seems to be much more effective against them, says William Schaffner, MD, professor of preventive and infectious diseases at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville.

It’s not too late to get a flu shot, experts say. Even if you come down with the flu—and here are six flu symptoms you shouldn’t ignore, the illness will probably be less severe and you’re less likely to suffer life-threatening complications such as pneumonia.

“A major reason we give the vaccine is to prevent complications,” says Dr. Schaffner. “We often overlook this very positive influence of the vaccine when we talk about effectiveness.”

To keep illness at bay, wash your hands frequently (or using hand sanitizer if you can’t get to the sink). Avoid sick people—even those who say they’re not contagious. And load up on these foods that help prevent colds and flu.

Feel like you are coming down with the flu? Ask your doctor to prescribe an anti-viral medication like Tamiflu, particularly if you’re at a high risk of complications, and stay home until you feel better.

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Liow: Four years on, Malaysia still determined to find MH370

well wishers 370

MO,8/3/2018, PETALING JAYA: Malaysia is determined to find the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 even though four years have passed since it disappeared, says Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai. “Four years may have passed, but the memories of the passengers and crew on board will always be with all of us and they will be remembered dearly – not only by the families, but also by Malaysians and the world community,” said Liow.

In a statement on Wednesday (March 7), Liow highlighted Malaysia’s January 2018 agreement with US firm Ocean Infinity to search for the aircraft on a “no cure, no fee” policy within a 90-day time frame. Liow added that the Malaysian ICAO Annex 13 Safety Investigation Team for MH370 will be releasing an interim statement on March 8 at 3pm on RTM1 and on the official MH370 website.

“We hope and pray every day that we can find answers to this tragedy as we owe it to the families and loved ones of the passengers and crew on-board MH370,” Liow said. Bernama reported that the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation announced that the operation would be extended until June. This is an initiative that aviation specialists like Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) test pilot Prof Dr Mohd Harridon Mohamed Suffian viewed as optimistic.

He said that high hopes are placed on Ocean Infinity’s Seabed Constructor, which is the only vessel given the official mandate to locate the wreckage of MH370. “Sailors in the Indian Ocean have also agreed to informally share information on debris found from the wreckage, giving hope to the families of the victims,” he told Bernama. However, Mohd Harridon noted that if the aircraft could not be located by June, one of the necessary measures that should be carried out included returning to the analysis stage to conduct a more detailed investigation on MH370’s last location.

Meanwhile, Captain Abdul Rahmat Omar Tun Mohd Haniff said the Indian Ocean involved a massive area and it was a daunting task for the search team to provide an accurate location, especially with the absence of an accurate signal to show the location of the crash.


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Alor Setar airport to see expansion over next five years


MO,3/3/2018, ALOR SETAR: The Sultan Abdul Halim Airport here will be expanded over the next five years, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. He said the expansion will not only bring in more international flights to the state but also help boost Bukit Kayu Hitam’s development as a logistics hub.

“In the next five years, the Sultan Abdul Halim Airport will be further expanded to cater for more direct international flights,” he said in his speech before closing Ekspo Muafakat Kedah 2018 at Stadium Darul Aman on Saturday.  Details and the budget for the project will be revealed at a later date.


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MH370 four years on: Nurlaila focusing on kids’ wellbeing


MO,3/3/2018,SHAH ALAM: “We won’t wait any more… Only pray to Allah that we’d meet again in heaven, insyaAllah,” said Nurlaila Ngah @ Awang, the wife of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 senior steward, Wan Swaid Wan Ismail.

Four years have passed since her husband’s disappearance, and Nurlaila, 44, admitted that she had come to terms with fate.

Now, she is a single mother to their children Wan Amirul Haziq, 16, Wan Aemer Hafiz, 14, and Wan Afrina Sofea, 12.

Bearing the responsibility of a mother and father to her children, she is determined to provide them with the best to have some semblance of stability.

“May my children grow up and live their lives like everyone else. Beginning this year, I have started working at a firm and am managing my own time.

“My main focus is my children’s education and my work as a financial adviser at a company in Shah Alam,” she said when contacted by the New Straits Times Press.

She said to provide for her family, she did not mind travelling back and forth from her home in Nilai, Negri Sembilan, to her office in Shah Alam.

Previously, she also took care of her mother, who was ill for three years.

“My mother was suffering from diabetes and had a stroke. She died in September last year, just three days after Hari Raya Aidiladha.

“Since my mother’s death, I follow my children wherever they go. My father, Ngah @ Awang Mahmud, 76, lives with us in Nilai,” she said.

Nurlaila said she would attend the Flight MH370 commemoration programme organised by crew members and passengers at Publika in Kuala Lumpur.


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Habits That Could Add 5 Years to Your Life


Teeth care. Flosses on white background top view9dream studio/Shutterstock

Taking good care of your chompers has unexpected links to longevity, because dental hygiene may actually have benefits for your heart. “Periodontal bacteria have been found in diseased arteries, and in the plaque deposited within these arteries,” says Sanda Moldovan, DDS, a Beverly Hills periodontist. Recent research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association showed women with gum disease had a 12 percent higher risk of premature death. “Keep periodontal disease away through good oral hygiene such as brushing and flossing,” Dr. Moldovan says. “Medical opinions out there say it could add 18 months to six years to one’s life.” Here are the golden rules for white, healthy teeth.

Have sex

Feet of couple in comfortable bed. Close up of feet in a bed under white blanket. Bare feet of a man and a woman peeking out from under the cover.Top view with copy space (selective focus).MIND AND I/Shutterstock

Frequent romps in the hay have the potential to add on a few years to your life. “If you are able to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse, you will reap the benefits of the feel-good hormone oxytocin as it is released,” says Shanna Levine, MD, a primary care physician at Mount Sinai. In one study, mortality risk was 50 percent lower in those who had frequent orgasms; for men, orgasms have also been associated with lower prostate cancer risk. Plus, studies show those in happy marriages (which sex is usually part of) tend to live longer. “We know that positive and healthy relationships improve physical and emotional health,” Dr. Levine says. Find out 15 science-backed signs you could live to 100.

Get a pet

Top view of white Labrador puppy lying on the white leather sofaKarramba Production/Shutterstock

Close relationships that add on years to your life can be of the furry sort, too. A recent study showed dog owners were 33 percent less likely to die early. “Dogs have been shown to improve longevity and reduce heart disease, but the mechanism of why is unclear,” Dr. Levine says. It could be because owners take their dogs for frequent walks and therefore get more exercise; or cuddling with your fluffball could reduce stress and release oxytocin. Read about more ways pets make you smarter, stronger, and more resistant to stress.

Go Mediterranean 

Top view of light dinner ingredients over white background with a copy space. Cooked prawns, clamps, asparagus, spinach, baby eggplant, brown rice, salt and pepper.Anna Shkuratova/Shutterstock

Research has shown those who eat this diet have longer telomeres, the protective caps on the end of chromosomes, which slows aging. Another study found a 20 percent increased chance of living longer on the Mediterranean diet, which equals about two to three years according to the researcher. Eating the Mediterranean way means lots of vegetables, fruit, fish, nuts, and whole grains without a lot of red meat or processed foods. Especially important for longevity, according to research: nutrient-packed veggies. “Ideally everyone should eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day,” Dr. Levine says. “This equals 1/2 cup of cooked vegetables or one cup of raw vegetables.” Find out easy tricks for making your diet more Mediterranean.

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Drink wine

A wooden case of assorted wine bottles without labels on a wood plank winery floor. Horizontal format overhead view.Steve Cukrov/Shutterstock

Moderate consumption has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular mortality. “Life expectancy was about five years longer in men who consumed wine compared with those who did not use alcoholic beverages,” the study authors wrote. Red wine contains antioxidants that may increase longevity, and may also help reduce stress. But, if you don’t already drink, it might not be best to start just for the health benefits, as you never know if you may be affected by alcohol abuse disorder—and heavy drinking definitely has negative health effects. According to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, stick with no more than one drink a day for women and two for men. This is what happens when you drink a glass of wine every night.

Think positive

Young happy woman laughing in a bed of grass with arms outstretchedasife/Shutterstock

Could just thinking hopefully about living longer actually make it happen? Maybe, because having a positive attitude about life has been shown to increase it. “Studies show that individuals who practice positive thinking live an average of 7.5 years longer than those who don’t,” says psychologist Deborah Serani, PsyD, award-winning author of Depression in Later Life. “Positive people report higher levels of happiness and more meaningful connections to others. Some of the physical benefits of positive thinking include lower blood pressure, better sleep, and a stronger immune system.” Here’s how to develop a positive attitude in six easy steps.

Get the right amount of zzz’s

american cute girl sleep with happy dream on white bed , top view and overhead shotpinkomelet/Shutterstock

Getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep (seven to eight hours for over-65 year olds) a night is crucial for your body to repair and renew itself, which can add on a few years to your lifespan. “An analysis was conducted of studies on sleep duration and mortality, totaling over a million adults,” says sleep expert Richard Shane, PhD, creator of the Sleep Easily method. “The analysis found that short sleep of six hours or less was associated with a 12 percent increased risk of death, and long sleep of nine or more hours was associated with a 30 percent increased risk of death.” Try these little changes to make your sleep better in just one day.

Protect yourself from the sun

Woman apply cream on her smooth hand and legs.Tushchakorn/Shutterstock

Skin cancer affects more people than all other cancers combined, with one person dying from it every hour. “Using sunscreen every day decreases your risk of all skin cancers, including the most fatal form, melanoma,” says dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD, author of the Beauty of Dirty Skin. In addition to the cancer risk, an Australian study showed people who apply sunscreen daily showed 24 percent less skin aging over 4.5 years. However, “wearing sunscreen is the first line of defense for healthy skin, but it is not enough,” Dr. Bowe says. “UPF clothing and swimsuits, antioxidant supplements like Heliocare that protect your skin from sun damage from the inside-out, and seeking shade during peak sun hours, are also critical to maintaining skin that’s healthy and skin-cancer free.” Find out more about the supplement that prevents sun damage.

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Be social

Top view of group of people having dinner together while sitting at the rustic wooden table at homeDean Drobot/Shutterstock

Want to live to 100? Maintaining healthy friendships can help you expand your life by years. “A 2010 research study with over 300,000 participants across all ages showed that adults get a 50 percent boost in longevity if they have a solid social network,” Dr. Serani says. Plus, an Australian study of people over 100 years old found that the majority had close contact with friends and family. “So surrounding yourself with others can offer great comfort,” Dr. Serani says. “The tricky thing here is to find people who share your passions, are not toxic or suck the life out of you, because, of course, that’s stress inducing!” Here are the secrets to making friendships really last forever, according to lifelong friends.

Drink coffee

Top view of white cup of hot cappuccino with heart latte art on the wooden table, love coffee lattePattanawadee Kuntaro/Shutterstock

Over the years, whether coffee is good or bad for you has gone back and forth—but now the research is solidly on the life-extending side. “Two recent studies demonstrated that those who drank two to four cups a day had an 18 percent lower risk of death than those who did not drink coffee,” Dr. Levine says. According to an expert on medical statistics, this would add about nine minutes a day to your life. Decaf coffee has these benefits, too, so it could be java’s antioxidant or anti-inflammatory properties that are responsible for the reduced risk of health problems seen in the research, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Read more on the truth about how coffee affects your health.

Get moving

Pair of blue running shoes laid on a wooden floor backgroundHalfpoint/Shutterstock

It’s not a shock that exercise lengthens your life, but what kind and how much have life-extending benefits? “The magic number is 150 minutes of exercise a week to improve longevity and give you a 31 percent decrease in risk of dying,” Dr. Levine says. “The type of exercise should be moderate, which means elevated heart rate and sweating.” Exercise can prevent elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, dementia, and early death. “Walking is great, however if my patient can tolerate more intense exercise, than I always encourage it,” she says. Any amount you can get in is beneficial: One study showed brisk walking for 450 minutes a week added 4.5 years of life, but even 75 minutes added almost two years. These two exercises can cut your risk of heart disease in half.

Reduce stress

Soft photo of woman reading a book on the bed Vadim Georgiev/Shutterstock

Being stressed doesn’t just take a mental toll—it takes a physical one that can shorten your life, according to research. One study found that chronic stress cut lifespans short by four to eight years. Taking anti-stress measures can reverse this trend. “Negative thinking increases the stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, which make us restless and irritable,” Dr. Serani says. “But if you learn to offset half-empty thoughts with hall-full ones, your body creates more feel-good hormones, like norepinephrine, endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin.”

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Chug water

Gin Tonic long drinkNils Z/Shutterstock

“In the last 100 years, we are lucky to have a clean water system, and that is one of many reasons we believe humans are living up to 30 years longer than they were in the 20th century,” Dr. Levine says. “Our bodies are 75 percent water, so adequate water intake is essential.” According to a University of Illinois study, people who drink water regularly consume fewer calories, less sweetened beverages, and less fat, sugar, and salt—all of which can lead to weight loss and improved health for years to come. There aren’t official guidelines on how much to drink, but the general rule is eight 8-ounce glasses a day. Here’s how your body changes when you start drinking enough water.

Keep your brain active

Top View Of Female Hands And Black Dominoes On Wooden BoardLik Studio/Shutterstock

You need to keep your brain as well as your body moving to prevent declines in mental function that can shorten lifespans. One study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that after five years, those elderly subjects who read, played board games, or musical instruments were less likely to have developed dementia or Alzheimer’s. Another study from the National Institute on Aging followed participants for 4.5 years, and those who spent the most time (every day or every other day) reading, doing puzzles, playing cards, or doing crosswords had a 47 percent reduced risk than those who least frequently participated in those activities. Doing these nine things can cut your risk of dementia by 35 percent.

Be mindful

Concentration and meditation. Top view of beautiful young African woman in sportswear practicing yoga while sitting in lotus position on the floorg-stockstudio/Shutterstock

Practicing mindfulness meditation can help you literally stop and smell the flowers—which not only extends your quality of life, but the quantity. At a cellular level, research has shown that meditation can actually help slow down aging and add years. One study found participants who had a 12-minute meditation session for eight weeks already showed lengthening telomeres (a sign of slowing aging). “Make sure you linger a minute or two in the moment—your neurochemistry will become flooded with more feel-good hormones than stress-related ones,” Dr. Serani says.

Read on for the 12 simple rules to follow if you want to live to 100.

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Myvi car drivers in fatal crash on DUKE jailed three years, fined RM10,000


MO,21/2/2018, KUALA LUMPUR: Two motorists charged with reckless driving that resulted in the death of three family members on the Duta-Ulu Klang Expressway (DUKE) three years ago were found guilty of the offence and sentenced to three years’ jail and fined RM10,000 each by the magistrate’s court here today. Magistrate Zilfinaz Abbas handed down the sentence on restaurant supervisor Siti Noor Aini Mohd Said, 39, and self-employed Mohammad Fizal Reza Jamauddin, 34, after finding that the defence had failed to raise reasonable doubts against the prosecution’s case.

In the judgment, Zilfinaz said the testimony by both the accused in their defence was not consistent and merely a denial. Both the accused are ordered to be imprisoned for two years if they failed to pay the fine, and they also lost their eligibility to hold a driving licence for five years. The court, however, allowed a stay of the sentence pending their appeal at the High Court, and increased their bail from RM9,000 to RM14,000 each and for them to also report themselves at the nearest police station once a month pending disposal of the case.

On May 8, 2015, Mohammad Fizal Reza and Siti Noor Aini pleaded not guilty to the charge of reckless driving at Km6, Duta-Ulu Klang expressway (Duke) while driving their Myvi cars towards Jalan Duta from Ulu Klang, between 12.31 am and 12.35 am on May 2, 2015.

Their reckless driving resulted in a crash with a vehicle which Fairuz Nizam Husain, 35, his wife Nova Safitri Azhari, 27, and their six-month old baby Nur Firuza Annisa were in. They were charged under Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987, which provides an imprisonment for up to 10 years and fine of up to RM20,000, upon conviction. — Bernama

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Analyst questions justice in settlers receiving the same amount as promised 20 years ago

azmin ali

MO,19/2/2018, PETALING JAYA: There is no justice in settlers getting the same amount they were promised 20 years ago when the price of their land has since increased, says political analyst Lim Sian See. Lim was referring to Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali’s act of returning an 880ha plot of land in Ijok to two housing developers and the announcement that settlers will receive RM180,000 and a house.

“There is no justice that the settlers who were promised RM180k cash and a house 20 years ago now only got RM180k cash and a house when the value and strategic location of their land has increased manifold,” said Lim in a statement on Monday. “20 years ago, their land was worth RM3 per square feet (psf). Today, the same land with the same land status can fetch RM30 psf to RM60 psf. Is this keadilan (justice)?

Lim said that the Ijok lands are well connected to suburban centres such as Kota Damansara, Shah Alam and Sungai Buloh via major roads and highways. “Accessibility is expected to be enhanced with new proposed expressways, including the DASH (Damansara-Shah Alam Elevated Expressway) and West Coast Expressway,” he said.

The Ijok land issue has become a controversial topic of late, with several non-governmental organisations lodging reports with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate the Selangor government over the land deal in November last year. On Wednesday (Feb 14), Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications director Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Dahlan urged Azmin to clear the air over the controversial land deal.

An online portal reported that in response, Selangor strategic communications director Yin Shao Loong claimed Azmin’s decisive action had solved the Ijok land settlers’ 18-year dispute with the state government.


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28 years jail, 18 strokes for rapist of teenager


MO,9/2/2018, TEMERLOH: A part-time worker in a resort in Raub has been sentenced 36 years’ jail and 18 strokes of the rotan by the Sessions Court today after pleading guilty to raping and sodomising a teenage girl, last December. The accused, Ahmad Faizal Razab, 35 from Felda Tersang in Raub pleaded guilty before judge Datin M Kunasundary after three charges, including on sodomy, were read out to him.

On the first count, Faizal was charged with raping a 14-year-old teenage girl at Lata Lembik Eco Park, Raub from 12.30am to 1am on Dec 8. On the second count, he was charged with committing the same offence against the victim without her consent at 11.30pm on Dec 9 to 8am on Dec 10. On the third count, he allegedly sodomised the victim without her consent between 1am to 8am on Dec 9. The offence under Section 377C of the Penal Code carries an imprisonment of up to 20 years and whipping if found guilty.

Faizal was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment and seven strokes of the rotan for the first two charges and eight years’ jail and four strokes for the third charge. The judge ordered the jail sentence for the first and third charges to start from the day Faizal was arrested on Jan 27. Deputy Public Prosecutor Salwa Asmary Abdul Rahim conducted the prosecution. The accused, who was unrepresented, in mitigation, appealed for leniency as he has a wife and four children.

“I also have a brother who is studying in public university. If I commit the same crime again, I am willing to face the punishment,” he said.


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